A Strange Birthday Clown
Season 2, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date January 8, 2015
Prod. code 202
Written by Iamaman1977
Directed by Unknown
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A Strange Birthday Clown is the 2nd episode of the 2nd season and the 22nd episode overall of Andrew & Heidi.


Andrew is on the couch doing nothing and suddenly Heidi comes by with a pizza. They both eat in the kitchen. Andrew tells Heidi that his family is shopping right now for Dani’s birthday party. Michael, Katy, and Dani come in and Katy says she was going to make dinner and asks Andrew why he got pizza. Andrew says Heidi got the pizza. Dani talks about what she wants for her party, like food and presents.

Later, Andrew shows up to Hall’s Market late and Mr. Hall is mad. Andrew apologizes and Mr. Hall leaves Andrew in charge of the store while he goes to the bank. Heidi comes in and brings her stuffed animal Sophie. Andrew starts talking to Heidi about Dani’s party. He mentions that there will be a clown there and Heidi starts freaking out. Andrew asks her what’s wrong and she admits she’s afraid of clowns. A clown comes into the store and taps on Heidi’s shoulder and she screams and runs behind Andrew. The clown asks what’s going on and Andrew says she’s afraid of clowns. Heidi runs out and accidentally drops her stuffed animal Sophie. The clown reveals himself as the clown Andrew hired for the party, William the Clown. Andrew tells William about the party and Dani. Mr. Hall comes back and sees William. He asks why a clown is in his store. William says he’s old and walks out. Mr. Hall goes to his office. Andrew finds Sophie on the ground and goes home after he checks Heidi’s house. He goes to his room where he finds Heidi hiding under his bed. Andrew gives Heidi back Sophie and she thanks him. Andrew then suggests he and Heidi get presents. She agrees and they go. Later, they go into Dani’s bedroom to give her their presents. Heidi gives Dani sandals and Andrew gives Dani potato chips. Dani throws both of the presents out the window where some guy gets them. Later Andrew and Heidi are putting up decorations. Dani comes in the living room in a dress and hat that her parents gave her. Michael and Katy leave because Michael’s brother is in jail and tells Andrew to watch Dani’s party. The kids come soon after and then the William comes and asks some questions about where are the jewelry and the safe are in the house. Andrew immediately suspects William.

Heidi hides in the cabinet under the sink and Andrew tricks her into taking a picture with William. Heidi reluctantly does and after the picture, she runs away and hides behind Andrew. They all sing For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow to Dani. While doing this, William sneaks upstairs. Andrew confronts him and reveals he’s a criminal and makes him and the others stay where they are while William takes all the valuables. Andrew calls the police and Andrew and the kids tackle him and keep him there until the police come. Michael and Katy come home and Andrew tells them what happened. Two police officers come and arrest William, revealing he’s a known criminal. Andrew says he’s going to take Heidi to a psychiatrist for her clown phobia. Heidi agrees to it. They all then sing Happy Birthday to Dani.


Dani: Hey! What's up girls!
Girl #1: Hey Dani!
Girl #2: Can we come in?
Dani: Sure!
Girl #'s 1 & 2: [enters the house]
Girl #1: This looks like a good party!
Dani: It's a little crazy to.
Girl #2: Hey! Why is there a teenaged girl over there?
Heidi: [dancing with a few kids]
Dani:Oh yeah! That's my older brother's girlfriend!
Girl #2: I see! [Approaches Heidi] Hey you! Aren't you a little too old to be in elementary school?
Heidi: Actually, I'm in high school! I'm Heidi Makinney!
Girl #2: Whatever!
Andrew: [approaches the kids dancing on the coffee table] Hey! Hey! This coffee table is not for dancing.
Boy: Oh yeah!
Girl: What are going to do about it?
Andrew: Get off the table!
Boy and Girl: [getting off the coffee table]
Andrew: Thank you!
Boy: You look like a nerd.
Girl: With those glasses!
Boy and Girl: [walks away]
Andrew: How many times do I gotta tell people that I am not a nerd.
Heidi: [approaches Andrew]
Andrew: Well this is some party isn't it?
Heidi: Yeah! I just sure hope that clown doesn't come here.
[Doorbell rings]
Random Kid: [answering the door]
William the Clown: [Entering the house] Hey kids! It's me! I'm William the Clown!
[The kids cheer for the clown]
Heidi: [Suddenly gets scared] Andrew! It's the clown! He's in your living room!
Andrew: Oh Heidi!
William: [approaching Andrew and Heidi]
Heidi: [screams and runs into the kitchen]
Andrew: Okay! You're here!
William: I know! I have a question! Do you have some jewelry in this house?
Andrew: Yeah! Mostly from my parents!
William: Does your house have a safe?
Andrew: No! Why are you asking those questions? It's looks like your wanting to steal stuff from this house.
William: [laughing]
Andrew: [laughing weakly]
William: Now that's a good one!
Andrew: Yeah! You have a good since of humor!
William: Yeah! [walks away]
Andrew: Heheheheh! Heh! Now there is something really strange going on with that clown! Mhmm!


  • This is the first episode to where a character has a birthday.


  • Heidi and Dani makes a reference to Kenan & Kel with the episode "Clowning Around".

Character revelations

  • Heidi has coulrophobia, and she is seeing a psychiatrist to overcome it.


Running gags

Series continuity


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