This article is a screenplay of the Andrew & Heidi episode "A Strange Birthday Clown" from Season 2 which was released on January 8, 2015.

Here is the Screenplay for A Strange Birthday Clown.

(A Strange Birthday Clown)

[Andrew’s House]

[Andrew is sitting on the couch doing nothing]

Andrew: Well! I am here all alone, sitting on this couch, in my living room, doing nothing. I wish Heidi were here right now!

[Doorbell rings]

Andrew: That was a fast wish!

[Andrew stands up, walks over and answers the door]

Andrew: Heidi! You’re here!

Heidi: Hi Andrew! I gotta pizza right here.

Andrew: You ordered a pizza?

Heidi: Yeah!

Andrew: Cool!

[Heidi walks in with the box of pizza she’s holding]

Andrew: Let’s go eat it in the kitchen!

[Andrew and Heidi walks forward with the pizza and they enter the kitchen]


[Andrew and Heidi walks in with the pizza and they sit down at the table]

[Andrew opens the box and they begin eating the pizza]

Andrew: So did anything interesting happen to you today?

Heidi: Yeah! I fell down the stairs!

Andrew: How did that happen?

Heidi: It was in my house! I was walking very casually and for no reason I fell down the stairs and I just kept rolling down all the way to the bottom.

Andrew: Wow!

Heidi: I know! It’s a good thing that I didn’t make any injuries!

Andrew: Plus you got nothing broken in your body.

Heidi: Don’t worry it doesn’t happen all the time! It’s just a thing that happens.

Andrew: It happens to everybody! That’s happened to me before to.

Heidi: So where’s your family?

Andrew: Oh yeah! My family went out to do some shopping. They are out getting some declarations for Dani’s birthday for this weekend.

Heidi: Your sister’s birthday is coming up?

Andrew: That’s right! And Dani is going to have a party here in this house.

Heidi: Wow! A party! I want to have fun at the party!

Andrew: But Dani’s entire guests are all elementary students. They are all children! Kids! Children kids!

Heidi: That’s okay Andrew I love children!

Andrew: Of course you do!

[Andrew and Heidi hears a door shut]

Andrew: And my family is home!

Heidi: With the birthday declarations!

Andrew: For my pesky little sister

[Michael, Katy, and Dani walks in with a bag of birthday declarations]

Michael: Hey kids!

Andrew: Hey!

Katy: Andrew!

Andrew: What?

Katy: What were you thinking ordering a pizza! I am making steak for dinner tonight!

Andrew: I didn’t order the pizza! Heidi did!

Heidi: I bought the pizza!

Michael: Oh dear!

Katy: Okay you guys can have your pizza!

Dani: Yeah! That means more steak for us.

Andrew: Who cares!

Dani: So Andrew, do you like the birthday declarations that we got from the store!

Heidi: They look beautiful Dani!

Dani: I was talking to Andrew you useless girly!

Heidi: Hey! I am a girly!

Andrew: Those party declarations, they look really…. decent!

Dani: Yeah! I am so excited for my birthday this weekend!

Katy: I know sweetheart! You are going to be 10 years old this Saturday!

Michael: Yeah! So what kind of food do you want for your party?

Dani: Just the usual food for the party! Like chips, hot dogs, fruit and lemonade!

Michael: But lemonade is not food, it’s a drink!

Dani: I know! Now I already know what kind of drink I’m having.

Michael: Which is lemonade! Lemonade! We all love lemonade!

Katy: Okay! Michael we all get it now!

Michael: I was just saying honey!

Andrew: Okay! What about a birthday cake!

Dani: Good idea! I want some purple icing on it!

Andrew: Why purple?

Dani: Because that’s my favorite color!

Katy: Alright! You father and I will pick up a cake some time this week.

Michael: I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it!

Dani: That’s right! I really hope it’s a good cake!

Andrew: Okay! Heidi and me are eating pizza right now!

[Michael, Katy and Dani are watching Andrew and Heidi with the pizza]

Andrew: Don’t watch us!

[Michael, Katy and Dani walks away form the kitchen]

Andrew: This a good pizza!

Heidi: With tomato sauce!

Andrew: Right!

[Andrew & Heidi Theme Song]

[Hall’s Market]

[Mr. Hall is waiting for Andrew]

[Andrew walks in]

Mr. Hall: Andrew! You’re late! Why are you late for work?

Andrew: Because of one reason.

Mr. Hall: What?

Andrew: I’m not on time!

Mr. Hall: You think I find that really funny!

Andrew: No! [Grabbing his apron] And don’t worry! I won’t be late again!

Mr. Hall: You got that right you high school teenaged grunch!

Andrew: Did you just call me a grunch?

Mr. Hall: Yes I did!

Andrew: That wasn’t very nice Eugene!

Mr. Hall: Hey! You call me Mr. Hall boy!

Andrew: So sorry Mr. Hall!

Mr. Hall: Okay! I’m going to put you in charge of this store for only a few minutes! This store is your responsibility until I get back.

Andrew: Where are you going?

Mr. Hall: I gotta go to the bank and make a withdrawal! Just to get some money!

Andrew: Okay! I hope you have a nice bank time!

Mr. Hall: Bank time? I never heard of that before!

Andrew: Oh!

Mr. Hall: I’m going now!

[Mr. Hall leaves]

Andrew: Okay! I might as well watch over the store. That’s is owned by an old man! Who called me grunch just about a minute ago! Oh boy!

[Heidi walks in with her pink stuffed rabbit Sophie]

Heidi: Hi Andrew!

Andrew: Hey Heidi!

Heidi: Where’s Mr. Hall?

Andrew: He went to the bank! Why do you have you’re stuffed rabbit with you?

Heidi: I wanted to have Sophie with me! I just thought I show her this store that you’re working at!

Andrew: Okay!

Heidi: So did you get Dani a present for her birthday for this Saturday?

Andrew: No! Why do you ask?

Heidi: Because getting presents for someone’s birthday is a really nice thing to do.

Andrew: Sure! Whatever you say!

Heidi: So what else is there going to be at the party?

Andrew: Well there is going toe be food, drinks, and some games and music! Oh, Last night, I hired a clown to come to Dani’s birthday party.

[Heidi jumps a little]

Heidi: Ehhh!

Andrew: What is it? You look like your being scared right now!

Heidi: Why do you think I’m scared?

Andrew: Well I see you shaking!

Heidi: Are you really talking about a person who wears a big red nose, a painted face, a silly Afro and clothing, and blig floppy shoes?

Andrew: That’s right! Why do you ask?

Heidi: Andrew! I’m scared of clowns!

Andrew: You’re scared of clowns! How can you be afraid of them!

Heidi: Well when I was 5 years old, me and my family went to the circus, and for no reason this clown show up in front of my, and he wouldn’t stop looking at me!

Andrew: So! That didn’t happen to me!

Heidi: I’m really scared of clowns!

Andrew: Oh don’t worry Heidi, all the clowns do is doing tricks, makes animal balloons, and they make theses weird funny sneezes.

Heidi: Wow! They can also scare people! Just like how Chucky Finster got scared of clowns.

Andrew: From Rugrats?

Heidi: That’s right!

[A clown walks in]

Andrew: Relax Heidi! It’s not like a clown is really going to eat you.

Heidi: That would be a little too impossible.

Andrew: I was the one that hired him.

Heidi: You hired him?

Andrew: That’s right!

Heidi: Oh dear!

[The Clown taps on Heidi’s shoulder]

William: Excuse me! Young lady!

[Heidi turns around and sees the clown]

[Heidi screams]

[Heidi runs over and hides behind Andrew]

Andrew: Heidi!

William: What’s up with her?

Andrew: Oh! She is just scared of clowns!

Heidi: [Being Scared] Andrew, there’s a clown in the store!

Andrew: I know that!

Heidi: [Being scared] I wonder what he wants.

William: I just wanted to know….

Heidi: [Being Scared] No! No! No! I’m not gonna give you my address!

[Heidi accidentally drops her stuffed rabbit Sophie]

[Heidi screams and runs away from the store]

William: Wow! I didn’t know she was scared of clowns. What did she think I was going to do, eat her?

Andrew: That’s a little too impossible for a clown to eat a human!

William: I figured! Anyways, I’m looking for Andrew Dalton!

Andrew: I am Andrew Dalton!

William: Good, my name is William! I’m the clown that you hired.

Andrew: Oh! So you’re William the Clown! You had that familiar voice when I was talking to you on the telephone last night

William: Yeah and that’s right! Apparently, I went over to your house but your mom told me that you were here in this grocery store.

Andrew: Okay! Since you found me, what do you want?

William: I just want to know who’s the person is having a birthday for this Saturday.

Andrew: Oh yes! My little sister is the one being the birthday girl for this weekend!

William: You’re sister! What’s her name!

Andrew: Her name is Dani!

William: Doesn’t Danny sound like a boy name? I didn’t know that Danny was a girl’s name.

Andrew: No! The Danny you’re talking about is spelled D-A-N-N-Y! My sisters name is spelled D-A-N-I! Dani!

[The clown looks at Andrew with confusion]

Andrew: That is short for Danielle!

William: Oh okay! Now I get it!

Andrew: Anything else?

William: No!

Andrew: Don’t you need like money or something to by at the party!

William: No way! I Just do this clown business for free!

Andrew: Okay! That sounds fair! For a clown!

William: Okay! That’s all I need to know! I already know where you’re address is by the way.

Andrew: Okay!

[Mr. Hall walks in]

Mr. Hall: Hey Andrew I forgot to tell you that…

[Mr. Hall sees the clown]

Mr. Hall: Why is there a clown my store?

Andrew: Just to talks to me!

William: Hey you look like an old man! You’re very old!

Mr. Hall: Thanks for noticing!

William: You’re welcome!

[The clown leaves the store]

Mr. Hall: Andrew! I just came back here to tell you that the floor in my office needs to be boomed.

Andrew: I’ll take care of it Mr. Hall!

Mr. Hall: Aright! Interesting! There was a clown in my store!

[Mr. Hall leaves]

[Andrew finds Heidi’s stuffed rabbit on the floor]

Andrew: Oh!

[Andrew grabs Heidi’s stuffed rabbit Sophie from the floor]

Andrew: Heidi left her rabbit Sophie here! No wonder why she has clown phobia!

[Andrew’s House]

[Andrew walks in with Heidi's stuffed rabbit Sophie]

Andrew: Hey mother! No time to talk now!

Katy: Why? What are you doing? And why do you have a stuff rabbit in your hands?

Andrew: I'm am looking for Heidi! I went to her house and her grandma told me she wasn't home, and this is Heidi's rabbit! I'm gonna go see if I can call Heidi on the phone.

Katy: But Heidi is here!

Andrew: She's here?

Katy: Yes! When the doorbell rang earlier, I answered the door and then Heidi just ran into the house like crazy and then she ran up stairs. It's kind of like she was scared of something.

Andrew: I guess that means she must be in my room then.

Katy: I wonder what she might be scared about right now.

Andrew: Oh! She is pretty much sacred of....clowns!

[Andrew leaves with the stuffed rabbit and walks up stew stairs]

Katy: Heidi is scared of clowns? That must be something!

[Andrew's Bedroom]

[Andrew walks in with Heidi's rabbit]

[Andrew turns on the lights and closes the door]

Andrew: Heidi are you in here? I have your rabbit! Heidi!

Heidi: Andrew! You're here!

Andrew: Heidi! Are you under my bed?

Heidi: will not find me! I'm Super Heidi!

Andrew: You think you're a super hero!

[Andrew approaches the bed and squats]

[Andrew finds Heidi under the bed]

Andrew: You are under my bed!

Heidi: It looks clean under here!

Andrew: Heidi! Get out from under there!

[Heidi crawls out from under the bed]

[Andrew and Heidi stands up]

Andrew: Why did you hide out here in my house?

Heidi: Because I was afraid that the clown would come to my house and find me hiding under my own bed. So I decided to hide out here.

Andrew: Don't worry! I have already talked to the clown about Dani's birthday, and now he went back home to his own house.

Heidi: That clown was so scary!

Andrew: In person?

Heidi: Yeah!

Andrew: I have your rabbit right here!

Heidi: Oh Sophie!

[Heidi retrieves her rabbit from Andrew]

[Heidi is hugging her rabbit]

Heidi: Thank goodness that scary clown didn't kidnap you!

Andrew: The rabbit was not kidnapped! You dropped the rabbit back at Hall's Market and you left it there on accident.

Heidi: Thank you for giving Sophie back to me Andrew.

[Heidi hugs and kisses Andrew on the cheek]

Andrew: No problem!

[Heidi let's go of Andrew]

Andrew: Okay then!

Heidi: That clown was really scary. I can tell Sophie here is scared of clowns to.

Andrew: Now why would a stuffed animal have some anxiety? It's just a stuffed animal.

Heidi: I don't know! All I know is that Sophie is pink and adorable!

Andrew: Okay then! Hey! How about you and I go out to the store and buy some presents for Dani?

Heidi: What made you decide that?

Andrew: It's a really nice thing to do! Remember, you said it yourself earlier today.

Heidi: Yeah! Wait a minute I did?

Andrew: Yes! You said that at Hall's Market earlier today. How can you not remember that?

Heidi: Oh I don't know!

Andrew: I just hope that clown problem your having didn't give you amnesia!

Heidi: Oh dear! What's amnesia?

Andrew: Amnesia means that you can't remember!

Heidi: I hope I don't have amnesia!

Andrew: Okay! What's you name?

Heidi: Heidi Makinney!

Andrew: Where do you live?

Heidi: Ithaca, New York!

Andrew: Who do you live with?

Heidi: My grandma!

Andrew: Who's your boyfriend?

Heidi: That's you! Andrew Dalton!

Andrew: Okay! You do not have amnesia! You just get confused!

Heidi: That's a relief!

Andrew: Right now! You and I are going to get some presents for Dani!

Heidi: Okay! What are we going to do after that?

Andrew: Eat some sloppy joes!

Heidi: Okay! That makes me sound hungry!

Andrew: Let's do that first instead!

Heidi: The sloppy joes!

Andrew: Yes!

Heidi: Yay!

[Andrew and Heidi leaves with Sophie]

[Andrew's House]

[Dani's Bedroom]

[Dani is working on her homework]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in with some presents]

Dani: Go back outside and knock on the door!

[Andrew and Heidi walks out of the room]

[Andrew knocks on the door]

[Dani walks over and answers the door]

Dani: That's more like it!

Andrew: You must be a devious sister.

Dani: I know!

[Andrew and Heidi walks in]

Heidi: We got you some presents Dani!

Andrew: Yeah! Since your birthday is tomorrow, I thought is would be nice for me and Heidi to give you these gifts.

Heidi: So and I went out yesterday and got you some good wonderful presents!

[Andrew and Heidi gives Dani the presents]

Dani: Okay! I'll open the one from Heidi first!

[Dani opens the present from Heidi and pulls out an pink pair of sandals]

Dani: Oh! You got me a pair of shoes?

Heidi: Yeah! They are pink and they have a fuzzy thing on the side.

Dani: How brilliant! Except for one thing!

Heidi: What is it?

Dani: I hate these shoes!

Andrew: Whoa! She really turned down on that gift Heidi!

Heidi: I though they were cute!

Dani: You really think I'm actually going to wear these?


Dani: You got that right

[Dani walks over and opens the window]

Dani: These shoes just went out the window!

[Dani throws the shoes out the window]

Dani: Who ever finds them can keep them!

Andrew: Here Dani! Open this present from me!

Dani: Okay!

[Dani opens the present from Andrew from and pulls out a bag of potato chips]

Dani: Oh it's....potato chips!

Andrew: I could think of a better present but I thought the potato chips makes a good present.

Dani: Why?

Andrew: I just thought it be nice. They were really fresh from Hall's Market. Plus I used me employee discount!

[Dani throws the potato chips out the window]

Andrew: She just threw the chips out the window.

Heidi: She threw that bag like a football!

Dani: Well those are the worst gifts I ever got from you useless teenagers.

Andrew: Dani! Aren't you a little tired of calling us useless!

Dani: I don't know! Let me think about that? I thought about it!

Heidi: What's the answer?

Dani: No!

Andrew: She just thought about for one second!

Voice: [Shouting] Hey! Whoever through these shoes and this bag of potato chips out the window, can I keep them?

[Dani approaches the window]

Dani: [Shouting] Yes! You can keep the thrown out window stuff.

Voice: [Shouting] Cool! Thanks!

[Dani closes the window]

Heidi: Who was that?

Dani: It sounded like a homeless guy!

Andrew: Oh! But at least you'll have a birthday party tomorrow.

Dani: Yeah! You two can leave now!

[Andrew and Heidi are looking at Dani]

Dani: Get out of the room now!

Andrew: Okay Okay! We're leaving!

Heidi: I thought the pink shoes I got you were pretty!

Dani: No their not! Just leave!

[Andrew and Heidi leaves]

Dani: They are just useless! Useless, useless and useless!

[Andrew's House]

[The living room is all filled party declarations]

Andrew: Okay! We got the whole living room filled up with party declarations.

Heidi: I think I got the hang of this tying this balloon

Andrew: Really?

Heidi: Yeah!

[Heidi attempts to tie the balloon, but the balloon slips out of her hand]

[The balloon flys around the room and it lands on the ground]

Andrew: Actually, the balloon slipped out of your hand and it lost air and flew around the room.

Heidi: Tying a balloon is hard!

Andrew: Don't worry! This room has all kinds of balloons already.

Heidi: Yeah!

[Dani walks in]

Dani: Wow! This living room looks nice with the declarations.

Andrew: Mhmm! Hey, that floral dress and that hat your wearing? Where did you get those?

Dani: These are my birthday presents from mom and daddy!

Heidi: They look pretty!

Dani: Uh-Huh! Sure! Mom was the one that got me the dress and daddy got me the hat. These presents are better than those cheesy gifts that you two. gave me.

Andrew: The present I gave you were very tasty potato chips!

Heidi: I though the shoes I gave you were cute!

Dani: Whatever! I just love these party declarations. Well the guest should be here in about 10 minutes!

Heidi: Hey! How many hot dogs are they over there?

[Camera views at the hot dogs sitting at the table]

Andrew: There are about....30 of them!

Heidi: Wow! That's a lot of hot dogs over there.

Andrew: Yeah! For a hot dog eating contest!

Heidi: But I don't wanna get sick.

Andrew: There not just for us, there for the guest!

Heidi: Oh that's good!

Andrew: Anything else?

Heidi: I'm wearing a pink sweater jacket.

Andrew: How can I not see that.

[Michael and Katy walks in]

Dani: Hey Mom! Hey Daddy!

Katy: Hey kids! Apparently we can't stay for the party right now.

Andrew: Why? What's going on?

Michael: Apparently, my bother Homer is in jail!


Heidi: What happened?

Michael: I just got a phone call from him on my pear phone! He got into a fight with at an Italian restaurant. Apparently, the waiter called him a magnet head and then my brother flipped out and attacked him.

Katy: So we gotta go to Lansing, New York to bail him out.

Dani: But what about my party?

Katy: Oh I'm sorry sweetie! Your father and I just got to go bail out your uncle Homer.

Michael: Don't worry pumpkin! Andrew will cover for your party!

[Andrew and Heidi stands up and walks forward a little]

Andrew: Are you serious?

Katy: Andrew! Dani can not have an unsupervised party! So you have to watch Dani and the other kids.

Michael: Come on! Let's go!

Andrew: But I don't wanna do this myself!

Heidi: But I'm with you Andrew!

Katy: Right! Andrew, you stay and watch over the party. Heidi, you help him!

Heidi: Yay!

Andrew: Heidi!

Heidi: I love kids!

Michael: Let's go!

Katy: Okay! We'll be back later kids!

[Michael and Katy leaves]

Dani: Well Andrew and Heidi! You have to supervise for my party now!

Andrew: Aw man! Now we have to babysit a bunch of hyper active 10 year olds!

Heidi: Well, how bad could it be?

[Camera immediately cuts to the next scene]

[Andrew's House]

[A group of 10 year old kids are whacking Heidi with pillows]

[Heidi manages to escape the pillow attack]

[Heidi approaches Andrew]

Andrew: This is some crazy party!

Heidi: But at least we are wearing good party hats.

Andrew: Now I'm seeing those kids playing with my mom's Vace! [Approaching the kids with the vace] Hey! You kids put that back!

[Doorbell rings]

Dani: I'll get it!

[Dani walks over and answers the door]

Dani: Hey! What's up girls!

Girl #1: Hey Dani!

Girl #2: Can we come in?

Dani: Sure!

[The two girls walk in the house]

Girl #1: This looks like a good party!

Dani: It's a little crazy to.

Girl #2: Hey! Why is there a teenaged girl over there?

[Camera views at Heidi dancing with a few kids]

Dani: Oh yeah! That's my older brother's girlfriend!

Girl #2: I see!

[Girl #2 approaches Heidi]

Girl #2: Hey you! Aren't you a little too old to be in elementary school?

Heidi: Actually, I'm in high school! I'm Heidi Makinney!

Girl #2: Whatever!

[Andrew approaches the kids dancing on the coffee table]

Andrew: Hey! Hey! This coffee table is not for dancing.

Boy: Oh yeah!

Girl: What are going to do about it?

Andrew: Get off the table!

[The two kids get off the coffee table]

Andrew: Thank you!

Boy: You look like a nerd.

Girl: With those glasses!

[The two kids walk away]

Andrew: How many times do I gotta tell people that I am not a nerd.

[Heidi approaches Andrew]

Andrew: Well this is some party isn't it?

Heidi: Yeah! I just sure hope that clown doesn't come here.

[Doorbell rings]

[A random kid answers the door]

[William the Clown walks in]

William: Hey kids! It's me! I'm William the Clown!

[The kids cheer for the clown]

[Heidi suddenly gets scared]

Heidi: Andrew! It's the clown! He's in your living room!

Andrew: Oh Heidi!

[The clown approaches Andrew and Heidi]

[Heidi screams and runs into the kitchen]

Andrew: Okay! You're here!

William: I know! I have a question! Do you have some jewelry in this house?

Andrew: Yeah! Mostly from my parents!

William: Does your house have a safe?

Andrew: No! Why are you asking those questions? It's looks like your wanting to steal stuff from this house.

[The clown laughs]

[Andrew laughs weakly]

William: Now that's a good one!

Andrew: Yeah! You have a good since of humor!

William: Yeah!

[The clown walks away]

Andrew: Heheheheh! Heh! Now there is something really strange going on with that clown! Mhmm!

[Commercial Break]

[Andrew's House]

[The kids and the clown are having fun in the party]

[Andrew is just watching them]

[Dani approaches Andrew]

Dani: Hey Andrew! Why did you have a clown come over to my party?

Andrew: I just thought it be nice! Apparently, there is something strange going on with that clown.

Dani: How strange? Have you've been drinking to much lemonade?

Andrew: No! The clown sure did act suspicious when he first came in here.

Dani: Where's Heidi?

Andrew: She's hiding in the kitchen!

Dani: From the clown?

Andrew: Yes! Heidi is scared of clowns.

[Dani laughs really hard]

Andrew: Dani it's not funny!

Dani: Wow! You're girlfriend is really naive! You just made my day. Or you just made my birthday.

Andrew: Why don't you go enjoy the party some more!

Dani: Hm!

[Dani walks away]

[Andrew walks into the kitchen]


[Andrew walks in and approaches the kitchen sink]

[Andrew opens the cabinet and finds Heidi under the sink]

Andrew: Heidi! How much longer are going to hide under that sink?

Heidi: Until the clown leaves!

Andrew: Heidi! When will you get it together? Why can't you just conquer your fear of clowns?

Heidi: But the clown is scary! Even though he looks all happy and silly, I'm still afraid!

Andrew: Will you please come out of there? I can stand right next to you if you want me to. Since you have clown phobia!

Heidi: Actually! This cabinet under your sink is my safe place!

Andrew: Okay! If that's the way you want it, fine I'll leave you alone for now!

[Andrew closes the cabinet]

Andrew: Have fun in the under part of the sink! My good happy girlfriend!

[Andrew leaves the kitchen]

[Camera views at the cabinet under the kitchen sink]

Heidi: This feels a little bitty cozy! I just found a big bag of garbage, that big pipe for the sink.

[Andrew's House]

[William the Clown is making balloon animals]

[The clown makes a balloon dog and gives it to a kid]

[The clown makes a balloon hat and gives it to another kid]

Dani: Hey Mr. Clown! I'm the birthday girl hear. Make me something!

William: Now these next two balloons I'm gonna make is a challenge.

[The clown makes a balloon flower with two balloons and gives it to Dani]

Dani: Wow! That is a really cool flower balloon!

William: Yep! I'm. The good expert on the thing called, balloon tricks!

Andrew: Yeah! The next thing we might know is you might do a strange sneeze!

William: Ahh! Ahhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh!

Andrew: Yep! He's gonna sneezes!

William: Ahhhh! Ge Ge Ge Ge Ge!

[The clown sneezes]

[All the kids are laughing in the living room]

[The clown pulls out a big long rainbow cloth and blows his nose]

Andrew: How nice! You have a really funny sneeze!

[Andrew pauses]

Andrew: Hey Mr. Clown! I want you to take a picture with a person who is really special!

William: Really?

Andrew: Yes! Why don't you go ahead and stand right next to that side of the couch!

William: Okay!

[The clown approaches the side of couch]

[Andrew approaches the kitchen]

Andrew: [Shouting] Hey Heidi! You can come out now! The clown is gone!

[Andrew pulls out his pear phone]

[Heidi walks in]

Heidi: Yay! Now it is time to party!

[Heidi screams a little and holds on to Andrew]

William: Hello there!

Heidi: Andrew! You tricked me!

Andrew: I wanna take a picture of you and the clown!

Heidi: But I'm scared!

Andrew: Heidi! I just want to get a good picture of you with the clown!

William: Yeah! Come one girly!

Andrew: Go over there!

[Heidi let's go of Andrew and slowly approaches the clown]

Andrew: Get a little more closer Heidi!

[Heidi slowly moves towards the clown]

Andrew: Closer!

[Heidi slowly moves towards the clown a little]

Andrew: Closer!

[Heidi slowly moves towards the clown a little]

Andrew: Closer!

[Heidi slowly moves towards the clown and is now closer to the clown]

Andrew: Good! Now you can wrap your arm around him.

[Heidi slowly wraps her arm around the clown]

[The clown wraps his arm around Heidi]

Andrew: Good! Now let's see a good smile!

[The clown smiles and Heidi smiles very nervously]

Andrew: Very good! Here we go! 1.2.3!

[Andrew take the picture of the clown and Heidi]

[Andrew looks on his pear phone]

Andrew: It looks perfect!

[Heidi runs away from the clown and holds on to Andrew]

Heidi: That was scary!

Andrew: The picture looks really good though!

William: Hey everybody! How about we sing For She's A Jolly Good Fellow for The birthday girl Dani Dalton!

Everyone: [Singing] For She's A Jolly Good Fellow, For She's A Jolly Good Fellow, For She's A Jolly Good Fellow, which nobody can deny.

[The clown sneaks away from the kids while the kids are still singing]

[Andrew sees the clown sneaking over to the stairwell]

Andrew: Okay! There is something very strange going on with that clown.

Heidi: Why do you think he's strange?

Andrew: See him sneaking over to the stairwell over there? He's acting suspicious!

[The clown sneaks over to the stairwell]

Heidi: What are you going to do!

Andrew: I have a plan!

[Heidi let's go of Andrew]

Andrew: Everybody stop singing!

[Everybody stops singing]

[Andrew approaches the clown]

Andrew: Hey Clownie!

William: Oh why hello there!

Andrew: Where do you think you're going?

William: I was just going to......take a look at your bathroom!

Andrew: Oh yeah? I'm noticing that your acting strange.

William: Strange! I'm on being strange!

Andrew: Ladies and Gentlemen! I believe we have a strange birthday clown!

Kid: What's so strange about him?

Andrew: Well!

[Andrew searches through the clowns right pocket and pulls out the big rainbow cloth]

'Andrew: Just a second!

[Andrew finds a fabric bag in his pocket]

Andrew: Aha! Thanks to his saggy pockets! Looks like this clown was going to go upstairs and steal some stuff from this house!

William: I have a prison record!

Andrew: That explains it!

[The clown takes the bag from Andrew]

Dani: That clown is criminal!

[Everybody runs around the living room and screams]

[The clown gives a loud whistle and everybody in the room stops running and screaming]

William: Everybody shut-up! Now sit down on the floor! All of you!

[Everybody quickly sits on the floor quickly]

William: Now! I'm gonna go upstairs and steal some valuables here. Now nobody is gonna get hurt. All I'm gonna do is go upstairs and steal some stuff, now don't do anything stupid! After this I'm gonna go for a corn dog.

[The clown goes up the stairs]

[Andrew pulls out his pear phone]

Dani: Wow! This is some way to celebrate my birthday.

Heidi: Andrew! You hired a clown who is a convict!

Andrew: I didn't know! Don't worry! I'm gonna call the police!

[Andrew dials zero for the operator]

Andrew: Hello? Operator! Can you get me to the police department? Thank you!

Heidi: Now I am really scared of him. This reminds me of that Kenan & Kel episode.

Dani: The one episode with the birthday clown?

Heidi: Yeah!

Dani: I saw that episode online on splash face! That episode was funny!

Andrew: Hello police? Yes! We have an evil clown in our house! No I'm not making this up. He's in the upstairs part of my house stealing some stuff. Yeah! The address is 475 Heartland Road! Okay! Thank you! [Hangs up and puts his phone back in his pocket] The police is on their way. All we got to do is stop the clown from leaving this home!

Heidi: How are we going to stop him?

Andrew: Once again! This good dude has a plan!

Heidi: Who's the good dude?

Andrew: Me!

[The clown walks in with his bag of stolen]

William: Alright children! This clown has to leave now! I am taking all of this good stuff, including the old pairs of big shoes I found. They look brown and big. Do I'm going now.

[Andrew stands up]

Andrew: I would like to testify here!

William: Go ahead!

Andrew: I like to testify this!

[Andrew screams and runs to the clown]

[Andrew jumps on the clown and attacks him while riding on his back]

[The clown drops his bag of stolen stuff]

Kid: Hey that looks fun! Get him!

[Dani and all the other kids stands up and joins Andrew on the attack]

[Heidi stands and approaches the front door]

[Michael and Katy walks in and sees the chaos]

Michael: [Screaming] Everybody stop!

[Everybody is now quiet and Andrew is pinning the clown to the couch]

Katy: What is going on here?

Michael: Andrew! What are doing to that clown?

[Heidi grabs the clown's bag of the stolen stuff]

Andrew: This clown is a criminal!

Dani: This is a bad clown stealing stuff on my birthday!

Heidi: That's right! He has all kinds of your stuff in this bag.

[Heidi gives the bag to Michael]

[Michael and Katy looks inside the bag]

Katy: Oh my goodness! That's my pearl necklace, and all my other jewelry, and that looks like Andrew's football, and Dani's piggy bang!

Michael: And those are my brown shoes! I don't even wear those anymore.

Katy: Why don't you wear them anymore?

Michael: Because they just turned stupid.

William: Hey kid! Do you mind getting off me? I got things to do!

Andrew: I'll get off of you when the police get here! You'll do your other things in prison!

William: Aw man! Back to the old jail cell!

[Andrew's House - 5 minutes later]

[The police has the clown in handcuffs]

Andrew: Thank you so much for arresting that clown officers.

Heidi: Even though he's arrested, I'm still scared of him!

Police Officer #1: No problem! This guy have stolen some stuff before.

Police Officer #2: We are going to lock him up tight this time! He won't be stealing anybody's stuff again.

Michael: Hey officer! Why do you have my old shoes?

Police Officer #1: We are taking these shoes for evidence. We need a little more information before we can give them back to you!

Michael: Actually! You can get rid of those for me! Those shoes are stupid anyways.

Katy: If those shoes are stupid, then why did you keep them?

Michael: I just held on to them for no reason!

Katy: Mhmm!

Police Officer #1: Alright! Let's get this clown out of here!

Police Officer #2: We should get this clown make-up off of him to.

William: All of you are jerks! Jerk! Jerk! Jerk! Jeeeeeeerrrrks!

Police Officer #2: Let's go!

[The police leaves with the clown]

Andrew: Well I guess this whole clown thing is my fault! I was the one who hired him Heidi! I'm sorry for tricking you and taking that picture with you and the clown.

Heidi: It's okay Andrew!

Andrew: I'll delete the picture if you want me to.

Heidi: Sure thing! Plus I'm still scared of clowns!

Michael: Wow! We just got my brother just got bailed out of prison, and the next thing I hear is that Heidi is scared of clowns. That must be something!

Katy: I know! That's what I said to.

Andrew: How about this? I'll take you to see psychiatrist on Monday. The psychiatrist will help you get over your..."clown phobia!"

Heidi: Thank you Andrew!

Andrew: Your welcome!

[Andrew and Heidi kisses]

All the Kids: Ooooooooooooh!

[Andrew and Heidi stops kissing]

Andrew: Kids!

Heidi: They saw us kissing!

Michael: Okay!

Katy:Now! What should we do now?

Dani: Well! Since this party is not over yet.

[Dani walks over and grabs her birthday cake]

[Dani puts it on the coffee table]

Dani: You guys and all of my guest can sing me a happy birthday!

Big Kid: I want that cake!

Dani: Singing goes first tubby!

Heidi: Let's sing happy birthday!

Andrew: To my good sister!

Everyone (except Dani): [Singing] Happy Birthday to you, Happy day to you, Happy birthday dear Dani, Happy birthday to you!

[Everybody in the living room applauds for Dani and they continue to celebrate the birthday]

[End Credits Scene]

[Andrew's House]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in]

Andrew: Well Heidi! This clown therapy with psychiatrist is really working well for you.

Heidi: I know! I'm getting rid of my clown phobia!

Andrew: Don't you should not getting scared of clowns in no time! Just a few more appointments and you'll be in good shape!

[Dani walks in with a present]

Dani: Hey Andrew and Heidi! I got present for you guys!

[Dani puts the present on the coffee table]

Andrew: What is it?

Heidi: Let's open it!

[Andrew opens the present and finds a big bottle of ketchup]

[Andrew pulls out the bottle]

Andrew: It's just a bottle of Ketchup!

Dani: I know! [Takes the bottle from Andrew and opens it] Since you two gave me horrible presents, I'm gonna do this.

[Dani squirts the ketchup at Andrew and Heidi]

Andrew: Dang Dani! We're covered in Ketchup!

Heidi: She pranked us good!

Andrew: She's devious!

Heidi: We're all covered in Ketchup!

Dani: Haha!

(The End)

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