Adopting a Monkey
Season 3, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date December 31, 2015
Prod. code 302
Written by Iamaman1977
Directed by Unknown
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Adopting a Monkey is the 2nd episode of the 3rd season and the 35th episode overall of Andrew & Heidi.


At Heidi's House, Andrew is playing hide and seek with Heidi, but can’t find her anywhere. He finds that she left one of her shoes behind. Andrew goes upstairs to Heidi’s room and looks around and then gives up. He sits down while Heidi comes out from hiding under her stuffed animals and scares Andrew. Heidi reveals where she was hiding and Andrew asks why. Heidi says because Sophie ratted her out so she hid with the stuffed animals. Andrew asks her about leaving her shoe behind and Heidi says she does that as a decoy. Andrew tells her to put it back on and Heidi does. Heidi then says she wants to accessorize Sophie by giving her a dress like her. Andrew insists that they do their homework. They start to do the homework when Andrew gets a paper cut. Heidi yells at the paper to apologize and Andrew says paper can’t talk. Heidi says her grandmother went to the grocery store to get stuff like band-aids. Heidi then kisses his finger. Andrew thanks her and then Heidi asks if they can go to the Ithaca Zoo. Andrew suspects she wants to talk to the animals with random statements. Heidi is and wants to see cute animals. They both say they haven’t been to the zoo before and agree to go after school. Heidi then gives Andrew affection.

At the Ithaca Zoo, Andrew and Heidi are there and Heidi mentions her trying to communicate with animals. Andrew says animals don’t talk and reminds Heidi about all the questions and statements she asked and made about the animals and says she keeps saying random things. They then see a tiger and Heidi asks the tiger if it is female. Then, they see a monkey. Heidi says he looks cute and she hugs the monkey and the monkey hugs her back. Heidi then makes Andrew hug the monkey, but the monkey hugs Andrew when Andrew tries to object. Heidi plans to come to the zoo every day to see the monkey and teach him things. A zoo staff member named Wendy comes by and Andrew asks her where the french fries are and she tells him. She then tells Andrew and Heidi about the monkey named Charlie when they ask about him. Andrew says Heidi is very attached to the monkey and wants to visit him more often, but Wendy reveals Charlie is moving to another zoo in New York. Andrew and Heidi are shocked, especially Heidi who wants Charlie to stay. Wendy apologizes, but says the monkey has to go or she’ll get fired. Wendy then takes a phone call while Andrew drags Heidi away from Charlie to get french fries. At Ithaca High School, Andrew meets up with Heidi, who is still upset about Charlie moving to another zoo, but Andrew says Charlie has to go to another zoo. Andrew tries to cheer Heidi up with affection, but fails. Heidi still doesn’t want Charlie to leave and Andrew sympathizes with her by saying he wishes there was something to about Charlie. Andrew leaves and then Heidi thinks of a plan to keep Charlie as a pet. At the Ithaca Zoo, Heidi helps Charlie escape his cage through the bars and takes him to buy a sweater. At Hall’s Market, Andrew is checking out on customer that leaves. Mr. Hall comes in and Andrew tells him about he and Heidi visiting the zoo and seeing Charlie. He also tells Mr. Hall about Charlie leaving the zoo and that Heidi is sad about it. Mr. Hall says that’s depressing and then leaves. Heidi and Charlie, with a sweater on, then walk in. Andrew realizes Charlie is there and asks Heidi why Charlie is there. Heidi explains she couldn’t let him be taken away to another zoo and decided to keep him. Andrew can’t believe she kidnapped Charlie and tries to convince her that she can’t keep as a pet because the zoo staff probably know he’s gone now. Heidi doesn’t want Charlie to leave and wants to keep him. Andrew agrees that since Charlie means so much to Heidi, she can keep him. Heidi goes to get a banana for Charlie and then gives it to him. Charlie then sets down his banana and starts to destroy Hall’s Market by throwing cans of peanuts, bags of potato chips, and watermelons on the floor. Andrew and Heidi then attempt to catch Charlie before Mr. Hall finds out what happened, but they both fail. Charlie then knocks down some more items off the shelves and then goes into Mr. Hall’s office and kisses him. Mr. Hall wakes up and runs in. He sees what happened to his store and Andrew explains what happened. Mr. Hall finds out Heidi brought Charlie in and wants him out of the store. Andrew and Heidi leave with Charlie. In the back yard of the Dalton house, Andrew and Heidi are there with Charlie, talking about the incident at Hall’s Market and how Andrew could have been fired. Heidi says Charlie is the one who made the mess. Andrew again says Heidi can keep the monkey for a while and then she has to return the monkey to the zoo. Heidi refuses to give him up. Andrew again says she can’t keep him and Heidi says she will be sad if she gives him away and that Charlie wants to stay. Andrew says she has to give Charlie back, but now they have to keep the monkey outside, so he doesn’t go inside and wreck the house with his parents freaking out. Charlie then pees on Andrew’s pants, which gets Andrew to go inside and change his pants.

Later, Heidi is reading a story to Charlie, hoping that Charlie will get smart from it. Andrew finishes the story for her and then they again get into a minor argument about sending Charlie back. Katy comes in and notices Charlie after asking Andrew why his pants have a pee stain on them. Andrew and Heidi tell Katy why Charlie is there and Katy informs them about a news report where a monkey was missing from Ithaca Zoo and people are trying to find him. Andrew know that’s Charlie and promises that he and Heidi will return Charlie. Katy leaves and Andrew and Heidi say they have to watch Charlie before they can return him. Inside the Dalton House, Michael comes home from work late. Katy asks why and Michael says he had a meeting with his boss and some other plumbers. Katy tells Michael she and Dani had sushi and there is some more, but Michael insists on making a sandwich. Katy tells him about the monkey and Michael looks outside and sees it. Michael asks why is a monkey here and Katy tells him about Heidi taking the monkey because she loved and he and Heidi brought it here. Michael and Katy agree that Andrew and Heidi need to keep the monkey from coming inside and destroying everything. Back outside in the yard, Andrew and Heidi are once again disagreeing. Andrew keeps saying that they need to give Charlie back, but Heidi doesn’t want to give him up. Andrew then tells Heidi if she keeps Charlie, she will neglect all the things she loves, like him and Sophie. She will also be less focused on school and her grades will go down. Heidi finally changes her mind about Charlie and decides to give him up, even though she will still miss him. Andrew calls the zoo and says they will be over in an hour, so they have to watch Charlie. But 30 minutes later, Andrew and Heidi are asleep and Charlie sneaks away from them and goes inside. Michael makes his sandwich and then goes in the refrigerator to get soda. Charlie goes in the kitchen and steals Michael’s sandwich and puts it on the living room coffee table and then goes in the closet. Michael sees his sandwich is gone and then finds it on the coffee table. Michael goes upstairs when Katy wants him to talk to her mother. When Michael leaves, Charlie comes out and starts destroying the living room, by throwing the remote control and magazines on the floor and then ripping apart a pillow and throwing breakable glasses and picture frames on the floor. He then rips a blanket of the couch and then goes into Dani’s room and smells her head. In the living room, Michael and Katy walk downstairs to it and find the mess. Katy screams when she sees it and this wakes Andrew and Heidi up. They find Charlie missing and go inside the house to find the living room destroyed. Michael and Katy are mad at them for not keeping an eye on Charlie. Dani comes in and tells them that Charlie was in her room. The Daltons and Heidi then try to capture Charlie after going upstairs and through the living room and kitchen. Andrew then catches Charlie. Later, Wendy arrives to pick up Charlie and then Heidi confesses that she took it. Wendy tells her to not do that again. Wendy leaves with the monkey. Michael and Katy then punish Andrew for letting the monkey in the house by making him and Heidi clean up everything. Then when they leave, Dani comes back and kicks Andrew and Heidi in the leg for letting Charlie come into her bedroom and sniffing her hair. Three days later, Andrew and Heidi are talking about what they went through with Charlie and then Heidi shows Andrew Sophie’s new floral dress.


Andrew: How interesting! I just saw a monkey in the grocery store. [pauses] Wait a minute! [He then sees the monkey standing next to Heidi] There's a monkey in the grocery store!
Heidi: Look Charlie! Andrew looks surprised to see you. [She picks up Charlie and approaches the counter]
Andrew: Heidi! What are you doing with the monkey?
Heidi: [putting Charlie the Monkey on the counter] I couldn't let Charlie be taken away from the zoo people so I decided to adopt Charlie and keep him as a pet.
Andrew: So you took the monkey away from the zoo?
Heidi: Yes! I mean look at his adorable face. He deserves to stay here in Ithaca, New York. The city of modern day cuddliness.
Andrew: Well, this is unbelievable, you kidnapped a monkey. You pretty much monkey-napped him.
Heidi: Well, I told you that Charlie would never go through Monkey temptation. Plus I bought him a new sweater. He feels very humbly in it!
Andrew: Heidi! You can't keep the monkey as a pet. That would be comedically crazy.
Heidi: Andrew! I really don't want Charlie to leave, so I really want to keep him as a pet and show him how to peel a banana!
Andrew: You can't keep him!
Heidi: Andrew!
Andrew: Heidi! I can already tell that the staff people at the zoo know that the monkey is missing. So you gotta return the monkey.
Heidi: Don't listen to Andrew, Charlie! He's attempting you to feel betrayed by talking to you about the zoo and cute animals.
Andrew: Well that "cute monkey" belongs to the zoo!
Heidi: Don't hurt Charlie's feelings.
Andrew: Pink unicorns!
Heidi: Hahahaha! Unicorns are cute when they are pink.
Andrew: Of course! You must be a cute animal fanatic.
Heidi: But I'm keeping the monkey.


  • This episode was the last to be published in 2015.
    • This episode is also the second to be published on the last day of the year, after The Heat Wave.
  • This episode is the first time Michael doesn't not react negatively to being called Plumber Boy.
  • Andrew breaks the fourth wall at the very end of the episode by saying, "What a loopey ending to a very loopey episode" which was part of the last line of the episode.


  • Andrew and Heidi make references to the games "Sky Whale" and "Tiny Pickles" from the show Game Shakers.

Character revelations


  • Andrew and Heidi did not face any legal consequences for taking Charlie from the zoo, however Wendy was kind enough to not press charges.

Running gags

  • Heidi saying "monkey temptation" whenever talking about Charlie.

Series continuity

  • Heidi loses a shoe again, however it turned out to be intentional this time.


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