Andrew's Big Fight
Season 1, Episode 16
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Air date December 17, 2014
Prod. code 116
Written by Iamaman1977
Directed by Unknown
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Andrew's Big Fight is the 16th episode of the 1st season of Andrew & Heidi.


At Ithaca High School, Andrew is reading a newspaper about Daryl Thomas. Heidi comes in and he tells her about Daryl. He tells her that Daryl will be coming to Ithaca High School today to pick his next opponent. Heidi then tells Andrew about a dog following her and tackling her. Andrew then tells her about he was walking next to a fruit stand and slipped on an orange and bumped into the fruit stand and made all the fruit go onto the sidewalk. They said both of their experiences was crazy and then they go to class.

Andrew and Heidi are eating lunch and Heidi shows Andrew a picture of her and him in fancy clothes. Then, Daryl Thomas and his manager enter the cafeteria and tell them all they Daryl is going to pick his new opponent. Daryl looks around the cafeteria and rejects some kids and then sees Andrew. He asks Andrew who he is and Heidi introduces herself. Daryl says he has picked his next opponent: Andrew. He says Andrew looks like good fighting material. Heidi asks why he wants to fight Andrew. Daryl says because he is the best. Andrew says he’s good at a lot of sports. Daryl says he’s undefeated. His manager asks Andrew if he accepts. Andrew does and everyone cheers, except Heidi. Daryl and his manager then leave. Andrew says it’s awesome to be fighting Daryl. Heidi disagrees and says boxing is a tough sport and says he could get hurt during the fight. Andrew is sure he won’t, but Heidi continues to say she doesn’t want him to get hurt. Andrew says this is an opportunity. Heidi says for his safety, she wants him to back out of the fight. Andrew says he will be fine. At Andrew’s house, Heidi cooks some fish sticks and Andrew tells his parents he met a fighter today. Michael correctly guesses it was Daryl Thomas. Katy asks if that’s the fighter who never loses. Andrew says right. Heidi tells his parents that Andrew is going to fight him on Saturday. Michael says that’s awesome. Michael says to Katy he thinks Andrew can do good. Heidi is still worried that he will get hurt. Katy agrees with her. Heidi and Katy want Andrew to back out of the fight. Andrew refuses. Michael encourages him and tells him he’s gotta train hard and gain some speed. Heidi still tells him to back out of the fight and Andrew says no. At Homelark Gymnasium, Andrew and Heidi are seeing Daryl punching a punching bag very hard. Heidi says it’s never to late to change his mind. Andrew asks how can she be so unsupportive. Heidi says she is doing this for his safety. Andrew says he can’t back out because people will call him a coward and a chicken. Andrew asks Daryl how he got into fighting. He says because his great-great grandfather used to box. Andrew says he’s looking forward to the fight and Daryl agrees. Heidi says Andrew’s delirious. Andrew denies it and tells Daryl that Heidi doesn’t want him to fight. Daryl says his girlfriend loves his fighting. Heidi says she doesn’t want him to get hurt. Andrew says he won’t and questions how hard can Daryl punch. Daryl punches the bag so hard that the sand comes out. At 5:00 AM, Andrew is doing push-ups in the living room and Dani comes down. He tells Dani he is fighting Daryl Thomas. She says he needs to do something better than push-ups. Dani drags him into the kitchen and makes him eat raw eggs. At school, Coach Walburn sees Andrew practicing fighting and they meet up with each other. Walburn offers to be his manager. Andrew says he coaches basketball. Walburn says he also know boxing. Walburn says they are going to do lots of training and they are going to train in Homelark Gym. Walburn leaves and Heidi walks in. Andrew tells Heidi that Walburn is training him. Heidi says he doesn’t have to fight. Andrew starts to get annoyed and tells her he won’t get hurt and that it’s only for three rounds. Heidi thinks he’s delirious again. Andrew denies it.

At Homelark Gym, Andrew is punching the bag really hard while Walburn is watching. He encourages Andrew to punch harder and he does. Later, Andrew is running fast on the treadmill. Heidi walks in and Walburn asks why “flower girl” here. Walburn turns off the treadmill and tells Andrew to take ten. Andrew guesses she came here to talk him out of fighting and Heidi does. Andrew says it’s for 3 rounds. Heidi still wants him to back out. Andrew says people will call him a coward and a chicken. Heidi says that doesn’t matter and she has seen boxing before. Andrew loses his temper and says he has worked his rear off and is doing so well and all she does is be in denial. He also says she is unsupportive and he is fed up with her lack of support. Andrew also says if this is how she really feels about him, then she shouldn’t show up to the fight at all and Andrew walks away angry. Later, Andrew is doing sit-ups in his bedroom with his parents watching. Later a Rocky montage and music starts. Andrew is running fast, eating more yolks, punching the punching bag and speed bag, doing push-ups, and running on the treadmill. He and Walburn high-five each other and the montage and music stops. At Homelark Gymnasium, Walburn is tying together Andrew’s boxing gloves. Andrew says he’s ready and Walburn leaves the dressing room. Andrew is wearing blue trunks with white stripes and has blue boxing gloves because he loves blue. Katy tells him to be careful and Michael wishes him good luck and they and Dani leave his dressing room. Heidi walks in and greets him. Andrew asks what she is doing here. Heidi says she came to see him fight and asks if he is still mad. Andrew says he felt bad about getting mad and thought that he was being unreasonable while he was training. Heidi says she was the one being unreasonable and she realized last night that he really wants to do the fight and needed support, so she thinks he will do okay in the fight. Andrew says even though he gets angry at her, he still loves her. Andrew and Heidi apologize and then hug and kiss each other. Heidi tells him to be careful and Andrew says he’s ready to fight. Heidi goes to sit down next to Andrew’s family. Andrew walks out and the audience cheers for him. Daryl walks out and other people are cheering for him. The announcer announces the fighters and the referee gives the instructions. The fight begins and Daryl seems to have the upper hand. Daryl punches Andrew and he fails to punch Daryl. Daryl throws some more punches and Andrew shoves him. The referee breaks up the fight. Daryl punches him again and Andrew falls down, but gets up on the count of 5. Daryl continues to punch Andrew until round 1 is over. In round 2, Daryl continues to punch Andrew, while he struggles. Andrew finally punches Daryl and throws some good punches and knocks Daryl to the ground, but he gets up on the count of 4. Andrew continues to punch Daryl until round 2 is over. Heidi is happy Andrew isn’t injured yet. In round 3, Daryl punches Andrew numerous times, but then Andrew punches him and continues to punch him until he gives Daryl one last big punch. The fight is over. Walburn tells Andrew that was a great fight and gives him his glasses. Heidi tells Andrew he survived and Andrew says he told her he wouldn’t get hurt. Heidi says he did a good job and they kiss. The judges have a spilt decision. 95/94 goes to Daryl and 95/94 goes to Andrew and 95/94 goes to Andrew! Andrew and Heidi are happy that Andrew won the fight Daryl congratulates him. Andrew, Heidi, and his family go out for pizza and ice cream.


Andrew: Holy chiz! He can really punch!
Heidi: Very physical!
Daryl: [punching a punching bag]
Heidi: Andrew, it’s never too late to change your mind about this.
Andrew: Have you been drinking way too much Blue Dog Soda?
Heidi: No! If I did, I would pretty much urinate every 15 minutes!
Andrew: Heidi! I just don’t know why you really got to be unsupportive about this.
Heidi: Andrew, I’m only doing this because of your safety.
Andrew: You’re being in denial! I understand how you feel. I can’t back out.
Heidi: Why?
Andrew: If I drop out, people in school would thing that I’m a coward, they would call me chicken, and people on the streets would call me chicken.
Heidi: You’re transforming yourself into a chicken? Like the actual animal?
Andrew: No! I’m still going to be a human!
Heidi: That’s good! That was the strangest legend I ever heard!
Andrew: Whaaaat?
Daryl: [stops punching the punching bag]
Manager: Alright! That’s enough for today. [leaves]
Daryl: Impressed?
Andrew: Yeah!
Daryl: I thought you would man!
Andrew: So what go you into fighting in the first place?
Daryl: It was my great great grandfather, Salvatore Thomas, he was the best ale boxer, and he punched just like I did.
Andrew: Wow! Let me know when to meet that character.
Daryl: You will not meet him. He’s up in the sky now!
Andrew: Oh yeah! So, I am really looking forward to this fight.
Daryl: I’m glad you are!
Heidi: My boyfriend is delirious!
Andrew: No I’m not!


  • This is the fourth episode to use Andrew's name in the title.
  • This episode marks the second sport that Andrew performs at which is boxing. The first was basketball in The Basketball Story.
  • This episode marks the second and final appearance of Coach Walburn.
  • This is the first episode that Andrew and Heidi have a major argument, but it is easily resolved.


Character revelations

  • Andrew is revealed to be an excellent boxer; so much so that he was able to beat the undefeated Daryl Thomas in a fight.


Running gags

Series continuity

  • Events from The Basketball Story are mentioned in this episode.


To view the Andrew's Big Fight screenplay, click here.