This article is a screenplay of the Andrew & Heidi episode "Andrew's Big Fight" from Season 1 which was released on December 17, 2014.

Here is the Screenplay for Andrew’s Big Fight.

(Andrew’s Big Fight)

[Ithaca High School]

[Andrew is reading a newspaper]

[Heidi walks in]

Andrew: That is one tough fighter.

Heidi: What are you reading?

Andrew: I’m reading about this fighter named Daryl Thomas. He is one of the most famous teenaged fighters in Ithaca, New York.

Heidi: Wow! Look at that picture of him. He forgot to put a shirt on.

Andrew: You’re not supposed to wear a shirt in boxing.

Heidi: Why not?

Andrew: You can ask Sylvester Stallone that. He’s done all kinds of Rocky movies.

[Heidi looks at Andrew]

Andrew: That has boxing!

Heidi: Oh yeah! Now I get it! I’ve seen all six of them.

Andrew: So did I!

Heidi: How old is Daryl Thomas.

Andrew: He is around our age. This paper also says that Daryl Thomas will be in Ithaca High School today to pick his next opponent for his next fight.

Heidi: Who do you think he might pick?

Andrew: I don’t know we’ll see!

[Andrew throws the newspaper away in the trashcan]

Heidi: You would not believe the morning I had today!

Andrew: What happened?

Heidi: It was a dog!

Andrew: A big one?

Heidi: Yeah! I was walking down on the streets on the way to school and then the next thing you know this dog shows up and follows me.

Andrew: What did he want?

Heidi: That dog was following me and for no in particular reason he pushed me down on the ground and tackled me.

Andrew: And then!

Heidi: He was sniffing at me!

Andrew: What do you know! My girlfriend had an interaction with a dog.

Heidi: But it all ended when this guy showed up and he told the dog to get off of me. After that I got back on my feet and came to school.

Andrew: Wow! Maybe that dog wanted to get to know you.

Heidi: It’s okay! I like dogs!

Andrew: Yeah! Not only I read a newspaper about Daryl Thomas, this morning I accidentally got into a fruit incident!

Heidi: What kind fruit incident!

Andrew: This morning when I was coming here before I got a newspaper I was on the streets minding my own business. Then Suddenly, I walk next to this fruit stand and for some reason I there was an orange on the ground.

Heidi: And then what happened?

Andrew: I stepped on the orange and then I fell on the fruit stand and then all the fruits fell off the racks and then they fell into the street.

Heidi: That was crazy!

Andrew: I know and then whenever some other people slipped on the fruit and fell. They were falling all over the place!

Heidi: And then what?

Andrew: I got up ran away, got a news paper and came to school.

Heidi: Wow! You and I had a very clumsy morning toady.

Andrew: Yeah! I had a fruit commotion and you had a dog commotion.

Heidi: That dog was really sniffing me!

Andrew: This is interesting! You and I had a clumsy morning on the same day, and on the same hour.

Heidi: And the same date.

Andrew: Yeah!

Heidi: You and I got to school in one piece. I can already picture you and I being in a clumsy situation together someday.

Andrew: I can picture that to.

Heidi: But the good thing is that we are all okay. The next time I get tackled by a dog, I just hope I don’t smell funny.

Andrew: And if I get into another fruit incident, I’ll just run away like lightning.

Heidi: Okay!

[Heidi hugs and kisses Andrew]

Andrew: Heidi! We are in the hallway here.

Heidi: I know! I just thought I give you my love for anyways.

[Heidi hugs Andrew]

Andrew: Heidi! You can let go of he now.

Heidi: I was hoping for a hug from you.

[Andrew pats Heidi’s back once]

Andrew: I guess that can count!

[Heidi lets go of Andrew]

Heidi: Should we go to class now?

Andrew: Yes!

[A janitor walks in]

Janitor: Hey! I found a penny!

[Janitor shows Andrew and Heidi the penny]

Andrew: We were just leaving!

Heidi: He has a nice penny.

[Andrew and Heidi leaves]

Janitor: Dang it! I love my lucky penny!

[Andrew & Heidi Theme Song]

[Ithaca High School]

[Andrew and Heidi are eating lunch in the cafeteria]

Andrew: That was some weird substitute teacher in our science class today. He wasn’t even teaching science today, all he was talking about was shrimp.

Heidi: Was that the reason why all of got board in the classroom and all of had to do other stuff.

Andrew: Yeah! I was watching videos on my pear phone.

Heidi: I drew a picture of you and me in nice clothing.

Andrew: Really?

Heidi: Yeah!

[Heidi pulls her picture of her drawling out of her purse and shows it to Andrew]

Andrew: Well even thought you are not a good artist, it still looks good. Very cartoony, and why do you draw me wearing a suit?

Heidi: I just drew a picture of you and me in my nice dressed up clothes whenever we go to some special dinner or party.

Andrew: That must be something.

Heidi: I also drew me wearing a nice dress.

Andrew: Okay! That looks like a decent picture.

Heidi: And a good place!

[Daryl Thomas and his manager walks into the cafeteria]

Daryl: Wow! There are all kinds of dudes and chicks in this cafeteria.

Manager: Yeah! They are all eating lunch right now!

[Manager uses his microphone]

Manager: Ladies and Gentlemen of Ithaca High School.

[Everybody in the cafeteria gets the managers attention]

Kid #1: It’s Daryl Thomas!

Kid #2: That’s Daryl Thomas!

Kid #3: Daryl Thomas!

Kid #4: Daryl Thomas!

Andrew: Heidi look, it’s Daryl Thomas, that’s the fighter I was telling you about.

Heidi: From the newspaper!

Manager: Alright, this young man, is Daryl Thomas, he one of the most best teenaged boxers in the state of New York. He is here because he is going to pick one of you boys, not girls, boys, to face with him in a fight this Saturday at the Homelark Gymnasium.

Daryl: That’s easy to get to, because its only 7 seven minutes away from this school.

Manager: Alight Daryl, go select your next opponent.

[Daryl walks around the cafeteria]

Boy #1: Hey, you should pick me.

Daryl: No! You look too chubby!

Boy #1: People always call me chubby!

Boy #2: How about me Daryl?

Daryl: No, you look disgusting!

Boy #3: Me!

Daryl: No! I just don’t want to pick you! Which dude?

[Daryl sees Andrew]

Daryl: Heh!

[Daryl approaches Andrew]

Daryl: You! [Pointing at Andrew] What’s your name?

Andrew: My name is Andrew Dalton.

Daryl: I see you have a lady.

Heidi: I’m Heidi Makinney!

Daryl: She your girlfriend?

Andrew: Yes! Why do you ask?

Daryl: Nothing I have a girlfriend to.

Andrew: Well!

Daryl: Ladies in gentlemen! I have found my next opponent. This Saturday, I will be fighting this dude Andrew Dalton, to a match!

Manager: Why him? He’s a nerd!

Andrew: Hey, you watch your language, I ain’t no nerd.

Daryl: He looks like good fighting material to me. Even though he wears glasses.

Heidi: Hi! Why do you wanna fight my boyfriend?

Daryl: Because he’s the best. The thing I need to know is he good at boxing.

Andrew: I’m good in all kinds of sports, baseball, basketball, golf, and of course boxing.

Daryl: Looks you really can fight. Understand this, I have never ever been defeated by anybody my whole life. I punch good, plus I go to school like you guys.

Heidi: He’s educational Andrew!

Andrew: I can see that! So you never lost fight before in your life.

Daryl: That’s right! I drink my milk every morning to.

Manager: Okay! Andrew Dalton, do you accept the challenge against Daryl Thomas for this Saturday?

Andrew: I accept!

Manager: Ladies and Gentlemen! Andrew Dalton and Daryl Thomas will battle it out for 3 rounds this weekend at the Homelark Gymnasium.

[Everybody except for Heidi cheers]

Daryl: Alright! Lets go!

Manager: Have a happy lunch!

[Daryl and his manager leaves]

Andrew: This is so awesome! I get to face Daryl Thomas this weekend!

Heidi: No it’s not!

Andrew: Say what?

Heidi: Andrew, I have seen boxing before. It’s a really rough sport. You could get hurt during the fight.

Andrew: I’m sure I won’t! The manager said the fight is only going to be for 3 rounds.

Heidi: Andrew! I really don’t want you getting hurt.

Andrew: Heidi! This is an opportunity. Me and Daryl Thomas are in that ring, letting the punches doing the talking.

Heidi: Since when did fingers learn to talk?

Andrew: It’s just a saying Heidi!

Heidi: Andrew! For your own safety from the beautiful and adorable girlfriend, I won’t you to back out of the fight.

Andrew: No way! Heidi, I’ll be fine! Trust me!

[Andrew looks at Heidi’s drawling again]

Andrew: You really put you and me in dress up clothes.

Heidi: Yeah!

[Andrew’s House]

[Heidi walks in with some fish sticks]

Heidi: Hey! I made some good fish sticks?

Katy: Heidi! I was planning on making those fish sticks tomorrow for dinner.

Heidi: Oh! Well I cooked them!

Michael: From our oven?

Heidi: Yeah!

Andrew: She can cook! She can really cook!

[Heidi takes a fish stick and eats it]

Heidi: Warm and tasty!

Andrew: So mom and dad! Today at lunch, I met a fighter today.

Michael: You met Daryl Thomas today?

Andrew: Yeah! You’re lucky you figure out his name.

Katy: Isn’t he the fighter that never loses?

Andrew: That’s right!

Heidi: Mr. & Mrs. Dalton! Andrew just accepted to face him in a boxing match for Saturday!

Katy: You did what?

Andrew: I am going to fight him this weekend.

Michael: Andrew you know I need to tell you this.

Andrew: What?

Michael: That is so awesome!

Katy: Michael!

Michael: What? I think Andrew can do this fight so well. He is really going to work these punches.

Heidi: But I am really worried!

Katy: About what?

Heidi: I’m afraid Andrew is going to get hurt in the fight.

Katy: You do have a good point.

Andrew: Heidi! You’re still against his fight?

Heidi: I really don’t want you to get hurt, that why I want you to drop out.

Katy: Andrew! Heidi has a point! Boxing really is a rough sport, can you just do the best thing right now and back out of that fight?

Andrew: No!

Michael: That’s my boy!

Andrew: Oh yeah!

Katy: Look at you getting support from your father.

Andrew: Don’t worry! I’ll be fine during the fight.

Michael: But remember! You gotta train! You gotta get up real early, you gotta get some speed, you definitely gotta move pretty quick!

Andrew: Yeah! I guess this means I gotta start training tomorrow.

Heidi: Andrew, from happy girlfriend! Can you please back out?

Andrew: I am not changing my mind. I gotta do what I gotta do.

Katy: Andrew! You must be out of your mind!

Michael: No he’s not! He defiantly ready for this?

Andrew: And I will be ready! But now, we should eat the fish sticks!

[Andrew grabs a fish stick and eats it]

Heidi: I cooked them!

Katy: Might as well!

Michael: They still look warm!

[They all eat some fish sticks]

[Homelark Gymnasium]

[Andrew and Heidi sees Daryl Thomas practicing the punching bag]

[Daryl is punching really good]

Andrew: Holy chiz! He can really punch!

Heidi: Very physical!

[Daryl is still punching the bag]

Heidi: Andrew, it’s never too late to change your mind about this.

Andrew: Have you been drinking way too much Blue Dog Soda?

Heidi: No! If I did, I would pretty much urinate every 15 minutes!

Andrew: Heidi! I just don’t know why you really got to be unsupportive about this.

Heidi: Andrew, I’m only doing this because of your safety.

Andrew: You’re being in denial! I understand how you feel. I can’t back out.

Heidi: Why?

Andrew: If I drop out, people in school would thing that I’m a coward, they would call me chicken, and people on the streets would call me chicken.

Heidi: You’re transforming yourself into a chicken? Like the actual animal?

Andrew: No! I’m still going to be a human!

Heidi: That’s good! That was the strangest legend I ever heard!

Andrew: Whaaaat?

[Daryl stops punching]

Manager: Alright! That’s enough for today.

[Manager leaves]

Daryl: Impressed?

Andrew: Yeah!

Daryl: I thought you would man!

Andrew: So what go you into fighting in the first place?

Daryl: It was my great great grandfather, Salvatore Thomas, he was the best ale boxer, and he punched just like I did.

Andrew: Wow! Let me know when to meet that character.

Daryl: You will not meet him. He’s up in the sky now!

Andrew: Oh yeah! So, I am really looking forward to this fight.

Daryl: I’m glad you are!

Heidi: My boyfriend is delirious!

Andrew: No I’m not!

Daryl: What’s up with her?

Andrew: Heidi here, she doesn’t want me fight!

Daryl: Really?

Andrew: Yeah!

Daryl: Hey girl! You really don’t want him to fight, you’re not really that digging that?

Heidi: You must be delirious to?

Daryl: No! I mean look at my girlfriend, she really digs my fighting.

Andrew: Wow! Your girlfriend really loves your fighting.

Daryl: Yeah!

Heidi: Look, I really don’t want Andrew getting hurt in this fight.

Andrew: Heidi, I’m not going to get hurt. Besides, how hard can he even fight anyways?

Daryl: This hard!

[Daryl punches the punching bag really hard, which makes a hole, and all the sand comes out of the bag]

[Daryl leaves]

Heidi: Oh my goodness!

Andrew: That must be a really old punching bag.

[Andrew’s House – 5:00 AM]

[Andrew is in the living room doing push ups by himself]

[Dani walks in]

Dani: What are you doing?

Andrew: I gotta get in shape for this fight coming up.

Dani: You’re fighting?

Andrew: Yeah!

[Andrew stops doing his push ups]

Dani: Who are you fighting?

Andrew: Daryl Thomas!

Dani: You really think this training is gonna get you started?

Andrew: Yeah! What are you doing out of bed

Dani: Oh yeah! After leaving the bathroom, I heard breathing sounds from you that sound like this.

[Dani makes weird breathing sounds]

Andrew: Wow!

Dani: I think the first rule of training is doing something better than push ups.

Andrew: Dani! I am fighting a tough fighter this weekend.

Dani: I know that! You wanna start fresh in training? Then come with me.

[Andrew stands up and follows Dani into the kitchen]


[Andrew and Dani walks in]

Dani: Go get a glass cup.

[Andrew goes to that counter and grabs a glass cup]

[Dani pulls eggs out of the fridge]

[Andrew put he cup on the table]

[Dani cracks some eggs and puts yolks to the cup]

Andrew: Oh you cannot be serious.

Dani: Hey, this has protein!

Andrew: And disgusting!

Dani: Who cares, drink it!

[Andrew grabs the cup]

Andrew: Why was this part of training in the first place?

[Andrew drinks the yolks]

Dani: Hahahaha! You pretty much drinked it pretty well.

Andrew: It tasted like a weird taste!

Dani: Now you can do your other stuff.

[Dani leaves]

[Andrew shivers a little]

[Ithaca High School]

[Andrew is practicing his fighting]

[Coach Walburn walks in seeing Andrew practice his fighting]

Walburn: Wow! That stuff will work during that fight.

Andrew: Coach Walburn! What a surprise!

Walburn: Of course you remember me! The coach from the basketball team, remember you screwed up the final shot at one of our home games.

Andrew: But I can still play basketball pretty good

Walburn: So, you are going to face this Daryl Thomas this Saturday.

Andrew: That’s right!

Walburn: Apparently you just got yourself a manager.

Andrew: Who?

Walburn: Like you don’t know!

Andrew: Who?

Walburn: Me!

Andrew: You as my boxing manager? But you coach basketball.

Walburn: I know everything about boxing to.

Andrew: Oh! That makes total sense!

Walburn: You my boy, have all kinds of training to do before Saturday!

Andrew: So you are going to help me out at the fight?

Walburn: Sure thing! Who else do you thing I would be? Mary Poppins?

[Andrew laughs]

Andrew: That is way too silly for a man to look like Mary Poppins.

[Coach Walburn looks at Andrew]

Andrew: You don’t think that’s funny?

Walburn: No! Anyways, be sure you at that Homelark Gym after school, we got some stuff to do.

Andrew: I’ll be there!

Walburn: Okay! Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta tell my wife on the phone to not text me more frequently, she really get on my nerves.

[Coach Walburn leaves]

Andrew: Sure!

[Heidi walks in]

Heidi: Hey what was Coach Walburn talking to you about?

Andrew: He’s going to train me to fight.

Heidi: Andrew, you really don’t have to do this. I don’t want you getting hurt.

Andrew: There you go again. Being worried that I might get hurt. Heidi for the millionth time, I will not get hurt. It’s only 3 rounds!

Heidi: Andrew! You must be delirious again!

Andrew: No I’m not! I’m just being cool, on my Cooool side.

[Andrew leaves]

Heidi: Oh boy! At least a big dog didn’t sniff me again like yesterday. Though I do smell wonderful.

[Commercial Break]

[Homelark Gymnasium]

[Andrew is punching the punching bag really hard]

Walburn: Alright, stop right there for a minute.

[Andrew stops punching]

Walburn: That is really good! But you can punch a lot more harder than that.

Andrew: Coach, I already got very punch fist here. You know it’s going to be a lot more harder.

Walburn: Exactly! If you punch this bag way hard, that Daryl Thomas will never see what hit him.

Andrew: Yeah!

Walburn: Now punch harder!

[Andrew is punch the bag a lot more harder]

[A random person walks in and watches them]

Walburn: Hey! How about you leave us alone. We are working here.

Person: But I wanna watch!

[Andrew stops punching]

Walburn: You know what?

Person: What?

Walburn: [Screaming] HAAAAA!

[Coach Walburn chases the person around the gym]

[Person escapes the gym]

Walburn: That’s right you better keep running!

[Coach Walburn approaches Andrew]

Andrew: He’s weird!

Walburn: I know!

[Homelark Gymnasium]

[Andrew is running fast on the treadmill]

[Heidi walks in]

Walburn: Oh my goodness! Why is the flower girl here?

Heidi: I though that was only for weddings.

Walburn: I’m talking about your shirt.

Heidi: But it’s pretty!

[Coach Walburn turns off the treadmill]

Walburn: Okay Andrew! Go ahead and Take ten minutes!

[Andrew walks off the treadmill]

Andrew: Okay!

[Coach Walburn leaves]

Andrew: Let me guess! You came here to still talk me out of this

Heidi: Andrew, I am really worried about you, I do not want you getting hurt.

Andrew: For 3 rounds! Yeah right!

Heidi: You look all yet!

Andrew: I’m sweating!

Heidi: Ew!

Andrew: Well, just in case your wanting to know, I’ve been training really hard lately. I can punch a punching bag really good, I hit a speed bag really well, plus I can do push-ups and pull ups and run pretty good on the treadmill.

Heidi: What does your coach think about your training?

Andrew: He really like my training. He even likes the sweat that’s been coming out of me.

Heidi: Your coach loves sweat? Ew!

Andrew: At least he coaches basketball to.

Heidi: Andrew! I want you to back out of this fight. I really don’t wan you to be hurt. I’m worried about you.

Andrew: You know what, that’s it! Remember what I told about what would happen to me if I back out of the fight, people would think I’m coward and people will call me chicken.

Heidi: Andrew, that doesn’t mean anything. I’ve seen boxing before.

Andrew: Listen, I have been working my rear off on this training and I am doing so well, and what do you do, you come to me and you become in denial in front of me. I thought my girlfriend knows better than this. You are really being unsupportive with me about this fight, and I am fed up of your lack of support.

Heidi: Andrew!

Andrew: Stop! If this is how you really feel, and if you really are worried about me, then don’t even bother showing up to this fight at all.

[Andrew walks out very angry]

[Camera views at Heidi being worried]

[Andrew’s House]

[Andrew is doing sits ups in his bedroom]

[Michael and Katy are watching Andrew do his sit ups from the door]

Michael: Look at those sit ups that Andrew is doing.

Katy: Yeah! The last time I saw you do those sit ups was when you were in high school.

Michael: At least the didn't ruin my flab.

[Andrew sees his Parents]

Andrew: Um excuse me!

Michael: Whoop he saw us.

Katy: We should leave now!

[Michael and Katy leaves]

Andrew: Back to the sit ups.

[Andrew continues his sit ups]

[Training Montage]

[An alternate "Rocky Music" is being played]

[Andrew is running fast on the streets]

[Andrew is drinking more yolks from his glass given from Dani]

[At the Homelark Gym, Andrew is working on the punching bag]

[Andrew is working on the speed bag]

[Andrew is doing his push-ups]

[Andrew is running on the treadmill]

[At Ithaca High School - Andrew is looking at Coach Walburn with a scary look]

[Coach Walburn gets scared and takes a step back]

[Andrew and Coach Walburn high five each other]

[Training Montage and music ends]

[Homelark Gymnasium]

[Coach Walburn finishes tying Andrew's Boxing Gloves]

Walburn: Alright, you ready for this?

Andrew: I'm ready!

Walburn: Alright, see you out there in a few minutes.

[Coach Walburn leaves the dressing room]

Michael: Hey! You are going to do awesome out there. Plus you're robe is all blue.

Dani: Why did you pick blue?

Andrew: Because, blue looks nice on me.

Dani: Are the trunks blue to?

Andrew: Yes!

Katy: He's wearing blue pants with white stripes.

Dani: Oh then I don't care.

Katy: Andrew, please be careful out there.

Andrew: I will!

Michael: Good luck out there.

Andrew: Thanks!

[Michael, Katy and Dani leaves the dressing room]

[Andrew is looking at himself in the mirror]

[Heidi walks into the dressing room]

Heidi: Hey!

Andrew: Heidi? What are doing here?

Heidi: I came to see you fight. Are you still mad at me?

Andrew: No! I felt bad for being angry at you a few days ago.

Heidi: You did?

Andrew: Yeah! Look, I was thinking about you while I was training, I sometimes felt like I was the one being unreasonable.

Heidi: No you weren't! I was the one being unreasonable. Last night when I was in bed, I realized that you were really wanting to do this fight, and I felt like you really need my support. I know you'll do okay in this fight.

Andrew: You really think so?

Heidi: I know so!

Andrew: Thanks! Heidi, even though I get angry at you or in front of you, I still love you.

Heidi: I'm sorry Andrew!

Andrew: I'm sorry to!

[Andrew and Heidi hugs and kisses each other]

Heidi: Please be careful out there.

Andrew: Okay! I'm ready to go fight now!

Heidi: Good luck!

[Andrew walks to the door]

[Andrew is unable to get the door open the door because of his gloves]

Andrew: I didn't know it's tough to open a door with these boxing gloves on.

[Heidi walks to the door]

Heidi: Maybe those gloves are scared of door knobs.

Andrew: Not really!

[Heidi opens the door]

[Andrew and Heidi leaves]

[Homelark Gymnasium]

[Heidi walks in an sits right next to the Daltons]

Dani: Heidi! What are you doing here?

Heidi: I'm here to watch my favorite boyfriend Andrew.

Katy: We were beginning to think you weren't coming.

Michael: Well she's here!

Heidi: And looking nice!

[Andrew walks in]

[The audience is cheering for Andrew]

[Andrew climbs into the ring]

Walburn: Alright! This audience is for you Andrew!

Andrew: Really? Why thank you!

Walburn: The audience is not a present.

Andrew: I know that!

[Daryl Thomas walks in with his manager]

[Some other people are now cheering for Daryl]

[Daryl climbs into the ring]

[Daryl approaches Andrew]

Daryl: Hey Andrew! Let's have some fun!

Andrew: Yeah! We'll do that!

[Bell Rings]

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Homelark gymnasium. Today, you are about to see 3 rounds of 2 battling in this ring.

[Audience Applauds]

Announcer: And now for the main event. In the left corner, wearing blue trunks, and white stripes, from Ithaca, New York, Andrew Dalton!

[Audience cheers for Andrew]

Announcer: And in the right corner, wearing red trunks, and white stripes, also from Ithaca, New York, Daryl Thomas.

[Audience cheers for Daryl]

[Coach Walburn removes Andrew's robe]

[The manager removes Daryl's robe]

Announcer: Now the referee will give the instructions.

[Andrew and Daryl approaches the center of the ring]

Referee: Okay guys, let's have a good fight, take it easy and give it a good show, alright touch em up.

[Andrew and Daryl touches up gloves]

[Andrew and Daryl goes back to their corners and they receive their mouthguards]

Walburn: Okay Andrew, Go get him!

[Coach Walburn takes Andrew's glasses]

Walburn: Can you see?

Andrew: Yeah! Don't worry, I usually have my glasses off when I go to the bathroom during bedtime hours.

Walburn: You don't have to tell me everything.

[Bell rings - Round 1]

[Andrew and Daryl moves around the ring]

[Daryl throws a punches at Andrew]

[Andrew throws a punch but fails]

[Daryl throws more punches and Andrew shoves him]

[Referee breaks them up and they continue fighting]

[Daryl punches Andrew and Andrew gets knocked down and falls]

[Referee approaches Andrew]

Referee: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

[Andrew stands back up and continues fighting]

[Daryl punches Andrew a little more]

[Andrew is struggling to punch]

[Daryl is still punching]

[Bell rings - End of Round 1]

[They go back to their corners]

Walburn: Come on Andrew! You can do this!

Andrew: I'm struggling out there.

Walburn: I know! Let's see what you can do for this next round.

[Coach Walburn gives Andrew some water]

Manager: Daryl! You do really well in this first round. Let's sees what you can do in this next round.

Daryl: Okay!

Manager: I want a corn dog!

Daryl: Who cares about corn dogs?

Manager: Me!

[Bell rings - Round 2]

[Daryl gives more punches to Andrew while Andrew is still struggling]

[Daryl continues to give Andrew punches]

[Andrew finally punches Daryl and is doing real well]

[Andrew gives a punch and Daryl is knocked down and falls]

[Referee approaches Daryl]

Referee: 1,2,3,4!

[Daryl stands back up and continues fighting]

[Andrew is now punching Daryl for the remainder of the round]

[Bell rings - End of Round 2]

[They go back to their corners]

Walburn: Alright! I knew you can do it. That second round was classic.

Andrew: I know!

Walburn: You only got one more round to go!

Manager: Okay! You got one more round to go! Go out there and get him.

Daryl: I will!

Manager: Let's see how this last round goes!

Daryl: Okay!

Manager: And I still want that corn dog!

Daryl: Shut-up!

Dani: Is Andrew really having fun out there?

Katy: Yeah!

Dani: He's really getting punched out there.

Michael: That was only the first round.

Heidi: It's a good thing Andrew didn't get hurt so far.

Dani: Heidi, you know that your useless!

Heidi: I'm actually adorable!

[Bell rings - Round 3 (Final Round)]

[Andrew and Daryl approaches the center and they touch their glove together]

[Daryl only gives Andrew twelve punches]

[Andrew punches Daryl and takes command throughout out the round]

[As Daryl tries to punch, Andrew is always moving away from the punches real quick]

[Andrew continues punching and gives Daryl one final big punch]

[Bell rings - End of Round 3 (Final Round)]

[Audience applauds and cheers]

[Coach Walburn climbs in the ring and gives Andrew his glasses back buy putting them back on his face]

[Coach Walburn takes Andrew's Mouthguard]

Walburn: That was a good fight Andrew, great job!

Andrew: I feel good already!

[Coach Walburn helps take Andrew's gloves off]

[The Manager takes Daryl's Mouthguard and helps take his gloves off]

Manager: Wow! That nerd had to fight really well.

Daryl: Trust me! He believes he's not a nerd.

[Heidi climbs into the ring approaches Andrew]

Andrew: Heidi!

Heidi: You survived Andrew!

Andrew: I told you I wasn't going to get hurt.

Heidi: Good job Andrew!

Andrew: Thank you!

Heidi: Oh, your welcome!

[Andrew and Heidi kisses]

[Bell rings]

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, let's give a round of applause for two of great fighters.

[Audience applauds]

Announcer: We now have a split decision. With a score of 95/94, to Thomas! With a score of 95/94, to Dalton! The chief judge scores it 95/94 and the winner by split decision is........Andrew Dalton!

[The Audience cheers for Andrew]

[Andrew and Heidi celebrates]

[Daryl approaches Andrew]

Daryl: Congratulations Andrew! You deserved it!

Andrew: Thanks! You fight pretty well to.

Daryl: Are you sure you're not a nerd?

Andrew: I'm am positive and yes!

Daryl: Apparently my manager wants a corn dog right now. He won't shut-up about it.

[Daryl leaves]

Andrew: Well I won!

Heidi: I know! I thought you were incredible.

[Michael, Katy, and Dani approaches Andrew & Heidi]

Andrew: And I figured something out just now.

Heidi: What?

Andrew: I figured out that we can all go out and eat pizza and ice cream.

Heidi: That sounds yummy!

Dani: Ice cream!

Katy: And pizza! Let's do that Michael!

Michael: I know the place! But Andrew needs to get a shirt on and get rid of the tape on your hands.

Andrew: Okay! I'll go that!

Heidi: And then ice cream and pizza?

Andrew: Yeah I know! We'll get some! Just chill!

[Andrew and Heidi climbs out of the ring]

Dani: I don't wanna chill! My younger is already tasting the ice cream.

Andrew: Yeah well, your tongue can wait!

Dani: Phooey!

Heidi: I'm excited for the food to.

Andrew: Oh boy!

[End Credits Scene]

[Andrew's House]

[Andrew and Heidi are watching a boring show on television]

Andrew: This show is so boring!

Heidi: It's just people in the basement!

Andrew: Telling stories!

[Heidi turns off the television]

Heidi: I wanna cuddle right next to you!

Andrew: Hold on!

[Andrew lays back on the couch]

Andrew: Go ahead!

Heidi: Okay!

[Heidi cuddles next to Andrew]

Andrew: This is nice!

Heidi: I love cuddling!

Andrew: Sure!

Heidi: I really do!

[Andrew relaxes while Heidi cuddles right next to him]

(The End)

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