Andrew's Television Show
Season 1, Episode 4
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Air date November 20, 2014
Prod. code 104
Written by Iamaman1977
Directed by Unknown
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Mr. Hall and Hall's Market The Sneak Out

Andrew's Television Show is the 4th episode of the 1st season of Andrew & Heidi.


At the Dalton house, Andrew is laying on the couch, being bored. The doorbell rings and Andrew says to come in and closes his eyes. Heidi comes in and thinks Andrew is sleeping and lays on top of him to sleep too. Andrew says he wasn’t sleeping. Andrew says he is going to watch the new episode of Daniel & Jerry that aired last night, but Andrew has a lot of homework. Andrew and Heidi watch a little of the show and laugh. Michael and Katy come in after a jog. Andrew tells them that he’s watching his favorite show. Michael says he’s been obsessed with that show since the pilot episode. Katy says a lot of fans are hoping for a second season. Michael wants to shower first, but Katy runs up the stairs first and Michael chases after her. Andrew and Heidi decide to watch more Daniel & Jerry.

At Ithaca High School, Heidi walks in being really happy and tells a group of students, but they walk away. She then hears a guy scream and thinks it’s a monster. Andrew is looking at his PearPad really worried. Andrew says it was him screaming. He tells her about what he found on a website about Daniel & Jerry. Andrew tells her that the producers may not renew Daniel & Jerry for another season or cancel it due to behind the scenes drama. He says the actors are fighting and they stopped production. Heidi feels bad for him and says maybe he will like another TV show, but Andrew says Daniel & Jerry is a classic. They then hug. At Hall’s Market, Andrew is sweeping the floor slowly. Mr. Hall comes by and greets Andrew, which scares him. He says he’s unable to focus because Daniel & Jerry might be cancelled. Mr. Hall says he loves that show and Andrew tells him why it might be cancelled. Heidi comes in the store and tells Andrew that she updated a game she likes called Catching the Birdie where a boy tries to catch a bird and the bird tries to fly away as fast as he can. Mr. Hall tells Andrew to take the rest of the day off because he feel Andrew can’t focus like this. Andrew leaves and Heidi and Mr. Hall have a conversation about some shows being cancelled and some not. At Andrew’s house, Dani comes in and Andrew tells her to leave. Dani says it’s not the end of the world if the shoe gets cancelled. Andrew says that show is his favorite show. He then embarrasses her which makes her leave. Heidi comes in still playing Catching the Birdie. Heidi asks him to forget about it. He asks how can we forget about it and he hopes there is a miracle to this. Andrew looks at his PearPad and says no, no! Heidi asks what and Andrew says it’s too late and Daniel & Jerry got cancelled. Andrew gets really disappointed. Andrew is then doing chores and polishing Katy’s shoes. He says the show being cancelled put him in a bad mood. Katy suggests maybe he can watch another show, but Andrew is still disappointed. Heidi then comes in with fast food to cheer up Andrew, but he says he’s not hungry. Heidi then mentions she is at level 13 of Catching the Birdie. Katy says she can’t get past level 8. Andrew then goes upstairs.

Heidi is trying to feed Andrew, but he says he is not hungry, but Heidi mentions it’s Buffalo Nuggets and he immediately takes them and starts eating. Andrew then apologizes for how he has been acting and Heidi says the next thing you know, people are writing letters to the show. Andrew then realizes they can write letters to the show to bring it back. He tells Heidi to come back tomorrow to write some letters. The next day, they are at the kitchen table writing letters, but Heidi writes to the producers about how she is playing Catching The Birdie. 45 minutes later, they go to the post office to mail them. 5 days later, they receive a letter and it says the producers are touched of how much the like Daniel & Jerry, but they say they can’t bring it back. They say it’s going to take some time for the actors to reunite. They also said they have never heard of Catching the Birdie. Andrew looks at Heidi and finishes reading the letter. He says he is going to be okay and Heidi says he’s got her. Andrew and Heidi then kiss.


Andrew: Look what I found on this website on my pear pad.
Heidi: Wow! Interesting letters! You know those are just letters.
Andrew: Heidi! It says here that Daniel & Jerry might cancel and night not renew another season due to behind the scenes drama.
Heidi: What? How did that happen? That show is a big hit.
Andrew: According to the filmmakers, the actors who play Daniel & Jerry are fighting about random subjects and because of that, the production came to a halt.
Heidi: A halt! What’s a halt?
Andrew: [smacks his forehead] A halt means it stops something, like walking, driving, or not shoot a televison episode.
Heidi: Poor Andrew!
Andrew: I really hope this show doesn’t cancel. I think the network these days is easily dimwitted!
Heidi: Don’t worry Andrew! There’s other televison show out there that you might really like in the future.
Andrew: I know! But Daniel & Jerry is a really good classic. This show is my life Heidi
Heidi: I know how you feel. We just gotta wait and see if they can renew the show or not.
Andrew: I pretty much didn’t want to hear the or not part. I think they should continue.
Heidi: I’m so sorry Andrew!
Andrew: I know!
Andrew and Heidi: [hugging each other]

Heidi: What is it? Did some monkeys get into a fight?
Andrew: No! It’s too late! Daniel & Jerry is officially canceled.  [Throwing his pear pad down on the couch]
Heidi: What? What happened?
Andrew: Apparently there was no way for the filmmakers to end the drama or get back to production. So they just pulled the plug right away.
Heidi: Oh Andrew!  [Standing up] I’m so sorry!
Andrew: This is unbelievable! Why did this drama have to happen?
Heidi: I don’t know!
Andrew: I just can’t even stand up right now! I really can’t… [falls down]
Heidi: Andrew fell down!
Andrew: You bet I did!
Heidi: [falls down next to Andrew]
Andrew: [looking at Heidi]
Heidi: What? I didn’t want you to be alone.


  • This episode is based on the Sam & Cat episode, "#FavoriteShow", this time the Daniel & Jerry show is just like how Sam & Cat cancelled.
  • This is the first episode to use Andrew's name in the title.


  • The television show, “Daniel & Jerry” is a parody of the show, “Drake & Josh."
    • There is additionally a parody episode of Drake & Josh titled "Drew and Jerry".
  • The game "Catching the Birdie" is a parody of "ChasingYello".

Character revelations

  • Mr. Hall is found to enjoy television shows, such as All in the Family and surprisingly, Daniel & Jerry.


Running gags

  • Heidi mentioning the game "Catching the Birdie."

Series continuity


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