This article is part one of a screenplay of the Andrew & Heidi episode "Andrew & Heidi & Cat & Robbie" from Season 1 which was released on December 9, 2014.

Here is the Screenplay for Andrew & Heidi & Cat & Robbie Part 1 of 2.

(Andrew & Heidi & Cat & Robbie)

[Hall’s Market – Outside]

[Heidi is riding on a plastic horse]

Andrew: Hey Heidi! Can we go now? You’ve been riding that horse for 30 minutes now.

Heidi: This is a really fun ride.

Andrew: Come on! I just got done working. I really want to go home now!

Heidi: Weeee! This is fun!

[A mother and a kid walks in]

Kid: Hey Mommy! There’s a teenager on that horsy!

Mother: I know that!

Heidi: I’m having fun!

Mother: We don’t really care! Lets go!

[The kid and the mother leaves]

Andrew: Don’t worry guys! That is just my girlfriend!

[The horse ride stops]

Heidi: Oh no! It stopped! I want another quarter now!

[Andrew gives Heidi another quarter]

[Heidi inserts the quarter in the coin slot and the ride activates again]

Andrew: How much longer are you planning on riding that thing?

Heidi: Oh I don’t know! This is really fun!

Andrew: And apparently your time is up.

[Andrew pulls Heidi off of the horse]

Heidi: Awe! That’s not fun!

Andrew: We’re leaving!

[Andrew and Heidi walks forward]

Andrew: I really wanna get home and….

[Heidi turns around and runs back to the horse ride]

Andrew: Heidi!

Heidi: I wanna ride the horsy some more.

[Andrew carries Heidi over his shoulder]

Andrew: Sorry Heidi! This is for your own good!

Heidi: But I don’t wanna leave the ride.

[Andrew walks out carrying Heidi]

[Andrew’s House]

[Michael, Katy and Dani are watching television]

Michael: Look at that! That 45 year old man has 18 pear pads! What kind of sicko keeps 18 pear pads?

Katy: Maybe just incase he loses one!

Dani: Or he maybe he must be rich!

Michael: It’s a good thing I only have one pear pad.

Katy: One is enough anyways!

[Andrew walks in carrying Heidi]

Andrew: Hey guys! Sorry I’m late! Heidi kept me busy because of that Horse ride that was installed at Hall’s Market last week.

Dani: What are you doing to her? Make her all dizzy?

Heidi: This sometimes reminds me of flying!

Andrew: I’m carrying her because she might go back to that plastic horse.

Heidi: But it’s a fun ride!

Andrew: Well your riding time is up.

Heidi: I miss that horse already!

[Andrew puts Heidi down]

Andrew: Anyways! What’s for dinner?

Katy: Pizza!

Andrew: Yes! A dinner that has crust, sauce, cheese, sausage and pepperoni!

Michael: It’s homemade by your mother!

Dani: Rather than ordering!

Andrew: It’s okay! I eat any kind of pizza!

Heidi: Pizza must of came from a planet called Pizzalandia and then the planet blew up and all kinds of pizzas flied around space and landed on our planet.

[They all look at Heidi]

Heidi: Whatie?

Andrew: That’s not where pizza came from! Some random chef invented it.

Heidi: That sounds pretty interesting!

Katy: So dinner is gonna be ready in about an hour. So you guys can do whatever while you’re waiting!

Andrew: Thanks! Heidi and me was just gonna retire to my bedroom now.

Heidi: In the mean time I gonna ride that horse some more.

[Heidi runs to the front door]

Andrew: Heidi!

Heidi: I guess you gotta carry me some more.

[Andrew walks over and carries Heidi]

Andrew: Yep!

[Andrew walks out carrying Heidi]

Michael: They must be some couple.

Katy: They both get along pretty good!

Dani: I wanna know what they are up to someday!

Michael and Katy: No your not!

Dani: Phooey!

[Andrew & Heidi Theme Song]

[Andrew’s Bedroom]

Heidi: What are you watching?

Andrew: News News News! The website of very quick headlines.

Heidi: Wow!

[Andrew’s website is showing]

Tammy Yanks: A guy in Ithaca, New York, a 45 year old man owns a total of 18 pear pads that he owns in his house. It is pretty much unknown why he keeps so many pear pads.

Andrew: Wow!

Heidi: That must be interesting!

Tammy: For, I’m Tammy Yanks thanks for watching.

Producer: Hey! You look pretty nice in that dress!

Tammy: Hey dude! No need for compliments!

[Video stops]

Andrew: Why on earth does a guy need 18 pear pads?

Heidi: I think he might be a millionaire!

Andrew: Yeah! That could be it!

[Andrew is typing on his laptop]

Andrew: Lets see what’s going on here in Ithaca, New York. Mhmm! Mhmm!

Heidi: Andrew! There’s a new hotel in this city!

Andrew: Okay! I’ll click on it!

Heidi: Click!

Andrew: I know what to do!

[Andrew clicks on the link]

Andrew: Wow! The Resort Party Hotel! This new hotel features and indoor water park, nice and clean hotel rooms, and a nice reception room for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This hotel is located on 78th Street here in Ithaca, New York! Make you’re reservations today!

Heidi: Andrew! That looks like a lovely hotel!

Andrew: Heidi, just because it’s a new hotel doesn’t mean we are gonna stay in it.

Heidi: I know! I wanna visit that hotel. We definitely wanna make reservations.

Andrew: You wanna stay in that hotel?

Heidi: I really really want to.

Andrew: It says here its been opened since Monday! So maybe when spring break gets here.

Heidi: But it must be now! Not for spring break, summer break or next year. It must be now!

Andrew: Well, I do wanna see that cool water park and that tasty food, and I really wanna sleep with you in a nice comfy bed. Okay, It must be now!

Heidi: So are we making reservations?

Andrew: Yes! This week, you and I are going to The Resort Party Hotel!

Heidi: Yay!

[Heidi hugs Andrew]

[Andrew only pats Heidi’s back once]

Andrew: Why does she do that?

[Los Angeles, California]

[Apartment 22]

[Tori Vega and Andre Harris walks in with a pizza]

Tori: Andre! Does that pizza have mushrooms in them?

Andre: No! Why?

Tori: Mushrooms can sometimes make me bloat!

Andre: Like a balloon!

Tori: Yeah and plus I’m allergic to mushrooms.

Andre: Don’t worry the four of us are going to eat this high quality pizza right now!

[Tori and Andre goes inside the apartment]

[Tori and Andre sees Cat Valentine and Robbie Shapiro kissing]

Tori: Awe! That’s so cute!

Andre: We got the pizza!

[Cat and Robbie stops kissing]

Robbie: Thank you so much for getting that tasty pizza. Even though I haven’t tasted it yet.

Cat: I’m sure it has good cheese!

Tori: You two have been a lot closer lately, plus you guys have been kissing each other.

Cat: Robbie and I make a perfect couple. Robbie is really nice to me, my heart just really got on him.

Robbie: I’ve been in love with her for a long time.

Andre: So you two are a couple for sometime now, it’s no big deal.

Cat: Robbie is like my rainbow!

Robbie: Thank you cutie!

Tori: We gotta pizza right here.

[They all grab a slice of pizza]

Andre: So how is life going?

Robbie: Pretty well! I’ve been Cat’s roommate for the past week.

Tori: Any reason why?

Cat: Oh yeah! Sam, who is my other roommate, is in Italy visiting her old friend Carly for two weeks while Robbie keeps me company!

Andre: What about that puffy hair dude guy that you know!

Cat: Dice is in Hawai-i with his family for a vacation!

Robbie: Uh honey! It’s pronounced Hawaii!

Cat: Are you sure it’s not Hawi-i?

Robbie: I’m sure!

Andre: Robbie, I think your new girlfriend’s red hair dye must of effected Cat’s brain a little.

Robbie: Hahahaha! That’s nonsense!

Cat: Yeah! I’m also related to a person who invented Valentines Day!

Tori: What? Cat I’m sure you’re not related to a person who invented Valentines Day!

Cat: Then why is my last name Valentine then?

Tori: Oh my gosh!

Robbie: Don’t worry Cat! They are just being um…..heheheh!

Cat: I’ll use my pear pad now!

[Cat is using her pear pad now]

Tori: Well Robbie, I think it’s really nice that you became Cat’s roommate.

Robbie: Thank you! You know Cat can’t be by herself. So I agreed to take care of her while her other roommate is gone.

Andre: Plus you are in love with her.

Robbie: You got that right Andre Harris!

Andre: Um yeah!

[Cat jumps off the couch screams]

Robbie: What is it honey?

Cat: Robbie! There’s a new Hotel in Ithaca, New York!

Robbie: What kind of Hotel?

[Cat shows the hotel to Robbie on her pear pad]

Robbie: The Party Resort Hotel! It has a reception room, nice and clean rooms, an indoor water park. That looks cool!

Cat: Yeah! You and I should go there, I want it to be this week.

Tori: Cat, that hotel is in Ithaca, New York!

Andre: Plus, we got school!

Cat: So, email us our homework. I wanna go to Ithaca to that cool hotel and that fun indoor water park.

Robbie: Cat, its too far away from here.

Cat: I wanna be in that hotel! Robbie, I’ll have you come with me.

Robbie: I don’t know!

Cat: Please!

[Cat cuddles next to Robbie]

Robbie: I gotta credit card! Okay Cat, I’ll order the plane tickets!

Cat: Yay!

[Cat hugs Robbie]

Robbie: That’s my girlfriend!

Tori and Andre: Uh huh!

[Andrew’s House]

[Andrew, Heidi and the rest of the Daltons are eating pizza]

Andrew: So! Heidi and me are wanting to stay in this hotel here in Ithaca, New York.

Heidi: It has an indoor water park!

Katy: Wow! Sounds cool!

Dani: What kind of Hotel is it?

Andrew: It’s called The Party Resort Hotel!

Michael: Are you being suspicious about it?

Andrew: No!

Heidi: Andrew and I are wanting to stay in that Hotel for this week!

Andrew: Heidi! I was gonna tell them that!

Michael: You are bring suspicious!

Andrew: Yeah I know!

Dani: Why do you wanna stay in that hotel with Heidi?

Andrew: Because! Heidi and me really wanna be in a nice place for water slides, romance and sleep with each other.

Katy: Dang Andrew! You must be serious!

Andrew: I am! The hotel is not that far away! It’s only 20 minutes away from this house.

Heidi: Andrew and I really want to check that place out. I can smell and eat up that fun already!

Dani: Nobody can eat up the fun!

Andrew: But it is delicious though!

Michael: You and Heidi really wanna stay in that hotel for a few days do you?

Andrew: Yes!

Katy: Okay Andrew! Promise us that you and Heidi are gonna go to school while you’re at that hotel.

Andrew: I promise! Plus I have a few sick days from work that I can use.

Heidi: You really have a fever?

Andrew: That’s not what I meant by sick days. Plus I’m still at the perfect 98.6 degrees!

Heidi: Oh!

Michael: Plus, you need to be sure to call us and tell us how you guys are doing.

Andrew: I will don’t worry!

Michael: Okay! I’ll call the hotel after dinner and make the reservations for you!

Heidi: Yay! Andrew and I are gonna be at a hotel!

Andrew: Don’t rub it in Heidi!

Dani: Heidi needs to remind her grandma about the hotel.

Heidi: I was gonna do that right now! Dani, are you psychic?

Dani: No!

Heidi: Oh!

[Heidi pulls out her pear phone and calls her grandma]

Heidi: Hi Grandma! Andrew and I are going to stay at this hotel that’s not too far way. So can I stay there with Andrew for a few days?

Andrew: What did she say?

Heidi: She said yes you can and goodbye and then she hung up! She must be to busy doing that dance game she bought for our video game system last week.

Michael: That must be one wacky grandmother.

Katy: Yeah!

Dani: So weird!

[The Party Resort Hotel]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in]

Andrew: Wow! This smell of this hotel is the best smell that I ever smelled.

Heidi: It’s lovely to!

[Andrew and Heidi goes to the check in desk]

Andrew: Hi! Do you have a reservation for Dalton and Makinney? I have my dad’s credit card right here.

[The employee checks them in]

Heidi: This is a really beautiful hotel! It has a nice reception room, water park and comfy rooms. This is my kind of dream land!

[A man walks in]

Man: Shut-up!

[The man walks away]

Heidi: That was mean! I love this hotel!

Employee: Alright! Enjoy your stay! Here are the keys to your rooms.

[Andre receives the room keys]

Andrew: Thank you! What room are we in?

Employee: 306!

Andrew: Thank you! Come on Heidi we gotta find room 306!

Heidi: Now we are going to a lovely room!

Andrew: Yeah!

[Andrew and Heidi leaves]

[Room 306]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in]

Andrew: Shut the fridge!

Heidi: Look at this room!

Andrew: Wow! And there is a single bed just for us!

[Heidi sits on the bed]

Heidi: It feels soft and bouncy!

Andrew: We should unpack now!

[Andrew puts his suit case on the bed and opens it]

[Heidi opens her suit case on the bed and lays down a big bag]

Andrew: What’s in the bag there?

Heidi: My stuff!

Andrew: Well let’s see what kinds of stuff!

[Andrew grabs Heidi’s big bag and looks inside]

[Andrew sees Heidi’s stuffed animals in the bag]

Andrew: Why did you bring you’re stuffed animals?

Heidi: Andrew! [Takes the bag from Andrew] These are my friends!

Andrew: Oh boy!

[The Party Resort Hotel – 11:00 PM]

[Andrew is tucked in bed watching television]

[Heidi comes out of the bathroom and grabs her rabbit Sophie]

[Heidi climbs into bed with Andrew and tucks herself in]

Andrew: You didn’t use my toothbrush did you?

Heidi: No! Who knows that germs can affect you when you use somebody else’s toothbrush.

Andrew: Good to know!

[Andrew turns off the television]

Andrew: How about tomorrow you and I have can fun in that cool indoor water park after school.

Heidi: That would be fun! And I just found out the tomorrow is Friday!

Andrew: Yeah!

Heidi: Andrew! I really love this hotel!

Andrew: So do I! And you know that I really love you!

Heidi: I love you Andrew!

[Andrew and Heidi kisses]

[Andrew turns off the lamp and removes his glasses]

Heidi: Goodnight Andrew!

Andrew: Goodnight Heidi!

[Andrew and Heidi fall asleep next to each other]

[Hotel Lobby]

[Cat and Robbie walks in]

Cat: Hey Robbie! What time is it?

Robbie: It’s almost 11:45 PM Cutie!

Cat: But its 8:45 PM in Las Angeles!

Robbie: That’s because we are in a different time zone.

Cat: That is so cool!

[Cat and Robbie approaches the check in desk]

Robbie: Hello Mr. Uh…Person!

Employee: That’s not my name!

Robbie: Do you have a reservation for Valentine and Shapiro?

Employee: Yes! We do! Give me your credit card you Antriliquist.

Robbie: Say what? [Giving the credit card to the employee] You need to watch your language!

[The Employee is now checking them in]

Cat: Hey sir, did you know that I’m related to a person who invented Valentine’s day? I think I really am!

Employee: I’m sure that is not true! And why is your hair all red?

Cat: I dyed it red because of a velvet cupcake that I love.

Employee: Whatever! Okay, you two you guys are in room 307! Enjoy you’re stay!

Robbie: Thank you very much uh uh……person!

[Robbie takes the room keys and Cat and Robbie walks forward]

Robbie: He called me an antrilliquist!

Cat: I don’t believe that! I think you look handsome!

Robbie: Ahahahaha! Oh Cat!

[Commercial Break]

[The Party Resort Hotel – 5:30 AM]

[Room 306]

[Andrew and Heidi are sleeping]

[Andrew wakes up and grabs his glasses and puts them on]

[Andrew looks at the clock]

Andrew: Heidi! Time to wake up!

[Heidi wakes up]

Heidi: It’s my cute boyfriend!

Andrew: Actually Heidi, I’m cool!

Heidi: I think you’re cute!

Andrew: Oh boy!

Heidi: What time is it?

Andrew: It’s 5:30 AM! We are gonna go down to the reception room and eat breakfast and then go to school, and the we’ll do the indoor water park.

Heidi: Yay! Indoor water park!

Andrew: So lets get moving!

Heidi: I’ll go take a shower!

Andrew: Okay!

[Heidi grabs her clothes and enters the bathroom]

Andrew: I am sensing pancakes right now! I wonder if this hotel has it.

Heidi: [Shouting] Andrew, did you say pancakes?

Andrew: [Shouting] Yeah!

Heidi: [Shouting] Oh! Okay!

Andrew: Tasty Pancakes!

[The Reception Room]

[Andrew and Heidi are eating pancakes]

Andrew: These are the best pancakes I have ever tasted. It’s like eating a cloud. This is really HQ!

Heidi: What’s HQ?

Andrew: It stands for….

Heidi: Don’t tell me! It stands for Happy Quotation!

Andrew: No Heidi! It stands for High Quality!

Heidi: Oh! You must do well in spelling!

Andrew: Yes Heidi! I am doing well in spelling!

Heidi: Andrew! We gotta be in school in 30 minutes!

Andrew: Okay!

[Andrew and Heidi finishes their breakfast]

[On the other side of the room, Cat and Robbie walks in]

Cat: Robbie! What should we eat down here?

Robbie: My tongue must be craving on pancakes!

Cat: Interesting because my tongue is craving on the same thing.

Robbie: Yeah! That sounds like a great idea! After this we are going to that cool indoor water park.

Cat: I can feel that water already!

[A woman walks in]

Women: Why are you two wearing pajamas in here?

Robbie: Me and my girlfriend here just woke up and we really want to eat pancakes down here.

Cat: Nice lovely pancakes!

Women: Oh then! I don’t care!

[Women leaves]

Cat: But I do like your shoes by the way!

Robbie: What color were they?

Cat: Black!

Robbie: Just like my hair!

[Indoor Water Park]

[Cat and Robbie are riding in the lazy river]

Robbie: This is a nice lazy river!

Cat: One time my brother had to drink way too much water from at lazy river, and then he got dizzy and threw up!

Robbie: Why did he do that?

Cat: He kept screaming that he was super thirsty.

Robbie: Wow! You know Cat; this vacation was a good idea! I think you and I can get use to this vacation thing!

Cat: Oh Robbie!

[Cat and Robbie kisses]

[A lifeguard blows his whistle]

Lifeguard: Hey! There’s no kissing in the lazy river!

Robbie: Yes there is!

Lifeguard: No there’s not!

Robbie: Yes there is!

Lifeguard: No there’s not!

Robbie: Then you can kiss my….my….

Lifeguard: Your what?

Robbie: Never mind!

Cat: I wanna ride the water slides.

Robbie: Anything for you my cute little red head!

[On the other side of the indoor water park, Andrew and Heidi slides down a water slide and lands in a pool]

[Heidi comes out from under water]

Heidi: That was so fun! Where’s Andrew?

[Andrew comes out of the water and scares Heidi]

Andrew: Hahahaha! I scared you!

Heidi: Why did you do that?

Andrew: It’s just a natural thing!

Heidi: You got hairs on your chest.

Andrew: Thanks!

Heidi: Come on Andrew! I want to try this cool swimming pool they got over there.

[Andrew and Heidi exits the pool and runs to another pool]

[Andrew and Heidi jumps in the other pool]

[They both swim and have a great time]

[The Lifeguard sees Andrew and Heidi]

Lifeguard: Another romance! Teenagers these days!

[Room 306]

[Andrew and Heidi are all dressed in their and dried up]

[Heidi finishes brushing her hair]

Andrew: Heidi! We should come back here again someday. This is really a good idea to spend the weekend with you!

Heidi: Yeah! What kind of homework do we have this weekend?

Andrew: We don’t have any homework. We have a lucky weekend!

Heidi: We sure do!

[Andrew and Heidi kisses]

[Andrew and Heidi hears a guitar playing]

Heidi: What’s that noise?

Andrew: It sounds like a guitar from next door!

Heidi: Is it a magic guitar that came to life?

Andrew: No! We should go check it out!

[Andrew grabs the room key]

[Andrew and Heidi leaves]

[Room 307]

[Robbie is singing "I think you’re swell" to Cat on his guitar]

Robbie: [Singing] You’re in mind like a song, Your in my head like a Zombie You’re more fun than Frisbee in the park, or popping edamame.

[Andrew and Heidi walks in]

Robbie: [Singing] We go together like a parade and confetti. And later if you’re hungry I’ll make you some spaghetti!

Cat: Will there be meatballs?

Robbie: There would! [Singing] And I think you’re swell. I think you’re swell! I think you’re swell!

[Andrew and Heidi applauds]

[Cat and Robbie sees Andrew and Heidi]

Cat: Robbie! I think we’ve bee listened!

Andrew: What happened to that girl’s hair. Did somebody spill cherry Kool-Aid on it?

Cat: I dyed it red!

Robbie: Well, it looks like we got some new people to know.

Andrew: You know sir, you’re hair looks curly.

Robbie: And nice!

Heidi: Andrew! I see cute stuffed animals by that wall over there.

Andrew: I can see that!

Cat: Those are mine!

Andrew: I’m Andrew Dalton! This is my girlfriend Heidi Makinney.

Heidi: Hi!

Robbie: I’m Robbie Shapiro and this is Cat Valentine!

Cat: Yep! I’m the Cat!

Andrew: Cat and Robbie!

Heidi: If you put them to together, they get a code name called Cabbie!

Cat: That sounds like Latin!

Robbie: It’s a code name, not Latin!

Heidi: Wait a minute! You said you’re last name is Valentine?

Cat: Yeah!

Heidi: Andrew! Cat must be related to a person who invented Valentine’s Day.

Cat: Hey Robbie! That’s what I said!

Andrew: Heidi! Cat is not related to a person who invented Valentine’s Day.

Robbie: Yeah! I kind of agree with Andrew!

Cat: But Heidi believes me!

Heidi: I love Valentine’s Day!

Cat: So do I!

Heidi: I’m scared of Horror movies!

Cat: Me too!

Andrew: Oh boy!

Cat: Robbie! Heidi is just like me!

Heidi: Andrew! Cat is cheerful just like me!

Cat: Hugging time!

Heidi: Yay!

[Cat and Heidi are hugging each other]

Andrew: Okay! Robbie and I are staring!

Robbie: Wow! You have a deep voice!

Andrew: So do you!

Heidi: Grab your stuffed animals over there, lets have a stuffed animal party!

Cat: I am so with you.

[Cat walks forward and grabs her stuffed animals]

Andrew: Heidi! Are you really gonna hang around and hang out with that red head?

Heidi: Yeah! I really have a role model!

[Heidi takes the room key from Andrew]

Heidi: Let's go have some fun Cat!

Cat: Kay Kay!

[Cat and Heidi leaves with the stuffed animals]

Andrew: But Heidi! Wait I...

Robbie: Cat!

[Door closes]

Andrew and Robbie: Oh! What the fishbot!

[Andrew and Robbie looks at each other]

[Room 306]

[Cat and Heidi are playing with stuffed animals]

Cat: Heidi! I wanna show you my favorite stuffed animal.

Heidi: I'm sure it must be cute!

[Cat grabs her stuffed giraffe Mr. Purple and shows it to Heidi]

Cat: This is my favorite giraffe Mr. Purple! As you can see he is all purple! I have him with me where ever I go!

Heidi: He looks beautiful! Now I wanna show you my favorite stuffed animal.

[Heidi grabs her pink stuffed rabbit Sophie and shows it to Cat]

Heidi: This is my pink rabbit Sophie! She is female rabbit and I pretty much haver her to keep me company!

Cat: She looks adorable!

Heidi: So Cat, where do you go to school?

Cat: I go to Hollywood Arts High School!

Heidi: Wow! You go to School in California. I go to Ithaca High School here in New York.

Cat: I'm here with my boyfriend Robbie, just to visit this cool hotel!

Heidi: My boyfriend Andrew and I are doing the same thing. Except we live in this city.

Cat: Let's continue our stuffed Animal party!

Heidi: Yeah!

[Cat and Heidi play more with there stuffed animals]

[Outside the Hotel Room]

[Andrew and Robbie are listening right next to the door]

Andrew: Listen to this! Our girlfriends our having fun in there. They've been having fun for an hour now!

Robbie: I just figured out something.

Andrew: What!

Robbie: Your name is Andrew and my name is Robbie. Put them together and you get Robrew!

Andrew: Or Andbbie!

Robbie: Yeah! That sounds cool!

Andrew: I really hope Heidi can stick with me more. Right now she is glued to Cat right now.

Robbie: They are hanging out because they have the same personalities.

Andrew: So! Just because they have a same personality doesn't mean they got to hangout.

Robbie: Well Cat and I do live in Las Angeles! They shouldn't hang out too much!

Andrew: You're probably right!

Robbie: I finally popped that pimple on my back 3 weeks ago.

Andrew: Ew!

Robbie: Let's she how our girls our doing!

[Robbie uses his room key to unlock the door]

[Andrew and Robbie walks into the room]

Andrew: Hey! [Grabbing a room key on the table] I see that my girlfriend is still playing around with that red head!

[Cat and Heidi stands up]

Robbie: And they both look nice in those flower dresses. By the way Cat, [Pulling out another room key from his pocket] you forgot your key Cat!

[Cat takes the key from Robbie]

Cat: Guess what boys! Heidi and me combined our names together.

Heidi: You put Cat and Heidi together and you get...

Cat: Ceidi!

Heidi: Or Hat!

Andrew: How many code names have we've been Hearing today?

Heidi: A lot!

Andrew: Heidi! You've been hanging around with Cat for one hour now. I think you should hang out with me now!

Heidi: You know Cat and I are becoming really good friends.

Andrew: I understand that! But you have been hanging around with her for too long.

Robbie: Cat! Don't you wanna hang out with your favorite boyfriend?

Cat: Robbie! How can I hang out with you while Heidi and I are having fun right now?

Robbie: Come on Cat! You love me!

Andrew: Heidi! I really don't want to feel left out here.

Heidi: Hey Cat! Do you wanna go to The Station with me.

Cat: The Station! What is that place?

Heidi: They have burgers, they have french fries, they have pizza, tacos, hot dogs and more tasty food.

Cat: Yay! You just made me hungry!

[Heidi grabs her room key]

Heidi: Let's go there!

Cat: Yay!

[Cat and Heidi leaves]

Andrew: Oh no! They left us again!

Robbie: My cute kitty Cat left with your happy girl!

Andrew: What in the heck is the world coming to?

[Robbie collects all of Cat's stuffed animals]

Robbie: They just want to hang out! Cat gets confused at sometimes.

Andrew: So is my girlfriend!

Robbie: Wow!

[Robbie leaves]

Andrew: Why are cheerful girls very dimwitted now a days! Oh my Gosh!

(End of Part One)

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