You can't do this to me, I'm an American!
— Campy to four criminals
Cameron "Campy" Stevenson is a minor character in Andrew & Heidi that appeared in Heidi's Cousin Campy. He is the cousin of Heidi, and currently lives in France, studying as a college student.


Not much is known about Campy, but it is assumed that he is quite intelligent for doing well in college. He also seems to be adventurous, due this enjoyment of camping trips.



  • The character of Campy was first created by the Wikia user Expertnico06.
  • When Campy was 6 years old, he went on a camping trip with his family. Since he really enjoyed camping, people now call him Campy.
  • According to Heidi, Campy really likes French bread.
  • Campy can translate in French language pretty well.
  • Campy is mentioned by Heidi in the Season 3 episode Romeo & Juliet.