Cat Valentine
Cat Image
Some attributes
Full Name Caterina / Catarina Valentine
Date of Birth Unknown (age 16-17)
Hair Color Red (dyed)
Eye Color Brown
Favorite Color Pink
Gender Female
Location Venice, Los Angeles, California
Family Nona (grandmother)
Unnamed brother
Cat's mother (unnamed)
Cat's father (unnamed)
Friends Robbie Shapiro (boyfriend)
Sam Puckett
Andre Harris
Tori Vega
Dice Corleone
Heidi Makinney
Andrew Dalton
First Appearance Andrew & Heidi & Cat & Robbie
Last Appearance Andrew & Heidi & Cat & Robbie

Cat Valentine is a minor returning character from Dan Schneider's Victorious and Sam & Cat. She appeared alongside Robbie in Andrew & Heidi & Cat & Robbie. Once she becomes friends with Heidi, she begins to neglect Robbie in order to spend time with Heidi.

She is portrayed by Ariana Grande.


Cat is an extremely sweet and caring girl with a fear of clouds. She is happy-go-lucky and very bubbly. [1], [2] She became friends with Heidi who is also extremely sweet.


Robbie Shapiro

(2008-Present: Boyfriend; Close Friend)

Cat and Robbie are close friends throughout Victorious. Robbie seems to be more tolerant of Cat's behavior, and Cat seems to be the nicest girl to Robbie. Robbie has proven many times that he likes Cat as more than a friend while Cat has shown a few subtle hints that she may like him back. Cat and Robbie both had feelings for each other and they both become a couple.

Heidi Makinney

(Good Friend)

Cat and Heidi became friends when they both discover that they have the same personalities and they were starting to hang out with each other. They both enjoyed the same interest that they have and they both have a lot in common.

Andrew Dalton


Cat and Andrew didn't interact as much when she and Robbie were staying at the The Resort Party Hotel. Andrew thought that someone spilled cherry Kool-Aid on Cat's hair when he saw that her hair is red.

Tori Vega

(2010-present: Best Friend)

Tori and Cat are close friends and even though Cat’s confusion and ditzyness can sometimes annoy Tori, they are still best friends. They didn’t interact as much in the special, Andrew & Heidi & Cat & Robbie.

Andre Harris

(2008-present: Good Friend)

Andre and Cat are good friends, even when Cat says random and ditzy things. They interacted very little in Andrew & Heidi & Cat & Robbie.


Cat: Hey sir, did you know that I’m related to a person who invented Valentine’s day? I think I really am!

Cat: Robbie! Heidi is just like me!

Cat: Have a good horsy day! This is a fun ride!

Cat: I just though of a six letter word, monkey!


  • This is Cat's first time to appear as a guest character, as she was a main character in Victorious and Sam & Cat.
    • If the crossover with iCarly is counted as a guest appearance, this would be Cat's second time as a guest character.