I just forgot I already met you for no reason.
— Charlotte to Andrew

Charlotte Makinney
Some attributes
Full Name Charlotte Makinney
Date of Birth 1949
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Blue
Favorite Color Unknown
Gender Female
Location Ithaca, New York
Family Heidi Makinney (granddaughter), Cameron "Campy" Stevenson (grandnephew), Unnamed Husband (deceased)
Friends Unknown
First Appearance Heidi's Cousin Campy
Last Appearance TBA

Charlotte Makinney is a minor character in Andrew & Heidi. She is the grandmother of Heidi. Charlotte is mainly being mentioned only throughout the series, usually as Heidi's Grandmother. She made her first physical appearance in Heidi's Cousin Campy.


Charlotte is a nice 66 year old woman, and enjoys living with her granddaughter. She likes that Andrew and Heidi are a couple, although she has forgotten who Andrew is after meeting him before, most likely from amnesia at her age.