And my wife needs to leave me alone when I’m working.
— Coach Walburn

Coach Walburn
Some attributes
Full Name Walburn
Date of Birth unknown
Hair Color unknown
Eye Color unknown
Favorite Color unknown
Gender Male
Location Ithaca, New York
Family unknown
Friends Andrew Dalton, Heidi Makinney
First Appearance The Basketball Story
Last Appearance Andrew’s Big Fight

Coach Walburn is a minor Andrew & Heidi character, who first appeared in The Basketball Story. He is the head coach of Ithaca High School's basketball team, and the former coach of Andrew Dalton. Coach Walburn later returns in Andrew's Big Fight to coach Andrew once again.


Coach Walburn is serious about his job as a high school coach. He seems to be able to spot a good basketball player even by judging throwing trash into a trashcan, as seen with Andrew. He does not like to be distracted from his job, like when his wife calls him. He seems to prefer using actions over words, and enjoys throwing basketballs at people who don't listen to him.