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Dalkinney is the pairing of Andrew Dalton and Heidi Makinney. It is the main pairing of Andrew & Heidi. Andrew and Heidi are the two main characters of the series, and have been together since the episode Pilot.

Dalkinney Moments

Season 1

Pilot - Andrew and Heidi first meet at Ithaca High School and become a couple in the episode.

Mr. Hall and Hall's Market - After starting his first job, Andrew struggles with having to see Heidi much less than before.

The Sneak Out - Andrew and Heidi plan to have their first date at a restaurant, but problems arise for it to work.

Making an I.Q.! - Andrew attempts to make Heidi smarter to help her feel better from a low score on her I.Q. test.

Heidi's Pink Rabbit - Andrew comforts Heidi when she’s upset about her stuffed rabbit being taken.

Andrew & Heidi & Cat & Robbie - Andrew and Heidi decide to take a vacation to a hotel. Then, Andrew gets mad when Heidi ignores him to hang out with Cat. Then, Andrew finds Heidi in the woods and they kiss.

Get Your Be-Heidi Outta Here - Heidi isn’t allowed in the Dalton house and Andrew wants her to come back and he even stands up to his parents to get Heidi back in the house.

Andrew's Big Fight - Andrew is going to do a boxing match with Daryl Thomas, but Heidi is scared that Andrew is going to get hurt and wants him to back out. Andrew refuses and they get into their first fight, but later they make up.

Season 2

The Substitute Teacher - Heidi is jealous when she believes Andrew and their substitute teacher, Ms. Allison Martin are in love with each other. Andrew keeps denying it and later it turns out Ms. Martin is engaged and Heidi believes that they aren’t in love and she apologizes to Andrew.

Raiders of the Lost Shoe - Andrew helps Heidi find her shoe throughout Ithaca, New York. At the end of the main plot, Heidi gets her shoe back and Andrew puts Heidi's shoe back on her foot like in Cinderella.

Talent Show - Andrew was really supportive with Heidi singing very well. Heidi performed her song really well and Andrew knew she could do it without any fear.

The Return of Andrew's Friend - Andrew and Heidi had to deal with Becka Emends trying to split them up and having Andrew for herself. Both Andrew and Heidi refused to break up with each other, and showed how strong their relationship is.

Dani the Spy Person - Dani was curious about Dalkinney moments on dates, so she tried to find out more about their relationship secretly.

It's a Valentine's Dance - Andrew spent the episode trying to help Heidi convince Principal Elmore to allow a school dance at Ithaca High School. Andrew and Heidi are each other's dates to the dance, have a slow dance, and kiss multiple times. Heidi also asks Andrew to be her Valentine in this episode and Andrew accepts.

You've Been Switched - Andrew and Heidi struggle through being in each other's bodies most of the episode. They also encourage each other to act like one another to avoid suspicion, meaning they know each other well. Heidi (in Andrew's body) also persuades Andrew (in Heidi's body) to share the bed so Heidi can cuddle Andrew.

The Babysitting Job - Andrew and Heidi are hired to babysit Nathan Teslow. At the Teslow house, things go crazy when Nathan pulls pranks on Andrew & Heidi. So Andrew and Heidi ends up going through some messy situations.

Season 3

Head Stuck in the Fence - Andrew and Heidi were on their way to a restaurant called Mi-Chi's on their date. But things became very awry when Andrew and Heidi both got their heads stuck in the fence.

Season 4


Andrew: Hi! You look adorable!
Heidi: Hi! You a kid!
Andrew: You look really beautiful.
Heidi: You look handsome!
Andrew: I’m Andrew Dalton!
Heidi: I’m Heidi Makinney!
Andrew: Heidi! How did you end up in here?
Heidi: Andrew! I sat at a senior table.
Andrew: Same here!

Andrew: Alright! I really love these tator tots.
Heidi: They must be a relative to French Fries.

Heidi: Merry Christmas!
Andrew: Today is not Christmas!
Heidi: Well I said it anyway! I just thought I be jolly like always!
Andrew: Wow!
Heidi: I made a special Christmas cake just for you and me!
Andrew: Wow! You’re cooking must be getting better.

Andrew: That was a very interesting story! You know something Heidi, I really like your shoes. Like, whenever you wear sandals, ballet flats, sneakers, tennis shoes, high heels and flip flops. You really look nice in very nice shoes, and I think you have beautiful feet.
Heidi: Thank you Andrew! That was the nicest thing you ever said about my feet and my footwear! [cuddles next to Andrew]
Andrew: No problem! I just though I say something nice.
Heidi: Do you think I'm ever going to my shoe back?
Andrew: I hope so!

Andrew: Heidi! You are the best girlfriend ever!
Heidi: Well Andrew! You are the best boyfriend ever!
Andrew: Nobody can break us up.
Heidi: That's right! You know that you and me are not ever going to break up.
Andrew: Yeah! That's right!
Andrew and Heidi: [hugging each other]
Andrew: We're a couple! And we're going to stay a couple.
Heidi: I love you!
Andrew: I love you to!
Andrew and Heidi: [kisses]
Andrew: Let's go!
Andrew and Heidi: [walking forward]
Andrew: Let's go to your house and watch The Dolphin Channel.
Heidi: Yay! I love Dolphins.
Andrew: We should get a pizza first.

Heidi: Andrew! Will you please be my Valentine?
Andrew: Yes Heidi! I will!

Andrew: Heidi! You know I'm not gonna eat you. I'm just using my beast way hi to you.
Heidi: [Unflinches] Beast way? Does that mean Bigfoot came into your room last night and intentionally bit you in the arm to make you turn into a beast? If he did, I'll find Bigfoot and I'll sue him for you.
Andrew: No! I just that beast scream thing to say hi because thought I just tried something new in front of you.
Heidi: Oh! At least you have a very tough scream is sometimes scary, [Talking flirty] And very handsome at the same time.
Andrew: I know! Is there anything else you wanna say?
Heidi: I met and talked to a purple monkey this morning.
Andrew: Yeah, and after that you woke up in your pajamas in bed.
Heidi: You're right Andrew! Phooey!


  • Andrew and Heidi were each other's first person to be in a relationship with.
  • Heidi is extremely affectionate towards Andrew. Heidi really loves to hug, cuddle and kiss Andrew on the cheek, while Andrew is always telling her that he is too cool for those actions.
    • However, as of Romeo & Juliet, Andrew has become more acceptive of Heidi's affection.
  • From being in their bodies in the episode You've Been Switched, Andrew and Heidi know more about each other than imaginable.


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