This article is a screenplay of the Andrew & Heidi episode "Dani's Boyfriend" from Season 1 which was released on December 19, 2014.

Here is the Screenplay for Dani’s Boyfriend.

(Dani’s Boyfriend)

[Northside Park]

[Andrew and Heidi are inside a tree house]

Andrew: I wonder why this tree house is here in this park.

Heidi: Just for other people to have fun or relax in. This tree house is so cool. The best tree house in Ithaca, New York.

Andrew: There are other tree houses in this country and in this entire globe, like in China, Italy, The Philippines, Hungary, etc.

Heidi: Hungary is a country?

Andrew: Yes!

Heidi: I know why they call I Hungary, that’s the country where people are eating all the time.

Andrew: Not Hungry, Hungary! As in H-U-N-G-A-R-Y!

Heidi: Are you sure the country is not spelled H-U-N-G-R-Y!

[Andrew rolls his eyes]

Andrew: The G-R-Y is the eating Hungry! The G-A-R-Y is the country Hungary!

Heidi: Yeah! Wait, I think I’m still having trouble seeing those differences.

[Andrew smacks his forehead]

Andrew: Then get a history book and read all about the country.

Heidi: Eventhough we still live in the U.S.A!

Andrew: That’s right!

[Andrew looks out the window]

Andrew: Hey, what is my little sister doing here?

[Heidi looks out the window]

Heidi: She’s with a boy!

Andrew: Ooh she has a boy!

[Dani walks in wither new boyfriend Jason Lewis out side]

Dani: Don’t you just love coming to the park on a lovely Wednesday afternoon.

Jason: Yes cutie! I love the park!

Dani: Jason you are so handsome!

Andrew: [Shouting] Whoa! What’s this? I can see my little sister, being with a boy.

Dani: Oh boy!

Jason: Who is that?

Dani: That is my older brother, with his girlfriend up their.

Jason: That’s your brother?

Dani: Yeah! [Shouting] Hey Andrew, what are you doing in that tree house?

Andrew: [Shouting] Heidi and Me are up here minding our own business! I can see you have a nice feller with you.

Jason: [Shouting] Actually, I’m just a boy!

Heidi: [Shouting] Hey, Andrew and I are in a lovely…lovely….lovely…….

Andrew: [Whispering] Tree House!

Heidi: [Shouting] Tree House! A lovely tree house!

Dani: Those two are a couple just like we are!

Jason: Wow! That sounds cool!

[Andrew falls out of the tree house and lands on the ground]

Dani: He can be clumsy to!

Andrew: I’m fine! It’s good thing I didn’t break anything!

[Andrew stands up]

Andrew: No problem!

[Heidi falls out of the tree house and lands on Andrew, causing Andrew to fall]

Heidi: Sorry Andrew!

Andrew: Still nothing broken!

Heidi: Same here!

[Andrew and Heidi stands up]

Andrew: Alright Dani, who is this nice boy?

Dani: This is Jason Lewis! My new boyfriend!

Jason: I’m in love with your sister!

Andrew: Ooh Dani has a boyfriend! Did you here that Heidi, Dani has a crush on Jason Lewis.

Heidi: He looks like a nice kid! How old are you?

Jason: I’m 9 years old!

Heidi: Hey, just like Dani! Dani is also 9 years old!

Andrew: I know that!

Jason: You must be Andrew right?

Andrew: Yeah!

Jason: And you must be Heidi!

Heidi: I am Heidi!

Dani: So Jason and I have a date for tonight!

Andrew: Aren’t you two a little young to be dating?

Jason: I can date Dani if we want to. She and I can do this.

[Dani and Jason kisses]

Dani: Just a small kiss!

Andrew: Pretty interesting for 9 year olds.

Heidi: I think Andrew is right. I think you two are a little too young to be dating.

Jason: But Dani is planning on taking me to The Station!

Andrew: Well if you two really want to date, then you guys are going to need supervision from me and Heidi!

Dani: Do we have to have older people with us?

Andrew: Yes!

Heidi: Andrew and I can go with you two.

Jason: Alright! I guess a double date can work. Dani, you really are my cutie!

Dani: Oh Jason!

Andrew: But lets do it tomorrow night!

Jason: Why not tonight?

Andrew: Me and Heidi are watching the A-Team tonight!

Heidi: But I want to watch Rugrats tonight!

Andrew: Nope! A-Team!

Dani: Okay tomorrow is our double date. Now you two can leave!

[Andrew and Heidi leaves]

Dani: They left! They just did what I said.

Jason: Lets go the swing set!

Dani: I can feel the swinging already!

[Dani and Jason leaves]

[The Parking Lot]

[Andrew and Heidi put on their helmets and the both board the motorbike]

Andrew: Boy I love this motorbike!

Heidi: You got it for Christmas!

Andrew: Thanks for remembering! Hold on!

[Andrew turns on his motorbike and rides foward]

[Andrew and Heidi rides the bike out of the parking lot]

[Andrew & Heidi Theme Song]

[Andrew’s House]

[Michael is reading the newspaper]

[Michael throws the newspaper on the floor]

[Katy walks in]

Katy: I’m home!

Michael: Were have you been?

Katy: I went to the bank!

Michael: Well…okay then!

[Katy walks forward and accidentally slips on the newspaper on the floor and falls on her back]

Katy: Ow! My back!

[Michael approaches Katy]

[Katy sees the newspaper on the floor]

Katy: Who put the newspaper on the floor.

Michael: I did! I just threw it!

Katy: You threw this paper on the ground?

Michael: Yes!

[Katy kicks Michael in the leg]

Michael: Ow! What were you thinking putting on high heels?

Katy: To hurt your leg! Now, help me up!

[Michael helps Katy off the ground]

[Michael puts Katy on the couch]

Katy: Oh boy! My back is really in pain!

Michael: Honey, I’m sure that was an accident!

Katy: Yeah! It was an accident that you caused!

Michael: I’m sorry! Aren’t you a little to young to be having a bad back!

Katy: Hey! I’m 44 you injury causer!

Michael: My bad!

Katy: Since you caused this injury, you are going to take care of me.

Michael: Don’t wanna!

[Katy punches Michael in the stomach]

Michael: Okay! Whatever you say pookie!

Katy: Why are calling me pookie?

Michael: I just thought it be nice!

Katy: Oh!

[Hall’s Market]

[Mr. Hall is dancing to the music on his boom box while dusting the door]

[Mr. Hall is doing funny dance moves]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in and sees Mr. Hall dancing]

[Andrew and Heidi nods heads to each other]

[Andrew and Heidi dances with Mr. Hall]

[Mr. Hall sees Andrew and Heidi dancing with and Mr. Hall stops dancing]

[Mr. Hall turns off the music]

[Andrew and Heidi stops dancing]

Andrew and Heidi: Awe!

Mr. Hall: What are you two doing here? You kids interrupted my privacy!

Andrew: We just came in here and saw you dance.

Heidi: And then we danced with you!

Mr. Hall: Which was a way for interrupting me.

[Mr. Hall walks over to another shelf]

Andrew: So Mr. Hall guess what my sister is up to.

[Mr. Hall is ignoring Andrew]

Andrew: Mr. Hall! Mr. Hall!

[Andrew takes off his right shoe and throws it at Mr. Hall and it hits him in the head]

Mr. Hall: Ow! What was that for?

Andrew: To get your attention!

[Andrew walks over and retrieves his shoe]

Heidi: I didn’t know I was dating a shoe thrower.

[Andrew puts his shoe back on]

Andrew: Guess what’s going on with my sister.

Mr. Hall: What?

Andrew: My sister has a boyfriend!

Mr. Hall: Dani has a boyfriend?

Heidi: She sure does! She is in love with 9 year old named Jason Lewis!

Mr. Hall: Whoa! You’re sister must be lucky dating a boy in elementary school.

Andrew: Yeah! She’s even crazy about him! The next we might know is the Dani might drool about him like a dog!

Heidi: Dani is turning into a dog?

Andrew: No! What kind of fantasy reference are you making?

Heidi: I didn’t know I was making fantasy references.

Mr. Hall: Does she really care about this Jason kid?

Andrew: Indeed she does! I was making fun of her about it a little.

Mr. Hall: That’s not very nice, making fun of Dani! Was Heidi making fun of her to?

Heidi: No I wasn’t! I’m nice and kind to everyone, including little children! Even when children believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause!

Andrew: You believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause?

Heidi: Yes!

Mr. Hall: Huh-huh!

Andrew: Anyway, Dani, Jason, Heidi and me are going to be having a double date tonight.

Mr. Hall: That’s cool! Can I join?

Andrew: Noooooo!

Mr. Hall: You’re a grunch!

Andrew: Who?

Mr. Hall: You!

Andrew: Okay, now wait a minute!

Mr. Hall: What? You know I’m being all man!

Heidi: With a good hat that you’re always wearing!

Mr. Hall: Why thank you!

Andrew: Oh whatever! Me, Heidi, Dani, and Jason are going to eat at The Station later.

Heidi: Which is 4 hours and counting! What should we do while we are waiting?

Andrew: I gotta work!

Mr. Hall: While I’ll go to my office doing whatever I wanna do.

[Mr. Hall takes his boom box and leaves]

Heidi: Mr. Hall is always looking nice!

Andrew: Eventhough he’s a briskly old man.

Mr. Hall: [Shouting] I heard that Andrew!

[Andrew shrugs his shoulders]

[Andrew’s House]

[Katy is watching television with her back still in pain]

Television: That is why the penguins are always making there way of walking, just lie the penguins that learn to walk when they are babies.

Katy: That narrator sure sounds a lot like Dan Schneider!

[Michael walks in]

Katy: Oh my back still hurts!

Michael: Sorry honey! All I got from the massage person was we got nothing available!

Katy: But my back hurts so bad! Why did you have to put that newspaper on the floor?

Michael: It was an accident! The newspaper was showing stupid news anyways!

Katy: Looks like you gotta massage my back!

Michael: Why me?

Katy: Because you can’t seem to find anything available, and my back won’t stop ouching.

Michael: Fine! Stomach on the couch please!

[Katy slowly lies down on the couch on her stomach]

[Michael messages Katy’s back]

Michael: Am I doing okay with this?

Katy: Haaaaahaha! This feels good!

Michael: It was alright to say yes!

Katy: Just keep massaging me baby!

Michael: Anything for you sugar!

Katy: How’s life?

Michael: Very decent!

[The Station]

[Andrew, Heidi, Dani and Jason are eating their food]

Dani: How do you like your nachos Jason?

Jason: Very sweet! Very sweet like you Dani!

Dani: Ahaha!

[Dani kisses Jason’s cheek]

Andrew: Look at those two eating their nachos together.

Heidi: Which is sweet!

Andrew: So how did you two meet?

Dani: Jason and I at school one morning looked at ech other and we badically gave are love.

Jason: I complimented on her hair and then I kissed her on the cheek.

Dani: And I kissed him on the cheek, and we became….

Dani and Jason: Closer!

Heidi: That was beautiful!

Andrew: Heidi and I met in a janitors closet when we first moved here.

Jason: A janitor’s closet, Ew!

Heidi: It was a clean closet!

Jason: Oh!

Andrew: And then Heidi and I really had feelings and then we became a couple!

Heidi: As in a usual high school couple!

Jason: You two are in high school?

Andrew: Yeah!

[Jason receives a text message]

Heidi: He has a phone!

Dani: We all have phones! Including me princess!

Heidi: Princess? As in Princess Leia? From Star Wars?

Andrew: Heidi, you are not part of the royalty!

Heidi: Oh!

[Jason reads his text message]

Jason: Sarah!

Dani: Sarah! What does she want?

Andrew: Who’s Sarah?

Jason: Sarah Bingle! She’s just a girl who goes to our school, except in other classes!

Dani: Oh yeah!

Jason: She texted that she really loves me?

Dani: What?

Jason: Uh Uh! Nothing! This is just a joke text.

Andrew: This seems fishy!

Heidi: I don’t see any fish swimming.

Andrew: That’s not what I meant!

Heidi: Oh!

[Jason replies to the text message real quick and sends the message]

[Jason puts his phone away]

Dani: What did you text her?

Jason: I just told her, sorry I am in love with you, so it’s all good now!

Dani: Okay then you sweetie!

Heidi: Hey, I call Andrew sweetie at sometimes!

Andrew: Which is too cool for me!

Dani: I gotta go pee!

Jason: So do I!

[Dani and Jason walks to the restroom areas]

Andrew: Heidi! Jason just acted strange for some reason!

Heidi: He did act a little nervous.

Andrew: That’s why he was acting strange! When we leave here, we are going to find out what Jason is up to.

Heidi: After I order an ice cream!

Andrew: And cookies! I jut got to try the cookies!

[Jason’s House – Outside]

[Andrew, Heidi, Dani and Jason walks in]

[Dani and Jason have their arms around them]

Dani: Well I think I better get home!

Jason: Okay!

[Dani and Jason kisses]

Andrew: Okay Dani you can go home, while Heidi and I go into town to check out this thing.

Heidi: What thing?

Andrew: A thing!

Heidi: What thing?

Andrew: A thing!

Heidi: What thing?

Andrew: Heidi!

Heidi: Sorry!

Dani: Okay then, I’ll see you later!

Jason: Bye!

[Dani leaves]

[Jason walks forward and enters his house]

Andrew: Okay! Come on!

[Andrew and Heidi runs into the back yard]

[Back Yard]

[Andrew and Heidi runs in and finds the window to Jason’s bedroom]

[Andrew and Heidi approaches the window]

[They see Jason entering his bedroom turning on the lights]

[They see Jason using his pear phone checking his updates]

Andrew: That kid is lucky that he has a one-story house.

Heidi: At least we didn’t have to climb.

Andrew: What about climbing?

Heidi: When I was 8 years old, I was climb a ladder and for reason I fell!

Andrew: And?

Heidi: That’s the only climbing incident I had in my life.

[Jason hears somebody knocking on the door]

[Jason answers the door and sees Sarah Bingle]

Jason: Sarah!

Sarah: Hey Jason!

[Sarah and Jason hug each other]

Andrew: Nothing weird so far!

[Sarah and Jason kisses]

[Andrew and Heidi are shocked of what they saw]

Andrew: Oh my Gosh!

Heidi: He was being fishy!

Andrew: They just kissed in there. Jason is not in love with Dani, he’s in love with that girl. That must be Sarah Bingle, that girl on what Jason was talking about.

Heidi: I wonder how Dani is going to feel about this.

[Andrew pulls out his pear phone]

Andrew: I gotta record this on video, so we can prove this to Dani!

[Andrew records a video on Jason and Sarah with his pear phone]

[Jason and Sarah are working on their homework]

[Jason has his arm wrapped around Sarah]

Jason: You are the cutest girl I have ever seen in my life.

Sarah: Oh Jason!

[Sarah and Jason kisses]

[Andrew stops recording the video]

Andrew: Oh boy, Dani is going to be so crushed about this.

Heidi: Are we going to tell her?

Andrew: Yeah we are! We better get out of here before they see us.

[Andrew and Heidi stands up and runs away from the backyard]

[Commercial Break]

[Andrew’s House]

[Katy is sitting on the couch with a heating pad on her back]

[Michael walks in with a cup of hot chocolate]

Michael: Here is your hot chocolate Madam Painful Back.

Katy: Thank you! [Take the cup from Michael] Wait a minute, did you just call me Madam Painful Back?

Michael: Yes! You know I am taking care of you.

Katy: Well!

Michael: You still look nice though!

Katy: At least this heating pad is really giving me good comfort.

Michael: Don’t you think you should call a doctor about that back of yours?

Katy: No way! This heating pad is doing the trick.

Michael: But I massaged your back.

Katy: And the pain came back when you were finished.

Michael: Okay! If your back doesn’t better by Sunday, I’m going to call a doctor, he’ll find the problem.

Katy: But remember, you caused the problem Michael.

Michael: It was only the newspaper.

[Andrew walks in]

Andrew: Hey guys! Going to my room!

Katy: Andrew, can you please tell your father that he was the one who caused my back to hurt with the newspaper on the floor.

Michael: Or you can tell your mother, it was just an accident.

Andrew: Um…Good night!

[Andrew leaves]

Michael: It was really an accident!

Katy: Just go get me a magazine!

[Michael leaves]

Katy: My husband!

[Dani’s Bedroom]

[Andrew and Heidi is sitting on Dani’s bed]

[Dani walks in and sees Andrew and Heidi]

Dani: Oh look at this! I come home from school and I see Andrew and Heidi sitting on my bed.

Andrew: Dani, we got something important to tell you.

Dani: You two can leave!

Andrew: Important to tell you!

Heidi: Important!

Dani: Okay! What is it?

Andrew: Dani! Last night, we saw something that shocked us both.

Dani: On what?

Heidi: You know, that waffles are really good with syrup and butter, a very tasty breakfast meal.

Andrew: Heidi we are not talking about waffles.

Heidi: Sorry!

Dani: What are you two talking about?

Andrew: I’m just going to go right out with it, we saw Jason Lewis kissing another girl whose name is Sarah Bingle!

Dani: What? That’s a lie! Jason would never cheat on me.

Andrew: Dani we’re not lying!

Heidi: Andrew and I were at his house peaking through a window and saw Jason wrapping her arm around that girl.

Andrew: Yeah that and they also kissed.

Dani: That is impossible!

[Andrew pulls out his pear phone]

Andrew: I have the proof right here.

[Andrew shows the video to Dani and hits the play button]

Dani: He has his arm wrapped around her and… they are kissing.

Andrew: Well! [Putting his pear phone away] There you have it.

Dani: Oh my Gosh! You two were telling the truth.

Heidi: Dani, Andrew and I are so sorry. How do you fell about this now?

Dani: Well, Jason was sweet, kind and handsome and now he is a stupid jerk.

Andrew: You bet he is, that kid is nothing but a liar and a cheater,

Heidi: I thought cheating came from look at the answers on another person's test.

Andrew: That’s not the cheating I’m talking about.

Heidi: Oh yeah! Cheating is kissing an other boy or girl who’s been in love with some one else.

Andrew: She’s going to get confused again Dani.

Heidi: I love cute birds.

Andrew: See what I mean?

Dani: Well, I just figured out a way to get some good revenge on that boy.

Andrew: What?

Dani: How about this!

[Dani tells Andrew and Heidi her plan]

[Andrew’s House]

[Michael is still taking care of Katy]

[Andrew, Heidi and Dani walks in]

Michael: Where are you guys going.

Dani: Places!

Andrew: Yeah we are going to Places!

Katy: What kind of places? Ow! My back!

Heidi: Andrew, Dani are going to The Station to…

[Andrew covers Heidi’s mouth]

Andrew: Actually, we’re leaving now!

[Andrew lets go of Heidi’s mouth]

[Dani leaves]

Heidi: Going to The Station to…

[Andrew drags Heidi and they leave]

Michael: They just want to do their stuff that’s all.

Katy: Michael! I think I should go lay in our bed now!

Michael: Okay then go ahead!

Katy: But my back hurt whenever I’m walking!

Michael: You want me to carry you then.

Katy: Yes Please!

Michael: Okay then! Here we go!

[Michael lifts Katy and carries her]

Michael: Oh you’re so heavy!

Katy: How am I heavy?

Michael: I don’t know! You were light when I carried you in high school.

[Michael slowly walks behind the couch carrying Katy]

Katy: Get me up stairs Michael!

Michael: But can’t hold on any longer think I am going to!

[Michael and Katy falls on the floor very roughly]

Michael and Katy: Oh! My Back!

[The Station]

[Andrew, Heidi and Dani are waiting for Jason]

Dani: Are you guys ready for this? Jason and Sarah should be almost here.

Andrew: Yeah! Lets teach that jerk a lesson!

Heidi: I love my happy hands!

Dani: Okay!

[Jason walks in]

Dani: Jason!

Jason: Hey Dani!

Dani: Don’t kiss me!

Jason: Why can’t I kiss you?

Dani: So Jason, what did you do last night when we got home form our date?

Jason: I did homework! In my room, all by myself!

Dani: Yeah! But what about Sarah Bingle? Was she at your house?

Jason: No! Of course not!

Andrew: Are you sure? [Pulling out his pear phone] Look at this!

[Andrew shows Jason the video of him and Sarah]

Jason: That’s Sarah and me!

Andrew: Yeah of you kissing her and putting your arm around her.

Jason: You two spied on me?

Heidi: I saw it two! Andrew and saw what you did form your bedroom window.

Dani: Jason! How dare you lie to me!

Jason: Dani, you know I still love you.

[Sarah walks in]

Dani: Not only you lied to me, you also cheated!

Jason: You know I kissed you a few times!

Sarah: Oh really?

Jason: Sarah!

Sarah: You’ve been in love with Dani haven’t you?

Jason: Well…yeah!

Sarah: We are over!

Jason: But Sarah!

Sarah: Shut-up!

[Dani grabs a ketchup bottle]

[Sarah grabs a mustard bottle]

Dani: Well Sarah! I think I know what we have to do!

[Dani and Sarah sprays Ketchup and Mustard all over Jason]

[Jason is now covered in ketchup and mustard]

[Dani and Sarah put the bottles back on the table]

Dani: Enjoy the ketchup and mustard on the way home.

Sarah: You jerk!

Dani: Get out of here! We are over!

Jason: Whatever!

[Jason leaves]

Dani: That was are best work yet.

Sarah: Up top!

[Dani and Sarah high five each other]

[Sarah leaves]

Dani: Thank you guys!

Andrew: Your welcome!

Heidi: We really did teach Jason a lesson.

Dani: Yeah! We are Victorious!

Andrew: Yeah!

[Andrew and Heidi kisses]

Dani: The useless teenager just kissed right in front of me.

Heidi: Your sister must be very sweet at times.

Andrew: Okay! Lets go home!

[They all walk forward and Andrew pauses]

Andrew: After! I eat some buffalo nuggets!

Heidi: And a burrito!

Dani: And a hot dog!

[Andrew, Heidi and Dani walks over, sits down at a table and orders their food]

[End Credits Scene]

[Andrew’s House]

[Camera view at Michael and Katy laying on the floor in pain]

Katy: How’s your back doing!

Michael: Awful!

Katy: Two bad backs on the same floor!

Michael: Katy, I’m sorry about the new paper.

Katy: And I’m sorry I blame the whole thing on you and for kicking and punching you.

[Michael and Katy kisses]

Katy: Ow! I forgive you!

Michael: I forgive you to! Ow! We're going to be on the floor with are hurting backs for a while are we?

Katy: Yeah!

(The End)

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