Dani the Spy Person
Season 2, Episode 10
Vital statistics
Air date May 19, 2015
Prod. code 210
Written by Iamaman1977
Directed by Unknown
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Dani the Spy Person is the 10th episode of the 2nd season and the 30th episode overall of Andrew & Heidi.


Michael and Katy are watching TV. Dani comes in from the kitchen with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and sits down with her parents to watch Toilet Wars. Andrew walks in and says that Heidi got trapped in a box. She accidentally dropped her stuffed rabbit Sophie in a box and she went to go get her. She landed in the box and a worker taped the box shut. Andrew got the box she was in and brought her home. He asks for scissors and Michael gives them to him. Dani asks Andrew questions about him and Heidi’s romance. Andrew says that’s none of her business. Katy says what Andrew and Heidi do is their business and is private. Dani says one day she will find out what Andrew and Heidi are doing.

In Andrew’s room, Andrew uses the scissors on the tape, rips off the tape, opens the box and lets out Heidi. Andrew then asks Heidi if she wants to go on a date on Friday. Heidi suggests they play miniature golf, go to the movies, and go to a restaurant. They then talk about what they are going to wear. They decide to go to the Olive Bargain for dinner. At Hall’s Market, Spencer Shay walks in and Mr. Hall immediately recognizes him. Mr. Hall recalls some iCarly webcasts Spencer was in. Spencer asks Mr. Hall where the nearest art museum is. Mr. Hall points it out and as Spencer is about to walk out, Andrew and Heidi come in. Heidi thinks he is Jerry Trainor’s evil twin. Andrew corrects her and says that’s Spencer Shay. Spencer leaves and Mr. Hall tells Andrew to help him clean up the pickle jars he spilled when Spencer walked in. Andrew refuses. Dani walks in and says her mother told her to tell Andrew that dad is working late so she is ordering a pizza. Heidi compliments Dani’s shoes. Mr. Hall then asks Andrew and Heidi if they are doing anything tonight. Andrew says they are going on a date and they are going to the Olive Bargain. Dani overhears this. Dani plans on spying on them on their date. At home, Andrew walks out with Heidi on their date. Dani is about to leave in spy clothes, but Michael and Katy ask her where she is going. Dani lies and she is going to a costume party with her friend Lisa “Coffee-table”. Dani leaves. At the Olive Bargain, Andrew and Heidi sit down and Heidi starts to draw with crayons. A waiter comes by and Andrew and Heidi order. Dani sees them, but a waiter asks her to leave when Dani says she is there to spy. Dani kicks him in the leg and walks to Andrew and Heidi’s table. Dani is disappointed that all the two talk about is their food and Heidi’s drawing of a cat and dog. Andrew and Heidi eat their food, and they go to the bathroom.

Later at the restaurant, they both have dessert. They compliment the feel of the cake. After they eat their dessert, Heidi suggests they go to the movies. They go and Dani follows them. At the movies, Andrew and Heidi are watching, “The Craziest Dentist” and are laughing because it’s a comedy. Dani comes in and sits two rows behind them. A man sits in the row in front of Dani and she tells him to move his big head and calls him tubby. The man gets mad and Andrew tells him to be quiet. The guy says this idiotic girl called him tubby and big head. Dani hides behind the guy’s seat and Andrew thinks that there is no one there. The man calls him a nerd. Andrew and Heidi say he’s a not a nerd. The man calls Heidi dumb with a stupid high-pitched voice. Andrew gets mad and stands up and tells him to shut up. The man is taller than Andrew and he gets scared. People shush them and they both sit down. Heidi says he shouldn’t do anything violent. Dani crawls out of the theater. After the movie, Andrew and Heidi walk out and Dani follows them. Andrew suggests they go to a mini golf course and do some putt. Heidi tells Andrew to let her win because she likes putt-putt. At the mini-golf course, Andrew reviews their score and Heidi is winning, but thinks she is losing because she has a lower score. Andrew explains it and they golf on their last course. In the streets, Andrew and Heidi sit down on a bench and say what a great time they have and decide to kiss. Dani speaks and says finally she is seeing romance. Andrew and Heidi hear it and approach the bush Dani is in. Heidi thinks it’s a ghost. Dani says she is a evil bush spirit and speaks in a deep voice. Andrew and Heidi open the bush and see Dani. Andrew tells Dani to get out of the bush. Andrew tells her to talk and Dani admits she was spying on them tonight. Andrew gets mad and says she is invaded their privacy and says that things they do is none of their business. Dani says she is going to get a punishment and offers to massage Heidi’s feet, but Andrew says they are instead going to tell their parents. At home. Andrew and Heidi tell his parents that Dani was spying on their date. Michael and Katy tell Dani to go up to her room. They tell Andrew and Heidi they are sorry about this, but Andrew and Heidi insist it is okay. The next morning, Andrew tells Heidi that his parents told Dani that she is grounded for one week, not allowed to talk on the phone or use her computer. Dani comes in and gets a Wahoo Punch can and sprays the drink at Andrew and Heidi as revenge for getting her in trouble.


Dani: Hey Andrew!
Andrew: What is it Dani! I'm working here!
Dani: [approaching the cabinet] Mom wanted me to tell you that dad is working late tonight so she is ordering a pizza.
Andrew: Okay! Thanks!
Heidi: Hey Dani! Where did you get those blue sneaker shoes?
Dani: I got them from my mother.
Heidi: Can I touch them?
Dani: No! Then you would steal them from me.
Mr. Hall: Okay! Awkward!
Dani: I just came to let you know Andrew!
Andrew: Fine!
Dani: [approaching the front door]
Mr. Hall: So Andrew! Heidi! Do you guys have any plans for tomorrow night?
Andrew: Yes! Heidi and I are going on a date tomorrow night.
Dani: [stops walking and listens to the conversation]
Heidi: We are going to the Olive Bargain!
Mr. Hall: That's nice! They have good lasagna.
Andrew: Of course! We are both going to have the best date we will ever have.
Heidi: That's right! I just hope I don't get trapped in a cardboard box again.
Andrew: Don't worry! I'm sure you won't get trapped in a box again.
Mr. Hall: And right now I'm just cleaning up the pickles.
Dani: [walks outside of the store] So! Andrew and Heidi have a date for tomorrow night. I am really want to find out on what those teenagers are up to. I'm going to spy on them.

Andrew: Heidi! I'm really sorry for causing drama with that guy in there. He was just being annoying.
Heidi: It's okay Andrew! That guy was talking about my high voice in there. It really sounds girly though.
Andrew: You really have a nice voice. Now how about we go the Lambo's Miniature Golf Course and do some putt putt!
Heidi: Okay! But only on one condition.
Andrew: What?
Heidi: You let me win the game. All because I love put put.
Andrew: Okay! I'll let you win the game.
Heidi: Yay! Let's get our putt putt on!
Andrew: I guess this means I have to cheat to lose the game.
Andrew and Heidi: [leaving the movie theatre]
Dani: [coming out from behind the trash can] Andrew and Heidi are going to play Miniature Golf. That's not romantic! But I'll go watch them anyways.

Michael: Interesting! We heard interesting names that we have never heard of tonight.
Katy: Yeah! We heard the names Lisa Coffee-table and Abraham Milktard.
Michael: I know! What is up with that? It sounds unusual!
Katy: I know!


  • Spencer Shay from iCarly guest stars in this episode. He is taking a usual vacation.
  • Searching Abraham Milktard on Google will result in a link to the Screenplay.
  • Dani references the title of the episode when referring to herself.
    • Additionally this is the third episode to use Dani's name in the title.


  • The famous quotes "Bazinga!" from The Big Bang Theory and "Feels good" from Henry Danger were referenced.

Character revelations

  • Dani reveals that she knows karate, and used it to get past a waiter.


Running gags

Series continuity

  • Andrew points out that Heidi is still good at singing, which he first learned in Talent Show.


To view the Dani the Spy Person screenplay, click here.