This article is a screenplay of the Andrew & Heidi episode "Dani the Spy Person" from Season 2 which was released on May 19, 2015.

Here is the Screenplay for Dani the Spy Person.

(Dani the Spy Person)

[Andrew’s House]

[Michael and Katy are sitting on the couch watching television]

[Dani walks in from the kitchen with a sandwich]

Dani: Hey mom! Hey daddy! What are you guys up to?

Katy: Oh! We’re just sitting on the couch watching some television.

Michael: Yep! We’re just watching some television, and we noticed that you came out of the kitchen just now

Dani: That’s because I was in the kitchen.

Katy: What’s that thing you’re holding in your hand?

Dani: I’m holing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in my hand.

Michael: Why did make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

Dani: So that way I can eat it! Do you guys have something against sandwiches?

Katy: No! Of course not Dani! We were just wondering.

Michael: There’s no law against eating a sandwich. You Dani are really good at making sandwiches.

Dani: Okay then! You two usually don't ask me about me making snacks.

[Dani sits down on the couch with her parents and takes a bite out of her sandwich]

Dani: So what are you guys watching?

Michael: We are watching Toilet Wars!

Dani: Is that a show about toilets?

Michael: Yep! It’s a really good reality show about plumbers working on toilets. They must be good plumbers just like me.

Katy: Why do you say that since you are a plumber?

Michael: I was just making a good observation Katy.

Katy: Whatever!

[Andrew walks in]

Andrew: Hey family! I’m home!

Dani: Oh look who just came home. It’s "the brother"!

Andrew: Thanks for noticing!

Michael: Hey Andrew! How was your class field trip to the Computer Factory?

Andrew: It was going buy really well, until Heidi got trapped in a cardboard box.

Katy: Heidi got trapped in a box? What are you talking about?

Andrew: I’ll show you guys!

[Andrew walks out of the house for a few seconds]

Dani: Heidi is stuck in a box? I wonder how that happened. It must’ve been another one of her ditsy things.

[Andrew re-enters the house dragging a cardboard box that Heidi is trapped in]

[Andrew closes the front door and then drags the box into the living room]

Andrew: See this cardboard box right here?

Michael: Yes! We see it!

Andrew: Heidi is tapped in it!

Heidi: Andrew! Something tells me that we are in your living room right now.

Andrew: Heidi! We are in the living room with my family right now!

Heidi: Oh! Hi Mr. and Mrs. Dalton and Dani! I’m trapped in a box right now!

Katy: We can see that Heidi!

Heidi: Plus it feels a little cozy in here.

Michael: How did this even happen?

Andrew: I’ll tell you guys what happened! Me, Heidi and the rest of our class was at the computer factory for our field trip, and for some reason Heidi decided to bring her pink stuffed rabbit with her to the factory.

Heidi: My rabbit Sophie really wanted to see what the computer factory looked like. So that’s why I brought her with me.

Dani: How convenient!

Heidi: Sophie is trapped in this box with me to.

Andrew: Like I was saying! While we were in the factory, we went to an area to where they had the boxes.

Katy: And then what happened!

Andrew: We were standing by a railing and then Heidi all of the sudden dropped her rabbit into this box and then she jumped form the railing and fell, and then landed in this box to where she dropped her rabbit.

Heidi: Trust me! It just happened! I’m just in the box.

Andrew: And when the box got into another room, some of the workers had to tape the box shut and that’s when Heidi got trapped in this box.

Michael: Oh my goodness! Andrew, how were you able to find Heidi in the box to where she was trapped in.

Andrew: I left the group and then I was able to find the room to where the boxes were being taped shut, and when I got to the room I told some of the workers that Heidi got trapped in the box.

Heidi: And then Andrew was able to find me and then rescued me!

Andrew: Yeah! I did find you and it was really simple! All I had to do was find a box that had you talking inside.

Heidi: And you recognized my voice!

Andrew: Yes!

Dani: Somehow I knew it! Heidi was being ditsy again! That’s why you fell and got trapped in a box.

Heidi: I just had to rescue my adorable rabbit Sophie.

Andrew: You just to bring that rabbit with you.

Heidi: But Andrew! Sophie really wanted to see the computer factory, and right now I feel some small things in this box that feels like popcorn.

Andrew: It’s not popcorn so don’t eat it.

Heidi: I just thought about a unicorn just now.

Andrew: Can somebody please go get me a pair of scissors so that way I can get Heidi out this box?

[Michael stands up]

Michael: I’ll got get them!

Andrew: Thanks!

[Michael walks into the kitchen]

Dani: So Andrew! What did you do with Heidi before the box incident? Were you two making love?

Andrew: No! We were just doing usual boyfriend and girlfriend stuff.

Dani: Oh really! What kind of boyfriend and girlfriend stuff?

Heidi: I think your sister is trying to investigate us.

Andrew: Dani! That’s none of your business!

Dani: Hey watch your mouth! I’m pretty sure it is part of my business, and plus I’m eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich here.

Katy: Dani! What Andrew and Heidi are usually doing in private has got nothing to do with you.

Dani: Whatever mother!

[Michael walks in with a small pair of scissors]

Michael: Here Andrew! These are the only pair of small scissors I can find. It looks like a baby scissors.

[Andrew takes the scissors form his dad and puts it in his pocket]

Andrew: That’s good enough! Even thought they look small, it should still be able to cut the box open.

Heidi: I really want to get out of this box. I wanna smell the happily fresh air again.

Andrew: Don’t worry! I’m going to take you up stairs and get you out of there.

Heidi: How?

Andrew: My dad just gave me a pair of scissors and I’m going to cut the box open.

Heidi: Wow! Your dad must be an expert to come up with soemthing helpful.

Michael: Um yeah! Sure!

Andrew: Okay!

[Andrew approaches the box and grabs it]

[Andrew drags the box that Heidi is trapped in to the stairwell]

Andrew: I’m just going to go to my room, getting Heidi out of the box.

Heidi: Weeee! This sounds like a fun ride.

Andrew: It’s not a ride!

Heidi: Oh!

[Andrew leaves dragging the box that Heidi is trapped in]

[Michael sits back down on the couch]

Dani: I have a feeling that someday, I will find out what kind of romantic thing that Andrew and Heidi are up to.

Katy: Say what?

Michael: What did you say?

Dani: Nothing! That was just a reflex. Let's watch some Toilet Wars.

Michael and Katy: Oh! Okay then!

Dani: Yep! I'm just being decent!

[Andrew & Heidi Theme Song]

[Andrew’s House]

[Andrew’s Bedroom]

[Andrew pulls the pair off scissors out of his pocket]

[Andrew approaches the box that Heidi is trapped in]

Andrew: How are you doing in there so far?

Heidi: I’m still feeling cozy! This really feels like a box.

Andrew: Don’t worry! I’m going to get you out of there right now.

Heidi: Well, before you do, I kind of want to do something in this box.

Andrew: Like what?

Heidi: Sing a song about it!

Andrew: You want to sing a song?

Heidi: Yeah! So can I?

Andrew: Okay! I just hope it doesn’t sound bad.

Heidi: [Singing] It’s me! I’m trapped in a box and I also got my rabbit Sophie with me and um… this happened at a factory and my boyfriend had to rescue me and um…and now I’m trapped in a box and I sure love singing…and I really…

Andrew: Okay stop! That song you just made up is really starting to sound really strange.

Heidi: But I can still sing well!

Andrew: Yes I know that! Your singing voice still sounds like a very good and really in tune.

Heidi: Hahaha! Me and my singing really felt so complimented.

Andrew: Okay! I'm gonna get you out of the box now.

Heidi: Please help me out of here! I wanna feel some good air again

Andrew: Alright! I will now use these scissors and I will now cut the tape from this corner of the box. I do see the loose part of tape on this corner.

[Andrew uses his fingers to pull the tape from the corner of the box a little bit]

[Andrew the uses the scissors and cuts the tape]

Andrew: Hahaha! It worked so well!

[Andrew approaches his desk and puts the scissors on the on his desk]

[Andrew approaches the box]

Andrew: And now, I will pull all of the tape off the box.

[Andrew pulls the tape all the way from the box]

[Andrew drops the tape on the ground]

Andrew: And now I will open the box!

[Andrew opens the box]

Andrew: You are now free to come out of the box.

[Heidi comes out of the box with her pink stuffed rabbit Sophie and stands up]

Heidi: It's a miracle!

[Heidi climbs out of the box and approaches Andrew]

Heidi: I'm finally out of the box. I can feel the air again.

Andrew: Oh yeah! I can feel air to. You were in that box for 2 hours.

Heidi: You really rescued me again Andrew! Special award for rescuing me.

Andrew: And I already know what it is Heidi!

[Heidi hugs and kisses Andrew multiple times]

Andrew: Yep! That's it!

Heidi: And my rabbit Sophie is okay.

Andrew: It's just a stuffed animal. Of course your rabbit is okay.

[Heidi lets go of Andrew]

Andrew: That was some field trip we had today. We went to a computer factory and the next thing you know you ended up getting trapped in a box.

Heidi: The box did feel a little bit cozy. I was afraid I was going to be in that box forever. It feels so good to be out of the box.

Andrew: At least there wasn't a magic toilet in that box.

Heidi: Ew! What kind of toilet reference is that?

Andrew: It was just a usual reference that I was saying. I know what kind of chiz I'm talking about.

[Andrew and Heidi sits down on the bed]

Andrew: Hey Heidi!

Heidi: Yes Andrew!

Andrew: I was kind of wondering if you and I can go on a date this Friday.

Heidi: What made you decide that?

Andrew: Well! I just really decided that you and I can really go out and have fun.

Heidi: Fun! You mean the fun as in, going to the movies?

Andrew: Yes!

Heidi: Playing miniature golf?

Andrew: Yes!

Heidi: Eating at a restaurant?

Andrew: A definite yes!

Heidi: Hahaha! You really gave me all kinds of yeses!

Andrew: It's because I know how to say yes! I've been using that word since I was born.

Heidi: I know how to say the word penguins.

Andrew: You like penguins do you.

Heidi: Yes I do love penguins. They look cute even when they are walking really funny.

Andrew: So can we go out on a date this Friday?

Heidi: Yes! I love to go out with you on Friday, and I just said yes to.

Andrew: Okay! I guess that's a date for this Friday. I thought we can go to the restaurant called The Olive Bargain. It's a really nice restaurant that we might like.

Heidi: I love the Olive Bargain. They have really good food there. Especially the spaghetti, and tomato sauce, and pretty much meatballs.

Andrew: You really sure know how to use information about spaghetti. You know they got breadsticks there to.

Heidi: My tongue is also good for breadsticks.

Andrew: Yeah! I'm pretty sure we are going to have a good date night on Friday.

Heidi: I wonder what I'm going to be wearing on our date.

Andrew: I know what you're going to be wearing on our date.

Heidi: Can you give me a heignt!

Andrew: A what?

Heidi: A heignt!

Andrew: A "hint!" For some reason you mispronounce words.

Heidi: I know how to say pizza!

Andrew: At least youcan say easy words.

Heidi: Really Andrew! What should I wear?

Andrew: How about a dress!

Heidi: A dress for me always works. I thin

Andrew: That's good Heidi! You are going to wear a dress while I get to wear blue jeans, a polo shirt, and tennis shoes.

Heidi: How about some slacks?

Andrew: No way! Wearing slacks is not my thing. I'm more of a blue jean pants kind of guy.

Heidi: I think wearing some slacks won't hurt for our date.

Andrew: I'm wearing blue jeans!

Heidi: Okay! You can wear whatever you want. But you and I will still look nice though.

Andrew: Yeah! We're still going to look decent. But we all know what we can't wear.

Heidi: Like what?

Andrew: Pretty much rubber pants.

[Heidi falls off the bed and lands on the floor]

Andrew: Nice try! You fell down on purpose!

Heidi: Oh I did? I thought I just fell.

[Heidi gets off the floor and sits on the bed again]

Heidi: Now I'm back on the bed.

[Hall's Market]

[Mr. Hall walks in holding a crate of pickles]

Mr. Hall: Look at these pickles I'm carrying! They look green and juicy! They are just pickles. And why am I talking about pickles.

[Spencer Shay walks in]

[Spencer approaches Mr. Hall]

Spencer: Excuse me! Mr. Old Man!

Mr. Hall: Now who are you calling....

[Mr. Hall turns and sees Spencer Shay]

Mr. Hall: Oh my goodness!

[Mr. Hall drops the crate of pickles on the floor and the glass breaks]

Mr. Hall: I know who you are!

Spencer: You do? But you're a strange old man that I have never seen before in my life, and you just dropped pickles on the floor.

Mr. Hall: You're Spencer Shay! You've been on some iCarly webcasts a few times. The favorite webcast I liked was you mentioning a manufacturing error on potato chips.

Spencer: I found a tortilla chip.

Mr. Hall: Can I help you with anything?

Spencer: Yeah! Do you know any art museums in this city.

Mr. Hall: Well what are you doing here in Ithaca, New York?

Spencer: I'm just taking a usual vacation. I'm wearing my light up socks. Do you wanna see them?

Mr. Hall: I think I'll pass! There's a art museum over on 27th street!

Spencer: Thanks! Do you even know how to use a computer?

Mr. Hall: Yes!

Spencer: Just checking! I'm just gonna leave!

[Spencer turns around and starts walking]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in]

Andrew: Hey Mr. Hall!

Mr. Hall: What up my employee!

Andrew: Wow! Interesting slang talk!

Heidi: Andrew look!

Andrew: What is it Heidi?

Heidi: It's Jerry Trainor's evil twin!

Spencer: But I don't have a twin.

Andrew: Heidi! That's Spencer Shay! He was on a few iCarly webcasts.

Heidi: Oh! Hey Spencer! You looked really nice dressed as a mayor on that one iCarly webcast.

Spencer: Thanks! I'm gonna leave now!

[Spencer leaves]

Andrew: What is he doing here in Ithaca if he lives in Seattle?

Mr. Hall: He is just taking a usual vacation.

Andrew: Oh! Everybody is an expert.

Heidi: My grandma is an expert at knitting.

Andrew: Mhmm!

[Andrew and Heidi sees the pickles on the floor]

Andrew: Hahahaha! What did you do to the pickles? Did the pickles suffocate on those jars and decided to break free?

Mr. Hall: No! I just dropped them on accident! You really think that's funny?

Andrew: Yes! How did you drop them anyways?

Mr. Hall: I dropped them because......I um......Shut up!

Heidi: Hey! I recognize those words break free that you just said!

Andrew: What about them?

Heidi: That's an Ariana Grande song!

Andrew: Wow! No wonder why your a big fan of her.

Heidi: She is my most favorite singer!

Mr. Hall: Some kind of drama stuff!

[Andrew and Heidi walks over the pickles and approaches the cabinet]

Andrew: Okay! I should get to work now.

Mr. Hall: Andrew! Can you give me a hand cleaning up these pickles on the floor.


[Andrew puts on his apron]

Mr. Hall: Why not?

Andrew: Because I feel like doing other stuff I this store such as using the cash register. So you clean up the pickles.

Mr. Hall: Hey! I'm the boss of this store! I tell you what to do. You just don't wanna help me you grunch bag.

Andrew: Old man!

Mr. Hall: Bleeeeh!

Heidi: You guys really have a choice of words

Andrew: Of course! My boss who is an old man was the one that dropped the pickles, which is why he is cleaning it up.

Mr. Hall: This store has opened since 1958 and my employee decided to talk dope with me.

Heidi: Wow! 1958! That sounds like this store opened like....85 million days ago.

[Andrew and Mr. Hall looks at Heidi]

Heidi: What? I had a really good calculation!

Andrew: That's what you think.

[Dani walks in]

Dani: Hey Andrew!

Andrew: What is it Dani! I'm working here!

[Dani approaches the cabinet]

Dani: Mom wanted me to tell you that dad is working late tonight so she is ordering a pizza.

Andrew: Okay! Thanks!

Heidi: Hey Dani! Where did you get those blue sneaker shoes?

Dani: I got them from my mother.

Heidi: Can I touch them?

Dani: No! Then you would steal them from me.

Mr. Hall: Okay! Awkward!

Dani: I just came to let you know Andrew!

Andrew: Fine!

[Dani approaches the front door]

Mr. Hall: So Andrew! Heidi! Do you guys have any plans for tomorrow night?

Andrew: Yes! Heidi and I are going on a date tomorrow night.

[Dani stops walking and listens to the conversation]

Heidi: We are going to the Olive Bargain!

Mr. Hall: That's nice! They have good lasagna.

Andrew: Of course! We are both going to have the best date we will ever have.

Heidi: That's right! I just hope I don't get trapped in a cardboard box again.

Andrew: Don't worry! I'm sure you won't get trapped in a box again.

Mr. Hall: And right now I'm just cleaning up the pickles.

[Dani leaves]

[Outside of Hall's Market]

[Dani walks in]

Dani: So! Andrew and Heidi have a date for tomorrow night. I am really want to find out on what those teenagers are up to. I'm going to spy on them.

[Dani leaves]

[Andrew's House]

[Andrew walks in wearing his nice clothes]

[Michael and Katy are watching television on the couch]

Andrew: Hey Mother and father! I'm leaving for my date now!

[Michael and Katy are ignoring Andrew]

Andrew: Mom! Dad!

[Michael and Katy are still ignoring Andrew]

Andrew: [Screaming] MOM! DAD!

[Michael and Katy get scared and they jump a little]

Andrew: Good! Both of you have my attention now.

Michael: You sure know how to scream from your voice.

Andrew: I'm going on my date now.

Katy: Okay! Just try not to stay out too late.

Andrew: Right!

[Doorbell rings]

[Andrew walks over and answers the door]

[Andrew sees Heidi wearing a nice dress]

Andrew: Heidi!

Heidi: Are you ready to go Andrew?

Andrew: Yep! I'm sure am!

[Andrew and Heidi looks at Michael and Katy]

[Michael and Katy shrugs their shoulders]

Andrew: Okay! Let's go!

[Andrew and Heidi leaves the living room]

[Front Porch]

[Andrew closes the front door]

Andrew: Heidi! You definitely look like the B word I'm gonna use.

Heidi: What word?

Andrew: Beautiful!

Heidi: Hahahaha! I am beautiful!

Andrew: Let's go! That spaghetti at the restaurant is not going to eat itself!

Heidi: I love flowers!

Andrew: Now you're mentioning off topic stuff.

Heidi: How does this dating stuff feel for you and me?

Andrew: Feels Good!

[Heidi looks at Andrew]

Andrew: I got that from the television show Henry Danger!

Heidi: I watch that show too!

Andrew: Yeah! Let's go date now!

[Andrew and Heidi leaves]

[Inside the House]

[Michael and Katy are still watching television]

[Dani walks in wearing her spy clothes]

Dani: Hey mom! Hey daddy! I'm going out!

Michael: Okay! You go ahead and..... Wait a minute?

Dani: What?

Michael: Where are going?

Katy: And why are you dressed up as clothing.....person......kind of thing?

Michael: She is dressed as a spy person.

Katy: Right! Young lady! Where are you going and why are you wearing those clothes?

Dani: Um.....I'm going to a costume party at a friends house. That's why I'm dressed as a spy person.

Katy: Who's house?

Dani: Uh.... Lisa's House!

Michael: Lisa who?

[Dani looks at the coffee table]

Dani: Coffe Table! Lisa Coffee-table's house!

Michael: Oh! Okay!

Katy: Have fun at your party!

Dani: Thanks!

[Dani leaves]

[Front Porch]

[Dani closes the front door]

Dani: Okay Andrew and Heidi! I am now going to spy on you guys. I just hope I don't get caught doing this.

[Dani leaves]

[The Olive Bargain]

[Andrew and Heidi are seated at their table]

Andrew: This is nice! This is really nice!

Heidi: I see crayons on the table and a cartoon picture of a cat and dog on our table.

Andrew: Your wanting to color the cat and dog.

Heidi: Yes! [Grabs two sets crayons and starts coloring] I so want to color them.

[A waiter walks in]

Waiter: Okay teenagers!

Andrew: Why are you calling us teenagers.

Waiter: Because you two are teenagers and I can say because I want to.

Heidi: I'm coloring the kitty cat and the doggy dog!

Waiter: Whatever! What would you two like to eat or drink?

Andrew: We will both have spaghetti and breadsticks and I will have a blue dog soda.

Heidi: Yeah! I'll have the same except I'll have some lemonade.

Waiter: Okay!

[Waiter leaves]

[The other side of the restaurant]

[Dani walks in]

[A waiter walks in]

Waiter: Hello young lady! Is it just you tonight?

Dani: I'm not here to eat food! I'm here to spy on a useless high school couple that are eating here.

Waiter: You know this is a restaurant! I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.

Dani: No way!

Waiter: Or do I need to.....

[Dani kicks the waiter in the leg]

Waiter: Oh!

[Waiter falls down on the floor]

Waiter: Ow! My leg! How did you learn to kick like that.

Dani: I know karate! Now! I'm going to go spy now.

Waiter: Enjoy your spying ma'am!

[Dani goes into the restaurant and jumps around a little]

[Dani rolls on the floor a little]

[Dani stands up and is at another couples table]

[Dani takes a breadstick from a person and eats it]

[Dani sees Andrew and Heidi sitting at their table]

Dani: Right on schedule!

[Dani quickly runs and goes behind a small wall]

Andrew: I am really looking forward to tasting that spaghetti.

Heidi: I wonder what it's going to taste like,

Andrew: It's spaghetti of course! Did you know that that spaghetti has gluten.

Heidi: No! Do you have a problem with gluten?

Andrew: No!

Heidi: Okay! That means I don't have a problem with gluten.

Andrew: People talking about gluten these days.

[Dani slowly appears behind the wall next to Andrew and Heidi's table]

[Dani is now looking at Andrew and Heidi]

Andrew: How does that cat and dog picture look?

Heidi: It looks good! Even when I'm still coloring it.

Andrew: How wonderful!

[Dani stops looking and hides behind a wall]

Dani: Okay! First I heard a small conversation about gluten and now I'm hearing that Heidi is coloring a cat and dog. I wonder why Heidi is being childish. Andrew and Heidi really must be having fun so far. Now I'm going to spy on more stuff during there date. I just hope I don't hope get caught. That breadstick I was really tasty. Very tasty!

[The Olive Bargain - 1 Hour Later]

[Andrew and Heidi are eating their food]

[Dani is looking at Andrew and Heidi eating from behind the wall]

Andrew: Hey! I still remember something!

Heidi: What?

Andrew: I still remember that last week while you and I were walking home from school, we saw a guy standing on a bench wearing a bikini and he had a frozen hot dog in his mouth.

Heidi: I remember that! I wonder why he was doing that!

Andrew: I'm guessing he was doing that for one reason. He was being a weird person.

Heidi: It was just a thing that was unusual.

Andrew: This spaghetti is really tasty. You and I really had to eat it up.

Heidi: With breadsticks and drinking some beverages.

[Dani hides behind the wall again]

Dani: Okay! Now I'm hearing random topic information. When does the actual romance begin.

[Dani reappears behind the wall and sees Andrew and Heidi again]'

[Andrew and Heidi have both finished their food]

Andrew: That was really good! I think we should get some desert.

Heidi: Okay! But first I have to go to the restroom and pretty much.....urinate first!

Andrew: Oh! You gotta pee! Okay then! Might as well......

[Andrew pauses]

Andrew: I gotta pee to.

[Andrew and Heidi stands up an they both walk to the restroom area]

[Dani stands up all the way]

Dani: Okay! Now they had to go to the bathroom to pee! So far I have not heard any romance yet. The only thing I got so far is random topics and them eating food. I will find out what they are officially up to tonight.

[A man walks in and looks at Dani]

[Dani sees the man staring at her]

Dani: Buzz off bug eyes!

[The man leaves]

Dani: Some people that do strange stuff for no reason. How strange!

[Commercial Break]

[The Olive Bargain]

[Andrew and Heidi are sitting at there table eating their dessert]

[Dani slowly comes out from behind the wall and looks at Andrew and Heidi]

Andrew: I really like this chocolate cake that I'm eating. The taste of it is really and good quality, and I mean it's in good quality.

Heidi: The taste of this cake is really soft.

Andrew: Yeah! It's really soft for our tongues.

Heidi: Soft like cotton candy!

Andrew: Well yeah! It is a little soft like cotton candy.

Heidi: There's only one thing I should say about cotton candy right now.

Andrew: What's that?

Heidi: I love cotton candy!

Andrew: Yes! We all love the taste of cotton candy.

Heidi: It even taste juicy to.

[Dani hides behind the wall again]

Dani: Okay! This is getting ridiculous! I am not hearing any romance talk from these useless teenagers. All they are talking about is random topics such as coloring, food and especially urinating. Well not so much of the urinating part.

[Dani slowly comes out from the wall and looks at Andrew and Heidi again]

[Andrew and Heidi are finished eating their dessert]

Andrew: So what do you want to do after we leave this restaurant?

Heidi: How about we go to the movies?

Andrew: Okay! That's cool! How about we go see that funny dentist movie that came out last week. It's called, "The Craziest Dentist!"

[Andrew pulls his wallet out of his pocket]

Heidi: I wanna see that movie! I saw these commercials on television and he was acting very crazy. Even when he threw his dentist things out the window.

Andrew: It's a really good comedy and please don't give me any spoiler alerts.

[Andrew puts money on the table and puts his wallet back in his pocket]

Heidi: Hey! Where did you get all that money?

Andrew: You know where I got it!

Heidi: Where did you get it? Did you get it from the money fairy?

Andrew: No! I got the money from working at Hall's Market!

Heidi: Oh! You usually tell me the simplest things.

[Dani hides behind the wall again]

[A waiter walks in]

Andrew: Yo waiter!

Waiter: Since when did you talk like a gangster?

Andrew: I'm not a gangster! Say the word "yo" is just a usual thing.

Waiter: I still thing it's gangster talk! That must be cray cray.

Heidi: I'm hearing some interesting English.

Andrew: Then you should tell that to Mr. Abraham Milktard!

Waiter: Who the heck is Abraham Milktard?

Andrew: Oh forget it! The money is on the table sir.

[The waiter takes the money from the table]'

Waiter: Okay! Have a nice night! Abraham Milktard! That's a name I have never heard of!

[Waiter leaves]

[Heidi grabs her purse]

Andrew: Lets go!

[Andrew and Heidi stands up]

Heidi: Who is Abraham Milktard?

Andrew: I just made that name up.

Heidi: Oh!

[Andrew and Heidi leaves]

[Dani comes out from behind the wall]

Dani: Okay! Now they are going to the movies to watch that dumb dentist movie. I must know what they are up to. Right now, Dani the Spy Person is gonna do some more spying. Hahaha! Dani the Spy Person! Very interesting name! Sounds a little James Bond-ish!

[Dani leaves]

[Movie Theatre]

[Everybody in the movie theatre including Andrew and Heidi is enjoying the movie]

[Everybody laughs at a funny part]

Heidi: Did you see that? That dentist got his face drenched a little.

Andrew: Yeah! That patient was rinsing his mouth with water and for no reason the patient spits water out at his face. This is a really funny movie.

[Movie projector is showing a scene from "The Craziest Dentist" on the screen]

Dentist: Okay! You have really nice teeth sir!

Patient: Thanks! You said my teeth were yellow and ugly when you first saw them.

Dentist: Again! I'm really sorry!

Patient: That's okay! I'll forgive you by doing this.

[Patient kicks the dentist in the groin]

Patient: Have a nice day!

[Patient leaves]

Dentist: Mommy! I still want my buttercup!

[Everybody in the movie theatre starts laughing]

Andrew: Now! That part was funny with a total capitalized F!

Heidi: That kicking part was a little disturbing but still looks funny.

Andrew: Mhmm!

[Dani walks in]

[Dani makes a small jump and starts looking for Andrew and Heidi]

Dani: Where are those two useless teenagers!

[Dani sees Andrew and Heidi in their seats]

Dani: There they are! May be if I sit like two rows behind them, maybe they won't see me.

[Dani goes up the steps]

[Dani passes a random man with his popcorn]

Man: This popcorn is bogus! It taste like a piece of garbage. My tongue does not do that kind of taste. I'm not gonna finish it.

Dani: Hey person! If you're not gonna finish that popcorn then can I have it.

Man: Sure! Go ahead and take it. I despise this popcorn.

[Dani takes the bucket of popcorn from the man]

Dani: Thanks!

[Dani enters a seating row and is now two rows behind Andrew and Heidi]

Dani: Okay Andrew and Heidi! Make some romance!

[Andrew raps his arm around Heidi]

Andrew: I am really having a great time tonight.

Heidi: So am I!

[A man walks in with a bucket of popcorn and sits behind Andrew and Heidi]

Dani: Oh my gosh! Now a got a big man sitting behind Andrew and Heidi.

[Dani taps on the mans shoulder]

Dani: Hey tubby! Why don't you sit in another seat?

Man: No! I like this seat better.

Dani: Seriously! I want you to move. I'm spying on a high school couple here, and your big head is in the way.

Man: Who are you calling a big head? My head ain't big and puts I'm not tubby.

Andrew: Hey! Excuse me sir! Will you be quiet? People are trying to watch the movie.

Man: I would but there is an idiotic girl who looks like she's 10 years old is calling me big head and tubby.

Andrew: What girl?

[Dani quickly goes in the ground and hides behind the seat]

Andrew: I don't see anybody! You must be imagining stuff. Now eat your popcorn and watch the movie.

Man: I'm not imagining nerd boy.

Andrew: I'm not a nerd. I'm just wearing glasses man!

Heidi: Hey! My boyfriend is not a nerd! He is just a regular dude with glasses.

Man: And who is this?

Andrew: This is my girlfriend and we are on a date.

Man: Oh how nice! You must be dating some dumb girl with a stupid girly high pitched voice.

[Heidi gasps]

Heidi: I feel insulted! But it is true that my voice is high. Other girls can talk like that!

Andrew: Heidi! I'll handle this!

[Andrew stands up]

Andrew: Sir! You need to shut up or else!

[The man stands up and glares at Andrew]

[The man is taller than Andrew]

[Andrew gets scared]

Man: Or else what?

Andrew: [Nervously] Oh um! Nothing! I like your shirt by the way.

[People are now shushing at them to be quiet]

[The man sits back down]

[Andrew sits back down]

Heidi: Andrew! Please don't do anything violent. That guy was taller than you.

Andrew: I'm sorry! He just scared me a little!

Heidi: It's okay!

[In another row, Dani is sitting on the floor]

Dani: Okay! No romance in this part! All I heard us just drama. I'm gonna go wait in the lobby. But I'm going to crawl out of here. I hope I don't touch some nasty bubble gum on the floor. Ew Ew and Ew!

[Dani crawls out of the row]

[Dani is now at the steps and runs out of the movie theatre]

[Everybody continues watching the movie]

[Movie Theatre Lobby]

[Dani is standing right next to a trash can]

[People are now walking out of the theatre room]

Dani: Okay! Where are those two? I need to continue to get my spy on.

[Andrew and Heidi walks out of the theatre room]

[Dani sees Andrew and Heidi walking]

Dani: Bazinga! Found them!

[Dani hides behind the trash can]

Dani: And I just said something from The Big Bang Theory.

Andrew: Heidi! I'm really sorry for causing drama with that guy in there. He was just being annoying.

Heidi: It's okay Andrew! That guy was talking about my high voice in there. It really sounds girly though.

Andrew: You really have a nice voice. Now how about we go the Lambo's Miniature Golf Course and do some putt putt!

Heidi: Okay! But only on one condition.

Andrew: What?

Heidi: You let me win the game. All because I love put put.

Andrew: Okay! I'll let you win the game.

Heidi: Yay! Let's get our putt putt on!

Andrew: I guess this means I have to cheat to lose the game.

[Andrew and Heidi leaves]

[Dani comes out from behind the trash can]

Dani: Andrew and Heidi are going to play Miniature Golf. That's not romantic! But I'll go watch them anyways.

[Dani leaves]

[Lambo's Miniature Golf Course]

[Dani is standing by a fence]

Dani: Okay! I'm standing by the 18th hole right next to this fence right now and right now I don't see Andrew and Heidi. They've been on this course for about 45 minutes now.

[A homeless person walks in and sees Dani]

Homeless Person: Hey you!

Dani: What?

Homeless Person: What are you doing?

Dani: I'm spying on a boyfriend and girlfriend!

Homeless Person: How nice! Can I hold your shoes?

Dani: No! Get lost Mr. Homeless!

[Homeless guy leaves]

Dani: Finally! Here they come!

[Dani hides behind a bush]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in and is at the 18th hole]

Andrew: Okay! Now we can finish this game up!

Heidi: I'm still winning right?

Andrew: Yes! Your score is 54 and my score is 71!

Heidi: Phooey! I have a low score. I thought I was going to win,

Andrew: You are winning! In golf, the person with the low score wins.

Heidi: I take the Phooey back then! It feels good to win.

Andrew: Okay then! Lets play!

[Dani comes out of the bush and looks at Andrew and Heidi]

[Andrew puts his golf ball on the ground]

[Andrew putts his golf ball and the golf ball easily enters the hole]

Andrew: Awesome! I really had that one.

[Heidi puts her golf ball on the ground]

[Heidi putts her golf ball and the golf ball easily enters the hole]

Heidi: Wow! My golf ball actually did that!

Andrew: Did what?

Heidi: It went into the hole.

Andrew: Trust me! It's just putt putt! We all know the game.

Heidi: You let me win the game.

Andrew: Mhmm! Of course!

[Andrew and Heidi walks out]

Dani: Splendid! Very splendid!


[Andrew and Heidi walks in and finds a bench]

Andrew: Do you wanna sit down for a little bit.

Heidi: Sure!

[Andrew and Heidi approaches the bench]

[They both sit down on the bench]

Andrew: I really had a great time tonight.

Heidi: Me too!

Andrew: We only had one thing that got out of place tonight, but I still had a great time tonight.

Heidi: I even won a miniature golf.

Andrew: I just had to let you win.

[Dani walks in and sees Andrew and Heidi on a bench]

[Dani approaches a bush]

[Dani hides behind a bush]

[Andrew wraps his arm around Heidi]

Andrew: You know Heidi! This is one of the best dates I have ever had in my life.

Heidi: I thought this was the best date I have ever had to.

[Dani comes out of the bush and looks at Andrew and Heidi]

Andrew: Maybe we should kiss now!

Heidi: Indeed we should Andrew!

[Andrew and Heidi kisses]

Dani: Yes! Now I'm seeing some romance!

[Andrew and Heidi stops kissing]

Andrew: Who said that?

[Dani hides in the bush again]

Heidi: What is it?

Andrew: Somebody said something!

Dani: Darn it! I should of whispered!

Heidi: I hear it to! It sounds like a ghost.

Andrew: It's not a ghost! It sounds like it's coming from that bush.

[Andrew and Heidi stands up and approaches the bush]

Andrew: Hey you in the bush! What do you think you're doing?

Dani: [Talking in a deep voice] I am a an evil bush spirit.

Andrew: What makes you think you're a sprit.

Dani: [Talking in a deep voice] I'm a sprit because.....that's what I am.

Heidi: What's your phone number?

Dani: [Talking in a deep voice] Spirits do not have phone numbers. You know I'm not stupid.

Andrew: You sound weird!

Dani: [Talking in a deep voice] Boy! Don't call me weird! I'm the spirt that does spirits on boyfriend and girlfriends.

[Andrew and Heidi opens the bush branches and sees Dani]

Andrew: Well look at this! My little sister is pretending to be a spirit in a spy costume.

Dani: [Talking in a deep voice] Well this is so unusual. I'm really..... [Going back to her regular voice] Okay I'll shut-up!

Andrew: Dani! Get out of the bush!

[Dani climbs out of the bush and stands on the sidewalk]

[Andrew and Heidi closes the bush]

Dani: Hello Andrew and Heidi! You two sure know how to wear dress up clothing.

Andrew: Alright Dani! Start talking! What have you doing tonight?

Dani: Okay! Yesterday, I found out that you two were on a date tonight. So tonight, I have been spying on you guys.

Heidi: Oh really! Do you wanna explain this to us?

Dani: I really wanted to know what you guys are really up.

Andrew: So you were spying on us?

Dani: Yes! You two were really doing some usual dating stuff and I only saw some small amount of romance from you guys. It looks like I finally got what I wanted.

Heidi: Did you follow us around wherever we both went to?

Dani: Yes! I was at the restaurant, the movie theatre and the miniature golf course. You two were playing putt putt very easily.

Andrew: Dani! You invaded our privacy. You have been told a number of times that the stuff that me and Heidi are doing is none of your business.

Dani: I'm sorry! I just really wanted to know what you two were up to. I was hoping not to get caught.

Andrew: You my little sister are going to be in so much trouble after what you did.

Dani: Okay! I get it! I guessing I'm going to get a punishment.

Heidi: Like what?

Dani: Massaging feet! I hate foot massaging!

Andrew and Heidi: Whaaaaaaaaat?

Dani: Really! I'm going to massage Heidi's feet right now.

[Dani squats and attempts to pull Heidi's shoe off]

[Heidi lifts her foot]

Heidi: No way!

Andrew: That punishment you mentioned is so weird and lame.

Dani: Duh-huh!

[Dani stands up]

[Heidi puts her foot down]

Andrew: We are going to tell mom and dad on you.

Dani: But I don't like getting in trouble.

Heidi: I'm sorry you feel that way Dani. But that's what you deserve.

Dani: Oh my gosh! And by the way, remember that big guy at the movie theatre?

Andrew: Yeah!

Dani: I was the one talking to him in which made you telling him to be quiet.

Heidi: What are you talking about.

Andrew: Now what does that.....

[Andrew and Heidi pauses]

Andrew and Heidi: Oh!

Dani: Yep! Now you useless guys got it.

[Andrew's House]

[Michael and Katy are watching television]

[Andrew, Heidi and Dani walks in]

Michael: Hey kids!

Katy: How was your fun tonight!

Andrew: Very swell, but we got something to tell you two.

Katy: What is it?

Andrew: Dani was spying on me and Heidi while we were in our date!

[Michael and Katy stands up]

Michael: What?

Heidi: It's true! She was following us around and was really finding out on what me and Andrew are up to.

Michael: Dani! You told us you went to a costume party.

Dani: Yeah but, I lied!

Katy: Young lady! Is this true?

Dani: Yes! I was spying on Andrew & Heidi!

Katy: Dani! How many times have we've been telling you about this? What Andrew and Heidi are doing in private is none of your business.

Dani: I'm sorry!

Michael: Yeah! You are sorry! Go to your room! We're going to talk about your punishment.

Dani: Okay!

[Dani approaches the stairwell]

Dani: By the way, the name Lisa Coffee-table, I made that name up. Just like Andrew came up with the name Abraham Milktard.

Andrew: Wow! Someway to ease drop!

Dani: Mhmm!

[Dani leaves]

Katy: Andrew! Heidi! We're really sorry about this.

Heidi: It's okay! Even though she did attempt to massage my feet.

Michael: Um, okay!

Andrew: Mom! Dad! Just don't be too hard on Dani, she's just a plain little sister.

Heidi: And she still has beautiful clothing.

Katy: Sure thing!

Michael: Interesting! We heard interesting names that we have never heard of tonight.

Katy: Yeah! We heard the names Lisa Coffee-table and Abraham Milktard.

Michael: I know! What is up with that? It sounds unusual!

Katy: I know!

[Michael and Katy leaves]

Andrew: Well! At least we had a date night tonight.

Heidi: Yeah!

[Andrew and Heidi kisses]

Heidi: Hey! If Lisa Coffee-table and Abraham Milktard were actually real people , would they get married

Andrew: Probably not!

Heidi: I think they would make a good couple.

Andrew: They're just fake names.

Heidi: I know!

[End Credits Scene]

[Andrew's House]


[Andrew and Heidi are sitting at the table eating soft pretzels]

Heidi: So did Dani get punished for spying on us?

Andrew: Yep! She only got grounded for 1 week. She's not allowed, to talk on the phone or use the computer until her grounding is over.

Heidi: She is still a very clever sister.

Andrew: Yeah! Even though she is devious!

[Dani walks in]

Heidi: Hi Dani! I can tell your hair looks good.

Dani: Don't even start with me grunches.

[Dani opens the refrigerator]

Andrew: So what are you doing now?

[Dani grabs a can of Wahoo Punch and closes the fridge]

Dani: Oh I'm just going to take this can of Wahoo Punch and shake it real hard.

[Dani shakes the soda can real hard]

Heidi: And do what?

Dani: Oh you know! Doing this!

[Dani opens the can of Wahoo Punch and sprays the drink at Andrew and Heidi]

Dani: Haha!

[Dani puts the soda can on the table and leaves the kitchen]

Andrew: Now were soaked with Wahoo Punch. That's her revenge prank for getting her grounded and in trouble.

Heidi: But the soda is still tasty.

Andrew: It's just a beverage. That's all!

(The End)

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