Those teenagers are being useless!
— Dani to Andrew and Heidi

Danielle Dalton
HNI 0058
"Mii" depiction of Danielle
Some attributes
Full Name Danielle "Dani" Elizabeth Dalton
Date of Birth September 26, 2005
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Favorite Color Purple
Gender Female
Location Ithaca, New York
Family Andrew Dalton (Brother) Kathryn Dalton (Mother) Michael Dalton (Father)
Friends Heidi Makinney
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance Clip Show Finale

Danielle "Dani" Dalton is a main character on Andrew & Heidi. Her brother is Andrew Dalton.


Dani is seen to be a pesky and snobby younger sister and daughter but can be also friendly and kindhearted.


Andrew Dalton

(2005-Present: Brother)

Andrew sometimes gets annoyed with Dani and she sometimes is rude to him and Heidi, but Dani and Andrew have a good brother-sister bond.

Heidi Makinney

(2014-Present: Friend)

Dani frequently calls Heidi useless and is sometimes rude to her, but despite that, Heidi is nice to her and compliments her outfits.

Kathryn Dalton

(2005-Present: Mother)

Dani and Katy have a healthy mother-daughter relationship, and often help each other in times of need.

Michael Dalton

(2005-Present: Father)

Dani and Michael have a healthy father-daughter relationship, and often help each other in times of need.

Mr. Eugene Hall

(2014-Present: Acquaintance)

Dani rarely interacts with Mr. Hall, mainly only if Mr. Hall comes to The Dalton's House. Dani has shown annoyance from Mr. Hall, such as in The Babysitting Job.


Dani: I knew that you and Heidi are really closer.

Dani: I should try a spaghetti taco some day.

Dani: You got a dumb A+ on your math homework.

Dani: You know it’s not the end of the world. It’s a just show!

Dani: Andrew! Come play Panda Bear Exhibition with me! I’m really gonna beat your tail!

Dani: You two must be going trick or treating!

Dani: Maybe your results might tell you that you have a mindless brain.

Dani: Now I’m going to find out what mom and dad are really up two. Pretty much suspecting my parents here.

Dani: Wow! She really is possessed with that pink thing.

Dani: Yeah! It’s gonna be pretty funny for Andrew to wear a Santa costume. He just needs to get a big stomach first!

Dani: Nobody can eat up the fun!

Dani: Well Bernard! You can swim and breathe through water and be all gold. It’s because you’re a goldfish.

Dani: Heidi, I never thought I say this but, I miss your dopey compliments that you usually give to me in that house.

Dani: Okay looks like the useless teenagers might have something to say.

Dani: Hahahaha! You pretty much drinked it pretty well.

Dani: I am becoming the first person in the world to use her pear pad upside down.

Dani: Oh look at this! I come home from school and I see Andrew and Heidi sitting on my bed.

Dani: Yeah! But Miranda's family was fearing about bears so we left early. You could not believe the trip I had.

Dani: Well well, looks like you two failed to find an air conditioner.

Dani: It's called All American Roast Beef daddy!

Dani: Hey Mr. Clown! I'm the birthday girl hear. Make me something!

Dani: Yeah whatever! Heidi, is there any reason why your not wearing a shoe on your right foot?

Dani: You’re acting like you really wanna drive right now.

Dani: He said, you are going… cook the Thanksgiving food….for us!

Dani: Well Mom! I was lucky to come to the court house with you guys.

Dani: Ladies and Gentlemen, what kind of answers are you even answering on the survey. I thought macaroni and cheese is a good answer.

Dani: Oh yes! This couch definitely feels good. It feels really fluffy. I'm gonna eat my apple on this couch.

Dani: Okay! Now they are going to the movies to watch that dumb dentist movie. I must know what they are up to. Right now, Dani the Spy Person is gonna do some more spying. Hahaha! Dani the Spy Person! Very interesting name! Sounds a little James Bond-ish!

Dani: No! I'm really Valentine's Day card-less!

Dani: That's right! I took my math test last week and today, guess what my teacher gave me, a paper that has math problems and it had red writings on it that says 100% A+. I feel like a math queen.

Dani: Something tells me that this old television show is gonna be a major bogus.

Dani: Alright! Let's let the chili do our taste buds really well.

Dani: I really can't believe that monkey came into my room and put his nazal air on me.

Dani: Okay! But I'm only dressing up for taking a school picture, not dressing up for going to a sloppy steak restaurant called Montego's.

Dani: That's good! At least I'm not the one making diva like requests.

Dani: Well lucky for me, my karate is still improving. Don't even tell me about you macho-ness information.

Dani: Well I know something that is much more cooler. Pinging and pinging with plastic ping pong balls.


  • Dani is known to be the youngest main character of the series.
  • Dani has frequently called Andrew and Heidi useless.
    • This is also known to be a running gag for Dani in the series.
  • Dani is the only main character to not have kissed another main character.
  • Dani knows karate as revealed in Dani the Spy Person.