This article is a screenplay of the Andrew & Heidi episode "Driving Michael's Car" from Season 2 which was released on January 23, 2015.

Here is the Screenplay for Driving Michael’s Car.

(Driving Michael’s Car)

[Andrew’s House]

[Heidi is sitting on the couch with her pink stuffed rabbit Sophie while watching television]

Heidi: Hey Sophie! Andrew has a very nice flat screen T.V. in here. It’s really big and colorful and it has H.D. channels. Though I am trying to figure out what H.D. stands for.

[Andrew walks in eating a hamburger]

Heidi: Hey Sophie, it’s Andrew! He’s eating a hamburger.

Andrew: Um, that’s right! Are you talking to your rabbit again Heidi?

Heidi: Yeah! I was just telling Sophie about H.D.T.V.!

Andrew: Wow! You’re telling your rabbit about H.D. television. That’s a catch!

[Andrew sits down on the couch with Heidi]

Heidi: I’m trying to figure out what H.D. stands for. Can I take a guess?

Andrew: Yeah! Sure!

Heidi: Okay! H.D. stands for um…Happy Days! Happy Days television!

Andrew: No! That is not what H.D. stands for!

Heidi: Oh! Okay! Does it stand for…Hilarious Dogs?

Andrew: Wrong! H.D. stands for High Definition

Heidi: Oh! High Definition! That sounds really colorful!

Andrew: High Definition is colorful. Okay! I wonder what’s good on television.

[Andrew grabs the remote and searches through the T.V. guide]

Andrew: Okay! What do we want to watch? We got Celebrities Underwater, Get Outta the Pool, All That. Hey! They are showing the movie called “The Scissoring” on the Entertainment Movie Channel. EMC!

Heidi: I don’t want to watch that movie!

Andrew: Why not?

Heidi: It’s a scary movie, and I’m really scared of horror movies!

Andrew: Okay! Fine!

[Andrew searches through the T.V. guide]

Andrew: Hey! They’re showing Diff’rent Strokes on The Vintage Network.

Heidi: Okay! We can watch that show. That sounds safe, even though I’ve seen the show before.

Andrew: It is a safe show. I’ve seen the show to, and lets watch it!

[Andrew turns on The Vintage Network and put the remote on the coffee table]

Andrew: Hey! It’s the episode where Arnold is playing the role of Abraham Lincoln

Heidi: Yep! That’s him wearing the hat and beard!

Andrew: Yeah!

[Television Screen is showing the “Diff’rent Strokes” episode “Kathy” on The Vintage Network]

Arnold Jackson: Four years ago the score was 7 to 4 of our fathers…

[Audience laughs on television]

Arnold: I mean uh…four fathers ago the nations score…

[Audience laughs on television]

[Arnold sees Mr. Philip Drummond moving his lips with the right words]

Arnold: Forty fathers couldn’t score…

[Audience laughs on television]

Robbie Jason: It’s four scores and seven years ago dummy!

Arnold: Four scores and seven years ago dummy!

[Audience laughs on television]

[Arnold Jackson turns around pushing his hat down, covering his face]

[Andrew and Heidi are laughing]

Andrew: Man! That Gary Coleman kid is really funny! He just kept messing up that speech.

Heidi: He looks adorable when he was a kid. Especially in Seasons 1 & 2!

Andrew: Well that’s pretty much true and plus I’m eating a hamburger!

Heidi: While I got my cute pink rabbit Sophie with me.

Andrew: Mhmm!

[Dani walks in]

Dani: Hey Andrew! Where’s Mom and Dad?

Andrew: They went out grocery shopping Dani!

Dani: Why did the go grocery shopping?

Andrew: Because, we need food!

Dani: Yeah sure! What are you guys watching?

Heidi: We’re watching Diff’rent Strokes. It’s a funny show!

Andrew: Yeah! We are just watching some classic Gary Coleman on our television.

Dani: Gary Coleman! That small guy!

Heidi: Who is known to be a dwarf!

Andrew: Heidi, for the last time, small people are not dwarfs.

Heidi: But he does look small Andrew!

Andrew: Whatever!

Dani: You guys do know that Gary Coleman was on a Drake & Josh episode one time.

Andrew: Oh yeah! The Gary Grill! That episode was classic!

Heidi: That episode was classic! A real good classic!

Dani: Yeah! Talk about television!

Heidi: Hey Dani! I noticed that you’re wearing a purple sweater.

Dani: I am wearing a purple sweater. What about it?

Heidi: It looks really nice on you!

Dani: Whatever!

Andrew: Okay Dani! You can leave now!

Dani: No!

Andrew: Why not?

Dani: Don’t wanna! I just wanna see you and Heidi sit on the couch watching television.

Heidi: I just noticed that today is Sunday!

Andrew: Today is Sunday! That’s why my family and me went to church today.

Heidi: I go to church too! I’m a Baptist!

Andrew: I’m a Baptist to, and so is my family!

Dani: We all know that, but anyways!

Andrew: Dani seriously! Leave the living room right now!

Dani: No!

Andrew: Dani you got slime on your shoes!

Dani: What?

[Dani quickly looks down]

Andrew: Hahahahaha! You looked down! You actually though you had slime on your shoes. I really fooled you!

Dani: Really?

Andrew: Really! You just got brother-tized!

Heidi: Don’t worry Dani! Andrew was just teasing you!

[Dani approaches Heidi and steals her stuffed rabbit from her]

[Dani throws Heidi’s rabbit at the stairwell]

[Heidi gasps]

[Heidi stands up and approaches the stairwell]

Heidi: Oh my goodness! Sophie!

[Heidi retrieves her rabbit]

[Dani approaches Andrew and steals his hamburger]

[Dani eats part of the hamburger]

Andrew: Hey! That was my hamburger!

Dani: You want it back?

Andrew: Not after you licked it!

Dani: Haha!

[Dani leaves]

[Heidi approaches the couch with her rabbit and sits on the couch with Andrew]

Andrew: I can’t believe it! My little sister just took my good hamburger!

Heidi: She also threw my adorable rabbit Sophie at the stairs!

Andrew: My little sister is really devious!

Heidi: But I can tell she can be really sweet!

Andrew: Not really!

Heidi: I thought Dani had a really nice purple sweater.

Andrew: Okay! Lets watch some more T.V.!

[They continue to watch television]

Heidi: Your television looks really colorful in High Definition.

Andrew: Anything else you like to add to that?

Heidi: I love flowers!

Andrew: Okay then!

[Andrew & Heidi Theme Song]

[Andrew’s House]


[Andrew, Heidi and the rest of the Daltons are eating dinner]

Andrew: So Heidi and I were just walking on the sidewalk on a very usual day in usual weather.

Heidi: We were talking about pancakes and syrup!

Katy: But we’re eating dinner!

Heidi: Which is why we’re eating chicken right now!

Andrew: Anyways, we were walking on the sidewalks that morning and then, we met an actor named Bradley Pierce!

Michael: Wow! You two met the actor Bradley Pierce!

Andrew: That’s right! He even gave me his autograph!

Dani: Bradley Pierce! Wasn’t that one guy who played that one kid in the movie Jumanji?

Heidi: Yeah! He was that kid that turned into a monkey!

Andrew: Yeah! That’s right! He was here in New York doing a radio interview and after that I got an autograph and then he left us. Now was that a cool story or what?

Michael: That story was really cool. I mean cool as in…cool!

Katy: Wow! You really know how to say the word cool!

Michael: We all know how to say the word cool. It’s just usual word that we all use!

Katy: So Michael! Do you want me to pack this chicken for your lunch tomorrow?

Michael: No! I’m not going to work tomorrow!

Dani: Why are you not going to work tomorrow daddy?

Michael: I’m on vacation this week.

Heidi: A vacation! That’s wonderful! Where are you going?

Andrew: Not that kind of vacation! He means he’s is on a paid vacation!

Heidi: Huh?

Andrew: A paid vacation is where a person takes a week off from work.

Heidi: Oh! That kind of vacation!

Dani: Heidi! Is it just me or are you just being more useless than usual?

Heidi: But I’m not really useless! I’m just really adorable!

Andrew: Okay! That enough of the useless talk.

Dani: Okay fine! But remember Andrew I ate your hamburger and it is right now safe in my stomach.

Andrew: Yeah! Of course! You really ate my burger!

Michael: This is going to be really great. I get to stay home ad do whatever. I get to watch television and all kinds of good stuff.

Katy: Yeah! But don’t eat too much food while your going to be home all week.

Michael: I’m not going to eat too much food.

Katy: Okay then! I’m just giving you a fresh reminder! I’m not brainless you know!

Michael: Yes Katy! I know! But anyways!

Andrew: Do you guys know what I’ve been thinking about lately?

Heidi: What have you’ve been thinking about?

Andrew: I’m thinking about Driving!

Michael: Driving? Wow! That’s a really big catch!

Katy: What do you want to know about driving Andrew?

Andrew: It’s just that I’m really looking forward to driving!

Dani: Wow! You look like you really want to drive in a usual car.

Andrew: What makes you say that?

Dani: Because you’re acting like you really wanna drive.

Andrew: I do want to drive! Plus I really know how to drive!

Katy: Pfft! You really think you know how to drive!

Andrew: Yes!

Heidi: I have a pogo stick in my house.

[They all look at Heidi]

Heidi: It works well except it doesn’t go really high.

Andrew: Heidi, were not talking about pogo sticks!

Heidi: Oh! Okay then!

Andrew: Mom! Dad! Really! I know how to drive!

Michael: Really?

Andrew: Yes! I really know!

Michael: Okay then! What’s the first thing to do in the car before you start driving?

Andrew: Simple! You fasten your seatbelt!

Katy: What do you do after you fasten your seatbelt?

Andrew: You adjust your mirrors!

Michael: And then what do you do next?

Andrew: The next thing you do is turn on the ignition, put the car in reverse just in case you need to back up, and then you hit the gas to back up, and then you put the car in drive to drive forward, you have to keep your eyes on the road and keeps your hands on the wheel and then to make the car stop moving you hit the breaks.

Michael and Katy: Wow!

Andrew: I told you guys I know how to drive! It’s just that I haven’t done the actually thing in person before.

Dani: You’re acting like you really wanna drive right now.

Andrew: Well I’m not driving right now! I really want to drive.

Heidi: Don’t worry Andrew! I’m also not driving right now! That’s why I got a pink bike for Christmas!

Andrew: That’s sounds comforting!

Michael: Well Andrew! If you really want to drive then you’re going to have to wait until your 16! You’re still 15 right now!

Katy: Your father is right! I was 16 when I started driving!

Michael: I started driving when I was 16! The age of 16 is really the age to start driving!

Andrew: Okay! I’ll wait until I’m 16! I’ll just eat some more chicken

Heidi: My grandma knows how to drive!

Andrew: We know that Heidi! We really know that!

Heidi: Okay then!

[Andrew’s House]

[Andrew walks out of the kitchen talking on his pear phone]

Andrew: Heidi! I got done eating breakfast and apparently I’m waiting for you right now, why aren’t you here yet? Your bouncing on your pogo stick on your way to school? And your grandma said it was okay? Wow! Some chiz! Okay! I’ll see you at school then! Okay! Bye!

[Andrew hangs up and puts his pear phone in his pocket]

[Andrew grabs his backpack]

[Andrew approaches the front door and pauses]

[Andrew turns around and walks into the kitchen]


[Andrew walks in and approaches the cabinet]

[Andrew opens a drawer and grabs his fathers car keys]

Andrew: My dad’s car keys! I know I’m not 16 years old yet. Since I have a plenty of time before school starts, I guess I can drive in Dad’s car for only a few minutes.

[Dani walks in]

[Andrew jumps a little]

Andrew: AHH!

[Andrew hides the keys behind his back]

Andrew: Dani! What do you think you’re doing in the kitchen?

Dani: I’m here in the kitchen to eat breakfast, which is what I usually do everyday. What else would you think I I’d be doing? Singing opera music?

Andrew: Well no? You just came down here to eat some chewy cereal. Where’s mom and dad?

Dani: Mom is upstairs taking a shower and dad is upstairs and he is still sleeping.

Andrew: Right!

Dani: Why are you acting all weird?

Andrew: I’m not acting weird! Who’s acting weird? Just eat some cereal or something.

[Dani hears jingling sounds]

Dani: What was that sound?

Andrew: What sound?

Dani: It sounds like jingling!

Andrew: Jingling? Oh yeah! It looks like Santa Clause came here early on his sleigh to see how you’re doing on nice side for Christmas!

Dani: What?

Andrew: Never mind!

[Dani approaches Andrew]

Dani: Turn around and let me see what’s behind your back.

Andrew: What if I don’t turn around?

Dani: I will take my shoes off and then I’ll force you to smell my shoes.

Andrew: Okay! I’m turning around!

[Andrew turns around and Dani sees that Andrew is holding his dad’s car keys in his right hand]

Dani: Dad’s car keys! That explains why you’re acting weird!

Andrew: At least I ain't suspicious!

[Andrew turns around and holds the keys in front of him]

Dani: What are you doing with daddy's car keys?

Andrew: I am holding the keys because I'm looking at them. They look shiny, clean and they look like real car keys.

Dani: It looks like your holding keys because you are planning on driving Daddy's car.

Andrew: How did you figure that out?

[Dani points at her head]

Dani: My brain can some times tell me some interesting.

Andrew: At least your not psychic!

Dani: Are you going to drive around in Dad's car?

Andrew: Yes!

Dani: Ooh! I am so going to tell on you!

Andrew: No you're not!

Dani: Andrew! I know that you are going to be driving in driving in Daddy's car with out a drivers license.

Andrew: Dani! I can't help it! It's just that I really wanted to drive so badly, I just thought it would be a good idea in Dad's car for a little.

Dani: But you promised mom and dad during dinner last night that you would start driving by the time you turn 16!

Andrew: I know! I'm just going to drive in dad's car around the block for only a few minutes and then I'll put the car back in the garage and put the keys back before dad even finds out. I just want to try out driving for the first time

Dani: Whatever! But I'm still telling on you.

Andrew: Dani! You can't tell mom and dad about this! I really do not want to get in trouble for this.

Dani: Then give me $20.00!

Andrew: Why?

Dani: If you give me $20.00, I won't tell mom and dad!

[Andrew pulls out his wallet out of his pocket and pulls out the $20.00]

Andrew: Here you go!

[Andrew gives the $20.00 to Dani]

Dani: Thank you!

Andrew: Your welcome! [Putting his wallet in his pocket] Now I'm gonna a go do some driving, in my fathers car. In which I hope I really don't get busted.

[Andrew leaves]

Dani: Yep! That's a really good look of twenty dollars! My mouth is now craving on cereal and milk.

[Andrew's House]


[Andrew opens the garage door]

[Andrew approaches his dad's car]

[Andrew unlocks his dad's car]

Andrew: Wow! It's unlocked!

[Andrew opens the car door and removes his backpack]

[Andrew enters the car and puts his back pack in the backseat]

[Andrew closes the door]

Andrew: Wow! I am actually in the car, sitting in the car in the drivers seat. This is really cool chiz!

[Andrew fastens his seatbelt and is adjusts the mirror]

[Andrew turns on the ignition with the car keys]

Andrew: Whoa! I can't believe I really did that! And now, let's move around a little.

[Andrew puts the car in reverse and then moves the car out of the garage]

[Camera views at Michael's car backing up in the drive way]

[The car is now on the road and it makes a turn on the road]

[Andrew puts the car in drive and drives forward]

[Camera views at the car moving forward]


[The car that Andrew is driving moves in on the street]

[Inside the Car]

Andrew: This is pretty cool! I'm am driving in a car very perfectly. Plus I'm not messing up. It's a good thing I'm not driving like SpongeBob!

[The car moves forward in the streets]

[Camera views at Freddie Benson walking on the street]

[Freddie is looking at updated on his pear phone]

[The car comes in and moves forward]

[Inside the Car]

Andrew: Hey! That looks like Freddie Benson from iCarly!

[The car approaches Freddie and the car stops moving]

[Andrew opens the window and sticks his head out]

Andrew: [Shouting] Hey you!

[Andrew honks the horn twice]

Andrew: Hey you! Guy with the black and grey colored t-shirt!

[Freddie turns around and sees Andrew]

Freddie: [Shouting] Me?

Andrew: [Shouting] Yes you! Come here!

[Freddie puts his pear phone in his pocket approaches the car]

Andrew: Are you Freddie Benson from iCarly?

Freddie: Yes! I was the guy who did the camera work and all the sound and visual effects.

Andrew: That's Awesome! I'm Andrew Dalton! It is really nice to meet you. I watched iCarly on the internet all the time.

Freddie: That's good! I'm just the guy who's behind the camera!

Andrew: What are you doing here in New York?

Freddie: I go to college now! I am a student at Cornell University!

Andrew: Why are you not on your college campus?

Freddie: I just went out for a bagel. You look really nice in those glasses you're wearing.

Andrew: Thanks! A lot of people think I look like a nerd wearing these glasses. I'm really not a nerd.

Freddie: Don't worry I believe you! People some times call me a nerd to.

Andrew: Wow! This is the first time I'm am not being called a nerd from another person.

Freddie: Yeah! Some feeling!

Andrew: Do you need a ride? I know where Cornell University is from here.

Freddie: Sure!

[Freddie goes to the other side of the car and Andrew closes his window, and unlocks the doors]

[Freddie opens the door and enters the car]

[Freddie closes the door, takes off his back pack and fastens his seatbelt]

Freddie: You really know how to drive this car?

Andrew: Yes I do! I really know how to drive. I'm really one of the best.

Freddie: Cool!

Andrew: Yeah! Cool! That's cool as!

[The car moves forward and drives off on the road]

[Andrew's House]

[Dani is putting on her backpack]

[Michael and Katy walks in]

Katy: Hey Dani! Did Andrew leave for school already?

Dani: Yeah! Why do you ask?

Katy: He wasn't in his bedroom when I got dressed this morning.

Dani: Yeah! He had to leave for school, just on a usual sunny day, here in Ithaca, New York!

Michael: That's nice!

Dani: Can I go to school now?

[Michael and Katy are looking at Dani]

Dani: I said can I go to school now?

Michael: Oh yeah! Sure!

Katy: Sure, you can go to school right now.

Michael: Go to school! Get some good grades.

Katy: And do some good learning.

Dani: Right! My parents decided to look at me and then they decide to let me go to school. That was al little cheesy!

[Dani leaves]

Michael: Well Katy! We got the house to ourselves! Since I'm on a paid vacation, I figured that you and can have some fun here in this house.

Katy:. Yeah! But you're still in you're Pajamas right now, plus you haven't even eaten your breakfast yet.

Michael: Okay! I guess you and I can have breakfast and then you and I and I and I can......

Katy: Have some alone time?

Michael: Yeah!

Katy: Well since I do not have a job, I guess some alone time is a good idea.

Michael: I know why you don't have a job. You're just a stay at home mother and house wife who takes care of groceries, cooking and other chores that you do in this house.

Katy: You've been knowing that since you and I have been married.

Michael: Oh yeah! I have been knowing that!

Katy: Interesting! I married a plumber that has some good memory in his head.

Michael: Can we please have some alone time later Katy?

Katy: Of corse we can Michael! But right now I'm gonna make us some breakfast.

Michael: Okay! You do that while I go take a shower.

Katy: Okay Honey!

[Michael and Katy kisses]

Michael: I do have a good memory! A real good memory.

[Michael leaves]

Katy: Yeah! I have a real good memory to.

[Cornell University]

[The Car that Andrew is driving moves in and parks right next to the campass entrance]

[Inside the Car]

Freddie: Thanks for the ride Andrew! [Unbuckling his seatbelt] You're like a really good navigator.

Andrew: Hey! I've been living in this city for some time now, so it's the least I can do.

Freddie: Yeah! I really like the feel of these car chairs. It definitely feels good for my buttox!

Andrew: Huh?

Freddie: Well, I'm just saying!

Andrew: Alright! You have an nice day.

Freddie: I will! It was nice meeting you Andrew!

[Freddie grabs his backpack and exits the car]

[Outside on Campus]

[Freddie's phone rings]

[Freddie pulls out his pear phone and answers it]

Freddie: Hello? What? How did you know that I said the word buttox? Come on mom!

[Freddie leaves]

[Inside the Car]

Andrew: Okay! What time is it! [Looks at the clock on the car radio] It is 7:15 AM! Only fifteen minutes till school starts.

[Andrew pauses and makes a weird gasping sound]

Andrew: Oh no! I gotta be in school in twenty minutes, and I have got my dad's car back in the garage yet and there's not much time. Oh man! I must've lost track of driving while driving. I guess this means I gotta drive this car to school, without a drivers license. I really hope my dad doesn't find out about this.

[Andrew puts the car in drive]

Andrew: I'm driving this car to school. Oh boy! This is some day I'm having right with driving now. Mhmm!

[The car moves forward and leaves the university]

[Commercial Break]

[Ithaca High School]

[Parking Lot]

[Andrew parks the car in a parking spot]

[Andrew turns off the ignition and unfastens his seatbelt]

[Andrew comes out of the car with the keys and closes the door]

[Dylan Rodgers walks in]

Dylan: Hey Andrew! It's you it's really you!

Andrew: Um, yeah! It is me!

Dylan: I didn't know that you knew how to drive.

Andrew: Yeah! I really do know how to drive.

Dylan: When did you get your license?

Andrew: I don't have a license!

Dylan: Then why are you driving a car then?

Andrew: It's my dad's car! I just wanted to drive around in that car a little. You know, just to see what it's like.

Dylan: Oh! I'm wearing a new sweater.

Andrew: Wow! And now here is the word that I'm really going to say to you.

Dylan: Oh good! What is that word?

Andrew: Goodbye!

Dylan: Oh! Okay then!

[Dylan leaves]

Andrew: Some nerd wearing a geeky sweater.

[Heidi comes in wearing a hat and is bouncing on a pogo stick]

Andrew: And now I'm seeing Heidi using a pogo stick and is wearing ball cap on her head.

Heidi: Hi Andrew! I'm bouncing on a pogo stick.

Andrew: Any reason?

Heidi: So I can bounce on the way to school.

Andrew: How nice!

[Heidi stops bouncing and on jumps off the pogo stick]

Heidi: I'm also wearing a hat that has two cans connected to the side. Do you wann know what it does?

Andrew: What does its do?

Heidi: I just blow on this this straw right here.

[Heidi blows on the straw and bubbles comes out of the two cans from her hat]

Andrew: It makes bubbles!

Heidi: Yeah! It makes bubbles!

[Heidi plays with the bubbles a little]

Andrew: Where did you get that hat?

Heidi: It was my grandpa's hat! My grandma's gave it to me.

Andrew: It used to be your grandpa's hat. Where is your grandfather.

Heidi: He's not here anymore, he passed away when I was 5 years old.

[Heidi takes off her hat from her head]

Andrew: That explains it! Anyway, this morning I decided to drive my dad's car to school.

Heidi: You drove your dad's car?

Andrew: Yeah! His car is right here in this parking lot. I decided to drive the car around the block, but I wasn't planning on bringing it to school.

Heidi: Why did you bring the car to school anyways?

Andrew: Apparently I saw Freddie Benson, the camera guy from iCarly. Apparently, I offered him a ride to go to his school.

Heidi: Wow! You met Freddie Benson? The iCarly Freddie Benson?

Andrew: Yeah! Anything else you like to add to that.

Heidi: I love iCarly! I saw that webcast show on the Internet all the time.

Andrew: Yeah! Anyway, I dropped him off at the university and then I realized I lost track of time, which caused my to drive this car to school and gave me no time to return it to the garage in my house. I don't even have a drivers license.

Heidi: Why did you decide to drive your dad's car without a drivers license?

Andrew: I just thought I'd drive the car around for a few minutes the feel what driving was really like. I drove in that car really well.

Heidi: Wow! You really do know how to drive.

Andrew: Yeah! But now I failed to get the car home before school time and I'm afraid that my dad is going to find out and get me in trouble for it.

Heidi: You look like you're really nervous and worried right now. Wait, which one is its nervous or worried?

Andrew: It's both! I'm nervous and worried! I'm Nerried!

Heidi: Nerried! That makes a lot of sense!

Andrew: Look, as long as I get the car home after school without my dad knowing I should be okay. Apparently my parents doesn't know about this. I just hope they don't find out.

Heidi: Does your sister Dani know about it?

Andrew: Yes! I gave her $20.00 to keep her mouth shut about this.

Heidi: Wow! You have one sister who is really sweet at sometimes.

Andrew: Yeah! Okay! Let's hope that my parents don't find out about this. In the mean time, I don't want you telling anybody about this.

Heidi: Okay! I won't tell anybody!

Andrew: Good!

[Andrew and Heidi approaches the side of the car]

[Andrew opens the door to the back seat and grabs his backpack]

Andrew: Put your pogo stick and hat in the car.

[Heidi puts the pogo stick in hat in the car]

[Andrew closes the door]

[Andrew locks the car and puts the keys in his pocket]

[Andrew and Heidi is now on the sidewalk]

Andrew: Okay Heidi! Let's just walk into the school very casually!

Heidi: That sounds like fun!

[Andrew and Heidi are walking very casually]

[Ithaca High School]


[Andrew is sitting at the table very nervously with his lunch]

[A girl walks in]

Girl: Hey Andrew!

Andrew: What?

Girl: You're girlfriend told me that you drove a car to school today! That's really cool!

[The girl leaves]

[A boy walks in]

Boy: Yo Andrew!

Andrew: Yes!

Boy: You're girlfriend told me that you drove a nice car today. That is so cool!

[Boy leaves]

[Principal Elmore walks in]

Principal Elmore: Hey Mr. Dalton! Your girlfriend Ms. Makinney told me you drove a car to school today.

Andrew: Yeah! What about it?

Principal Elmore: That is really cool!

Andrew: Thanks!

Principal Elmore: It's really cool! I am so ready for a sandwich!

[Principal Elmore leaves]

[Heidi walks with her lunch and sits down at the table with Andrew]

Andrew: Heidi! Some people came to this table and told me about the car. Did you really tell people about the car?

Heidi: Well yeah!

Andrew: I thought I told you not to tell anybody about the car.

Heidi: I know you did! But my mouth and my tongue really wanted to say stuff about the car, so I did tell a few people.

Andrew: Did you tell people that drove with out a drivers license?

Heidi: No! I also told some people about my bubble hat and pogo stick!

Andrew: Oh Good! It's a good thing you didn't tell people about the drivers license part. But why did you tell people about it.

Heidi: Well as far as what you told me, my tongue and my mouth really wanted me to tell people about the car. So I went ahead and told people about it.

Andrew: Well you pretty much sorta screwed it up.

Heidi: I didn't screw anything up.

Andrew: I said sorta!

Heidi: Oh!

Andrew: I'm just sitting here being nervous and worried about the car thing. I'm really....really.....

Heidi: Nerried?

Andrew: Yeah! Nerried!

Heidi: Andrew! What if your parents do find out about you driving your dad's car?

Andrew: Then I'm pretty much toast!

Heidi: As in French toast?

Andrew: No! Just toast!

Heidi: Okay! I know that I've eaten French toast before.

Andrew: I just gotta get the car home after school.

Heidi: I know! Let's just eat a good and very nice lunch in this cafeteria.

Andrew: Yeah! Okay! I'm just eating my lunch in the cafeteria, with you, being all Nerried!

Heidi: But you still look really nice when you're nervous and worried.

Andrew: That's enough Heidi!

[Andrew's House - 2:15 PM]

[Michael and Katy are watching television]

Katy: Hey Michael! Why are we watching an achieved NFL Super Bowl on television.

Michael: It's only Super Bowl 41 that was recorded back from 2007. It's the Chicago Bears against the Indianapolis Colts.

Katy: Yeah! The final score was 29-17 and the Colts took the victory in that game.

Michael: Wow! You gave me a spoiler to that game.

Katy: I know! I remember you watching that super bowl game back from 2007.

Michael: Mhmm!

Katy: Can't we watch something else besides this football game?

Michael: Okay! But we're not watching a romantic soap opera.

Katy: Dang it!

[Michael grabs the remote and changes the channel]

Michael: I'm searching through the T.V. Guide right now and there's nothing good on right.

Katy: The can you do me a favor and take out the garbage while I stay in here and search through the channels.

Michael: Okay!

[Michael gets off of the couch]

Michael: I'll take out the garbage, my good stay at home wife.

[Michael walks into the kitchen]

Katy: Okay! Let's see! Okay! I guess we can watch the food channel. Food can sometimes be entertainment.

[Katy turns on the food channel and puts the remote on the coffee table]

Katy: Wow! That is some cheese cake I'm seeing right now.

[Michael walks in with a bag of garbage]

Michael: Are you watching the food channel?

Katy: Yes! We are going to be entertained by food.

Michael: Okay!

[Michael leaves carry the garbage bag]


[Michael walks in and goes to the side of the garage]

[Michael puts the garbage bag in the the garbage can]

[Michael walks next to the garage and notices that the garage door is opened]

[Michael notices that his car is not in the garage]

Michael: What the fishbot?

[Michael walks into the Garage and spins around a little]

Michael: My car!

[Michael leaves the garage]

[Inside the House]

[Katy is still watching television]

[Michael walks in]

Michael: Honey! We have a problem!

Katy: What's the matter?

Michael: My car is gone!

Katy: What?

Michael: I was taking about the garbage and then I noticed that the garage door is opened and my car is gone.

[Katy stands up and approaches Michael]

Katy: That's awful! Do think somebody might've stolen it?

Michael: I don't know! Katy, I think something must be very wonky going on right now.

Katy: More like Willy Wonky?

Michael: Yeah! That to!

[Ithaca High School - 2:35 PM]

[Parking Lot]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in and approaches the car]

Andrew: Okay! Let's just quickly get the car home be fore my dad finds out.

[Andrew pulls the keys out of his pocket and unlocks the car]

[Andrew opens the door to the back seat and puts his backpack in the back seat]

[Dylan Rodgers walks in]

Dylan: Hey Andrew!

Andrew: Whaaaaaaaaaat?

Dylan: I missed the bus.

Andrew: Oh dear! I wonder why!

Heidi: Hey Dylan! That looks like a nice sweater on you!

Dylan: Thanks Heidi!

Heidi: You're welcome! You really look nice in a sweater.

Andrew: Can we forget about the sweater?

Heidi: Sorry!

Andrew: Why did you miss the bus?

Dylan: Apparently my bladder was talking and I had to go the bathroom.

Andrew: Why don't you have your mom pick you up?

Dylan: I would! But my phone died! So I was wondering if you can give me a ride home.

Andrew: Well um.....I think...

Dylan: Thanks Andrew!

[Dylan takes off his back pack, enters the car in the back and closes the door]

Andrew: I didn't say yes! Oh! Now I gotta take a nerd home.

[Andrew opens the front door and enters the car]

[Andrew closes the door and is sitting in the drivers seat]

[Heidi takes off her backpack, opens the door and enters the car]

[Heidi closes the door and is sitting in the front passenger seat]

[They all fasten their seatbelt and Andrew adjusts the mirror]

Dylan: These seats feel really cozy! It really feels nice for my buttox.

Andrew: Um...I really don't see how your buttox can get cozy with car seats.

Heidi: I don't see that either.

[Andrew turns on the ignition with the car keys]

Andrew: Don't worry! I've done this driving thing before. Once!

Heidi: Once!

Andrew: Right!

[Camera views at the car moving backwards out of the parking spot]

[Car moves forward and leaves the parking lot]


[Inside the Car]

[Andrew is driving, while Heidi is in the passenger seat and Dylan is singing in the back]

Dylan: [Singing] Sounds of the tube socks, heard in the day, lulled by the moonlight have all past away!

Andrew: Hey! Will you stop singing that wazzy song.

Heidi: What's wrong with the song he's singing? It's a really good classic!

Andrew: And you're really enjoying that?

[Heidi nods her head yes]

Heidi: I think it's a really good song!

Andrew: Oh boy! How much longer to your house Dylan?

Dylan: It's only two more miles!

[Dylan gets ready to sing again]

Andrew: If you sing another dopey song, I will throw you're glasses out the window.

Dylan: Okay Andrew! As you wish!

Heidi: But you still have a nice sweater!

Dylan: It's a new sweater to.

Andrew: Again with the sweater! Oh my gosh!

[Andrew House]

[Katy is talking on the phone]

Katy: Are you sure you haven't found the car yet? Okay? We just need to know as soon as possible, okay, thank you!

[Katy hangs up the phone]

Michael: Anything?

Katy: The police still hasn't found you're car yet! The police says they'll call,back until they get any new information.

Michael: I can't believe my car got stolen. What kind of sicko steals my good car?

Katy: Don't worry! The police are doing everything they can. You'll get you're car back in no time

Michael: I sure hope so! That car I drive in is my life.

Katy: I know! It's also really decent!

[Dani walks in]

Dani: Hey Mom! Hey Daddy! What's going on?

Katy: Hey Dani! Somebody stole your daddy's car!

Michael: Yeah! My car got stolen! This is really wonky right now.

Katy: More like Willy Wonky!

Michael: That to!

Dani: Uh oh!

Katy: Uh oh? What do you mean Uh oh?

Michael: That really sounds like an uneven Uh oh!

Dani: So! I just said Uh oh! It's just an usual uh oh!

Katy: Dani! You acting like are acting like you're hiding something!

Dani: What makes you think that?

Michael: We can tell buy that look on your face. I want you tell us what's going on!

Dani: Well I promised Andrew not to tell you guys.

Michael: You promised Andrew on what?

Dani: Daddy! Your car wasn't stolen! Andrew took your car keys and he pretty much drove your car to school.

Katy: Oh my! Why would Andrew do such a thing. He doesn't even have drivers license.

Dani: I know! He just want to know what it's was really like to drive a car.

Michael: No wonder why he was talking about driving yesterday. He decided to drive my car, without a license!

Dani: He was planning on driving your car for only a few minutes and bring it back to the garage, and for some reason he drove your car to school today.

Michael: I see where this is going!

Katy: Well in that case I need to call the police and tell them it's a false alarm!

[Katy walks into the kitchen]

Michael: Anything interesting happened in school today.

Dani: No! But we did have a fire drill today.

Michael: Hm! Splendid!


[Inside the Car]

[Andrew is still driving while Heidi is seated in the front seat]

Heidi: I thought it was nice of you to drive Dylan home to his house.

Andrew: Yeah! I really did drop him off at his house. Right now he is home at his house singing his dumb song which is an alternate version of Beautiful Dreamer. The version that had the words, tube socks!

Heidi: I thought the song was good!

Andrew: In your point of view!

Heidi: Ooh! Andrew pull over!

Andrew: What is it? Is there a cop?

Heidi: No! Ice cream! I see an ice cream stand! I want some ice cream!

Andrew: No way! I gotta get this car home before my dad finds out.

Heidi: But my tongue wants the ice cream!

Andrew: Okay fine!

[Andrew parks the car on the side of the street]

[Andrew pulls out his wallet and pulls out one dollar]

[Andrew gives Heidi the dollar and puts his wallet back in his pocket]

Andrew: Okay! Go get your ice cream!

Heidi: Yay!

[Heidi unfastens her seatbelt and exits the car]

Andrew: I wonder why my girlfriend decided to get an ice cream! I really need to get the car back home. Okay! Apparently she decided to to get the ice cream in a cone. It's looks like a strawberry ice cream. At least they have a Funky Nut Blast on that menu. At least she paid the ice cream dude with the dollar I gave her. That dude has puffy hair.

[Heidi comes back with her ice cream and enters the car]

[Heidi closes the door]

Andrew: Good! You got your ice cream! Wasn't that a waste of time to get this car home back to my house.

Heidi: But I really wanted some ice cream!

Andrew: Whatever let's just get the car back home!

Heidi: Can you hold my ice cream for me while I up fasten my seatbelt?

[Andrew takes Heidi's ice cream and Heidi fastens her seatbelt]

[Andrew gives Heidi her ice cream back]

Heidi: I have a really good strawberry ice cream!

[Heidi tasting her ice cream]

Andrew: At least you're licking it!

[Andrew starts driving again]

Andrew: Could this day get any worse?

Heidi: I'm having a good day!

Andrew: Of course you are! Oh my goodness!

[Andrew's House]


[The car moves into the garage and Andrew parks the car]

[Andrew turns off the ignition]

[Inside the Car]

Andrew: Okay! Thank goodness we got the car home. Why did you have me drive around a few neighborhoods a few minutes ago?

Heidi: I wanted to finish my ice cream!

Andrew: Sure! Well at least we got the car back home in one piece! Let's get our suff and get inside the house.

Heidi: Okay!

[The both un fasten their seat belts]

[Heidi grabs her backpack]

[Heidi exits the car and closes the door]

[Andrew exits the car with the car keys and closes the door]

[Andrew opens the door to the back seat and grabs his backpack]

[Heidi goes to the other side of the car and grabs her bubble hat and pogo stick]

[Andrew closes the door on the back side and locks the car]

Andrew: Okay! Come on!

[They both exit the garage]

[Heidi leaves the garage area]

[Andrew closes the garage door and leaves the garage area]

[Front Porch]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in]

Andrew: Well! It's a good thing a got the car back in the garage safe and sound.

Heidi: It's also a good thing that you know how to drive.

Andrew: Yeah! I'm really good at driving!

[Andrew opens the front door]

[Andrew and Heidi enters the house]

[Inside the House]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in and Andrew closes the front door]

[Andrew and Heidi suddenly sees Michael, Katy and Dani looking at them]'m

Andrew: Oh um, Hello family! Some day we're having aren't we?

Heidi: It's a really beautiful day.

Michael: Andrew! Some remarkable thing happened today.

Andrew: What?

Michael: You decided to drive around in my car, and then you drove it to school today.

Heidi: It looks like your dad found out.

Andrew: Yeah! He found out alright! At least Dani was able to keep a secret.

Dani: Yeah! But mom and dad dragged it out of me.

Katy:Andrew! Why would you do such a thing?

Andrew: I just wanted to drive the car.

Dani: Yeah! You really wanted to drive the car, and now, I'm up stairs doing my homework.

[Dani leaves]

Katy: Well Andrew! It looks like you and you're dad are going to have a serious conversation, and now, I shall cook in the kitchen.

[Katy leaves]

Michael: Andrew! How could you? Driving my car without a license, and driving under the age of 16. Is there anything else I should know?

Andrew: I'm sorry father! I brought the car back home safe and sound! Here's the keys!

[Andrew gives the keys to his father]

Michael: You bet you did!

Heidi: Andrew is a really good driver! I even have a bubble hat and a pogo stickpin right here in my hands.

Andrew: Um, Heidi! This is between me and my dad!

Heidi: Sorry!

Michael: Come up stairs with me Andrew! You and I are going to have a nice long chat.

[Michael leaves]

Andrew: Okay! Wish me luck Heidi! My dad and I are really going to have a interesting conversation.

[Andrew approaches the stairwell]

Andrew: A really good conversation!

[Andrew nods his head yes]

[Andrew leaves]

Heidi: Well it looks like Mr. Dalton and my boyfriend are going to have a decent talk. But at least I got an ice cream today. A very good strawberry ice cream. Very tasty!

[End Credits Scene]

[Andrew's House]

[Andrew and Heidi are sitting on the couch]

Andrew: Well Heidi! Yesterday was some day!

Heidi: I know! Did your dad punish your for driving his car?

Andrew: Yeah! I only got grounded for 2 weeks. Plus my dad says I'm not suppose to drive, until I turn 25!

Heidi: That's interesting! My grandma told me that I have to wait until I'm 25 to start driving.

Andrew: Why? You didn't drive any car yesterday. Plus you never driven before in your life.

Heidi: I know! I told my my grandma about yesterday's car situation and she told me that she didn't want me doing the same thing just in case, which is why I have to wait until I'm 25 to drive!

Andrew: Wow! That was very decent of you're grandma, even though you never do anything bad.

Heidi: That's right! I'm a good person! I'm always doing good stuff, like eating!

Andrew: Yeah I know! You're always good!

Heidi: I love being good and sweet!

Andrew: Okay! I get it! I really get it!

(The End)

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