Elizabeth Gillies
Some attributes
Full Name Elizabeth Egan Gillies
Date of Birth July 26, 1993 (age 25)
Haworth, New Jersey, U.S.
Hair Color Black, Light Brown
Eye Color Brown
Favorite Color Unknown
Gender Female
Location Unknown
Family Unknown
Friends Ariana Grande,Matt Bennett
First Appearance The Substitute Teacher
Last Appearance The Substitute Teacher

Elizabeth "Liz" Gillies is a special guest actress on Andrew & Heidi. She portrayed the character Ms. Allison Martin in The Substitute Teacher.


  • Elizabeth is the first special guest star to appear in Season 2.
  • Although some Victorious characters appeared in Andrew & Heidi & Cat & Robbie, Elizabeth did not return to play Jade West.
    • Avan Jogia and Daniella Monet did not reprise their roles as main characters as well. Avan and Daniella are the only Victorious cast members to not appear in Andrew & Heidi as themselves or a character.