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The following is a list of episodes of Andrew & Heidi. This live-action comedy show created by Iamaman1977 is about a very intelligent and sometimes arrogant boy named Andrew Dalton and a sweet and cheerful dimwitted girl named Heidi Makinney who are in love with each other and they get into some interesting adventures and some sticky situations, the Pilot was released on November 17, 2014.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season Premiere Season Finale
1 20 November 17, 2014 December 30, 2014
2 13 January 6, 2015 September 4, 2015
3 14 November 20, 2015 TBA
4 13 TBA TBA

Season 1: 2014

No. Ep. Episode Title Original Air Date Prod. Code Writer
1 1 "Pilot" November 17, 2014 101 Iamaman1977

Andrew Dalton and Heidi Makinney are both new students at Ithaca High School and they both meet in a janitors closet. They rescue an infant for their first adventure and they both become a new couple.


2 2 "The Basketball Story" November 18, 2014 102 Iamaman1977

After a basketball coach sees Andrew makes a good shot throwing a piece of paper in a trash can, he selects Andrew to be part of the basketball team.


3 3 "Mr. Hall and Hall's Market" November 19, 2014 103 Iamaman1977

Andrew meets Mr. Hall and is hired to work at "Hall's Market." Mr. Hall pushes Andrew a little too hard on work and gives him less time to see Heidi.


4 4 "Andrew's Television Show" November 20, 2014 104 Iamaman1977

Heidi notices that Andrew becomes a lot frantic when his favorite show, "Daniel & Jerry" cancels. This makes Andrew and Heidi to write letters begging for the show to go back on the air, while Heidi is enjoying her newest PearPad game, "Catching the Birdie", much to Andrew's annoyance.


5 5 "The Sneak Out" November 24, 2014 105 Iamaman1977

Andrew wants to take Heidi out on a date, but his parents, Michael and Katy won't let him. Andrew takes Heidi out anyway, but he and her and his parents go to the same restaurant. Meanwhile, Dani and Mr. Hall are playing a panda bear board game.


6 6 "Unexpected Halloween" November 25, 2014 106 Iamaman1977

Andrew and Heidi go out trick or treating on Halloween while Michael and Katy are taking Dani out trick or treating. But Andrew and Heidi finds a haunted house while having fun and they both get trapped inside.


7 7 "Making an I.Q.!" December 1, 2014 107 Iamaman1977

Andrew and Heidi takes an I.Q. test administered by the state. Andrew gets a high score on his test, but Heidi gets a low score on her test. Andrew comforts Heidi and tries to help her become smarter.


8 8 "Suspecting the Parents" December 2, 2014 108 Iamaman1977

Dani is suspecting that her parents Michael and Katy that have been doing a lot of romance in the house and then fears that they might have a baby. Meanwhile, Andrew and Heidi are selected to be in a movie scene being filmed at "Hall's Market."


9 9 "Heidi's Pink Rabbit" December 4, 2014 109 Iamaman1977

Heidi is obsessed with her pink stuffed rabbit that she carries around. But when Heidi has Andrew watch the rabbit, he accidentally lets somebody steal it. Andrew and Heidi now have to find the rabbit.


10 10 "Merry Christmas Andrew & Heidi" December 8, 2014 110 Iamaman1977

It's Christmas time, and Andrew and Heidi are hired to play Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus at "Hall's Market." But when Andrew is looking forward to getting a new bike, he finds out that a family is not getting presents which is shocking.


11-12 11-12 "Andrew & Heidi & Cat & Robbie" December 9, 2014 111-112 Iamaman1977

In this one hour special, Andrew and Heidi are wanting to visit a brand new hotel in Ithaca that just opened. They meet Cat Valentine and Robbie Shapiro who also stay at the hotel. Cat and Heidi begins to hang out, causing Andrew and Robbie feeling a little left out.

Note: This is the first special episode of Andrew & Heidi.

(Screenplay Part 1, Screenplay Part 2)

13 13 "The Tragedy of Dani's Goldfish" December 10, 2014 113 Iamaman1977

Andrew accidentally kills Dani's goldfish with way too many fish food. Andrew and Heidi now have to replace the goldfish before Dani finds out. Meanwhile, Michael and Katy are on their way to a wedding, but they get stuck in traffic for hours.


14 14 "Get Your Be-Heidi Outta Here" December 15, 2014 114 Iamaman1977

After causing an injury to both Michael and Katy, Heidi is banned from the Dalton house. Heidi tries to get back in the house, but she gets caught and thrown out again. Andrew now has to stand up to his parents in order to invite Heidi to come over again.


15 15 "The Houseguest" December 16, 2014 115 Iamaman1977

Mr. Hall is not allowed to sleep at "Hall's Market" anymore and he doesn't know where else to sleep. Mr. Hall stays at the Dalton house until he gets a new house. But it gets out of hand for the Daltons.


16 16 "Andrew's Big Fight" December 17, 2014 116 Iamaman1977

Andrew is challenged by a teen fighter named Daryl Thomas to a boxing match, and Andrew accepts. But Heidi is worried that Andrew might get hurt during the fight, so she wants him to back out of the fight.


17 17 "Heidi's Cousin Campy" December 18, 2014 117 Iamaman1977

Heidi hears that her cousin Campy from France is being trapped by criminals. Andrew and Heidi goes to France and Heidi has to go rescue Campy, but Heidi then gets trapped with him. It's now up to Andrew to rescue them both.


18 18 "Dani's Boyfriend" December 19, 2014 118 Iamaman1977

Dani has a boyfriend named Jason Lewis and hangs out with him. But Andrew and Heidi both sees Jason kissing another girl and tells Dani what they saw. Meanwhile, Katy's back is in pain and Michael Dalton has to take care of her.


19 19 "Ariana Grande at Ithaca" December 23, 2014 119 Iamaman1977

Ariana Grande guest stars and is scheduled to perform at Ithaca High School. She lets Andrew and Heidi escort her to the school, but Heidi accidentally knocks her unconscious hours before the show.


20 20 "The Heat Wave" December 30, 2014 120 Iamaman1977

The Dalton's and Ithaca, New York is suffering in a massive heat wave. After an air conditioner is broken, Andrew and Heidi goes out into town to find an air conditioner.

Note: This is the season finale of Season 1.


Season 2: 2015

  • This season of Andrew & Heidi has a total of 13 episodes.
  • This season takes place from 2015-2016.
  • Andrew Dalton, Heidi Makinney, Danielle Dalton, Michael Dalton, and Kathryn Dalton were present for all episodes.
  • Mr. Eugene Hall was present for 7 episodes.
  • Dylan Rodgers was present for 6 episodes.
No. Ep. Episode Title Original Air Date Prod. Code Writer
21 1 "The Substitute Teacher" January 6, 2015 201 Iamaman1977

Andrew and Heidi have a new substitute teacher in their English class. Heidi believes that the subsitute teacher might be in love with Andrew when he is helping with after school errands.


22 2 "A Strange Birthday Clown" January 8, 2015 202 Iamaman1977

A birthday clown comes to the Dalton house on Dani's birthday. Andrew notices that the clown is being strange and Heidi is scared of clowns.


23 3 "Raiders of the Lost Shoe" January 13, 2015 203 Iamaman1977

Heidi's shoe is missing so Andrew and Heidi goes around town to find Heidi's shoe, while Michael and Katy are blaming Andrew for destroying a well cooked breakfast meal that was just finished.


24 4 "Driving Michael's Car" January 23, 2015 204 Iamaman1977

Andrew drives Michael's car to school without a drivers license. So Andrew has to get the car back home before his father notices.


25 5 "Thanksgiving Problems" February 4, 2015 205 Iamaman1977

Andrew and Heidi are in charge of cooking the Thanksgiving food, but they struggle to cook all the food and they haven't cooked all the food yet when it's Thanksgiving Day.


26 6 "Talent Show" February 20, 2015 206 Iamaman1977

After Andrew hears that Heidi can sing really well, he encourages Heidi to participate in the school talent show. But Heidi is too nervous to sing in front of people. Meanwhile, Michael ends up with a speeding ticket and he has to appear in court.


27-28 7-8 "Playing on Family Feud" March 10, 2015 207-208 Iamaman1977

In this one hour special, the Dalton's want to buy and a brand new car. They decide to audition for Family Feud and they are invited to play. Andrew, Heidi, Dani, Katy and Michael head down to Atlanta, Georgia to play on Family Feud, while Mr. Hall is at "Hall's Market" playing on a new game system.

Note: This is the second special episode of Andrew & Heidi.

(Screenplay Part 1, Screenplay Part 2)

29 9 "The Return of Andrew's Friend" April 24, 2015 209 Iamaman1977

Andrew reunites with his old friend that he use to know from elementary school who's name is Becka. Becka wants to be Andrew's girlfriend, so she tries to steal Andrew away from Heidi. Meanwhile, Michael and Katy are forced to buy a new couch after the old couch is causing too much problems.


30 10 "Dani the Spy Person" May 19, 2015 210 Iamaman1977

Dani really wants to know what Andrew and Heidi are usually up to. When Andrew and Heidi goes out on a date, Dani goes out and spies on them without getting caught.


31 11 "It's a Valentine's Dance" July 8, 2015 211 Iamaman1977

Heidi wants to throw a special Valentine's Dance party at school on Valentine's Day. But the principal won't let her, so she and Andrew tries to get the principal to change his mind. Meanwhile, Dani is rarely getting any Valentine's cards at school and Michael and Katy makes cards for Dani pretending it's from her classmates.


32 12 "You've Been Switched" July 19, 2015 212 Iamaman1977

A magician uses a magic trick to switch Andrew and Heidi into their different lives causing Andrew to be in Heidi's body and Heidi to be in Andrew's body. But the magician has to find a way to switch them back into their own selves.


33 13 "The Babysitting Job" September 4, 2015 213 Iamaman1977

Andrew and Heidi are hired to babysit a seven year old boy. But the little boy is mean and he pulls pranks on Andrew and Heidi. Meanwhile, Mr. Hall comes by and watches his favorite television show marathon with Michael, Katy and Dani. But Michael, Katy and Dani are wanting to watch something else.

Note: This is the season finale of Season 2.


Season 3: 2015-18

  • This season of Andrew & Heidi has a total of 14 episodes.
  • This season takes place from 2016-2017.
No. Ep. Episode Title Original Air Date Prod. Code Writer
34 1 "Head Stuck in the Fence" November 20, 2015 301 Iamaman1977

While Andrew and Heidi are heading to a restaurant on their date, Andrew accidentally gets his head stuck in a fence and is unable to free himself from the fence.


35 2 "Adopting a Monkey" December 31, 2015 302 Iamaman1977

Andrew and Heidi finds an adorable monkey at the Ithaca Zoo and hears that the monkey is going to move to another zoo. So Heidi decides to take the monkey and decides to keep it as a pet.


36 3 "Getting the Picture" March 12, 2016 303 Iamaman1977

It's picture day at Ithaca High School and Andrew gets a new suede sweater that he really likes. But Heidi accidentally stains the sweater with her makeup. Now they both have to think quick to get the sweater clean.


37 4 "Romeo & Juliet" August 25, 2016 304 Iamaman1977

Heidi gets the part of Juliet in the play "Romeo & Juliet" but Andrew gets the understudy of Romeo while a handsome guy named Seth Carlton plays the part of Romeo. Andrew now fears that Seth might steal Heidi from him. So Andrew keeps them from kissing. Meanwhile, Michael is always getting tortured by a dog that lives next door.


38 5 "To Catch a Thief" April 20, 2017 305 Iamaman1977

Hall's Market has been robbed by a masked person that's been stealing at other places. Andrew, Heidi and Mr. Hall now have to find the criminal who robbed the store.

( Screenplay)

39 6 "Stuck in the Freezer" December 31, 2018 306 Iamaman1977

While Andrew and Heidi go out on a date at a burger restaurant, a bully comes there and tricks Heidi to go into a freezer. Andrew goes in there to save her, but the bully yanks the handle off the door. Andrew and Heidi are now both stuck. Meanwhile, Michael, Katy and Mr. Hall are challenged by Dani to a ping pong match. However, Dani keeps winning each game.


40 7 "Math Wars" TBA 307 Iamaman1977

Andrew is struggling in math and he really needs to get his math grade up. But Andrew is unable to find help while Heidi is always wearing costumes.

41 8 "Thunderstorm Anxiety" TBA 308 Iamaman1977

Heidi is scared of thunderstorms so she decides to sleep at Andrew's house. She even gets scared when a thunderstorm is happening during bedtime hours which makes her stay close to Andrew.

42 9 "Happy Birthday Dear Appendix" TBA 309 Iamaman1977

It's Heidi's birthday, and Andrew takes her out to do the things she wants to do including taking Heidi to her favorite restaurant. But Heidi has been having sharp pains in her stomach due to her appendix and is too scared to go the hospital.

43 10 "I'm Gonna Get You Andrew" TBA 310 Iamaman1977

When Andrew accidentally spills his lunch on a bully named Kevin Lancer, Kevin plans to get his revenge by bullying Andrew. Now Andrew is too scared to go to school.

44-45 11-12 "Finding Heidi" TBA 311-312 Iamaman1977

In this one hour special, Heidi gets kidnapped by a criminal and is taken to an abandoned house. Now Andrew has to go find and rescue his beloved Heidi.

Note: This is the third special episode of Andrew & Heidi.

46 13 "Derek and Lisa" TBA 313 Iamaman1977

Andrew and Heidi notices that two kids named Derek and Lisa are really friendly to each other. Andrew and Heidi then realizes that they should be a couple. So Andrew and Heidi plans to have them be in love at the school dance. Meanwhile, Katy is trying to create a good lasagna but she keeps messing up.

47 14 "The Housemaid Robot" TBA 314 Iamaman1977

When Katy gets really tired of cleaning the Dalton house, she orders a brand new housemaid robot that cleans the house for her. But when the robot ends up going crazy and gets out of control, Andrew, Heidi and the rest of the Daltons has to find a way to stop the robot from doing crazy chaos.

Note: This is the season finale of Season 3.

Season 4: 2018

  • This season of Andrew & Heidi has a total of 13 episodes. This is also the final season.
  • This season takes place from 2017-2018.
No. Ep. Episode Title Original Air Date Prod. Code Writer
48 1 "Corporate Andrew" TBA 401 Iamaman1977

After Andrew is denied to get a raise from Hall's Market, he decides to get another job working at a corporate business company and Heidi becomes his assistant.

49 2 "A Job for Heidi" TBA 402 Iamaman1977

Heidi doesn't have any money for anything. So Andrew helps Heidi to find a job for her. Heidi is then hired to work at a pretzel place.

50 3 "Surprise for Michael and Katy" TBA 403 Iamaman1977

It is Michael and Katy's wedding anniversary, and Andrew, Heidi, and Dani has to find a place to celebrate their wedding anniversary. When they find a party place, they only have one hour to set up for the party.

51 4 "Overnight Hours" TBA 404 Iamaman1977

Andrew and Heidi goes to a new fun place called "The Exploration Zone". But when the place closes, they both get stuck and are unable to leave which makes them stay there overnight. Meanwhile, the Daltons have to watch Broagey the Dog for a week which puts Michael in an uncomfortable position.

52 5 "It's a Present" TBA 405 Iamaman1977

Andrew gets a present from Heidi in honor of "Boyfriend & Girlfriend Appreciation Week" at Ithaca High School. But Andrew doesn't know what to give Heidi for a gift. So he goes around the store to find a perfect gift for Heidi. Meanwhile, Dani gets a new pet cricket that won't stop chirping and Michael and Katy are very distracted by it.

53-54 6-7 "Andrew & Heidi Go Hollywood" TBA 406-407 Iamaman1977

In this one hour special, the Dalton's decide to go on a vacation to Europe. But Andrew and Heidi boards in the wrong plane which is heading for Los Angeles, California while Michael, Katy and Dani are in Europe. Andrew and Heidi ends up in Hollywood and they have a great time.

Note: This is the fourth and final special episode of Andrew & Heidi.

55 8 "The Hunt for a Television" TBA 408 Iamaman1977

While Mr. Hall is on vacation, Andrew and Heidi are hired to watch his new house. But Heidi accidentally destroys his new big screen television. Andrew and Heidi now have to replace the television before Mr. Hall comes back from his trip.

56 9 "How to Bake a Cake" TBA 409 Iamaman1977

Andrew and Heidi orders a welcome home cake for Heidi's parents who are going to be visiting her. But Andrew accidentally destroys the cake and Andrew and Heidi have to make a new one.

57 10 "A Frenzy on Easter Sunday" TBA 410 Iamaman1977

Andrew, Heidi and the rest of the Daltons goes to church on Easter Sunday for a service and a party. But a person wearing an Easter Rabbit costume plans to get revenge on Andrew and Heidi during the party.

58 11 "Bear in the City" TBA 411 Iamaman1977

After hearing that bear has escaped the escaped the Ithaca zoo, Andrew, Heidi, the rest of Dalton's and the other people must take necessary precautions while the bear is out loose in the streets somewhere.

59 12 "An Epic Jail" TBA 412 Iamaman1977

Andrew and Heidi both get arrested while visiting the Ithaca Museum. Heidi is arrested for frequently touching the museum's objects Andrew is arrested for dumping a smoothie down an officers pants. Now the Daltons has to find a way to bail them out.

Note: This is the penultimate episode of Andrew & Heidi.

60 13 "Clip Show Finale" TBA 413 Iamaman1977

In this series finale episode, Andrew, Heidi, Mr. Hall and the rest of the Dalton's talks about all the crazy times they had throughout the series. Flashback episode clips are shown from previous episodes.

Note: This is the series finale of Andrew & Heidi.