Get Your Be-Heidi Outta Here
Season 1, Episode 14
Vital statistics
Air date December 15, 2014
Prod. code 114
Written by Iamaman1977
Directed by Unknown
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Get Your Be-Heidi Outta Here is the 14th episode of the 1st season of Andrew & Heidi.


Andrew is watching a video and laughing. Heidi comes in and says she was at the playground. Andrew says that’s for little kids Katy and Dani come in and Katy says she’s upset because Heidi been causing accidents to her and Michael lately. Heidi doesn’t think she is, but then she sticks her feet out and accidentally makes Katy and then Michael falls.

Later at work, Andrew and Mr. Hall are talking about how Heidi is causing accidents at The Dalton's House. Heidi comes in and Andrew talks with her and says she needs to be more careful when she’s at his house. Heidi then shows Andrew the dumpster she hid in when Michael was chasing after her. Heidi finds a skateboard with flowers on it and rides it, despite the fact that she never rode a skateboard before. At Andrew’s back porch, Heidi accidentally rides her skateboard into the house and hits Katy and injures her knee and Michael rides on the skateboard with Heidi to stop it and accidentally falls on the coffee table and hurts his arm and back. Michael gets extremely mad at Heidi and tells her to leave the Dalton home and to never come back. Heidi goes outside and cries on the steps. Later, The Daltons are watching A Rebel Without a Cause. Andrew then sneaks Heidi into the living room closet and goes to the kitchen to get an apple. Michael immediately knows Andrew’s hiding something and Heidi sneezes. Michael opens the closet door and finds Heidi in there and chases her around the house and then catches her and throws her out. Heidi then goes to the kitchen window and finds Andrew there and say how much they miss each other and kiss. Andrew says he’ll find a way to make his father allow her back in the house.

At Hall’s Market, Heidi comes in looking sad and Andrew comes up with the idea for Heidi to apologize to his father and he’ll let her back in. Heidi comes over later, but Michael won’t let her in and she tries some failed attempts to get in. Finally Andrew persuades him to let her in. Heidi apologizes for injuring Andrew’s parents and promises to be more careful, but despite her apology, Michael still won’t let her in because he doesn’t want another incident. Later, Andrew, Heidi. and Dani are at The Station. Dani admits how much she misses Heidi complimenting her. Andrew then comes up with an unknown idea. Later, Andrew and Heidi are sitting on the couch in Andrew’s house waiting for his parents to get home. Michael and Katy come home and Katy starts to side with Michael that Heidi isn’t allowed. Andrew refuses to get Heidi out of the house and stands up to his parents and tells them that Heidi didn’t mean to injure them and she is sweet and innocent, but they are just thinking about themselves. Michael and Katy are shocked and Michael lets Heidi come back to the Dalton house.


Andrew: Oh cheer up Heidi! I'm still trying my best to get you back in my house.
Mr. Hall: What did Heidi do?
Andrew: Heidi accidentally had to ride a skateboard in my house and injured my parents. Now she's all sad because because she is no longer allowed in my house.
Heidi: Mr. Dalton told me I wasn't allowed to step foot into that house again. Can you believe that Mr. Hall?
Mr. Hall: Yeah!
Andrew: Mr. Hall! Heidi is really sad about this. I'm trying really hard to get my dad to unban Heidi from my house.
Mr. Hall: Well why are you telling that to me? It's was your father kick your girlfriend out.
Heidi: Plus Andrew's dad is really mean to me.
Andrew: That's it!
Heidi: What's what? Did you just figure out how astronauts make phone calls while they are in outer space?
Andrew: No! You can apologize to my dad! You can come on over to my house and tell my dad that you are sorry, and if you can use that in a really good heart, my dad will let you back in my house.
Heidi: But your dad is really mean! What if he plans to do something tragic to me?
Mr. Hall: Simple! Just run for your life and hide in a dumpster.
Heidi: But I already did that!
Mr. Hall: Well do it again!
Andrew: You two can just leave the thinking to me.
Mr. Hall: Okay Andrew! You do the thinking!
Andrew: Magazine swiper!
Mr. Hall: Photosynthesis dude!

Andrew: Dad! Please let Heidi talk to you.
Michael: Fine! [opens the door] Alright! What do you want?
Heidi: Hi Mr. Dalton! How are you doing?
Michael: How am I doing? Because of you, my wife hurt her knee, and I hurt my back and I got a broken arm.
Heidi: I have a broken heart!
Andrew: That is really sad!
Katy: Definitely Sad!
Heidi: I'm really sorry for skateboarding in the house and hurting you and Mrs. Dalton. I am going to be very careful for now on if you let me back in.
Michael: Well since you apologized, me and my wife are going to accept your apology.
Katy: I accept your apology Heidi!
Andrew: Well that was nice!
Heidi: So are you going to let me back in your house?
Michael: No! [slams the door shut]
Andrew: What was that for this time?
Katy: Yeah!
Michael: I just don't want another incident.
Andrew: But But! Father, you are it I can't think of a better way to finish that sentence.
Michael: Haha!

Dani: Heidi, I never thought I say this but, I miss your dopey compliments that you usually give to me in that house.
Andrew: Your use to Heidi being in our house?
Dani: Yeah! Even though you're just useless, I still think you are good with Andrew.
Heidi: Thank you! [hugs Dani]
Dani: Really?
Andrew: She does that to me all the time.
Heidi: Speaking of which! [moves over and hugs Andrew]
Andrew: Whoops!


  • The episode's title is a pun on the phrase "Get your behind outta here".
    • Heidi's name being part of the pun is the fourth time her name has been used in a title.
  • This is the first episode to where Dani is seen at the restaurant, "The Station".


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