Getting the Picture
Season 3, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date March 12, 2016
Prod. code 303
Written by Iamaman1977
Directed by Unknown
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Getting the Picture is the 3rd episode of the 3rd season and the 36th episode overall of Andrew & Heidi.


At the Dalton House, Dylan is eating dinner with the Daltons and Heidi and is saying unusual things. Dylan thanks the Daltons for inviting him to dinner, but Andrew and Heidi reveal to Andrew’s family that Heidi invited him since she is the nicest person to him. Dylan also mentions he was in the Algebra Bowl before he moved to Ithaca and that he has a worm family. Andrew says the latter is gross and Dani keeps making fun of him. Katy tells them to stop, but Dylan says it’s okay and also mentions the time he was in a spelling bee and won first place. Michael asks Dylan to challenge him with a word. Dylan asks him to spell Comprehension, but Michael can’t and goes upstairs to see the dictionary. Dylan mentions picture day and Katy tells them to dress nicely. Dani says she’ll wear her usual clothes and Andrew, Heidi, and then Katy tells her to dress up nice and Katy says she’ll take Dani to Cal-Mart to find an outfit. Dylan says he’s going to dress handsome and Andrew tells him to not overdo it. Andrew and Heidi stand up and say they are going to Andrew’s room. Dylan wants to see his room and Andrew agrees. Michael comes down and tries to spell Comprehension, but fails.

In Andrew’s room, Dylan and Heidi are there and Dylan is already looking around Andrew’s room and says it’s cool. Heidi says it’s a neat looking bedroom and Dylan asks where Andrew is and Heidi says he went downstairs to get something. Andrew comes back up with disinfecting spray and Dylan tells him he has the coolest bedroom. Heidi asks what’s the disinfecting spray for and Andrew replies with he’s going to spray some of the stuff that a nasty nerd touched. Dylan then touches Andrew’s Galaxy Wars poster, underwear, alarm clock, and laptop and Andrew sprays every one of those and then sprays Dylan’s hands. Heidi then brings up the topic of what kind of clothes they are going to wear for picture day. Andrew says he is wondering what kind of clothes he’s going to wear and Dylan says he’s going to wear a suit, tie, and slacks. Heidi says she is going to wear a dark purple floral dress, a black sweater jacket, and a pair of black shiny pointed toe pumps. Dylan asks Andrew what he’s going to wear, but Andrew says he doesn’t what to wear. Dylan gives suggestions to Andrew of wearing slacks, tennis shoes, a buttoned down collared shirt, and a sweater. Andrew says that’s a good idea and he appreciates Dylan’s help. but Andrew still doesn’t know what color for the clothes he wants to get, so Heidi suggests that she and Andrew go to the store to find their picture day clothes. Andrew agrees and then Dylan says it’s time for his worms to exercise and he pulls the two worms out of a plastic bag and lets them slither on Andrew’s desk. Andrew complains and he and Heidi say that’s gross. At Hall’s Market, Andrew is reading a magazine about astronauts and Mr. Hall comes in and asks what Andrew’s favorite fruit is. They tell each other their favorite fruits and then Mr. Hall tells Andrew to put the magazine down and get to work, but Andrew is too interested in his magazine. Heidi comes in and Mr. Hall asks her to tell Andrew to get to work, but Heidi misunderstands and throws marshmallows at Mr. Hall’s face. Andrew tells her his shift is almost over, so they can go to the mall and he has money to buy the clothes. They tell Mr. Hall about them buying clothes for picture day and Mr. Hall tells them about his sophomore picture day experience. Herb, from Sam & Cat, walks in and wants to buy potato chips, but Mr. Hall says since he smells like cabbage, he can have the bag for free and also he can have some marshmallows. Herb leaves and Andrew and Heidi leave too to get to Earlington Coat Factory. At Earlington Coat Factory, Andrew and Heidi arrive with Heidi licking a lollipop. Heidi wants Andrew to be with her when she’s searching for her clothes because she got lost in a grocery store when she was eight, but her grandma found her later. Andrew agrees to stay with her and Heidi kisses Andrew on the cheek and her lollipop gets stuck to Andrew’s cheek. After she struggles to pull it off Andrew’s cheek a bit, she finally gets it off and lands on a man’s head. Heidi gets it back, but there is hair on it and Andrew throws it out. Andrew finds his buttoned down short sleeved t-shirt and Heidi finds her clothes. Andrew then finds a perfect swede sweater and decides to buy the clothes. Andrew and Heidi then commence with kissing and then go to buy their clothes. The next day, Andrew puts on his picture day clothes and at school, he tries to impress two girls and a boy, but they ignore him. He sees Dylan and tells him about his new sweater. Dylan is impressed and Andrew notices his picture day clothes and says he’s overdoing it. Dylan says he’s not and he wanted to look handsome and spiffy. He then leaves to brush his teeth. Heidi comes in the school in her picture day clothes. Andrew and Heidi compliment each other on their clothes and then kiss. Andrew says he’s excited for picture day and Heidi says he’s doing a great job keeping his clothes clean and says so is she. Andrew says after they take pictures, they can go eat pie after school and Heidi agrees. They then go to class. Later, Andrew and Heidi come in and Andrew says there are only two periods left until it’s time to take pictures and says they need to get to science, but Heidi wants to put on lip gloss, but can’t get the cap off. After struggling a bit, she finally gets the cap off, but the lip gloss tube drops on Andrew’s sweater and there is a huge pink stain on it. Andrew is upset and worried because there are only two more periods left. Heidi apologizes for spilling her lip gloss.

Andrew is still upset about the stain and Heidi puts her lip gloss in the garbage as a punishment. Andrew says they need to think quick to get the sweater cleaned, but he doesn’t know what to do about it. Heidi then comes up with a plan to get the stain off his sweater and drags Andrew to outside the band room. Andrew wonders what they are doing here and Heidi says she is going to get the stain off. Andrew asks how and Heidi says she knows what to do and to wait. Heidi goes inside and Andrew wonders what Heidi is going to do. Heidi comes back out with cymbals and tries to scare the stain away by playing them. Andrew tells her to stop and asks what she is doing. Heidi says she was trying to scare the stain away. Andrew says it’s not working and tells her to put the cymbals back. Heidi goes back in the band room and Andrew says soap and water might be the only solution to get the stain out. Andrew tells her that he is going to ask their teachers to get excused from class to clean the sweater. Heidi asks if he thinks that’s going to work and Andrew says he hopes so. They then leave to go to class. Outside the bathroom, Heidi is waiting for Andrew in the hallway. Andrew comes out of the bathroom trying to clean the stain off with a wet paper towel, but it doesn't work. Andrew is still complaining about the stain on his sweater and Heidi comes up with the idea of putting the sweater in the washer. Andrew likes the idea and thanks Heidi for it and they start going to the school basement. At the school basement, a janitor is there watching the Henry Danger episode, “Secret Beef” on his laptop. Andrew and Heidi go down there and Heidi notices the janitor. Andrew says he’s going to get rid of him. Andrew tells the janitor Principal Elmore wanted them to tell him that his mother is skinny dipping in the Auburn Lake in Albany and the lake is filled with leeches. The janitor runs out with his laptop. Andrew and Heidi go to the washer and Andrew asks Heidi to get the box of soap. Heidi gets the soap and Andrew tells Heidi to put some of the soap on the sweater. Heidi puts a lot of scoops of soap on the sweater and Andrew says to Heidi that she is using too much soap. Heidi says she really wants to get the stain off his sweater, so she’s putting extra soap on his sweater. Andrew worries it will shrink, but Heidi assures him it won’t shrink. Andrew puts one last scoop of soap on his sweater and tells Heidi to put the box back on the table. Heidi does and Andrew starts the washer. An hour later, Andrew’s sweater is done drying. He opens the dryer and pulls out his sweater and sees his sweater has shrunk, but the stain is gone. Heidi worries Andrew is mad at her, but Andrew says he isn’t. Andrew then screams, kicks two boxes, and yells random words. Heidi calms him down and asks why he got all furious. Andrew says because his sweater shrunk and he can’t wear it. Andrew and Heidi leave the basement and Andrew puts his sweater in his locker and is upset about his sweater. Heidi apologizes for shrinking his sweater and feels guilty about causing his sweater hysteria. Andrew tells her to not feel guilty and he and Heidi don’t know what to do about the sweater. Heidi asks what’s he going to do now and Andrew says the only option to go to the lost and found and find a different sweater. In the lost and found room, Andrew and Heidi start looking for a sweater and Heidi falls into the box. Andrew helps her up and they continue to search. Andrew finds a good striped sweater and tries it on and it fits. The bell rings and Andrew and Heidi go to take their school pictures. While walking, a boy looks at Andrew with an angry look. Andrew and Heidi get to a classroom and the photographer then tells everyone they are going to take their group picture and then do individual pictures. He then gets ready to take the group photo and before he can say 3, Principal Elmore comes in and asks Andrew to step in the hallway. In the hallway, Principal Elmore is there with a guy named Brock Lumpkin and Elmore says to Andrew that he’s wearing Brock’s sweater. Brock says he stole the sweater and Andrew says he didn’t and he got it out of the lost and found. Elmore asks if he lost it and Andrew says he didn’t and Elmore says then he can’t find it. Brock demands that Andrew give back the sweater and attempts to pull it off Andrew, but Andrew tells him to stop and ask if he can take his school picture before he gives him his sweater back. Brock accepts and tells him he has two minutes or he’ll give him a super atomic wedgie. Andrew goes back in the room and the photographer takes the group photo and starts taking single pictures. Andrew then knocks a girl off the stool and the photographer says he can’t just cut in front and Andrew asks the photographer take his picture. The photographer takes Andrew’s picture and Andrew runs out of the classroom. Andrew takes the sweater off and gives it back to Brock. Elmore and Brock thank him and leave. Heidi comes out and she and Andrew leave. Outside Ithaca High School, Andrew and Heidi reflect on the day and Andrew tells Heidi about why he cut the line. Andrew and Heidi then go to eat pie. Herb picks up the sweater and keeps it. 1 week later at the Dalton House, Andrew, Heidi, and the Daltons are eating dinner and Dani shows Michael and Katy her school picture and they compliment her picture. Heidi then shows Michael and Katy her school picture and they also compliment it. Katy asks for Andrew’s school picture and Andrew gives her the envelope, but first tells them about what happened to his sweater. Heidi admits she spilled her pink lipgloss on Andrew’s sweater and Andrew tells them what else happened. He hopes they aren’t mad at him and Michael and Katy say they aren’t and look at Andrew’s picture. They say they like it. Heidi says he looks cute in that sweater and Andrew says he is too cool to be called cute. They keep eating and Michael puts his left arm on the table and says he knows how to spell Comprehensive and spells it correctly. Katy knows he had to cheat to spell that and says he wrote the word on his arm. Michael admits it. Later, Andrew and Heidi are watching a show on TV when Dylan comes in and tells them he has a worm family and he has worm babies. He shows them a video of the worms giving birth on his phone. Andrew gets grossed out and Heidi pukes on Dylan’s shoes. Andrew goes to get cleaning supplies and Heidi apologizes for puking on Dylan’s shoes.


Andrew: Wow! This is interesting, whenever astronauts are flying in space, they eating interesting dried up space foods.
Mr. Hall: Hey Andrew! Can you please not ignore my skimpy demands.
Andrew: No way, this is impressive!
Mr. Hall: Oh man! Looks like Ferris Bueller must've gave you a leisure disease.
Heidi: [walking into the store] Hi!
Mr. Hall: Oh Heidi! I'm glad your hear! Can you please tell your boyfriend to stop reading a magazine for me so he can get back to work.
Heidi: What?
Mr. Hall: I said can you tell your boyfriend to stop reading a magazine?
Heidi: Oh um! [Picking up a bag of marsh mellows from the shelf and then throws the bag of marsh mellows at Mr. Hall which lightly hits him in the face]
Mr. Hall: What did you do that for?
Heidi: Well, it sounded like you said throw a bag of marsh mellows at you, so I threw a bag of marsh mellows at you.
Mr. Hall: Why would I say that?
Heidi: Pretty much feel the marsh mellows on your face with pure marsh mellow-ness.
Mr. Hall: Man! Even your ditsy reference must be not so irrelevant.

Andrew: Okay! You've been licking that lollipop and telling it strange things to ever since we bought it from the candy store.
Heidi: I really love this lollipop! It's really pink and tasty and delicmagical!
Andrew: Of course! But the word delicmagical is not even a real word.
Heidi: I've only been tasting the lollipop and telling it secrets. As a matter of fact, I gotta another secret to tell him. [looking at the lollipop] Whenever I take bubble baths, I use a special soap called funky bubbles.
Andrew: Even you tell a piece of candy in a strange methaphor, and you take bubble baths?
Heidi: Yeah! It's also known to be a bubble party, in the tub!

Andrew: Just be careful when you get it opened. You know that stuff can go every where. I don't even want a stain on my new sweater from that stuff anyways.
Heidi: Don't worry! I know I'll be careful! But for some reason I can't get it opened. [struggling to get the cap off]
Andrew: Are you really having trouble getting it opened.
Heidi: Yeah! But I really hope can get it opened. I think can.... [She finally gets the lipgloss cap opened, but she accidentally drops the lip gloss tube on to Andrew's sweater]
[The lipgloss spills on Andrew's sweater causing Andrew to have a huge pink stain on his sweater]
Andrew: [Noticing a pink stain on his sweater] Oh no!
Heidi: Oops! I finally got the lipgloss cap opened and it ended up on your sweater.
Andrew: There is a huge pink stain on my sweater.
Heidi: I'm really sorry! My lipgloss had no right to stain awesomely cool suede sweaters.
Andrew: My sweater is suppose to be superbly awesome and suede and you know my sweater is too cool for pinkness.

Dylan: Hey Andrew and Heidi! How come you two didn't show up for science class today? Two missed a super cool documentary on the ameba.
Andrew: Sorry! I'm not really into amebas! You spiffy science obsession.
Heidi: I'm just humbly and adorable!

Michael: Okay! [Putting his left arm on the table] I finally know how to spell comprehensive. It is C.O.M.P.R.E.H.E.N.S.I.V.E! Comprehensive! Nailed it!
Katy: Pfft! Yeah right! You had to cheat to spell that.
Michael: No I didn't! You can't even prove that. I spelled with very good memorization. Kapow!
Katy: Yes I can! You even have the comprehensive written on your arm with black ink. You sickened plumber!
Michael: [looking at his arm an see the word comprehensive written on his arm] Okay! Maybe you can prove it! But I'm still good at spelling.
Katy: Pfft! Oh please! You couldn't even spell check on a fire hydrant.
Dani: This conversation just became a little janked and useless.
Heidi: At least I know how to play an instrument called the bimpbles!
Andrew: For the last time it's pronounced cymbals.
Heidi: I'm thinking about candy canes.



  • There is footage from the Henry Danger episode Secret Beef when the janitor in the school basement is watching it on his laptop.

Character revelations

  • Michael struggles with challenging words in spelling challenges.
  • Dylan keeps a collection of worms, and breeds them.


Running gags

  • Heidi mispronouncing the word cymbals.
  • Andrew showing off his suede sweater to people.

Series continuity


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