Heidi's Pink Rabbit
Season 1, Episode 9
Vital statistics
Air date December 4, 2014
Prod. code 109
Written by Iamaman1977
Directed by Unknown
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Heidi's Pink Rabbit is the 9th episode of the 1st season of Andrew & Heidi.


Andrew tries to hang out with the cool kids, but they walk away. Heidi walks in with her stuffed rabbit, Sophie. Heidi shows Sophie the lunch menu and Andrew. Andrew thinks Heidi is too old for a stuffed animal and is surprised she named the stuffed rabbit. Andrew shows Heidi the stuffed animal isn’t real by banging it against the locker. Heidi grabs Sophie and asks Andrew to apologize to Sophie. Andrew does and Heidi accepts his apology.

Later, Heidi is distracted by Sophie and Andrew notices when he asks her a question about their homework. Andrew encourages her to do her homework and she does. At dinner, Heidi brings Sophie to the table. Michael is annoyed by Heidi being obsessed with her rabbit and Katy reveals she used to have a teddy bear. Michael takes Sophie and throws her in the living room out of annoyance. At school the next day, Heidi brings Sophie to school again and Andrew suggests him and Heidi go to The Station. Heidi wants to bring Sophie and Andrew agrees. At the Station, Andrew is eating pizza and Heidi is eating a taco. A waiter comes by and is weirded out by Sophie. Andrew shooes the waiter away. Heidi goes to the bathroom and ask Andrew to watch Sophie. A little girl and a mother walk out and the girl notices Sophie and asks Andrew if its his. Andrew says he doesn’t carry rabbits and is distracted by the pizza. The girl takes Sophie and they leave. Andrew notices Sophie isn’t there and asks the girl, named Amanda, if he can have Sophie back, but the girl says no and leaves. Heidi comes out of the bathroom and Andrew sits in Heidi’s chair and pretends to still have Sophie. Heidi immediately knows he’s acting weird and discovers Sophie’s gone. Andrew tells her what happened and Heidi faints.

At Andrew’s house, Andrew wakes up Heidi and Heidi asks Andrew why he let Sophie be taken and Andrew says he was distracted by the pizza and he apologizes. Heidi accepts his apology. Andrew’s family comes in and Heidi tells them Sophie’s gone. Michael tells her Sophie’s in a better place and he, Katy and Dani leave. Heidi starts to cry over Sophie and Andrew comforts her. At school the next day, Andrew is on his pear phone and Heidi comes in, looking sad. Andrew reassures her that they will find Sophie. Andrew suddenly remembers the girl’s name was Amanda Felix and they use her last name to search for Sophie after school. After school, they search houses for Sophie, but they meet a Hispanic man, a old lady, and a big scary man. They finally find The Felix’s house. The mother notices Andrew from the restaurant and lets him and Heidi in. Andrew asks for Sophie back, but Amanda says no again. The parents tell Andrew and Heidi Amanda loves Sophie. They close the door on Andrew and Heidi. Andrew opens the door and he and Heidi go upstairs to Amanda’s room and Heidi finds Sophie on the bed. They walk downstairs. Amanda is upset that Heidi is taking Sophie and her parents demand Heidi to give Sophie back. Heidi says that Sophie is like her best friend and has been since she was little and says she is not giving it back. Andrew suggest they Felixs give Amanda a new stuffed rabbit and they run out. Heidi is happy to have Sophie back and hugs and kisses Andrew multiple times.


Andrew: Heidi what are you doing with that stuffed pink rabbit?
Heidi: I’m just showing my cute and adorable rabbit around here.
Andrew: You must be obsessed with that pink rabbit thing.
Heidi: I really love it. I was just showing Sophie here around this school.
Andrew: Yeah but, don’t you think….[Pauses] You named the rabbit Sophie?
Heidi: Yeah! She’s my favorite stuffed animal.
Andrew: A female rabbit! I kept thinking it was a he, you know a male rabbit.
Heidi: My rabbit is a she, which is a female rabbit. She is like a good friend to me. [hugging her rabbit]
Andrew: Aren’t you a little to old to be carrying stuffed animals? You are a teenager you know.
Heidi: Nobody is ever too old for stuffed animals including me.
Andrew: Yeah whatever!
Heidi: Don’t worry Sophie! Andrew can sometimes act like he’s too cool for cute things.
Andrew: Stuffed rabbits don’t talk Heidi.
Heidi: Well I wish they did! I think stuffed animals deserve to talk someday.
Andrew: No they don’t! Give me that thing! [Andrew takes the rabbit from Heidi] It’s mouth, eyes and stomach doesn’t move. Plus it doesn’t eat anything.
Heidi: Be careful! Please don’t hurt her.
Andrew: It’s a stuffed animal! You see? [Slams the rabbit against a locker three times] It’s a stuffed rabbit! [throwing the rabbit at the wall]
Heidi: [gasps]
Andrew: What is it now?
Heidi: [runs over and retrieves her rabbit] It’s a good thing it’s not injured!
Andrew: Oh boy!
Heidi: Please don’t be mean to my rabbit anymore! Can you please say you’re sorry to Sophie?
Andrew: But I…. I’m sorry!
Heidi: That’s okay! She forgives you! I think she likes you already!


  • This is the first episode to use Heidi's name in the title.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Heidi's stuffed pink rabbit.
  • Sophie is the name of the stuffed rabbit.
  • Heidi's stuffed rabbit will be seen in other episodes.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of the restaurant, The Station.


Character revelations


  • It is unknown why Andrew told Amanda she could keep Sophie, since he knew the stuffed animal was important to Heidi.
    • He most likely had no idea what Amanda was talking about since he was busy eating, and wanted to get back to eating his pizza in peace.

Running gags

Series continuity

  • Andrew and Heidi continue to disagree on the word for knocked out being unconscious or nonconscious, starting from the previous episode, Making an I.Q.!.


To view the Heidi's Pink Rabbit screenplay, click here.