This article is a screenplay of the Andrew & Heidi episode "Heidi's Pink Rabbit" from Season 1 which was released on December 4, 2014.

Here is the Screenplay for Heidi’s Pink Rabbit.

(Heidi’s Pink Rabbit)

[Ithaca High School]

[Andrew closes his locker]

[Andrew sees a group of cool kids walk in]

Andrew: Hey! It’s me!

[The cool kids look at Andrew strangely]

Andrew: Okay! I guess I meant to say, Yo! What’s up?

Cool Kid #1: Hey man! What’s your problem?

Cool Kid #2: He sounds like he’s being cool be he’s not.

Andrew: Hey! Come on guys! Really, I can get really down with the flow like you guys.

Cool Kid #1: No way! Come on guys lets get out of here.

Cool Kid #2: Yeah! We don’t wanna see this nerd trying to sound cool.

[The cool kids leave]

Andrew: Hey come on guys! You must be trippin, and I ain’t no nerd yo! Ya’ll are acting like you guys was chilln with Dan Schneider in the his house and….oh forget it they walked away from me. But still, I’m not a nerd.

[Heidi walks in with her pink stuffed rabbit that she is carrying]

Heidi: And right here is the lunch menu, as you can see, they are always serving pizza every Friday.

Andrew: I wonder what Heidi is up to.

Heidi: Oh! This is my boyfriend Andrew!

Andrew: Heidi what are you doing with that stuffed pink rabbit?

Heidi: I’m just showing my cute and adorable rabbit around here.

Andrew: You must be obsessed with that pink rabbit thing.

Heidi: I really love it. I was just showing Sophie here around this school.

Andrew: Yeah but, don’t you think….

[Andrew pauses]

Andrew: You named the rabbit Sophie?

Heidi: Yeah! She’s my favorite stuffed animal.

Andrew: A female rabbit! I kept thinking it was a he, you know a male rabbit.

Heidi: My rabbit is a she, which is a female rabbit. She is like a good friend to me.

[Heidi hugs her rabbit]

Andrew: Aren’t you a little to old to be carrying stuffed animals? You are a teenager you know.

Heidi: Nobody is ever too old for stuffed animals including me.

Andrew: Yeah whatever!

Heidi: Don’t worry Sophie! Andrew can sometimes act like he’s too cool for cute things.

Andrew: Stuffed rabbits don’t talk Heidi.

Heidi: Well I wish they did! I think stuffed animals deserve to talk someday.

Andrew: No they don’t! Give me that thing!

[Andrew takes the rabbit from Heidi]

Andrew: It’s mouth, eyes and stomach doesn’t move. Plus it doesn’t eat anything.

Heidi: Be careful! Please don’t hurt her.

Andrew: It’s a stuffed animal! You see? [Slams the rabbit against a locker three times] It’s a stuffed rabbit!

[Andrew throws the rabbit at the wall]

[Heidi gasps]

Andrew: What is it now?

[Heidi runs over and retrieves her rabbit]

Heidi: It’s a good thing it’s not injured!

Andrew: Oh boy!

Heidi: Please don’t be mean to my rabbit anymore! Can you please say you’re sorry to Sophie?

Andrew: But I…. I’m sorry!

Heidi: That’s okay! She forgives you! I think she likes you already!

Andrew: Oh! Whatever! I was watching a really cool Sci Fi show on the internet and my girlfriend keeps a rabbit that she is all possessed with.

Heidi: I really love Sophie! I will never get tired of her.

Andrew: Okay! But please don’t neglect me.

Heidi: Don’t worry! I still love you even though Sophie can keep me company!

Andrew: Okay then! You still look beautiful and adorable though!

Heidi: Ahaha! Thank You!

Andrew: Yeah! This morning I was walking to school and I almost got ran over by a person by a bike.

Heidi: You could’ve gotten hurt.

Andrew: I survived and no injuries! It’s a good think I didn’t go unconscious!

Heidi: I think you meant to say nonconsicous!

Andrew: Heidi! It’s pronounced unconscious!

Heidi: I think it’s nonconscious!

Andrew: Unconscious!

Heidi: Nonconscious!

Andrew: Unconscious!

Heidi: Nonconscious!

Andrew: Say un!

Heidi: Un!

Andrew: Now say conscious!

Heidi: Conscious!

Andrew: Alright! Now say unconscious!

Heidi: Nonconscious!

[Andrew smacks his forehead]

Andrew: You know Heidi! You’re known to be ditsy at sometimes.

Heidi: Ahaha!

Andrew: Lets go to class!

Heidi: Okay! I’m gonna show you what a classroom looks like Sophie.

Andrew: It doesn’t talk Heidi!

Heidi: I wish it did!

[Andrew & Heidi Theme Song]

[Andrew’s House]

[Andrew’s Bedroom]

[Andrew and Heidi are doing homework]

[Heidi has Sophie on her lap]

Andrew: Okay now!

[Heidi hugs and kisses Sophie]

Andrew: The Civil War began in 1861. Who was president of the United States that year?

[Andrew sees Heidi cuddling with Sophie]

Andrew: Heidi! Heidi! [Screaming] HEIDI!

Heidi: [Jumped a little] Oh! Abraham Lincoln!

Andrew: Heidi! You’re still obsessed with that pink creature!

Heidi: Oh Andrew! I can’t help it! The way I look at Sophie, she’s just cute and adorable.

Andrew: Heidi! We are working on our history homework here and you’ve been doing is staring at that rabbit.

Heidi: I know!

Andrew: Can we please get back to work?

Heidi: I don’t think I can concentrate.

Andrew: Okay! You can stare at that rabbit! But I can tell you this though, you get so attached to that thing, your work at school might suffer. Whenever there is a test, you would pretty much not know the answer and pretty much get an F! Then the next thing you know. All kinds of F’s and D –‘s on your report card.

Heidi: Okay! I’ll do homework [Grabs a pencil and starts writing]

Andrew: Good girl!

Heidi: I’m sorry Andrew I am just so attached to my rabbit! She is like a good friend to me.

Andrew: Yeah! I got rid of all my stuffed animals when I was eleven years old. It was time for me to move on at that time and I really got over it.

Heidi: Do you miss you’re stuffed animals?

Andrew: Heck no! It’s because I’m a dude now and the next step in my life is becoming a man.

Heidi: Wow! That explains why you’re voice is already deep.

Andrew: Let’s get back to work.

[Andrew and Heidi are working on their homework]

[Dani walks in and stares at Andrew and Heidi]

Andrew: Dani what are you doing in here?

Dani: I just came in here because I felt like it.

Heidi: For no reason?

Dani: That’s right!

Andrew: And now you can leave my room now!

Dani: Don’t wanna!

Andrew: Dani!

Dani: Okay I’ll buzz! But someday, I’m gonna see what you and Heidi are up to.

Andrew: Yeah right! Just get out of here you little Brewster.

[Dani leaves]

Heidi: You’re sister can be sometimes sweet.

Andrew: Nah she’s just devious!

Heidi: Oh!


[Andrew, Heidi, Dani, Katy and Michael are eating dinner]

[Heidi has Sophie sitting on her lap]

Katy: Hey Michael! We have stuffed animal at our table.

Michael: What kind of stuffed animal?

Katy: It’s that pink rabbit on Heidi’s lap.

Michael: Oh I see! Heidi why do you have a stuffed rabbit at our table?

Andrew: She’s obsessed with it.

Heidi: I love it! This is my rabbit Sophie!

Andrew: She even named it!

Dani: How long have you had that rabbit?

Heidi: Since I was little, she is still in great shape today. Apparently she can’t eat any meat right now.

[They all look at Heidi]

Heidi: She’s a vegan!

Andrew: Heidi, I just told you before, stuffed animals do not talk, eat, or…or…what’s that last part.

Dani: Get injured!

Andrew: Thank you!

Michael: You said you live with your grandma right?

Heidi: Yeah!

Michael: Hey Katy! I wonder what her grandmother even sees in this girl. She’s really eccentric!

Heidi: But my grandma loves my personality.

Michael: Figures!

Katy: Michael! There’s nothing wrong with a teenager carrying a stuffed animal. Besides, I kept a purple teddy bear when I was a teenager.

Andrew: What ever happened to it?

Katy: You’re Uncle Jason a.k.a. my brother decided to tear it all up. I was in college when that happened.

Andrew: Good for him!

Katy: At least he’s a computer scientist!

Michael: Trust me Katy he works like a geek.

Heidi: I really love my rabbit Sophie!

Andrew: There she goes again!

Dani: Wow! She really is possessed with that pink thing.

Andrew: I know! You were all obsessed with that Cabbage Patched doll when yo were five. Remember I threw her in the toilet on purpose one time.

Dani: You did that because you hated it.

Andrew: I know and thank goodness you got rid of it.

Dani: I really loved that doll.

Heidi: Don’t you guys think that my cute rabbit is really cute and adorable?

Andrew: You said that at school earlier.

Heidi: Don’t you guys like my rabbit?

[Everyone except Andrew eats their food]

Heidi: I think she’s cute.

Michael: Andrew is not even focusing on his food right with us right now.

Andrew: It’s because I love Heidi!

Heidi: I mean look at the cute eyes and the nose and those long ears and its;s very soft…..

[Michael takes the rabbit from Heidi]

Michael: And now it can go away!

[Michael throws Sophie in the living room]

[Heidi gasps]

Andrew: And she gets worried again.

[Heidi quickly goes into the living room]

Heidi: Don’t worry Sophie! Heidi’s coming!

Katy: Michael! You know that’s not very nice!

Andrew: Yeah! You just gotta respect Heidi’s rabbit.

Michael: Sorry! She just wouldn’t stop going on about it. It was distracting my intelligence!

[Heidi comes back in with her rabbit]

Heidi: It’s okay! She’s Alright!

Dani: She’s at it again! Might as well have dessert now!

Katy: I’m on it!

[Ithaca High School]

[Heidi closes her locker]

[Heidi is still carrying Sophie]

Heidi: Alright Sophie! It’s time for lunch! They are serving fish sticks today!

[Andrew walks in]

Andrew: Hey Heidi! I figured you and I can….

[Andrew sees that Heidi still has her rabbit in her arms]

Andrew: Well! I see you still have the rabbit in your arms.

Heidi: Yeah! Sophie is still with me!

Andrew: Anyway! Do you want to go to a restaurant called “The Station”?

Heidi: What’s The Station?

Andrew: They have hamburgers, they have tacos, they have pizza, ice cream and all kinds of food that we love.

Heidi: I have never been in there before.

Andrew: Neither did I! That would be my kind of restaurant.

Heidi: Okay! When? I must know the when part!

Andrew: Today! After school!

Heidi: Yay! And I’ll bring Sophie to.

[Andrew stares at Heidi]

Heidi: Sophie wants to go to.

Andrew: Okay! Since you’re still obsessed with it. You’re pink Sophie can come to.

Heidi: Andrew you are really my best boyfriend!

[Heidi kisses Andrew on the cheek]

Andrew: I’m sure am!

[Andrew and Heidi leaves]

[The Station]

[Andrew is eating a Pizza while Heidi is eating a taco]

[A waiter comes in]

Waiter: Hows the food?

Andrew: Tasty! This pizza here is like an angel here.

Heidi: I’m eating a taco!

Waiter: Is that a pink rabbit?

Heidi: Yes! A pink and beautiful rabbit!

[The waiter stares at Andrew and Heidi]

Andrew: You can leave now!

[The waiter leaves]

[Heidi finishes her taco]

Heidi: That was tasty! Thought I am never able to figure out what the chip part of the taco is called.

Andrew: It’s called a corn shell!

Heidi: But it looks and tastes like a torttia chip.

Andrew: They just call it a corm shell.

[Heidi pauses]

Heidi: I just discovered that I have to go the bathroom.

Andrew: It’s over there! [Points to the bathroom hallway]

Heidi: Thank you Andrew! Can you watch Sophie for me until I get back?

Andrew: Sure!

[Heidi puts Sophie on the chair and walks to the bathroom]

[Andrew looks at Sophie]

Andrew: Don’t look at me! You’re pink! I gotta pizza job to do.

[Andrew eats his pizza]

[A mother and a little girl walks in]

Mother: Come on sweetie! We better get home!

Girl: Okay!

[The little girl sees the stuffed rabbit on the chair]

Girl: Mommy! I found a pink rabbit! Can I keep it?

Mother: Of course you can keep it.

[The little girl takes the rabbit]

Girl: Excuse me Mister! Is this yours?

Andrew: No! I don’t carry rabbits. Man I love this pizza!

Girl: If it’s not yours can I keep it?

Andrew: Sure! Go ahead!

[The little girl with the rabbit and the mother walks to the front door]

[Andrew finishes his pizza]

Andrew: Good pizza! Good Good Good and Good!

[Andrew notices that Sophie is not on he chair]

Andrew: Uh oh! That darn pizza! That girl took that rabbit!

[Andrew runs over to the little girl]

Andrew: Hey little girl, what’s your name?

Girl: Amanda!

Andrew: Last name please?

Girl: Felix!

Andrew: Amanda Felix! I’m gonna need that rabbit back!

Amanda: I thought you said this rabbit is not yours.

Andrew: It really isn’t mine. I just need it back, so please?

Amanda: No! Finds keeper’s loser’s weepers.

Mrs. Felix: Lets go!

Amanda: Okay!

[Mrs. Felix and Amanda leaves with the rabbit]

Andrew: No! No! Please don’t! Pizza in my digestive system right now, what were you thinking? Oh man! Heidi is gonna be crushed!

[Andrew sees Heidi come out of the bathroom]

[Andrew approaches Heidi]

Andrew: Hey Heidi! How was your bathroom trip?

Heidi: Fine! They have really cool soap dispensers in there.

Andrew: That’s nice!

Heidi: Sophie really misses me!

[Andrew rushes over to sit in Heidi’s chair]

[Heidi approaches Andrew]

[Andrew smiles]

Andrew: Hahahaha!

Heidi: Andrew! You’re sitting in my chair.

Andrew: Oh yeah! Um, I just though it be better if I sat in you’re chair and you can sit in my chair.

Heidi: Where’s Sophie?

Andrew: Um..Um…Sophie got cold! So I’m…. warming her up with my back! Don’t worry Sophie; I’m keeping you warm.

Heidi: Andrew, you’re acting really strange.

Andrew: Hahahahaha! Hey Sophie, did you hear that, Heidi thinks I’m strange, she’s funny!

Heidi: Andrew!

[Andrew gets off of Heidi’s chair]

Andrew: Heidi! You know I’m not really…..

[Heidi sees that Sophie is not on her chair]

Heidi: Uh oh! [Looks under the table and looks around a little] Andrew! Sophie is gone. I wonder what happened to her.

[Heidi is now worried]

Andrew: Heidi! A little girl took her. I tried to get back, but she wouldn’t and went right out the door.

Heidi: A girl took my rabbit?

Andrew: Yeah! I was just too focused on that good-looking pizza I was eating.

[Heidi faints]

Andrew: Um, waiter! Check please!

[Commercial Break]

[Andrew’s House]

[Andrew is reviving Heidi on the couch]

Andrew: Heidi! Wake up! Wake up!

[Andrew clears his throat]

Andrew: [Screaming] HEIDI! WAKE-UP!

[Heidi slowly wakes up]

Heidi: Oh!

Andrew: At least my screaming worked!

Heidi: Oh! Andrew!

Andrew: Heidi! Did you remember that I told you that you’re rabbit was stolen.

Heidi: Yeah! You said it was taken by a little girl!

[Heidi pauses]

Heidi: Sophie is gone! A little girl took her. Andrew, how could you let that girl take my rabbit?

Andrew: It was an accident really; she took the rabbit while I was eating the pizza. That pizza really had my attention!

Heidi: That’s what made you not pay attention.

Andrew: Yeah and this is all my fault! If it hadn’t been for the pizza, then Sophie would’ve never been kidnapped! Heidi I’m really sorry!

Heidi: It’s not your fault! The only thing is to blame on is the pizza!

Andrew: We don’t have to blame that part. It’s being digested in my stomach right now and I should shut-up about the pizza I ate!

Heidi: Andrew I forgive you!

Andrew: Thank you!

[Michael, Katy and Dani walks in]

Dani: I thought that movie was a classic.

Michael: Seriously! It was just a stinking cartoon.

Katy: Don’t worry Michael! We made through the two hours.

Michael: I thought it was still cheesy!

Andrew: You guys went to the movies?

Katy: Yeah!

Dani: It was really entertaining!

Andrew: Oh! How wonderful!

Michael: What’s up with Heidi?

Andrew: She is just a little worried!

Heidi: A little girl kidnapped Sophie!

Katy: That pink rabbit?

Heidi: Yeah! Now I’m worried!

Michael: Heidi! It’s just a rabbit! I’m sure it’s in a better place right now!

Heidi: But I miss her.

Andrew: Come on guys!

Dani: Andrew! You’re girlfriend is in denial!

Andrew: She is not in denial! She is just worried about her rabbit.

[Michael, Katy and Dani leaves]

Andrew: And you guys just decided to walk away like that?

Michael, Katy and Dani: Yes!

Andrew: What a dopey family!

Heidi: Sophie is really cute, adorable and pink, and I miss her really much and I want her back.

[Heidi starts crying]

Andrew: Heidi!

[Andrew comforts Heidi]

Andrew: I just don’t know where you’re rabbit is.

Heidi: [Crying] I really want my rabbit back.

Andrew: I know you do! I guess we can try to find someway to get you’re rabbit back.

Heidi: [Crying] I hope so!

[Andrew comforts Heidi some more]

Andrew: Boy I enjoyed that pizza!

Heidi: [Crying] And tacos!

Andrew: That to!

[Ithaca High School]

[Andrew walks in]

[Andrew is looking at his pear phone]

Andrew: Hm! This website is talking about Pineapples! Heck, it’s a fruit!

[Andrew puts away his pear phone]

[Heidi walks in really sad]

Andrew: Heidi cheer up! I’m sure that you will get you’re rabbit back!

Heidi: But I really miss Sophie!

Andrew: Don’t worry! We’ll find him!

Heidi: My rabbit is a girl!

Andrew: I mean we’ll find her! That’s explains why Sophie is the name of you’re rabbit.

Heidi: Yeah!

Andrew: I know!

[Andrew pauses]

Andrew: Wait a minute I just remembered something.

Heidi: What?

Andrew: The little girl that took your rabbit. I was eating the pizza, she took the rabbit, and then I went over to her and asked who her name was. Her name was…Amanda Felix!

Heidi: Who’s Amanda Felix?

Andrew: She was the little girl who took you’re rabbit! She refused to give it back to me and left with her mom!

Heidi: Are you sure?

Andrew: Positive! But the problem is that we don’t know where she lives, plus we don’t know any vehicle from her mother because they must’ve been walking home.

Heidi: So are we going to find Sophie?

Andrew: Yes! Because, you really love that rabbit.

Heidi: I do! And I really love you!

Andrew: I love you to and listen! After school, we are gonna go into the streets and find that rabbit.

Heidi: Okay! One question!

Andrew: What?

Heidi: Did you see that pineapple website?

Andrew: You saw it to?

[Heidi nods her head yes]

Andrew: Yeah I saw it! It’s jus a fruit!

Heidi: In the shape of SpongeBob’s house.

[A Random House]

[Andrew and Heidi steps on the front porch]

Andrew: Okay! Here we go!

[Andrew rings the doorbell]

[A Hispanic man answers the door]

Heidi: Hello sir!

Andrew: Is you’re name Mr. Felix?

[The Hispanic man is talking in Spanish]

[Andrew and Heidi leaves while the man is still talking]

[Another House]

[Heidi rings the doorbell]

[An old woman comes out]

Andrew: Excuse me!

Heidi: We are trying to find a pink stuffed rabbit.

Andrew: So do you happen to know anybody who has the last name of Felix in you’re neighborhood.

Old Woman: You two are just crazy teenagers.

Andrew: Yeah so!

[The old woman closes the door]

Andrew: Seriously!

Heidi: She looked nice!

[Another House]

[Andrew rings the doorbell]

[A big scary looking guy comes out]

Andrew: Excuse me… [Being nervous] Oh um you are looking nice.

Heidi: [Being nervous] We were just…

Andrew: [Being nervous] We were just uh….

Andrew and Heidi: Running!

[Andrew and Heidi runs away]

[The big scary guy closes the door]

[The Felix’s House]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in]

Andrew: We already checked the 23 houses and we didn’t find anybody’s last name is Felix.

Heidi: And there was no sign of Sophie! I wonder what she’s doing right now.

Andrew: It's a stuffed rabbit! It doesn't talk or do anything.

Heidi: If my stuffed rabbit had words to speak.

Andrew: Oh!

[They both read a sign on the wall that says welcome to the Felix's]

Andrew: Heidi! I think we might've found them.

Heidi: Yay! We found the Felix's! That last name isn't spelled right.

Andrew: What?

Heidi: It's suppose to be spelled! F-E-L-I-C-K-S! Felicks!

Andrew: No! It's F-E-L-I-X! Felix! Every Felix in the world is spelled that way.

Heidi: I'm confused!

Andrew: Never mind!

[Andrew rings the doorbell]

[Mr. & Mrs. Felix answers the door]

Mr. Felix: Oh! Just teenagers!

Mrs. Felix: Hello! What do you two want?

Andrew: I'm just gonna ask you guys this.

Heidi: Do you two have a daughter named Amanda?

Andrew: I was gonna ask that! Do you?

Mr. Felix: Yes we do!

Mrs. Felix: Hey I remember you, you were that boy who try to get the rabbit back from Amanda!

Andrew: Wow! What at good way to remember.

[Amanda walks in]

Amanda: Mommy! Daddy! What's going on?

Mr. Felix: We got some teenagers sweetie!

Andrew: Yeah! Apparently we are here to take the rabbit that your daughter took at The Station restaurant yesterday. The rabbit belongs to the owner here, which is my girlfriend right here.

Heidi: I'm the owner of the rabbit!

Amanda: Oh so that was your rabbit?

Heidi: Yeah! Can I please have it back?

Amanda: No!

Heidi: But I really want my Sophie the rabbit back!

Mrs. Felix: I'm sorry you two, but Amanda really loves the rabbit.

Andrew: We are not leaving here until we get that rabbit back.

Mr. Felix: We got other things right now so you two go home!

[They close the door in front of Andrew and Heidi]

Andrew: Okay! We can just...might as well do this then.

[Andrew opens the front door]

[Andrew and Heidi enters the house very easily]

Mr. Felix: Hey! Don't you two be coming into my house.

[Andrew and Heidi runs up the stairway]

Mrs. Felix: They're going up the stairs!

Amanda: Not my rabbit!


[Andrew and Heidi runs in]

[Andrew finds the parents bedroom]

Andrew: Okay! It's not in there.

[Heidi finds Amanda's Bedroom]

Heidi: Is this the room?

Andrew: I don't know! Let's see!

[Andrew opens the door and Andrew and Heidi enters the bedroom]

[They find all kinds of toys and pink stuff in the room]

Andrew: I guess this is the room! Now where is the rabbit?

[Heidi looks around and finds Sophie on the bed]

Heidi: Andrew! I found her she's on the bed.

[Heidi runs over and retrieves her rabbit Sophie]

Heidi: Sophie! I found you!

[Heidi is hugging her rabbit]

Andrew: Thank goodness we found her!

[The Felix's walks in and finds Andrew and Heidi]

Amanda: Hey! That girl has my rabbit.

Mr. Felix: What do you two think you're doing?

Andrew: We are taking back what belongs to my girlfriends.

Mrs. Felix: But our daughter is really in love with that rabbit.

Amanda: Give me back my rabbit!

Mr. Felix: My daughter wants her animal back. So give it back!

Mrs. Felix: Right now!

Andrew: Heidi! Are you really going to listen to those ganks?

Mrs. Felix: Who are you calling gank you teenager?

Andrew: You guys!

Mr. Felix: Oh!

Amanda: I want my rabbit.

Andrew: Heidi! Don't listen to them.

Heidi: Well, ..........I'm gonna have to. I am gonna say that I had this rabbit since I was a little girl. I took this pink rabbit on road trips, to show and tell back in kindergarten, I also sleep with it, and I still sleep with it today. I'll never forget the that my rabbit and I watched movies together. I still really love my stuffed rabbit. I usually have this rabbit with me whenever I get scared sometimes. This rabbit is like my best friend, and I would be sad when ever I would lose it. My rabbit Sophie is most my favorite stuffed animal.

Amanda: You're not gonna give the rabbit back to me are you?

Heidi: No!

Andrew: But hey, Amanda! I'll say this to you. Go to the store and buy another stuffed rabbit.

Mr. Felix: Well they do have a point!

Mrs. Felix: Yeah!

Andrew: Good! Let's run!

Heidi: But we're not in danger with these guys.

Andrew: Yeah but we're running anyways!

[Andrew runs away]

Heidi: Have a happy day!

[Heidi runs away with her rabbit]

Amanda: I wanna stuffed rabbit!

Mrs. Felix: She wants a stuffed rabbit!

Mr. Felix: But But.... Okay we'll go to the toy store.

[Andrew's House]

[Andrew and Heidi are watching television]

[Heidi is really happy that she is holding her rabbit]

Andrew: How long are they gonna keep playing commercials. I wanna watch that movie now.

Heidi: It will be on soon. I am so happy to have Sophie back.

[Heidi hugs and kisses her rabbit]

Andrew: Yeah! Just make sure you don't lose her again.

Heidi: And you helped my find her.

Andrew: Yeah so! I only helped because I wanted to make you feel better and happy.

Heidi: You really did! Special award for helping me!

Andrew: Uh oh!

[Heidi hugs and kisses Andrew multiple times]

Andrew: All the time!

Heidi: Thanks for helping me.

Andrew: Your welcome!

[Andrew and Heidi watches television]

Andrew: I wish that movie comes on soon.

Heidi: Maybe this is a commercial show.

Andrew: Not really!

Heidi: At least we both saw a pineapple website!

[End Credits Scene]

[Andrew's House]

[Dani is sitting in Andrew's room]

Dani: I'm just sitting in Andrew's room for no reason!

[Andrew and Heidi walks in]

Andrew: Oh no! Dani is in my room again.

Dani: Yep! For no reason!

Heidi: Dani you're silly!

Dani: I'm not silly! I just wanna know what you two are up to.

Andrew: You can leave now!

Dani: Don't wanna!

Andrew: Okay! Heidi when Dani was 5, she really......

Dani: Oh no! Not an embarrassing moment.

[Dan runs away from Andrew's room]

Andrew: It worked!

Heidi: She ran away like crazy!

Andrew: Like a cheetah!

Heidi: Yeah!

(The End)

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