I love unicorns!
— Heidi on a typical day

Heidi Makinney
HNI 0072
"Mii" depiction of Heidi
Some attributes
Full Name Heidi Lorraine Makinney
Date of Birth March 10, 2000
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Favorite Color Pink
Gender Female
Location Ithaca, New York
Family Charlotte Makinney (grandmother)

Campy Stevenson (cousin)
Unnamed Mother Unnamed Father

Friends Andrew Dalton (boyfriend)
Danielle Dalton
Michael Dalton
Kathryn Dalton
Mr. Eugene Hall
Cat Valentine
Robbie Shapiro
Dylan Rodgers
Charlie the Monkey (formerly)
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance Clip Show Finale

Heidi Makinney is a main character on Andrew & Heidi. Her boyfriend is Andrew Dalton.


Heidi is seen as a sweet, happy, bubbly, naive, and a cheerful dimwitted person. In situations, Heidi tends to be unaware of any trouble, which causes problems for her and especially Andrew. 


Andrew Dalton

(2014-Present: Boyfriend; Best Friend)

Main article: Dalkinney

Heidi and Andrew have been in a romantic relationship since Pilot. The two get along really well and show deep concern for each other. Heidi is also extremely affectionate towards Andrew.

Danielle Dalton


Heidi and Dani are friends, even though Dani points out Heidi's ditzy personality frequently. Heidi commonly compliments Dani, such as about the clothes she is wearing.

Kathryn Dalton


Heidi and Katy seem to like each other, and Katy always welcomes Heidi into her home.

Michael Dalton

(Friend; Sometimes enemy to Michael)

Michael usually likes Heidi, however he has been annoyed and angered by her clumsiness before. Heidi is appreciative of Michael allowing her to be in a relationship with Andrew.

Mr. Eugene Hall


Heidi and Mr. Hall have positive interactions with each other. They both enjoy hanging out with Andrew, and talking about television shows together.

Charlotte Makinney

(2000-Present: Grandmother)

Heidi and her grandmother usually interact off-screen, but it is known that they have a good relationship.

Dylan Rodgers


Heidi is the nicest character to Dylan in the show. She finds him humorous on multiple occasions, and doesn't mind his company. Dylan also enjoys telling Heidi what he's up to.


Heidi: Hey, I'm not scary! I just love to give hugs.

Heidi: I thought that was really good. You’re basketball is really orange.

Heidi: Okay! I’m going to go see if my grandma can find the toilet paper. She sometimes forgets where that is.

Heidi: It’s called Catching the Birdie. It’s a game where this boy is trying to catch the bird and the bird has to fly away as fast as he can.

Heidi: We can use some invisible spray so no one can see us and we can get out of this restaurant so no one can see us!

Heidi: Ma'am! No one is ever too old for trick or treating including me!

Heidi: I have a pink pogo stick at my house!

Heidi: Andrew bought me this delicious lollipop!

Heidi: I really love my rabbit Sophie!

Heidi: I made a special Christmas cake just for you and me!

Heidi: No! Cat is a good friend. She and I are getting along great. We are like happy birds.

Heidi: I have a pink heart on my sweater.

Heidi: Andrew, I really wanna be back in your house again, I wanna sit and bounce on your bed again. I want to snuggle with you on that living room couch. I wanna eat food out of your refrigerator.

Heidi: Whoa! You have an interesting houseguest!

Heidi: Hey! I made some good fish sticks!

Heidi: Yeah! You gotta help me and Campy! The criminals are planning on urinating on us.

Heidi: You know, that waffles are really good with syrup and butter, a very tasty breakfast meal.

Heidi: Wait a minute! I meant to say Nonconscious!

Heidi: It makes people go sweaty all the time. If we get more heat, we might turn into crispy bacon.

Heidi: You just gave a spoiler alert!

Heidi: That clown was really scary. I can tell Sophie here is scared of clowns to.

Heidi: Ladies and Gentlemen of Ithaca, New York! Somebody kidnapped my shoe!

Heidi: Well it looks like Mr. Dalton and my boyfriend are going to have a decent talk. But at least I got an ice cream today. A very good strawberry ice cream. Very tasty!

Heidi: The turkey is getting a tan in the oven right now.

Heidi: You heard me sing from the hallway.

Heidi: Hi Family Feud studio! The Daltons and me are here.

Heidi: Those Dolphins can really swim! Those Dolphins are cute! I'm watching The Dolphin Channel.

Heidi: That's right! I just hope I don't get trapped in a cardboard box again.

Heidi: I'm spreading the spirit of Valentine's Day around.

Heidi: I was thinking that you were having a live video chat with a donkey.

Heidi: Oh dear! Nathan Teslow must be one meanie a little kid to babysit. But he does look adorable, including his cheeks!

Heidi: You know that I always respect food including tortilla chips.

Heidi: That's a wonderful name for a monkey! There is no way that Charlie can resist Monkey Temptation!

Heidi: I may be adorable like always, but I can really imagine what it would be like if a panda bear was an astronaut.

Heidi: Last night before I went to bed, I was talking to my toothbrush about rainbows.

Heidi: Andrew, you're humbly compliments makes feel very glad and happy. It makes me feel very "glappy"!

Heidi: But I still want to know if there was a unicorn involved in a drum and bugle corps.


  • Heidi really loves to be really affectionate with Andrew by giving hugs and kisses.
    • Heidi also really loves to cuddle next to Andrew.
    • This has also known to be a running gag in the series.
  • Heidi has perfect 20/20 vision and she does not wear glasses.
  • Heidi is also known to be sometimes clumsy.
  • Heidi appears to wear all kinds of girly clothing.
  • Heidi wears some sweaters which are mostly cardigan sweaters.
  • Heidi wears some knee length dresses some dresses with floral prints.
  • Heidi also wears knee length skirts and caprees (mostly blue jean, khaki or black colored).
  • For the shoes, Heidi sometimes wears sneakers such as keds or converse, she mostly wears ballet flats (one pair black and one pair pink), high heeled pointed toe slip on pumps (one pair black and one pair white), strappy sandals (mostly black), and a pair of all black flip flops.
  • Heidi also wears, hoodies, t-shirts, and jeaned pants and other casual clothing throughout the series.
  • Heidi is scared of thunderstorms as revealed in Thunderstorm Anxiety.
  • Heidi has a pink stuffed rabbit that she really loves that is named Sophie.
  • Heidi is a big fan of Ariana Grande.
  • Heidi believes in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.
  • Heidi is revealed to have Coulrophobia in A Strange Birthday Clown.
  • Heidi can sing really well as revealed in Talent Show.
  • Heidi's favorite holiday is Valentine's Day as revealed in It's a Valentine's Dance.
  • Heidi has frequently lost one of her shoes at some points, whether during a situation, on accident or on purpose.
  • Heidi oftenly mispronounces some words.


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