It's a Valentine's Dance
Season 2, Episode 11
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Air date July 8, 2015
Prod. code 211
Written by Iamaman1977
Directed by Unknown
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It's a Valentine's Dance is the 11th episode of the 2nd season and the 31st episode overall of Andrew & Heidi.


At Ithaca High School, there are Valentine’s Day decorations and Heidi is so excited for the holiday that she gives everyone a free hug. She then hugs a girl and a Afro boy, who both tell her to let them go. The boy even says he has a girlfriend. Heidi wonders why no one wants a free hug. Andrew walks in and Heidi hugs him. Andrew asks her why she is being very affectionate and Heidi says she is really happy. Andrew says people are staring. Heidi lets him go and Andrew asks why she is happy today and Heidi says because today is Valentine’s Day and it is the holiday of love and hearts. Heidi says she has been trying to spread the Valentine’s Day spirit by hugging people. Andrew correctly guesses that people didn’t like her hugging them and asks why she didn’t bring cookies and Heidi said she made some, but her grandmother ate them all while Heidi was in the bathroom and when she came back, they were all gone and Heidi asked where they were and her grandmother admitted eating them all. Heidi then wonders if there is going to be a special Valentine’s Day dance and says at her old school, they used to have special school Valentine’s Day dance and it was a tradition. Andrew says she has to ask the principal and says that he plans the school events. They go to talk to him, but not before Dylan hugs both of them because of Heidi hugging everyone earlier. They then walk away from Dylan.

In the principal’s office, Principal Elmore is talking to the Superintendent on his phone and is saying that everything is alright at the school and is lying, saying that he’s doing stuff and says goodbye and hangs up. Andrew and Heidi knock on his door and he tells them to come in. Andrew says they have come to ask him something. They have a little debate over who should tell him and Heidi asks if the school has a special dance for Valentine’s Day and the principal says that is an interesting question and responds with no. Heidi asks if they can have a dance and the principal says no. Heidi is shocked and says that Valentine’s Day is a special holiday for her and that they should have a dance. The principal says he plans the school dances and decides when to have it and he says no, Andrew then correctly guesses that Heidi was going to say she was going to make him brownies. Elmore says he’ll try one and still say no. Heidi tries to persuade him, but Elmore still says no and tells them to leave. Heidi says she’ll make brownies and Andre carries her out of Elmore’s office. At Andrew’s house, Katy is reading a magazine on the couch. Michael comes in and greets her. They then talk for a bit and then Dani walks in, depressed. Everytime Katy and Michael ask something to Dani, she responds Eh. Michael and Katy know something is wrong with her. Dani says her whole class is getting Valentine’s Day cards for Valentine’s Day. She says she’s sad because she gave out cards to all her classmates, but she didn’t get any from them. Dani doubts she’s going to get cards, even though Michael and Katy think otherwise. When Dani leaves, Michael thinks of a plan to make Valentine’s Day cards for Dani and leave them at school, making her think she got them from her classmates. Katy agrees. In Andrew’s room, Andrew is on his bed while Heidi is pacing back and forth. Heidi says she is startled that their school is not having a school dance on Valentine’s Day. While pacing, Heidi falls down and then continues to tell Andrew that she really wants their school to have a Valentine’s Day dance. She wants it so badly. Andrew asks how they are going to have a dance if the principal won’t allow it. Heidi says they could change his mind with brownies. Andrew says no and the principal didn’t buy it. Heidi says they have to think of something and Andrew offers to help her. They try to think of something. Heidi thinks of an idea about getting cats to sing to impress the principal, but Andrew points out that cats can’t sing. Heidi still considers making brownies. Andrew refuses, but eventually they start making brownies in Andrew’s kitchen. Heidi gives the ingredients to Andrew. After giving him 3 eggs, milk, chocolate, and flour, he puts in it and mixes all the ingredients. The next day at school, Andrew and Heidi are giving out the brownies they made to students. Principal Elmore walks in and Heidi shows him the brownies and tells him to take one. Elmore immediately catches on and realizes that they still want a school dance and still says no. Andrew makes him try a brownie before saying no. Elmore tries a brownie and compliments the taste. Heidi asks if they can have the dance and Elmore still says no. Andrew and Heidi are upset they made the brownies for nothing. Elmore says they aren’t having a dance and that’s final. At the Dalton house, Michael arrives late with the cards because he got a hoagie at the Ithaca Mall. He and Katy get all the supplies to make cards, Katy got a list of all of Dani’s classmates’s names and they decide to drive to the school to drop the cards on Dani’s desk. They begin to make the cards. At the school cafeteria, Andrew and Heidi review the plan for Heidi to use a megaphone to talk to the students about the dance and it will get students interested and it could make Elmore change his mind. Heidi gets on an empty table and starts telling the students about the Valentine’s Day dance. She tells them about it possibly becoming a tradition and tells them what it’s going to have. The students become interested, except Elmore who was watching the whole time. Andrew tells Elmore about everyone liking the idea. Elmore then grabs the megaphone from Heidi and tells everyone there will be no school dance and tells everyone to go back to their lunch. Heidi asks why he keeps no. Andrew doesn’t know and complains about people liking the school dance idea. Heidi also says not having a dance is unfair.

At Dani’s school, Mrs. Stapleton is teaching the class about vaccinations. The bell rings and class is dismissed. Michael and Katy come to pick her up and Dani asks about the plastic bag. Michael makes up an excuse and Dani suspects them, saying they are acting wonky. Katy gives Dani a lesson about wonky while Michael tapes the bag of cards to her desk. They then leave. At The Station, Andrew & Heidi are there and a waiter gives them their food. Heidi talks about still wanting a school dance. Andrew reminds her that the principal said no. Heidi says she wants her Valentine’s Day tradition to be alive. Andrew said they tried everything and the principal still says no. They then try to think of another plan and Andrew gets another idea and remembers about all the students being interested in the school dance in the cafeteria. He says he thinks everyone is still interested in going to the dance. He says they could make a petition and they could make the students sign it and show to Elmore. Heidi agrees with it. At Ithaca High School, Elmore is having a pencil fight with himself and Andrew & Heidi knock on his office. They show him the petition and how many students signed it. Heidi asks him if they can have the dance and Elmore once again says no and rips the petition. Heidi says Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and Elmore says they are still not having the school dance. Heidi says Valentine’s Day is her favorite holiday. Heidi wants him to reconsider about the dance, but Elmore still says no and tells her it’s time for her to give up the dance idea. Heidi then makes a big speech and tells Elmore he likes to make up his own mind and says he won’t let her have a dance because he doesn’t want a dance. She says Valentine’s Day is a holiday of hearts, love, friendship, and gifts. She then says having a dance is a really big gift for her. She really wants this school to have something nice and beautiful, but he is spoiling it. Elmore admires that she likes the holiday and says what she said was meaningful. He says she is correct about the holiday being about love and friendship and admits he was spoiling it. Andrew & Heidi then ask if they can have a dance. Elmore finally agrees to a school Valentine’s Day. Heidi is happy and hugs Andrew. Elmore then makes the announcement over the intercom. Heidi is excited for the dance. At Dani’s school, Dani realizes she has cards on her desk and is happy she isn’t cardless, but then kids start giving her cards and Dani is confused because she has the bag of cards. She realizes the cards are fake and realizes that her mom and dad made the cards. At Andrew’s house, Michael and Katy are talking about giving the bag of cards to Dani. Michael then talks about having romance and buying chocolates. Dani comes in and says they were acting wonky. Michael and Katy pretend they don’t know what she’s talking about when Dani says her classmates came up to her and gave her different colored cards and realized the pink ones were fake. Dani asks them if they made the pink cards. They make Dani sit down and Michael admits it. Dani asks why and Katy says they felt sorry when she said she didn’t get any cards, so they made her fake cards. Michael said they did that to make her feel better. Dani says she appreciates them trying to make her feel better. Michael and Katy apologize about the cards and Dani forgives them. Michael and Katy discuss getting chocolates for today. At the Valentine’s Day dance, Andrew & Heidi are enjoying the school dance and Dylan comes in, interacts with them, and then goes to the dance floor and makes some awkward dance moves. Andrew & Heidi then see Principal Elmore and greet him. Elmore compliments Heidi that the dance was a wonderful idea. Heidi is happy he changed his mind. Principal Elmore says there is going to be another Valentine’s Day dance next year. Heidi is so excited she kisses Andrew multiple times. Elmore leaves and Andrew says Heidi finally got what she wanted and Heidi says she is still going to be cheerful. A slow song plays and Heidi asks Andrew to be her valentine, Andrew accepts, and they kiss. They wish each other Valentine’s Day and Andrew asks Heidi to dance and she accepts. They then start to dance. Later, Michael and Katy are eating chocolate and kiss. Dani walks in, then Andrew and Heidi come back from the dance and they all see Michael and Katy kissing. Andrew and Heidi immediately go to the Station and Dani goes back upstairs to listen to more Ginger Fox music.


Andrew: What are you so happy about today anyways?
Heidi: I'm really excited for Valentine's Day coming up.
Andrew: How nice! No wonder why you decided to operate your affectionate level.
Heidi: It's my favorite holiday of the year.
Andrew: Why is that? Is it's because Valentine's Day is the holiday of hearts?
Heidi: It's my favorite holiday because it's known to be a lovable holiday. Plus it's also known to be the holiday of hearts.
Andrew: You really must be into Valentine’s Day. So far, you are being so cheerful and you were pretty much hugging me so decently.
Heidi: I have mostly been hugging a lot of people to spread the Valentine’s Day spirit.
Andrew: Hugging people! Wow! I can tell people in this hallway were really not into your hugging.
Heidi: The kid with the Afro told me that same sentence few minutes ago.
Andrew: Well if you keep hugging people, then people might call you the hugger.
Heidi: That sounds movie-ish!

Dani: This week at school, every single one of us in class are getting some Valentine's Day cards for Valentine's Day.
Michael: Is the whole school doing it?
Dani: Yeah! My school does it every year.
Katy: That's nice! So why are you sad about it?
Dani: I'm sad because, I'm rarely getting an Valentine's cards from my classmates.
Michael: You're not getting any Valentine's cards at all?
Dani: No! I'm really Valentine's Day card-less!
Katy: Dani! Did you give your Valentine's Day cards to your classmates?
Dani: Yes! I really want to get cards from my class at school.
Michael: Don't worry! We'll make your class mates give you some cards.
Dani: How?
Michael: Simple! [Taking off his left shoe] We'll come to your school and we'll make make those kids give you some cards by.....
Katy: Michael! We are not going to solve Dani's problems with your shoes!
Michael: But it was a good plan though!

Heidi: [Using the megaphone] This school is going to be having a special school dance here in the high school gymnasium at 7:00 PM and we are hoping that this dance will be an annual tradition for every single Valentine's dance! At the dance, there will be music, a disco ball, [moving her hips a little] and pretty much dancing. How awesome!
[Everybody in the cafeteria except Principal Elmore are smiling and is liking the idea]
Principal Elmore: Hey Dalton! What is Makinney doing?
Andrew: I think she's trying to make this Valentine's dance come to life. If you can look around the cafeteria people really like the idea.
Principal Elmore: Not for long! [climbs on the table and approaches Heidi] Hey Makinney! Can I please have that megaphone?
Heidi: Sure! [giving the megaphone to the principal]
Principal Elmore: [Using the megaphone] Hello students! There is going to be no school dance here at this school on Valentine's Day, what Ms. Makinney was telling you guys that because she's a Valentine's Day fanatic! So the school dance announcement is just a hoax, so now you guys can go back to eating lunch. How awesome!

Andrew: Well Heidi! You finally got what you wanted.
Heidi: I know Andrew! I'm still going to be cheerful on future Valentine's Days.
Andrew: Meh! I bet you are.
Heidi: You even helped me set up this dance.


  • The name of Dani's elementary school is revealed to be Fall Creek.
  • This episode marks the first major role of Principal Elmore.


  • Heidi states a quote from Back to the Future, which causes Andrew to mention the film.
  • Ginger Fox is mentioned; another iCarly character in Andrew & Heidi.

Character revelations

  • Valentine's Day is Heidi's favorite holiday
  • Dani says her middle name Elizabeth for the first time in the show.
  • Along with magic tricks, and rap attempts, Dylan likes to dance in public locations.
  • Principal Elmore has been the principal of Ithaca High School for 13 years.


Running gags

  • Heidi thinking brownies will solve everything.
  • Heidi bringing up the fact that Principal Elmore uses shampoo.

Series continuity

  • The new car purchased in Playing on Family Feud is mentioned.
  • Heidi continues to mispronounce words that Andrew says.



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