This article is a screenplay of the Andrew & Heidi episode "It's a Valentine's Dance" from Season 2 which was released on July 8, 2015.

Here is the Screenplay for It's a Valentine's Dance.

(It's a Valentine's Dance)

[Ithaca High School]


[The hallways are filled with Valentine's Day declarations]

[Heidi walks in cheerfully]

Heidi: I am so excited and happy for Valentine's Day coming up. It's my favorite holiday of the year. It's the best holiday in the history of best holidays. I feel like giving everybody a free hug.

[A girl walks in]

[Heidi approaches the girl]

Heidi: Hi! I'm gonna give you a free hug.

Girl: Say what?

[Heidi hugs the girl]

Girl: What are you doing?

Heidi: I'm spreading the spirit of Valentine's Day around.

Girl: Please let me go!

[Heidi lets go of the girl]

Girl: You are just being one eccentric character you high-pitched voice female.

[Girl leaves]

Heidi: Rude!

[A boy with an Afro walks in]

Heidi: Who all wants a free hug?

[Heidi approaches the Afro boy]

Heidi: Free hugs!

[Heidi hugs the Afro boy]

Boy: Why are you hugging me?

Heidi: I'm spreading the love for Valentine's Day coming up.

Boy: Um, I have a girlfriend, so let me go!

Heidi: Why doesn't anyone want a hug?

Boy: Maybe it's because people in this hallway must not be into hugging right now. So please keep your tentacles off of me.

[The Afro boy leaves]

Heidi: Hey! I don't have tentacles! Only squids, octopuses and jellyfishes have tentacles.

[Heidi looks at her arms]

Heidi: I have very decent arms!

[Heidi puts her arms down]

Heidi: Who all wants a free hug?

[Andrew walks in]

Heidi: I bet Andrew wants a free hug!

[Heidi approaches and hugs Andrew]

Heidi: Hi Andrew! You're getting a free hug from me right now!

Andrew: Heidi! Is there a reason why you're doing sometime extremely affectionate right now such as hugging me?

Heidi: Yes! I'm really happy today!

Andrew: Okay! You know people might start staring.

[Heidi lets go of Andrew]

Andrew: What are you so happy about today anyways?

Heidi: I'm really excited for Valentine's Day coming up.

Andrew: How nice! No wonder why you decided to operate your affectionate level.

Heidi: It's my favorite holiday of the year.

Andrew: Why is that? Is it's because Valentine's Day is the holiday of hearts?

Heidi: It's my favorite holiday because it's known to be a lovable holiday. Plus it's also known to be the holiday of hearts.

Andrew: You really must be into Valentine’s Day. So far, you are being so cheerful and you were pretty much hugging me so decently.

Heidi: I have mostly been hugging a lot of people to spread the Valentine’s Day spirit.

Andrew: Hugging people! Wow! I can tell people in this hallway were really not into your hugging.

Heidi: The kid with the Afro told me that same sentence few minutes ago.

Andrew: Well if you keep hugging people, then people might call you the hugger.

Heidi: That sounds movie-ish!

Andrew: Don’t worry! You can still hug people! Just don’t get addicted to it.

Heidi: Okay! But I’m still planning to hug people including you. You must really love my non-stop affection 24/7!

Andrew: Um…Yeah! I sure do Heidi! I wonder why you didn’t make any special cookies for Valentine’s Day!

Heidi: Well I did make some Valentine’s Day cookies last night and I was going to bring them to school today. But a tragic thing happened to them.

Andrew: What happened to your cookies?

Heidi: My grandma ate them all.

Andrew: Your grandmother devoured all of your cookies! She is such a wacky senior citizen to live with!

Heidi: Yeah! But I don’t blame her! She really must’ve been into the smell of the cookies! When she went into the kitchen while I was using the bathroom, she ate all of the cookies, and when I got back from the bathroom, all the cookies were gone.

Andrew: And then?

Heidi: Then I ask my grandma what happened to them, and then she admitted that she ate all of them.

Andrew: Wow!

Heidi: Then about an hour later she was in the bathroom and because she ate the cookies, she was sitting on the toilet and was letting out some….you know what it is.

Andrew: What do you mean buy…Oh! I get it, she had to poop!

Heidi: Ew! I can’t believe you said that bathroom word out loud!

Andrew: But it’s okay to say poop! It’s not like the word is going to affect our verbal vocabulary.

Heidi: But anyway, may grandma is okay now.

Andrew: Right! Some experience you had last night about the cookies.

Heidi: I wonder if this school is doing a special dance for Valentine’s Dance!

Andrew: Why do you say?

Heidi: When I was in middle school back when I was living in Middletown, we always had a special school dance for Valentine’s Dance! It was an annual tradition.

Andrew: That must’ve been C.O.O.L. for you.

Heidi: It was cole! I never heard of the phrase, It’s cole before!

Andrew: No! I said cool! I wonder why you mispronounce words at times.

Heidi: Right! So I’m kind of wondering if this school does a special school dance for Valentine’s Day. I so want to have a special school dance on Valentine’s Day.

Andrew: I don’t know! Maybe we should ask the principle! He’s the one that usually plans some school events.

Heidi: Then lets go ask him!

Andrew: Okay lets go!

[Andrew and Heidi walks forward a little]

[Dylan Rodgers walks in and sees Andrew and Heidi]

Heidi: Hey Andrew! On the way to the office, can I continue to hug people for Valentine’s Day spirit!

Andrew: No Heidi! It might embarrass some people!

Dylan: Ooh! I want to hug you two.

Andrew: Uh oh!

[Dylan approaches and hugs both Andrew and Heidi]

Andrew: Oh my goodness!

Heidi: Ahahaha!

[Dylan lets go of Andrew and Heidi]

Andrew: A nerd just hugged me!

Heidi: But he wasn’t embarrassed!

Andrew: Dylan, any reason why you did that?

Dylan: Well, I did hear Heidi say hugging people for Valentine’s Day spirit so that’s what I did!

Heidi: Anything else?

Dylan: I ate pancakes for breakfast.

Andrew: Lets go Heidi!

Heidi: He really hugged us!

[Andrew and Heidi leaves]

Dylan: Well! I will now go to the science lab and do some…. science stuff! Because science is my thing! Yieh!

[Dylan leaves]

[Andrew & Heidi Theme Song]

[Ithaca High School]

[Principals Office]

[Principal Elmore is sitting at his desk talking on the phone]

Principal Elmore: Yes! Everything is going fine in my school right now. Things are really running smoothly. What am I doing right now? I’m just sitting in my office doing some stuff right now. What kind of stuff? Principal stuff! Because I am the principle. And why are you telling me about waffle fries? I gotta go! I’ll talk to you later. Goodbye!

[Principal Elmore hangs up the phone]

Principal Elmore: That superintendent is always asking me some questions! When will he ever leave me alone?

[Door knocking sounds]

Principal Elmore: [Shouting] Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Get in here! Kid pupils!

[Andrew opens the door]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in]

Andrew: Principle Elmore! We have something to ask you!

[Heidi closes the door]

Principal Elmore: What is it? I am so busy right now!

Andrew: Doing what?

Principal Elmore: Relaxing! Because I feel like relaxing!

Andrew: That’s not doing anything busy. Relaxing is more like a coasting kind of thing.

Heidi: I bet you used a special shampoo today!

Principal Elmore: Um! Yes I did! Why are you mentioning shampoo!

Heidi: Just thought I mention it! I love using shampoo whenever im taking a shower.

Principal Elmore: Just what do you two want?

Andrew: We got something to ask you.

Principal Elmore: Okay! Tell me!

Andrew: Alright! Tell him Heidi!

Heidi: Why do I gotta tell him?

Andrew: Because you were the one who came up with it?

Heidi: Came up with what? Tarter Sauce?

Andrew: No! Just ask him!

Heidi: Principal Elmore! Since Valentine’s Day I was kind of wondering if this school has a very special school dance for Valentine’s Day?

Principal Elmore: That is a very interesting question!

Andrew: Oh really! Did you hear that Heidi? Hey said it’s an interesting question.

Heidi: He said interesting because of the shampoo he was using this morning.

Principal Elmore: To answer your question, No! This school has not ever hosted a special Valentine’s Day school dance before.

Heidi: That is interesting! Since I was the on he that brought it up, can we have a special school dance on Valentine’s Day?

Principal Elmore: Hahahaha! You must one clever student!

Heidi: I know! So can we?

Principal Elmore: Hahahaha! No!

Heidi: Well that must be……huh?

Principal Elmore: You heard me! The answer is no! We are not having a Valentine’s Day dance at this school.

Heidi: I wonder why he decides to hit the “no” phase!

Andrew: It’s probably because he’s the school principle.

Principal Elmore: Yep! That’s what I ams!

Heidi: But Valentine’s Day is a very special holiday for me! I really think this school should have a special dance for this holiday.

Principal Elmore: Look! I’m the one who plans a school dance, so I decide when to have a school dance. So the answer is no!

Andrew: The next thing she might do is make brownies to change his mind.

Heidi: But we gotta have dance! What if I did something to have you change your mind?

Principal Elmore: Like what?

Heidi: Make you some brownies!

Principal Elmore: Then I would have to eat one and I’ll still say no.

Andrew: Okay! I knew Heidi was going to mention the brownie part!

Heidi: Please Principal Elmore! I really want this school to….

Principal Elmore: I have made up my mind! The answer is no!

Heidi: Phooey! It looks like our principal is bluffing on Valentine’s Day tradition.

Andrew: Actually I can tell that he is not bluffing.

Principal Elmore: Right! Now if there is nothing else, I got work to do.

Heidi: But but….

Andrew: Heidi lets just go!

Heidi: I think he really needs brownies!

Andrew: Heidi!

Heidi: I make brownies real soft.

Andrew: Heidi!

Heidi: Or maybe I should just hug him happily instead.

Principal Elmore: Dalton! Can you please just get you and Makinney out of here?

Andrew: Right away!

[Andrew picks up Heidi and carries her]

[Andrew approaches the door carrying Heidi]

Heidi: I’m sure I’ll think of something to have him change his mind. Like brownies!

[Andrew opens the door]

Andrew: That’s the third time you’ve mention brownies.

Heidi: I love brownies!

[Andrew leaves carrying Heidi]

Principal Elmore: Yeah! I really do have good shampoo! I must work now!

[Andrew’s House]

[Katy is sitting on the couch reading a magazine]

[Michael walks in]

Michael: Hey Katy! What are you doing?

Katy: I'm sitting on this couch reading a magazine.

[Michael sits on the couch with Katy]

Michael: With your legs crossed?

Katy: That's right Michael! I am sitting on this couch with my legs crossed. It's a good part of body language. For women.

Michael: What if I sat down with my legs crossed?

Katy: Then I would make fun of you.

Michael: I guess that means I'm not gonna try it. You sure know how to use a decent body language.

Katy: Oh Please! I'm just a stay at home house wife!

Michael: While I'm a decent plumber man!

Katy: [Pretending to cough] Plumber boy actually!

Michael: Nice try! I heard what you said!

Katy: Mhmm! At least you have ears!

[Dani walks in feeling a little depressed]

Katy: Hey Dani!

Dani: Eh!

Michael: How was school?

Dani: Eh!

Katy: Do you have any homework for tonight?

Dani: Eh!

Michael: Is there something bothering you?

Dani: Eh!

Michael: Okay! Something is bothering!

Katy: Yeah! You look like you are really sad about something.

Dani: This week at school, every single one of us in class are getting some Valentine's Day cards for Valentine's Day.

Michael: Is the whole school doing it?

Dani: Yeah! My school does it every year.

Katy: That's nice! So why are you sad about it?

Dani: I'm sad because, I'm rarely getting an Valentine's cards from my classmates.

Michael: You're not getting any Valentine's cards at all?

Dani: No! I'm really Valentine's Day card-less!

Katy: Dani! Did you give your Valentine's Day cards to your classmates?

Dani: Yes! I really want to get cards from my class at school.

Michael: Don't worry! We'll make your class mates give you some cards.

Dani: How?

Michael: Simple! [Taking off his left shoe] We'll come to your school and we'll make make those kids give you some cards by.....

Katy: Michael! We are not going to solve Dani's problems with your shoes!

Michael: But it was a good plan though!

[Michael puts his shoe back on]

Dani: What's the point anyways! These kids in my class just don't want to give me any cards.

Katy: Dani! I'm sure you'll be able to get some cards from your friends.

Dani: I doubt it! I'm gonna go do my homework!

[Dani leaves]

Katy: Oh man! Dani really sounds like she really wants to get some cards from her classmates.

Michael: Well! I think we might be able to make Dani feel better.

Katy: What do you mean we?

Michael: Maybe we should make Valentine's Day cards for Dani!

Katy: And pretending that is from her classmates!

Michael: So does this mean we are smooth with the plan.

Katy: Yes! We are going to make Valentine's Day cards for her! We got no other choice.

Michael: Okay! We'll make some Valentine's cards for Dani! But we can't tell Dani that we are making the cars for her.

Katy: Alright and thank goodness we are not throwing shoes at anybody.

Michael: But it was a good plan anyways.

Katy: No it's not!

Michael: Nobody really gets me!

[Andrew's House]

[Andrew's Bedroom]

[Andrew is laying on his bed while holding a football]

[Heidi is walking back and fourth]

Andrew: Heidi! You must really be walking back and fourth for some reason.

Heidi: I'm walking back and fourth because I'm really startled about our school not having a school dance on Valentine's Day!

Andrew: And you think walking back and fourth in my room is going to fix everything.

Heidi: But I do love walking! It sometimes tries to make me feel at ease when I'm feeling a little down about something.

Andrew: If you walk to much, then your shoe prints are really going to show up in my carpet!

Heidi: Oh! I kept thinking that you were going to say that I might fall.

Andrew: Probably!

Heidi: Well that must be something that...

[Heidi accidentally falls down while walking]

Andrew: It looks like you were pretty much right on the falling down part.

Heidi: I usually walk very well. Your carpet feels like softness!

Andrew: Of course it does! It's carpet!

[Heidi stands up and approaches Andrew's bed]

[Heidi lays down next to Andrew on his bed]

Heidi: Andrew! I really want our school to have a school dance on Valentine's Day. It's like having a really good tradition for me.

Andrew: You must be really wanting our school to have a Valentine's Dance!

Heidi: I really want to throw a Valentine's dance party so badly.

Andrew: How are you going to get a dance party to take place at your school if the principal won't let you.

Heidi: We could probably change his mind!

Andrew: How?

Heidi: Make some brownies!

Andrew: No way! Besides Principal Elmore already didn't buy the brownie part.

Heidi: But we gotta think of something. I really want to have this dance part at school.

Andrew: If you want to have that party so badly, then you are going to need my help to get the principal to change his mind.

Heidi: Are you really going to help me?

Andrew: Yes! We can pretty much come up with a few plans to make this party happen.

Heidi: What kind of plans?

Andrew: You know! Plans that might work!

Heidi: I just thought of a plan!

Andrew: Really What kind of plan?

Heidi: We can find some stray cats that can sing, and maybe we can bring them to school and have them sing the National Anthem and the principal will be so impressed.

Andrew: Well! I guess that will be able to work, except for one thing. Cats can't sing! They can only say meow!

Heidi: At least they know how to purr!

Andrew: But really! What kind of plan that can really get the principal to change his mind about the dance.

Heidi: Well Andrew! I believe we only got one solution!

Andrew: Like what Heidi?

Heidi: Make a piece of food that is chocolate and really soft and moist.

Andrew: Which is?

Heidi: Brownies!

Andrew: No way! Making brownies is not going to solve are solution.

Heidi: But it might work!

Andrew: No it won't!

[Heidi nods her head yes at Andrew]

Andrew: Come on! Really!

[Heidi looks at Andrew]

[Camera immediately cuts to the next scene]

[Andrew's House]


[Andrew and Heidi are making brownies]

Andrew: Okay! I need three eggs!

Heidi: Here's three eggs!

[Heidi gives Andrew three eggs]

[Andrew breaks the three eggs an puts the yolks in the batter]

Andrew: I need one tea spoon of milk!

Heidi: Here's the milk!

[Heidi gives Andrew the milk]

[Andrew pours some milk into the batter]

Andrew: Some chop of chocolate!

Heidi: Chocolate!

[Heidi gives the chopped chocolate to Andrew]

[Andrew pours the chocolate in the batter]

Andrew: And some flour!

Heidi: Okay!

[Heidi walks over to the kitchen table and grabs a vace full of flowers]

[Heidi re-approaches Andrew and shows him the flower vace]

Andrew: I said flour! Not flowers!

Heidi: Huh!

[Andrew grabs a bag of flour and shows it to Heidi]

Andrew: Flour!

Heidi: Oh!

[Andrew opens the bag and pours some flour into the batter]

Andrew: Okay! Now we gotta mix it all up.

Heidi: With our hands?

Andrew: No! With a whisk!

[Andrew grabs the whisk on the counter]

Andrew: Which is this!

[Andrew starts mixing the batter with the whisk]

Heidi: It looks like we're making progress.

Andrew: Yep! It is working! We are really working like Chef Dalton and Chef Makinney.

Heidi: Wow! We got cooking names!

Andrew: That's enough Heidi!

[Ithaca High School]


[Andrew and Heidi walks in]

[Heidi is holding the plate of brownies that Andrew and Heidi made]

Andrew: Yo! We got some brownies here! Step right up and get some!

Heidi: They are all soft and tasty. They are made by me and my boyfriend.

Andrew: Who all wants a brownie, even though this is my girlfriends idea and then she basically dragged my into it.

[A boy walks up to Heidi and takes a brownie]

Heidi: Thanks person! Enjoy the soft taste of love.

[The boy leaves with the brownie]

[A girl walks up to Heidi and takes a brownie]

Andrew: Thank you so much random girl! You have interesting jeans by the way.

[The girl leaves with the brownie]

Andrew: What do you know Heidi! People must be really liking the brownies.

Heidi: Yeah! It looks like Chef Dalton and Chef Makinney really made a good accomplishment.

Andrew: But remember! Principal Elmore has to eat a brownie! If he enjoys the taste of it, he'll probably change his mind and he'll probably be able to give you the privilege to have school dance for Valentine's Day.

Heidi: I sure hope so! By the way, the name chef sounds more like a guy name. I think there is a chef name for girls.

Andrew: Heidi! I'm sure women can be called a chef!

Heidi: Actually, I think a women Chef would have to be, "Cheferita!"

Andrew: Not really!

[Principal Elmore walks in]

Andrew: Hey! Here he comes!

Heidi: Hi Principal Elmore! You must be smelling something interesting right now.

Principal Elmore: Yeah! As a matter of fact I do! It smell like the smell of brownies!

Andrew: I'm pretty sure that the reason why you smell brownies is because, we made the brownies, and we brought them to school.

Heidi: That's right! [Showing the principal the plate for brownies] Andrew and I made them and now you can see them..

Principal Elmore: Wow! They really look like brownies! With a good super doper smell.

Heidi: You should try one!

Principal Elmore: Wait a minute! I know what's going on here! Your wanting me to eat a brownie because you are still wanting to throw a school dance. Is that true?

Heidi: Well yeah! I really love Valentine's Day!

Principal Elmore: You do realize that the answer is still no! So nice try! I can even say it to the brownies. [Puts his face close to the brownies] Nice try!

Andrew: Well! Before you say no, you should really try a brownie. You might like the soft taste of it. Plus the tongue in your mouth can really feel "softness"!

Principal Elmore: Okay! I'll try a brownie!

[Principal Elmore takes a brownie and eats it]

Principal Elmore: Wow! It's a powerhouse part flavor on my tounge!

Heidi: You really like it?

Principal Elmore: Yeah! You and Dalton really know how to put "it's so delicious" in brownies!

Heidi: So now can we have a Valentine's Dance?

Principal Elmore: No!

Heidi: What?

Andrew: Oh man! He ate part of a brownie and he is still on the no topic!

Principal Elmore: I'm sorry! But we are not having a school dance in Valentine's Day, but I do like the brownies though!

Andrew: Looks like he's not gonna give the soft brownies a chance!

Heidi: But I really want to have a dance on Valentine's Dance here!

Principal Elmore: We're not going to and that's final! Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta let my wife know what kind of macaroni shapes that I w at for dinner tonight.

[Principal Elmore leaves]

Andrew: Well that didn't work!

Heidi: I got denied again!

[Dylan Rodgers walks in]

Dylan: Hey! Are those brownies?

Heidi: Yes!

Dylan: Can I have one?

Heidi: Sure Dylan!

[Dylan takes a brownie and eats it]

Dylan: Wow! These are good! I feel like taking a second one!

[Dylan take another brownie and eats it]

Dylan: It's really tasty! I'm gonna go for a third one!

[Dylan take a third brownie and eats it]

Dylan: So yummy!

Andrew: Hey Dylan! Since you like the brownies. [Takes the plate from Heidi and gives its to Dylan] You can have all of them.

Dylan: Thanks Andrew! My tongue is saying yummy from the brownies!

[Dylan leaves with the plate of brownies]

Heidi: What just happened to our brownies?

Andrew: They are having a sacrifice by a nerd. Unbelievable!

[Andrew's House]


[Katy walks in with some pencils and a crumbled up piece of paper]

[Michael walks in from the back door with the cards that he bought]

Katy: What took you so long?

Michael: What took me so long? What are you talking about?

Katy: I told you to go buy some Valentine's Day cards and I told you to come back here in 45 minutes! You took 1 hour and 45 minutes!

Michael: Yeah so!

Katy: Is there a reason why you were late!

Michael: No!

[Katy looks at Michael]

Michael: Okay yes! I had went to Blend Station at the mall and ate a hoagie!

Katy: Well that must've took look long enough. Any reason why you had to go buy a hoagie?

Michael: My stomach was reminding me!

Katy: Okay! Let's go ahead and start making these cards for Dani!

[Michael and Katy sits down at the table]

[Katy opens up the crumbled up piece of paper]

Michael: What's that piece of paper?

Katy: It's a list of Dani's classmates! This should pretty much help us write down the names on each card. There are 22 names total on this list.

[Michael pulls the card box out of his shopping bag]

[Michael opens the box pulls the cards out of the box]

Katy: Hey! I see you bought some pink cards with red hearts on them. That looks pretty!

Michael: Well it's Valentine's Day coming up! So that's why I picked it!

Katy: Alright! All we gotta do is write down Dani's name and then site down the classroom names, fold the card up and that's it!

Michael: Okay! But how are we going to get the cards over to Dani's School.

Katy: We can just drive ourselves over to her school and put the cards in her card bag at her desk without Dani knowing.

Michael: Wow! You must be a really intelligent wife to know an interesting plan.

Katy: That's because I'm smart!

Michael: I'm smart too! I know how to take a wazz!

Katy: Say what?

Michael: It stands for urinating!

Katy: Okay! Let's just get to work on these cards.

Michael: Right!

[Michael and Katy starts working on the cards for Dani]

[Ithaca High School]


[People are eating there lunch in the cafeteria]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in]

[Andrew is holding a megaphone]

Andrew: Okay! I sure hope this works!

Heidi: Yeah! What's going to work, I just lost you!

Andrew: You are going to use this megaphone. and you are going to tell the people here in the cafeteria about the Valentine's Day dance. This should get people pretty interested, Principal Elmore would want to change his mind.

Heidi: You're right! Plus Principal Elmore comes in the cafeteria everyday to see how everything is going.

Andrew: Yeah! And I just noticed that my butt is itching.

Heidi: Oh my! Are you going to scratch it.

Andrew: No! I'm going to smack it!

[Andrew smacks his but with his right hand 4 times]

Andrew: That's better!

Heidi: Okay!

[Andrew gives Heidi the megaphone]

Heidi: Here goes nothing!

[Heidi climbs and stands on an empty table]

Andrew: Remember! Use the megaphone!

Heidi: Right!

[Heidi puts the megaphone on her head and wears it as a hat]

Andrew: I said use the megaphone, not wear it as a hat.

Heidi: Huh?

Andrew: Take the megaphone off your head, hold down the trigger and talk though it just like a microphone.

Heidi: Oh! Right!

[Heidi takes the blow horn off her head and starts to use it]

Heidi: [Using the megaphone] Hi! Attention everybody!

[Everybody in the Cafeteria is now looking at Heidi]

Heidi: [Using the megaphone] Hi! I'm Heidi! The girl with the megaphone!

[Everybody is still looking at Heidi]

Heidi: [Using the megaphone] I love cupcakes!

Andrew: Heidi! Your suppose to be telling people about the dance.

Heidi: Right! [Using the megaphone] Hey guys! This Valentine's Day which is known to be the very lucky February 14!

[Principle Elmore walks in and sees Heidi]

Heidi: [Using the megaphone] This school is going to be having a special school dance here in the high school gymnasium at 7:00 PM and we are hoping that this dance will be an annual tradition for every single Valentine's dance! At the dance, there will be music, a disco ball, [moving her hips a little] and pretty much dancing. How awesome!

[Everybody in the cafeteria except Principal Elmore are smiling and is liking the idea]

Principal Elmore: Hey Dalton! What is Makinney doing?

Andrew: I think she's trying to make this Valentine's dance come to life. If you can look around the cafeteria people really like the idea.

Principal Elmore: Not for long!

[Principal Elmore climbs on the table and approaches Heidi]

Principal Elmore: Hey Makinney! Can I please have that megaphone?

Heidi: Sure!

[Heidi gives the principal the megaphone]

Principal Elmore: [Using the megaphone] Hello students! There is going to be no school dance here at this school on Valentine's Day, what Ms. Makinney was telling you guys that because she's a Valentine's Day fanatic! So the school dance announcement is just a hoax, so now you guys can go back to eating lunch. How awesome!

Everyone in the Cafeteria: Awe!

[Principal Elmore walks over with the megaphone and jumps off the table]

[Principal Elmore leaves with the megaphone]

[Heidi walks over and jumps off the table]

Heidi: Andrew! Why does he keep saying no!

Andrew: I don't know! A lot of people in here liked your school dance idea.

Heidi: I know! Not having a dance here on Valentine's Day is so unfair.

Andrew: I think he just likes to make up his own mind!

Heidi: This is awful! I need spaghetti right now.

Andrew: Why did you mention spaghetti?

Heidi: Because! That's what we're having for lunch.

Andrew: Okay! We'll get spaghetti!

Heidi: With meat circles!

Andrew: No! It's meatballs!

[Commercial Break]

[Fall Creek Elementary School]


[A teacher name Mrs. Stapleton is teaching]

Mrs. Stapleton: And that's how Louis Pasture discovered how a vaccination works. He has made all kinds of breakthroughs on the preventions of diseases.

[Kid named Paul raises his hand]

Mrs. Stapleton: Yes Paul!

Paul: You got some orange circle on your shirt!

Mrs. Stapleton: Oh yeah! Thanks for noticing, I was eating tomato soup for lunch and for no reason, some of my soup decided to go on my shirt.

Paul: I had some experience with tomato soup one time and....

Dani: Hey Paul! Nobody wants to hear your tomato soup story.

Paul: Why! Is it because people in here are not really going to care.

Dani: Yes! So be quiet Mobley!

Paul: That's my last name!

Dani: Whatever!

[Bell rings]

Mrs. Stapleton: Okay class! Nice work today, I will see you all tomorrow.

[Every single student is now loading their backpacks]

[Some of the students are now leaving]

[Michael and Katy walks in]

[Michael is holding a plastic bag]

[Dani puts on her backpack and sees her parents]

Dani: Mom! Daddy! What are you two doing here?

Katy: Oh! We just came here to pick you up from school.

Michael: Yeah! Don't you just want to come home and sit in our car that smells really good?

Dani: Are you referring to the car that you bought after we won the $20,000 from Family Feud!

Katy: Yeah! That car!

Dani: What's that plastic bag you are holding?

Michael: Oh um! I just decided to keep a plastic bag in my hand. It's wall white!

Dani: I see! You two must be acting really wonky.

Michael: No we're not!

Katy: Yeah um! Dani I'm just going to give you a brief lesson on the word wonky.

Dani: Okay?

Katy: [Whispering] Michael, those cards in her bag!

[Michael approaches Dani's desk]

[Dani looks at her mom while her dad pulls the cards out of the plastic bag]

Katy: Dani! Acting wonky is pretty much the difference between acting suspicious and being weird.

[Michael puts the cards in Dani's paper bag taped to Dani's desk]

[Michael gives Katy a thumbs up]

Katy: And of lesson and lets go home.

Michael: So! Did you get any cards from your classmates today?

Dani: No! I bet these kids are like, hey let's not give Dani a card! My classmates are complete grunches right now.

Katy: Don't worry! I'm sure you'll get some cards pretty soon.

Michael: Yeah! Let's go home! I want to go home and watch that comedy show that I've been watching since Friday. It's about medical Doctors.

Dani: That show is called, "Who Wants to Marry my Doctor!" isn't it?

Michael: Yeah! That show!

Katy: Alright! Come on Plumber Boy!

Michael: You know I prefer Plumber Man!

[Michael, Katy and Dani leaves]

[The Station]

[Andrew and Heidi are sitting at their table]

[A waiter walks in with their food]

Waiter: Okay! Here are your French fries, hushpuppies, and fish strips. [Puts their food on the table] Enjoy kids!

Andrew: Thanks waiter!

Waiter: So are you two teenagers are like boyfriend and girlfriend?

Andrew: Yes! How did you know that?

Waiter: I've seen you two in this restaurant before. You guys have very decent clothing.

Heidi: That's right! Are you gonna tell us about yourself.

Waiter: Well the only thing I'm gonna tell you both is that I have a bladder infection.

Heidi: Oh dear!

Andrew: Does that mean you have to go to the bathroom to pee right now?

Waiter: Yes! My darn bladder!

[Waiter leaves]

Andrew: Drink some cranberry juice slicky!

Heidi: What about cranberry juice?

Andrew: It cures bladder infections!

Heidi: Oh!

Andrew: Some waiters and waitresses in this restaurant are so loopy these days. But at least we got some good looking seafood!

Heidi: Andrew! I still want our school to have a Valentine's dance on Valentine's Day. It's a really good tradition for me.

Andrew: Heidi! Are you really still on that?

Heidi: Yes! The whole reason why I still want to do that school dance at school is because I love Valentine's Day!

Andrew: Look! I know how you feel, but our school principal won't let you have that dance party at school.

Heidi: But I so want to have that party. I still want to keep my Valentine's Day tradition to stay alive.

Andrew: Heidi! Heidi! Heidi! Heidi! Heidi! Heidi! Heidi! You are really being so naive an bubbly about this.

Heidi: You said my name 7 times! That sounds like fun! My turn!

Andrew: Please don't!

Heidi: Andrew! Andrew! Andrew! Andrew! Andrew!

Andrew: Okay! Stop it!

Heidi: Sorry!

Andrew: You know we tried everything. We came up with some plans that tried to get Principal Elmore to reconsider. But they didn't work.

Heidi: I wish there was another way. How can I be able to have school do a dance for

Andrew: I don't think there's another way.

Heidi: Now I'm feeling a little depressed in front of the hush puppies.

[Andrew pauses]

Andrew: Wait a minute! I believe there it's another way.

Heidi: What do you mean?

Andrew: Remember when you were talking on the megaphone earlier and every other student in the cafeteria was very interested in your idea on have the Valentine's dance at school?

Heidi: Yeah! People really liked my idea.

Andrew: I can really tell that everybody in the student body at school are still very interested in going.

Heidi: What are you saying?

Andrew: We can get some students to sign a Petition!

Heidi: A petition! That's brilliant! I know what a petition is.

Andrew: Do you really know what a petition is?

Heidi: No!

Andrew: A petition is a piece of paper to where people sign there names on that piece of paper that has a request and that certain person would be able to accept that request.

Heidi: Thats really wonderful!

Andrew: So what we are going to do is create a petition and pretty much get all of the students to sign it, and then show it to the principal, and the principal might give you the opportunity to have that dance party.

Heidi: Andrew! You make these things sound real easy.

Andrew: I really do Heidi! This dude really does.

Heidi: Which reminds me, if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. Apparently, I came with that.

Andrew: Actually, no you didn't! You got that quote from the movie Back to the Future.

Heidi: At least I'm eating hushpuppies!

Andrew: So this means we're make make a petition. However, theres like 500 students in our school. So this might take the whole school day to get everybody's signatures.

Heidi: Plus Valentine's Day is in two days. I really love that Valentine's Day is the holiday of hearts.

Andrew: Wow Heidi! You must be one person really possessed about Valentine's Day.

Heidi: It's my favorite holiday of the year Andrew!

Andrew: I know you've already know that Chiz!

Heidi: I love seafood!

Andrew: That's what we're eating.

Heidi: With French fries!

[Andrew and Heidi are eating their food]

[Ithaca High School]

[Principals Office]

[Principal Elmore is sitting at his desk]

[Principal Elmore is doing a sword fight by himself with two pencils]

Principal Elmore: Haha! The pencil from my right hand is going to destroy the pencil from my left hand. I call this pencil chivalry!

[Door knocking sounds]

Principal Elmore: Gaaaaaah! That must be pupils!

[Principal Elmore puts his pencils on his desk]

Principal Elmore: Come in!

[Andrew opens the door]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in]

[Heidi is holding the petition paper in her hand]

Principal Elmore: Well if it isn't Mr. Andrew Dalton, and Ms. Valentine's Day obsession.

Heidi: What about Ms. Heidi Makinney? Which is me?

Principal Elmore: Heck! I know what your real name is. What do you two want now?

Andrew: Principal Elmore! We got something to show you.

Principal Elmore: What do you guys got to show me!

Heidi: We are going to show a petition. Made by me and my boyfriend.

Principal Elmore: A petition! Wait a minute! Is this about the Valentine's Day school dance that I keep on denying.

Andrew: Yes it is! My girlfriend is really wanting to have this party at school

Principal Elmore: Ms. Makinney! I told you a hundred times already this school is not going to have school dance.

Andrew: You might want to take a look at the petition first.

Heidi: We got 500 signatures!

Andrew: A lot of kids in this school really likes. the idea of have a Valentine's dance here. So you should take a look at the petition.

Principal Elmore: Let me see it then!

[Heidi approaches the principal's desk and gives Principal Elmore the petition]

[Heidi approaches Andrew]

[Principal Elmore is reading the petition]

Principal Elmore: Wow! It looks like these students really want to have a dance here. That's really good for them.

Heidi: So are you going to let me have the Valentine's Day dance here?

Principal Elmore: No!

Heidi: What?

Principal Elmore: You heard me cheerful cheeks!

[Principal Elmore rips up the petition]

Heidi: But Valentine's Day is tomorrow.

Andrew: Did you hear that, she said the Valentine's Day is tomorrow.

Principal Elmore: That's too bad! We are still not having this school dance. Kaboom!

Heidi: But Valentine's Day is really my favorite holiday.

Andrew: She said Valentine's is really her favorite holiday.

[Principal Elmore looks at Andrew]

Andrew: I should stop doing that word repeating thing.

Principal Elmore: You sure do have a way with words Mr. Dalton.

Andrew: I know!

Heidi: Please Principal Elmore! I really want to have this dance. Please reconsider!

Principal Elmore: I'm sorry! But this school is not going to have a dance for Valentine's Day. You young lady have been at this all week. It's about time for you to give up on it right now. The answer is still no! Kaboom!

Andrew: You must like saying the word kaboom!

Heidi: Principal Elmore! I believe you just like to make up your own mind.

Principal Elmore: What did you say?

Heidi: You like to make up your own mind. The whole reason why you won't let me have this Valentine's dance is because you don't even want to have this school to have a Valentine's Dance. You gotta understand that Valentine's Day is about love, friendship, and really something special. Plus people can sometimes exchange gifts to one another. Having a school dance here at Ithaca High School, in this state of New York, is like a really big gift for me. I really want this school to have something really nice and beautiful, but no! You are pretty much spoiling it. That's all I have to say.

[Principal Elmore is taking a brief breath]

Principal Elmore: Well! You do seem to care about Valentine's Day and what you just said to me had a very meaningful purpose. You are absolutely correct, this holiday is really special and it has love and friendship. Maybe I was spoiling part of this holiday. It really thought me a valuable lesson.

Heidi: So can I please have a school dance here on Valentine's Day? It would really mean a lot to me.

Andrew: Please reconsider!

Principal Elmore: Alright! I'll go ahead and give you my permission.

Heidi: Are we really going to have a school dance tomorrow?

Principal Elmore: Yes! We are having a Valentine's dance!

Heidi: Yay! My Valentine's Day tradition is still alive.

[Heidi hugs Andrew]

Andrew: Okay! I knew you were going to hug me!

[Heidi lets go of Andrew]

Principal Elmore: I guess this means I gotta make the announcement.

[Principal Elmore grabs the intercom on his desk]

[Principal Elmore activates the microphone and is now using the intercom]

Principal Elmore: [Using the intercom] Attention to all students! I do like to announce that tomorrow night, February 14, we will be having a special Valentine's Day dance in the main gym at 7:00 PM! There will be music, a disco ball and of corse dancing. That will take place tomorrow night. How awesome!

[Principal Elmore turns off the intercom]

Heidi: This is going to be so much fun. [Shaking her hips a little] I'm prepared to party on Valentine's Day!

Andrew: Really! Shaking your hips in front of the principal.

Principal Elmore: That's okay! I'm not really embarrassed of hip shaking.

Andrew and Heidi: Oh!

Principal Elmore: That's right! You two can leave now.

Andrew: Lets go Heidi!

Heidi: Okay! Have a nice day Principal Elmore. I hope you still use some good shampoo every day.

Andrew: Why are you mentioning shampoo again?

[Andrew opens the door]

Heidi: Because he really knows how to use good shampoo!

[Andrew and Heidi leaves]

Principal Elmore: Yep! I do know how to use shampoo! Even though it sound s like a cheesy reference.

[Fall Creek Elementary School - Valentine's Day]


[Dani walks in and approaches her desk]

[Dani looks in her paper bag taped to her desk]

Dani: Oh my goodness! I guess I'm not cardless after all.

[Dani pulls out all of her Valentine's Day cards]

[Dani sits down at her desk]

[Dani is looking at all of her Valentine's Day Cards]

Dani: This is so fantastic! I got all kinds of good cards. Happy Valentine's Day Danielle Elizabeth Dalton! Apparently, I just said my full name.

[A boy named Noah approaches Dani]

Dani: Hey Noah!

Noah: Hey Dani! Happy Valentine's Day!

[Noah gives Dani a card]

Dani: Thanks! But you already gave me a card.

Noah: No I didn't! I just gave you a card just now.

Dani: Yes you did! You gave me this pink card that says from you to me.

Noah: No! I gave you that green card just now.

Dani: So you decided to give me 2 cards?

Noah: No! I just gave you the green card.

Dani: Are you having a confusion disease?

Noah: No! I'm just being plain cool man!

[Noah walks out]

[A girl named Erica approaches Dani]

Erica: Happy Valentine's Day Dani!

[Erica gives Dani a card]

Dani: Erica! You already gave me a card.

Erica: No I didn't!

Dani: Yes you did! You gave me this pink card.

Erica: No! I just gave you this purple card. Are you having amnesia or something?

Dani: No! My brain is working very smoothly.

Erica: Oh really? Who's my favorite actor.

Dani: Your favorite actor is Jace Norman because you said he looks very macho!

Erica: Wow!

[Erica walks out]

Dani: How am I getting cards from people if I already have cards.

[Dani pauses]

Dani: Wait a minute! These pink cards are fake. Some of the handwriting is a lot similar in these cards. Now I see what's going on, mom and dad must've made these pink cards. Mom and dad were acting wonky yesterday. At least they weren't born in a city called Wonky town.

[Andrew's House]

[Michael and Katy are sitting on the couch watching television]

Michael: Hey Katy! Do you think Dani likes the Valentine's Day cards that we made her?

Katy: I'm pretty sure she does like them. I believe that seeing those cards really made her happy again.

Michael: I think your right! Since today is Valentine's Day, I was kind of wondering if we can have some good romance in this living room and eat some chocolate out of a a heart shaped box.

Katy: Do you even have a box of chocolate?

Michael:! But I can go buy some!

Katy: I guess that can work. I wonder why you want to eat chocolate during are romance. Are you trying to get chubby?

Michael: No! I just think a box of chocolate would be a very good bare necessities of our Valentine's Day fun.

Katy: At least we all love chocolate.

[Dani walks in with her paper bag]

Katy: Hey Dani!

Michael: Did anything interesting happened at school today?

Dani: Yes mother and father! A very interesting thing happened today.

Katy: I bet you got some Valentine's Day cards from all of your classmates.

Dani: Yes I did and apparently you two were being wonky yesterday when you came to my school.

Michael: Apparently young lady we don't know what you're talking about.

Dani: Today at school! All of my classmates came up to me and they were giving me all kinds of cards today.

Katy: Let me guess! All of the cards your classmates gave to you are pink.

Dani: Nope! I got an orange card, a green card, a blue card, a red card, and all kind of cards of cards. I just realized that the pink cards with the red hearts on it are fake.

Michael: Uh oh! I think I just pooped my pants a little.

Katy: Did you really?

Michael: No I just said that!

Katy: Oh my gosh!

Dani: Mom! Daddy! Were you the ones that made me these pink cards and forged each students names on to the cards?

Katy: Michael! Let's just tell her!

Michael: Okay! Dani, come sit down on the couch with us.

[Dani approaches the couch and sits down right next to her parents]

Michael: Yes Dani! Your mother and I were the ones that made those fake Valentine's cards from your classmates, and I was the one who put all of those fake cards into your paper bag.

Dani: Why did you guys make me fake cards? This is really unbelievable for ,e to know this.

Katy: It's just that we felt really sorry to you when you told us that none of your classmates gave you any cards. So we made some fake cards pretending that all of them were from your classmates.

Michael: We only did that to make you feel better.

Dani: You two really did that for me? You two really made me cards and to make me think those cards were from my classmates.

Katy: Yeah! Are you mad at us?

Dani: No! Because I do really appreciate you guys making me feel better.

Michael: That's really nice! I wish I had a box of chocolates right now.

Katy: Dani! We are really sorry for making those fake cards for you.

Michael: And to have you think that those cards were from your classmates.

Dani: It's okay! I forgive you two!

Katy: Good! So, are you going to show us your real cards to us?

Dani: Yes I am! But what are you guys doing tonight for Valentine's Day?

Katy: Your father and I are going to have some romance in this living room.

Michael: And eat some chocolate!

Katy: Now I'm hearing the chocolate phase again.

Dani: I'm sure that's wonderful! I'm going to show you guys my real cards later. Right now, I'm going to go to my room and listen to some Ginger Fox music online, like I really care!

[Dani gets off the couch and approaches the stairwell]

Dani: Happy Valentine's Day my very wonky parents!

[Dani leaves]

Michael: Well, I'm sure Dani is very pleased of her classmates giving her some very special Valentine's Day cards.

Katy: Yeah! Now let's have some Valentine's romance.

Michael: Awe yeah!

[Michael and Katy kisses]

Michael: After I go get a box of chocolate!

[Michael gets of the couch]

Katy: Okay! Go ahead and do that chubby.

Michael: Oh come on! I just want to eat chocolate during our romance.

Katy: Mhmm!

[Michael leaves while Katy continues to watch television]

[Ithaca High School]

[Main Gymnasium]

[The gymnasium is filled with Valentine's Day declarations]

[Everybody in the gym is dancing to the music]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in wearing their nice clothes]

[Andrew is wearing a black suit and blue tie and Heidi is wearing a pink and white floral dress]

Andrew: Wow! Look at this gymnasium! The student council really did a great job setting up these Valentine's Day declarations in here.

Heidi: It looks really beautiful in here!

Andrew: It really looks like a school dance.

Heidi: This is the best school dance in the history of school dances. That disco ball looks real glowy!

Andrew: Wow Heidi! You seem to be really into this school dance.

Heidi: I love my hair!

Andrew: Now I'm hearing a random topic from you.

Heidi: My hair is really soft, straight, and natural.

[Dylan Rodgers walks in wearing his suit and tie]

[Dylan approaches Andrew and Heidi]

Dylan: Hey Andrew and Heidi!

Andrew: Looks like the nerd is here!

Dylan: Hey! Watch your language! I don't really look anything like nerd material.

Heidi: Hi Dylan! You look really nice in that suit.

Dylan: Thanks Heidi! I really look good in these nice threads. I call these clothing, suit threads.

Andrew: What are you doing here Dylan? Do you even have a date for this

Dylan: No I don't! I did ask this one girl to go to the dance with me, but apparently she rejected me because she told me I'm a disgusting humanoid! I even popped a zit on my arm in front of her.

Andrew: Well that must've been not so convenient.

Dylan: I'm just here to have fun at this school dance. I am really going to get jiggy with it on this dance floor.

Heidi: Dylan you must be so funny.

Andrew: Why on earth do you think you think he is so funny?

Heidi: He knows how to say the word jiggy.

Dylan: It's time for this cool guy to work this dang floor.

Andrew: Well have fun embarrassing yourself nerd boy.

Dylan: I heard that!

[Dylan walks to the center of floor]

[Dylan is now dancing]

[Dylan is doing some funny dance moves]

[Some people are looking at Dylan with an awkward look]

Dylan: Aw Yieh! This party is da bomb!

Andrew: Look at that! He's already dancing in weird formations.

Heidi: You know he can dance Andrew!

Andrew: You must be too good Heidi!

Heidi: I'm good with everything. I just love to go with the flow.

[Principal Elmore walks in and approaches Andrew and Heidi]

Principal Elmore: Dalton! Makinney!

[Andrew and Heidi turns around and sees Principal Elmore]

Andrew: What up Principal Elmore!

Principal Elmore: I didn't know you can slang talk. Cool!

Andrew: Well my girlfriend just said the word flow about 10 seconds ago.

Heidi: Wow! Saying words that are so slangey.

Principal Elmore: Well Makinney, I gotta hand it to you. This is really a good idea to have this school dance on Valentine's Day.

Heidi: Do you really think so?

Principal Elmore: Actually I know so! I've been seeing this school dance ever since it got started tonight and this really looks like a school dance.

Andrew: It looks like our principal is giving you a lot of credit for throwing this school dance.

Heidi: This is a really good Valentine's Day tradition for me. I'm glad that you changed your mind Principal Elmore. But you still do a good job using a very good shampoo every day.

Andrew: Okay Heidi! I think he really gets the shampoo thing for the one hundredth time.

Principal Elmore: This is a really good school dance.

Heidi: Well, I can already tell this is only going to happen once since you are the only one that schedules school dances.

Principal Elmore: Only once? Are you kidding? This school has gotta to get ready for next years Valentine's Day school dance.

Heidi: Are you serious?

Andrew: Is this school really going to have a Valentine's Day dance every year.

Principal Elmore: That's right! I have decided to have a school dance for Valentine's Day every year.

Heidi: Yay! More Valentine's Day dances

[Heidi hugs and kisses Andrew on the cheek multiple times]

Andrew: Heidi! The principal is right in front of here.

Principal Elmore: Don't worry! I've seen these boyfriend and girlfriend things before.

[Heidi lets go of Andrew]

Andrew: Have you really?

Principal Elmore: Um yeah! I've been principal at this school for 13 years and these boyfriend and girlfriends are always doing P.D.A's!

Heidi: Including us?

Principal Elmore: That's right! I so want to get a pizza right now.

[Principal Elmore leaves]

Andrew: Well Heidi! You finally got what you wanted.

Heidi: I know Andrew! I'm still going to be cheerful on future Valentine's Days.

Andrew: Meh! I bet you are.

Heidi: You even helped me set up this dance.

[A slow song starts to play]

Heidi: Andrew! Will you please be my Valentine?

Andrew: Yes Heidi! I will!

[Andrew and Heidi kisses]

Andrew: Happy Valentine's Day!

Heidi: Happy Valentine's Day to you to.

Andrew: Do you wanna dance with me?

Heidi: I love to!

[Andrew escorts Heidi and the both go to the center of the dance floor]

[Andrew and Heidi starts dancing with each other]

[A kid with an Afro runs away with Dylan Rodgers pants]

Boy: I got your pants geeky boy.

[The boy runs away]

[Dylan runs in wearing no pants]

Dylan: Hey! Give me my pants back, they cost only $45.00! My legs are starting to feel cold.

[Dylan runs away]

Heidi: I just heard Dylan Rodgers saying he's not wearing pants.

Andrew: Just ignore it!

[Everybody in the gymnasium continues to dance]

[End Credits Scene]

[Andrew's House]

[Michael and Katy are sitting on the couch eating a box of chocolate]

Michael: Well Katy! This is really a nice way to celebrate Valentine's Day. We are just sitting on the couch eating a box of chocolate.

Katy: Plus, we had some romance!

Michael: And we ate some chocolate!

Katy: You do realize that the chocolate thing was your idea.

Michael: I know!

Katy: At least we're not getting chubby like a dog!

Michael: Right!

[Michael and Katy kisses]

[Dani walks in]

Dani: Hey Mom! Daddy!

[Dani sees her parents kissing]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in and sees Michael and Katy kissing]

Andrew: We're back from the dance!

Heidi: We had a great time!

[Michael and Katy are still kissing]

Andrew: Let's go eat at The Station!

Heidi: Right away!

[Andrew and Heidi leaves]

Dani: This must be a bad time right now! More Ginger Fox music for me.

[Dani leaves]

[Michael and Katy stops kissing]

Michael: Lets eat some more chocolate!

Katy: We must be addicted to this box of chocolate.

Michael: No we're not! We just love it!

(The End)

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