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Maty is the pairing of Michael Dalton and Kathryn Dalton. It is the secondary pairing of Andrew & Heidi, after Dalkinney. Michael and Katy are married and have two kids, Andrew and Dani.

Maty Moments

Season 1

The Sneak Out - Michael and Katy go out on a date to restaurant called Venice Cafe, but end up going to The Mellow Place, the same restaurant Andrew and Heidi are at.

Suspecting the Parents - The most romantic episode of Maty, Michael and Katy become closer in this episode and compliment each other and are being romantic.

The Tragedy of Dani's Goldfish - Michael and Katy have a subplot together where they are trying to get to Katy’s friend’s wedding, but get stuck in traffic.

Dani's Boyfriend - Michael accidentally hurts Katy’s back and has to take of her. She blames him for slipping on a newspaper that he threw on the ground. In the end, they both fall down and get their backs hurt. They then apologize and kiss.

Season 2

Raiders of the Lost Shoe - Michael calls Katy honey three times in the beginning and then they both blame Andrew for ruining their breakfast.

Season 3

Episodes with a Maty Plot/Subplot


  • There are the only couple in the series who are married.
  • Katy has a running gag of calling Michael Plumber Boy, when he prefers Plumber Man.
    • Michael turns the tables in Head Stuck in the Fence by calling Katy "Stay at Home House Wife Cleaning Girl" in return.


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