Merry Christmas Andrew & Heidi
Season 1, Episode 10
Vital statistics
Air date December 8, 2014
Prod. code 110
Written by Iamaman1977
Directed by Unknown
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Merry Christmas Andrew & Heidi is the 10th episode of the 1st season of Andrew & Heidi.


At Andrew’s house, Michael wants to put the star on top of the christmas tree while he and Katy are decorating the house with Christmas decorations. Katy wants to put on the star, but Michael says it’s always been his tradition to put the star on the tree. Michael puts the star on the tree. Andrew and Heidi walk in and Heidi finds a mistletoe. She makes Andrew raise it and she kisses him. Andrew says he thought his dad was going throw that out. Michael says it does look old and takes it from him. Andrew asks where are the presents under the tree. Katy says they didn’t buy any. Heidi says Santa is going to come and give presents. Michael asks Andrew what he wants for Christmas. He says he wants a cool motorbike. He says he can ride on it and Heidi can ride on it too. Heidi says the bike costs $1,000. Michael and Katy say that’s too much money and say maybe he’ll like other presents he gets. Michael says he’ll have to wait until next year to get the motorbike. Andrew says that depends if it’s still in stores. Michael and Katy go in the kitchen and Heidi is telling Andrew what presents she got for Christmas.

At Ithaca Mall, Andrew sees the motorbike that he wants. Heidi then sees a pink bike that she likes and it costs $30. She says she doesn’t have that much. Andrew then drags Heidi out of there. At Hall’s Market, Andrew and Heidi walk in and see a big chair. Mr. Hall explains that every Christmas, he sets up his throne-like chair here and kids can come here to see Santa Claus. Heidi sits on the chair and Andrew tells her to get off. Mr. Hall then says Santa is coming, so Heidi is keeping that seat warm for him. Heidi then gets off the chair and cheerfully screams. She is excited that Santa is coming. The guy wearing a santa costume comes in and sits on the chair. Heidi goes over and sits on his lap. Santa says to Heidi aren’t you too old to be sitting on my lap. Heidi says she’s only a teenager and then tells Santa she wants that pink bike at the mall. Heidi then pulls at the guy’s beard and realizes he’s a fake Santa. The guy then leaves. Mr. Hall says now he has to find a new Santa. Mr. Hall then realizes Andrew can play Santa. He says he doesn’t have the stomach for it. Mr. Hall begs him and says he’s his only hope. Andrew refuses until Mr. Hall says he’ll pay him $2,000. He says that will be enough for his motorbike and Andrew accepts, but he needs to find a big stomach. Heidi then offers to play Mrs. Claus. She says she could give out candy canes. Mr. Hall says okay and says they start tomorrow and he leaves. Andrew and Heidi say they are both getting their bikes. At dinner at the Dalton’s house, Andrew and Heidi tell Andrew’s parents about working as Santa and Mrs. Claus. Heidi says they are earning $2,000 and also says Andrew is planning on spending on his motorbike. Andrew covers her mouth. Michael and Katy say he can get that motorbike. He uncovers Heidi’s mouth. Dani asks Andrew where he is going to get a big stomach. He says maybe he’ll wear eighteen sweaters. Dani says that’s too complicated. He says Mr. Hall is working on his costume now and Heidi keeps mentioning candy canes. Katy says she’s sure they will do a good job. Andrew says they will. At Hall’s Market, Heidi comes out in her Mrs. Claus suit and then Andrew comes out in his Santa suit and says Yo, Yo, Yo! Mr. Hall corrects him and says it’s Ho, Ho, Ho! Andrew says Paulie from Rocky V says Yo, Yo, Yo! Mr. Hall makes Heidi put on glasses, but Heidi says she has perfect vision. Mr. Hall tells her to put them on, but she knocks over some stuff. Mr. Hall grabs the glasses back. Andrew sits down on the chair. Andrew then starts greeting kids and Mr. Hall takes pictures. Heidi then gives out candy canes. Andrew greets a girl who wants a Cabbage Patch doll, a boy who is scared, and a boy with a long list. Mr. Hall is sleeping by the camera. Mr. Hall says they are doing a good job with this.

In Andrew’s kitchen, he is using a laptop and seeing that a kid wants snow for christmas in a tropical climate while Heidi bakes a cake and says Merry Christmas! Andrew informs her that it isn’t Christmas. Heidi says she just thought she would say it. Andrew and Heidi eat the cake and Andrew says it’s so good. Andrew says he and Heidi had a great first year together and are doing a great job playing Santa and Mrs. Claus. Andrew says tomorrow is their last day since tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Heidi asks if they will ever go to the North Pole. Andrew says he doubts and wants to finish the cake. Dani comes down and wants some of the cake. Andrew says no and tells her to leave. Dani says no and Andrew tells Heidi an embarrassing story about Dani and she leaves. The next day, Andrew finishes talking to the last kid and Mr. Hall says he must really be excited about getting his new motorbike. Heidi says she’s excited to get her new pink bike. Mr. Hall then tells a store about his first bike. A family then comes in and Andrew tells them to have their kids sit on his lap. The family ignores him and Andrew gets their attention. The family says their kids aren’t getting presents this year. They say because they used all their money to get a water heater. Andrew is just shocked and says that’s awful. Andrew and Heidi feel sorry for those kids. At home, Andrew is looking at his $2,000 he got from Mr. Hall. Katy comes in and Andrew tells her about his family, the Longmores, not giving their kids presents. He says he feels sorry for them. Andrew wishes he could make it up to them. Then, Heidi comes over and is surprised that Mr. Hall didn’t give him any money. Heidi asks if he’s ready to get their dream bikes and Andrew goes on the front porch with Heidi and tells her she’s going to have to wait another time for her to get that bike. Andrew says he’s going to use the $2,000 he got to buy presents for that family. Heidi is surprised he’s giving up his motorbike and is disappointed that she isn’t getting her pink bike. In the Longmores’ house, Andrew and Heidi walk in with presents. They put the presents under the tree and Heidi bites a fake gingerbread cookie. Andrew says let’s get out of here. Heidi picks up a vase and says it look beautiful. Andrew tells her to put it back. Heidi says her grandma might want one. Andrew grabs the vase from her and puts it back roughly and breaks it. Mr. Longmore comes downstairs. The family finds Andrew and Heidi and the vase broken. Mrs. Longmore says she always hated that vase. Mr. Longmore recognizes Andrew and Heidi from Mr. and Mrs. Claus at Hall’s Market. Mr. Longmore asks what are they doing in this house. Andrew and Heidi introduce themselves and the kids finds the presents and Andrew explains that he told Santa about them not getting presents, so Santa gave these presents to them. Mr. Longmore knows that they went to the mall and bought those presents and wrapped them. He asks what was this about. Andrew explains that he got $2,000 to play Santa Claus, but when he heard of them, he gave up the bike to get presents for them. The Longmores thank them and Andrew and Heidi leave. At home, Andrew and Heidi tell them what they did and Michael and Katy say that was nice of Andrew. Michael says he did the right thing. Heidi is sorry Andrew won’t get the bike and Andrew says it’s okay. The family then goes to sleep and Andrew says goodbye to Heidi. The next morning on Christmas day, Andrew and Dani walk in and Andrew sees his motorbike that he wanted. He is excited and wonders how it got here. Dani says it was Santa and says she got a karate book. Michael and Katy walk in and Michael says he paid for the bike thanks to a check he got at work. The doorbell rings and Andrew answers it. He sees Heidi there with the pink bike she wanted. She says her grandma got it for her and wants to watch the Daltons open presents. The episode ends with a message from Andrew and Heidi telling the audience Merry Christmas.


Andrew: Did you guys know that Heidi and me are going to play Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus at Hall’s Market starting tomorrow?
Michael: No! We did not know that! But that does sound great!
Dani: And really silly!
Andrew: Hey! I’m doing Santa Claus, so it’s not silly!
Katy: Wow! You really get to play Santa Claus!
Heidi: And I’m playing Mrs. Claus! Though I don’t know what her first name is.
Andrew: Nobody knows her first name! It’s really unknown!
Heidi: She must be too embarrassed to reveal her first name.
Andrew: Yeah! I’m sure that’s why!
Dani: So how much does it cost to play those characters?
Andrew: That Dani, it costs…
Heidi: $2,000.00!
Andrew: Thank you Heidi!
Michael: Holy cheese butter! You and Heidi are playing the Clauses for a total of $2,000.00?
Andrew: That’s right!
Katy: What are you even planning on spending it on?
Heidi: Andrew is planning on spending that money on that motorbike that he wnts for Christmas!
Andrew: [covers Heidi’s mouth] She must be a joker!
Katy: Andrew! But we already believe on what Heidi just said!
Andrew: Dang it! [lets go of Heidi’s mouth]
Heidi: Your hand smells like meatloaf!
Andrew: That’s because we’re eating it!

Mr. Hall: Wow! You found that Apron and red dress so quickly!
Heidi: Well the apron belongs to my grandma!
Mr. Hall: Wow!
Andrew: [walks in dressed like Santa Claus] Well here he is! Yo! Yo! Yo!
Mr. Hall: Dude! Santa says Ho! Ho! Ho! Not Yo! Yo! Yo!
Andrew: Paulie from Rocky V said Yo! Yo! Yo! when he was Santa!
Mr. Hall: Seriously! You’re really being the big guy!

Heidi: Merry Christmas!
Andrew: Today is not Christmas!
Heidi: Well I said it anyway! I just thought I be jolly like always!
Andrew: Wow!


  • This is the second episode to use both Andrew and Heidi's name in the title.
    • This is the first episode to contain the name of the series in the title.
  • This is the first and only Christmas episode of Andrew & Heidi.


  • Heidi and Andrew raising their arms in surrender is similar to the iCarly episode iMove Out, when Carly did the same thing in fear.

Character revelations


Running gags

  • Heidi mentioning Candy Canes.

Series continuity

  • This episode takes place about a year after Pilot.


Fanmade picture of Mii Charcters of the Andrew & Heidi main characters in a Christmas portrait.


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