This article is a screenplay of the Andrew & Heidi episode "Merry Christmas Andrew & Heidi" from Season 1 which was released on December 8, 2014.

Here is the Screenplay for Merry Christmas Andrew & Heidi.

(Merry Christmas Andrew & Heidi)

[Andrew’s House]

[Michael and Katy are finishing putting declarations in the living room and on their Christmas tree]

Katy: Hey Michael! Do you want me to put the star on the top of the tree?

Michael: No way! I’m the one who puts the star on top every year and it’s gonna stay that way.

Katy: I think some one else should do it.

Michael: I’ll do it! It’s my tradition anyways, and if you don’t like it the go kiss a fire hydrant.

Katy: Only a dog can do that. Except it’s a place for dogs urinating not kissing.

[Michael climbs up the ladder and puts the star on top of the tree]

Michael: Perfect!

[Michael climbs down the ladder]

Katy: Well! We got all the Christmas set-up Mr. Putting the star on top of the tree 3,000 times.

Michael: These Christmas declarations look beautiful like always.

Katy: Yeah!

[Andrew and Heidi walks in]

Andrew: Hey! This living room is all Christmas-ed!

Heidi: Hey!

[Heidi picks up a mistletoe on the coffee table]

Heidi: I found this mistletoe on the table.

Andrew: Heidi! Please don’t think about it.

[Heidi gives the mistletoe to Andrew]

Heidi: Raise it up high!

[Andrew holds the mistletoe up high in the air]

Andrew: Here it comes!

[Heidi hugs and kisses Andrew]

Andrew: I thought my dad was gonna throw these out.

Heidi: But they still work.

Michael: Well they do look old so I’ll take that.

[Michael takes the mistletoe from Andrew]

Katy: Well we just got done setting this up in here. Does it look good?

Andrew: Yeah! But where in the heck are the presents?

Katy: We hadn’t bought any yet.

Heidi: Plus, Santa Claus is gonna come down your chimney and give you some presents.

Andrew: But we don’t have a chimney!

Heidi: Then how does Santa get into the house?

Andrew: Um, He jumps off the roof without injury and uses his special house key to get in.

Heidi: That sounds like a stunt. He’s known to do magic.

Andrew: Sometimes!

Michael: Hey Andrew! Do you have any idea what you want for Christmas.

Andrew: Yeah! I want that cool motorbike that I saw on that commercial, and at that one store at the mall.

Katy: Just what are you planning on doing with that bike.

Andrew: Keep it in the garage, ride on if of course and, whenever Heidi and I have date, she can ride on it while she is right behind me!

Heidi: That would be so much fun!

Andrew: Yeah!

Heidi: And the bike costs only $1,000.00!

Andrew: Oh! Heidi just said the price even though I was going to say it.

Michael: That is way too much money! That’s impossible to go the store and buy it while we’re planning on getting other gifts.

Katy: I agree with you’re father. Besides Andrew, I’m pretty sure that you’ll get other presents that you’ll like.

Andrew: That’s what you said last year mother.

Heidi: I always get good presents!

Andrew: Really, what did you get last year?

Heidi: A cotton candy machine!

Andrew: That’s magnificent!

Michael: Well Andrew, If you really want that motorbike, you’re gonna have to wait till next year.

Andrew: That depends if it’s still in the stores or not.

Katy: Okay Michael, We gotta do that popcorn thing in the kitchen right now.

Michael: Okay, but its my turn to eat the popcorn on that string.

Katy: You’re saying that because you love popcorn.

Michael: And butter!

[Michael and Katy goes to the kitchen]

Andrew: Well, there goes my chance on getting that motorbike even though it is not really a motorcycle.

Heidi: One time for Christmas I gotta pink pony!

Andrew: Really!

Heidi: Yeah! It had wheels on it.

Andrew: I don’t think this is the time for memory stories.

Heidi: Okay! Andrew! Ooh I remember one year for Christmas I gotta toy oven.

Andrew: She tells more memories anyways.

Heidi: I’m only cheering you up.

Andrew: Well, it ain’t working!

Heidi: I love that cotton candy machine. Best present ever! I love cotton candy!

[Andrew & Heidi Theme Song]

[Ithaca Mall]

[Andrew and Heidi are at that bike store and they see the motorbike]

Andrew: There it is Heidi! That black colored motorbike that I really want.

Heidi: Why is it all shiny?

Andrew: Because it’s new! Boy I gotta have it! I can feel that engine vibrating my toosh already.

Heidi: What about your hands or feet?

Andrew: That to!

Heidi: Ooh! I see another bike!

[Heidi walks over and sees a regular pink bike and looks at it]

[Andrew approaches Heidi]

Andrew: Heidi! Why are you looking at that pink bike?

Heidi: Andrew! It looks like a beautiful bike. Look at that basket connected to the front. That looks like a good seat for my stuffed rabbit Sophie!

Andrew: How much does that even costs?

Heidi: That whole bike is only for thirty dollars.

Andrew: Do you even have thirty dollars?

Heidi: No!

Andrew: Come on Heidi! I gotta get to work anyways!

[Andrew walks out]

[Heidi is still staring at the pink bike]

[Andrew comes back in, grabs Heidi’s arm and drags her]

[Hall’s Market]

[Mr. Hall is dusting the store]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in]

Andrew: Hey! What’s with this snazzy chair?

Heidi: It looks like a throne, with cushions!

Mr. Hall: Oh yeah! Every year for Christmas, I set up this throne chair and kids come in here to see Santa Claus every year.

Andrew: So you have this Santa Claus visiting that you do every year in this market?

Mr. Hall: Yeah!

[Heidi sits on the chair]

Heidi: It feels like usual furniture.

Mr. Hall: Yeah! It does!

Andrew: Heidi! Can you please get off that chair?

Heidi: But it feels comfy!

Mr. Hall: Yeah! But Santa Claus is going to sit in that throne and you’re keeping that seat way to warm for him.

[Heidi jumps off the chair and cheerfully screams]

Heidi: Santa is coming! Andrew did you here that? Santa Claus is going to be here.

Andrew: Yeah sure!

Mr. Hall: And where is that big guy? He’s supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago!

Andrew: Maybe he was going too fast on his sleigh and got a speeding ticket.

Mr. Hall: That would be so messed up for him!

[The guy wearing a Santa costume walks in]

Mr. Hall: There you are! You’re fifteen minutes late!

Santa: Ho! Ho! Ho! It ain’t my fault!

Mr. Hall: Come take you’re thrown! There are kids waiting to see you.

[The Santa guy walks over and sits in his thrown]

Santa: I can’t wait to see these children.

Heidi: I’ll be back Andrew!

Andrew: No! Heidi! Please don’t!

[Heidi sits on Santa’s lap]

Andrew: Oh! She just sat on his lap!

Mr. Hall: Oh boy!

Santa: Um, aren’t you a little too old to be sting on Santa’s lap?

Heidi: No! I’m only a teenager!

Santa: Wow! That’s unexpected!

Heidi: I want that cute pink bike that has that basket on the front. I saw that bike at the mall.

Santa: Um, Okay! Sure thing! Anything else?

Heidi: That looks like a clean beard! It’s all white and soft, I wonder if it’s stretchy.

Santa: You might not want to do that, my beard is really good looking.

[Heidi pulls the beard off the guys face]

Heidi: What the…You’re not Santa! You’re just a guy that wears a fake beard. This beard comes right off.

Santa: Oh I’m out of here!

[They guy playing Santa gets off the throne and gets ready to leave]

Mr. Hall: Sir! Please don’t leave! All kinds of kids are wanting to see you.

Santa: My real name is Lamar!

Mr. Hall: Can you please stay?

Lamar: No!

[Lamar sticks his tongue out at him and leaves]

Mr. Hall: Dang it! Now I gotta find another Santa!

Andrew: Good luck with that! Heidi! You just had to sit on the guys lap, and pull his beard off.

Heidi: The fake beard still feels soft though!

Andrew: And?

Heidi: I love soft stuff!

Andrew: Of course you do!

Mr. Hall: Apparently! Lamar was my only hope for playing the role of Santa Clause and I don’t know anybody that can fill in for him.

Andrew: Well I’m so Sorry!

Mr. Hall: Thank you Andrew! Your apologizing is good for a teenager like you.

Andrew: Um, Yeah!

[Mr. Hall pauses]

Mr. Hall: Wait a minute! You can play Santa Claus!

Andrew: Me!

Mr. Hall: Yeah!

Andrew: Sorry! I do not have the big stomach for it.

Heidi: But all you gotta do is eat a total of 20 hamburgers and you’ll be just like him!

Andrew: I can’t do that! Because then I’ll puke!

Heidi: Ew!

Mr. Hall: Andrew, you gotta do this for me. You’re my only hope!

Andrew: Sorry Mr. Hall! I am not really into playing Santa Claus!

Mr. Hall: I’m gonna give you $2,000.00!

Andrew: I said I really…. Wait $2,000.00? That will give me enough money to pay for that motorbike for Christmas!

Mr. Hall: So you’ll do it?

Andrew: Yes! I’ll do it! But I need to find a big stomach!

Mr. Hall: Don’t worry! I’ll get you covered! But, don’t eat way too much!

Andrew: Sure thing!

Heidi: Hey Mr. Hall! I wanna play Mrs. Claus! You know Santa has a wife!

Mr. Hall: Here in my store?

Heidi: Yeah! I can give out candy canes!

Mr. Hall: Okay sure! You’re hired to Heidi!

Heidi: Really? Am I really an employee at Hall’s Market?

Mr. Hall: No! You’re just playing Mrs. Claus for me!

Heidi: Awe!

Mr. Hall: Alright you two! You guys start you’re Christmas business tomorrow!

[Mr. Hall leaves]

Andrew: Alright! Looks like I’m getting a motorbike for Christmas after all.

Heidi: Yeah! I can also buy myself that pink bike for Christmas!

Andrew: Interesting! The both of us are getting bikes for Christmas!

[Andrew grabs his apron and starts working]

Heidi: I have one question though! Where do candy canes come from?

Andrew: Candy!

Heidi: Yummy!

[Andrew’s House]

[Andrew, Heidi and the rest of the Daltons are eating dinner]

Andrew: Did you guys know that Heidi and me are going to play Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause at Hall’s Market starting tomorrow?

Michael: No! We did not know that! But that does sound great!

Dani: And really silly!

Andrew: Hey! I’m doing Santa Claus, so it’s not silly!

Katy: Wow! You really get to play Santa Claus!

Heidi: And I’m playing Mrs. Claus! Though I don’t know what her first name is.

Andrew: Nobody knows her first name! It’s really unknown!

Heidi: She must be too embarrassed to reveal her first name.

Andrew: Yeah! I’m sure that’s why!

Dani: So how much does it cost to play those characters?

Andrew: That Dani, it costs…

Heidi: $2,000.00!

Andrew: Thank you Heidi!

Michael: Holy cheese butter! You and Heidi are playing the Clauses for a total of $2,000.00?

Andrew: That’s right!

Katy: What are you even planning on spending it on?

Heidi: Andrew is planning on spending that money on that motorbike that he wnts for Christmas!

[Andrew covers Heidi’s mouth]

Andrew: She must be a joker!

Katy: Andrew! But we already believe on what Heidi just said!

Andrew: Dang it!

[Andrew lets go of Heidi’s mouth]

Heidi: Your hand smells like meatloaf!

Andrew: That’s because we’re eating it!

Michael: Well Andrew! It looks like you’re getting that bike after all.

Andrew: Wait a minute! You and mom are actually gonna let me get that black motorbike?

Katy: Yeah! I mean! We got plenty of Money; you’re going to get plenty of money! Heck! Our Christmas is gonna be huge this year.

Dani: Yeah! It’s gonna be pretty funny for Andrew to wear a Santa costume. He just needs to get a big stomach first!

Andrew: Yeah! But I’m not gonna eat so much! Besides! I love to keep my thin body.

Dani: Then how are you gonna get fat?

Andrew: I’m guessing that I’m gonna get Eighteen sweaters to wear.

Dani: That’s too complicated!

Michael: Then you’ll get all kinds sweat when wearing that costume!

Andrew: Don’t worry! Mr. Hall is working on my costume right now! Heidi will be Mrs. Claus she only gets to give out the candy canes!

Heidi: Yummy! I love candy canes!

Katy: I’m sure you and Heidi are going to do a good job.

Andrew: We are! This is also a pretty good idea now that school is not in session this week due to Christmas coming up!

Heidi: Yeah! Candy canes!

Andrew: Okay! That’s enough on the candy canes!

Dani: Andrew! You have a very ditsy girlfriend!

Andrew: I know that!

Heidi: Ditsy! I don’t know what that means!

[Hall’s Market]

[Mr. Hall is waiting for Andrew]

Mr. Hall: Andrew! Are you about dressed in that Santa outfit?

Andrew: Yeah! Almost!

[Heidi walks in wearing her Mrs. Claus clothing]

Mr. Hall: Wow! You found that Apron and red dress so quickly!

Heidi: Well the apron belongs to my grandma!

Mr. Hall: Wow!

[Andrew walks in dressed like Santa Claus]

Andrew: Well here he is! Yo! Yo! Yo!

Mr. Hall: Dude! Santa says Ho! Ho! Ho! Not Yo! Yo! Yo!

Andrew: Paulie from Rocky V said Yo! Yo! Yo! when he was Santa!

Mr. Hall: Seriously! You’re really being the big guy!

Andrew: Whatever! I least am wearing a big stuffed jacket under this to make me big.

Mr. Hall: And Heidi! [Grabbing a pair of glasses] All you gotta do is put these glasses on! [Gives Heidi the glasses]

Heidi: But I have perfect 20/20 vision!

Mr. Hall: Just put them on!

[Heidi starts wearing the glasses]

Heidi: Now everything looks fuzzy!

Mr. Hall: Alright you two! Get to work!

[Andrew walks to the throne and sits down]

Andrew: Wow! This is a good chair!

[Heidi is struggling to find the throne]

Heidi: Andrew, where are you? I can’t see!

Andrew: I’m over here!

[Heidi is able to find the direction that Andrew is sitting in]

Andrew: Good! Now walk forward!

[Heidi walks forward and runs into the cabinet and falls]

Heidi: These glasses are complicated!

Mr. Hall: Give me the glasses! Just for get about wearing them!

[Heidi takes the glasses off of her face]

Heidi: It’s a miracle! I can see again!

[Mr. Hall takes the glasses from Heidi]

Mr. Hall: Just get over there!

[Heidi stands up and approaches the throne]

Andrew: Well! Here comes the $2,000.00.

Heidi: Candy canes!

Andrew: Heidi!

Heidi: Oops!

[Hall’s Market]

[All kinds of children our in line to see Santa]

Andrew: So what is you’re name little girl?

Kimberly: Kimberly!

Andrew: And what do you like for Christmas?

Kimberly: I wanna Cabbage patch doll!

Mr. Hall: A popular doll back from the 1960’s!

[Andrew, Heidi and Kimberly looks at Mr. Hall]

Mr. Hall: Smile!

[Mr. Hall takes a picture of the three of them]

Heidi: Do you like the candy cane I gave you?

Kimberly: Yes!

Andrew: Alright Santa has to see other people right now! Merry Christmas!

[Kimberly leaves with her parents]

Andrew: Who’s next!

[A shy little boy comes in and sits on Andrew’s lap]

Andrew: Hello! And what is you’re name little boy!

Paul: [Nervously] Paul!

Andrew: Have you been a good boy? Is there something that you want for Christmas?

[Paul runs away screaming like a girl and his parents chase after him]

Heidi: You forgot you’re candy cane!

Andrew: Dang! He really got my eardrum!

Mr. Hall: Ha! Ha!

[Hall’s Market – 6 Hours Later]

[Andrew is bored while a little boy is reading a long list]

Little Boy: I also wanna new bike, a teddy bear, a drum set, a football, a DVD of The Wizard of Oz!

Heidi: I love The Wizard of OZ!

Andrew: Is that it?

Little Boy: I also wanna, basket ball, a toy camera, some Legos and….

Andrew: You know what! That is a really long list! Santa is on a schedule here, so I’ll take this list from you, and Santa will make sure that you all these things for Christmas.

[Andrew takes the list]

Heidi: But you are a little nice boy. [Gives him a candy cane]

Little Boy: Shut-up Old lady!

Heidi: But I go to high school!

Andrew: Alright! Lets get the picture on! Mr. Hall! Mr. Hall!

[Mr. Hall is sleeping by his camera]

Andrew: [Screaming] YO! MR. HALL WAKE UP!

[Mr. Hall wakes up and jumps a little]

Mr. Hall: Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Sorry I must’ve dozed off. Say cheese!

[Mr. Hall takes a picture]

Andrew: Alright! Merry Christmas young man!

[The little boy leaves with his parents]

Mr. Hall: You and Heidi are doing a really good job with this!

Andrew: Yeah! Except for that boy who screamed in my ear.

Heidi: I love children!

Andrew: Yeah! Motorbike here I come!

Heidi: Don’t forget to eat and drink you’re milk and cookies!

Andrew: We don’t have any milk and cookies!

Mr. Hall: I don’t see any either!

Heidi: I’m happy!

Andrew: Whatever!

[Commercial Break]

[Andrew’s House]


[Andrew is using his laptop]

Andrew: Interesting! A kid from Miami, Florida is wanting snow for Christmas. Florida is in a tropical climate!

[Heidi walks in with a small cake that she made]'"

Heidi: Merry Christmas!

Andrew: Today is not Christmas!

Heidi: Well I said it anyway! I just thought I be jolly like always!

Andrew: Wow!

Heidi: I made a special Christmas cake just for you and me!

Andrew: Wow! You’re cooking must be getting better.

[Heidi grabs some forks and sits down with Andrew]

[Andrew turns off his laptop]

[Andrew takes a fork from Heidi]

[Andrew and Heidi begins eating the cake]

Andrew: This is so good!

Heidi: You really love my cooking!

Andrew: Yeah! You know! You and I had a really good first year together. Right now, I’m eating this good Christmas cake with you.

Heidi: With Christmas colors!

Andrew: Yeah! You and I have been doing a great job playing Mr. and Mrs. Clause at Hall’s Market the past couple days. Tomorrow is our last day to play Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus since tomorrow is Christmas Eve!

Heidi: Andrew! Do you think you and I can go to the North Pole and see Santa Claus in person someday?

Andrew: Why do you ask?

Heidi: I so want to!

Andrew: I doubt it! Right now I wanna finish this cake!

Heidi: Okay! I just hope you and I can go to the North Pole someday.

Andrew: Lets eat the cake! And you are a really good person.

Heidi: So do you!

[Andrew and Heidi kisses]

[Andrew and Heidi eats more of the cake]

[Dani walks in]

Dani: Hey! Is that a Christmas cake you’re eating?

Heidi: Yeah!

Dani: Can I have some?

Andrew: No! It’s for the both of us!

[Dani stands there and stares at Andrew and Heidi]

Andrew: Please leave!

Dani: No!

Andrew: Heidi! Dani wore a funny elf costume when she was three years old. She cried all the time wearing that thing!

Dani: Dang it!

[Dani walks away feeling embarrassed]

Andrew: It works all the time.

Heidi: It must’ve looked cute on her.

[Hall’s Market]

[Andrew and Heidi are wearing their costumes]

[Andrew is finishing talking to a kid]

Andrew: You have a Merry Christmas little guy!

Kid: I'm a girl!

Andrew: Whatever!

[Girl leaves with her parents]

Mr. Hall: Hey guys! I'm shutting down this store at 5:00 PM, so you two can go out and do your Christmas Eve stuff.

Andrew: That's fine!

Heidi: Andrew, does my fingers look all buttery?

Andrew: No! They look pretty firm!

Heidi: Well they do look pretty!

Andrew: So Mr. Hall! Do I get my $2,000.00 today?

Mr. Hall: Yes! You must be really excited getting that motorbike that you're wanting.

Heidi: I'm really excited getting that Pink bike. It even has a basket!

Mr. Hall: Both of you are getting bikes?

Andrew: That's right, absolutely, and you pretty much get the picture.

Mr. Hall: I remember my first bike when I was 7 years old! It was a red bike.

Heidi: Wow! That must be a good Christmas gift!

Mr. Hall: Actually, that was my 7th birthday.

Andrew: When were you born?

Mr. Hall: I was born on April 21, 1953! Like that rings a bell.

Andrew: Heheheheh!

Heidi: That was some funny laugh!

[A family walks in]

Andrew: I see a family with kids! Ho! Ho! Ho! Come on here and see Santa Claus children. Children!

[The family ignores them]

Andrew: Hey! Don't ignore the Claus here!

Mr. Longmore: Hey! We're shopping here!

Mrs. Longmore: So leave us alone!

Andrew: But don't you want you're kids to sit on my lap?

Heidi: Plus some candy canes!

Child #1: I wanna see Santa!

Child #2: Can we mom and dad?

Child #3: I wanna pull his beard!

Andrew: This is an all white beard! Though it's not really real.

Mr. Longmore: Anyway! We're the Longmores!

Andrew: Nice to meet you!

Mrs. Longmore: Yeah! Apparently, we are not gonna have our children sit on your lap because our children are really wanting presents this year.

Heidi: So why don't you guys come over and sit on his lap?

Mr. Longmore: Well! The kids already know this!

Andrew: They know what?

Mrs. Longmore: Apparently, our kids are not getting any presents for this year.

Andrew: What? That's impossible!

Heidi: Why are they not getting presents?

Mr. Longmore: It's because we used up all of our Christmas money to buy a water heater any we really needed warm water.

Andrew: When did you get the water heater?

Mr. Longmore: 3 months ago!

Andrew: Wow! That must be awful! I...I just don't know what to say.

Mrs. Longmore: But hey! It's always next year for presents.

Andrew: Yeah! I know what you mean!

Mr. Hall: If you guys are not here to see Santa then what are you guys here for?

Mrs. Longmore: We are just here for groceries!

Mr. Hall: Okay! I'll ring you guys up.

[The family continues shopping and Mr. Hall goes to the counter]

[Andrew takes off his hat and beard]

Andrew: Oh my! Heidi! This is really shocking!

Heidi: Do you feel really sorry for them?

Andrew: Yeah! No presents for those kids!

Heidi: I feel sorry for them to.

Andrew: This is unbelievable!

[Andrew's House]

[Andrew is looking at his $2,000.00 that he got at Hall's Market]

[Katy walks in]

Katy: Hey Andrew! Is that the $2,000.00 that you got for playing Santa Claus!

Andrew: Yeah! It sure is!

Katy: What's wrong Andrew?

Andrew: I just can't stop thinking about that family not getting presents for Christmas.

Katy: What?

Andrew: This Longmore family came up to me earlier and told me that they are not getting presents this year. I feel so sorry for them.

Katy: Do they have Children?

Andrew: Yeah! I just wish there was someway to make it up to them. They are not getting presents because of a water heater.

Katy: At least they get warm water. Now they can have warm water.

Andrew: Or they can take a shower much easier.

Katy: Well Andrew, the good thing is that you got $2,000.00 for the bike.

Andrew: I sure did!

[Doorbell rings]

[Andrew walks over and answers the door]

Andrew: Hey Heidi!

Heidi: Andrew, I did the role of Mrs. Claus and Mr. Hall didn't give me any money. Can you believe that?

Andrew: Yeah!

Katy: You were just giving out candy canes to children to.

Andrew: Mom! I'm here with Heidi!

Katy: I'm just going to be in the kitchen!

[Katy walks to the Kitchen]

[Andrew grabs his coat]

Heidi: You ready to go to the mall, to get our dream bikes?

Andrew: Um, Heidi! About that!

[Andrew puts on his coat]

[Andrew and Heidi go out on the front porch and Andrew closes the door]

[Front Porch]

Andrew: Heidi, I'm afraid you're gonna get your bike some other time.

Heidi: Why? What's on your mind?

Andrew: Remember that family who is not getting presents?

Heidi: Yeah!

Andrew: I have $2,000.00 right here. You and I are going to go to the mall and get those kids their presents.

Heidi: You're giving up that motorbike for those kids that are not getting presents.

Andrew: Yes! Those kids don't deserve nothing for Christmas.

Heidi: There goes my cute bike with the basket on the front.

Andrew: I'm making you give that up, because your way too obsessed with it.

Heidi: But I love that bike, just like I love that cotton candy machine.

Andrew: Heidi! You'll get the bike some other time. Now, let's go!

[Andrew walks out]

Heidi: Yummy! Cotton Candy!

[Andrew walks back in]

Andrew: Come on Heidi!

Heidi: It's cold out here.

[Andrew carries Heidi]

[Andrew walks out carrying Heidi]

Heidi: Hahahaha!

Andrew: It's not funny!

[The Longmore House]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in with a bunch of presents]

[Andrew opens the back door]

[They both walk in the house and find the Christmas tree]

[They both put the presents on the floor]

Andrew: Okay! All we gotta do is put the presents under the tree and then we gotta get out of here.

Heidi: Okay! It is dark in here.

Andrew: Don't worry! The Christmas lights on the tree is helping us out!

Heidi: They look colorful!

Andrew: Let's put the presents under the tree.

[Andrew and Heidi puts the presents under the tree]

[Heidi finds a ginger bread cookie on the tree and bites on it]

Heidi: Ah! This cookie tastes weird! It's all wooden and taste like it's not cookie!

Andrew: It's a fake ginger bread cookie!

Heidi: But it looks like a real cookie!

Andrew: Just put the presents under the tree.

[Andrew and Heidi finishes putting presents under the tree]

Andrew: Okay! That's it! Now let's get out of here.

Heidi: Okay! Ooh this looks like a pretty vace.

[Heidi picks up the vace]

Heidi: It looks beautiful!

Andrew: Put it back!

Heidi: I think my grandma might want one of these someday.

[Andrew approaches Heidi and takes the Vace from her]

Andrew: I'm sure it's nice! We gotta go now!

[Andrew puts the vace back very roughly]

[The vace breaks into pieces]

Andrew: Oops!

Heidi: Now the family will think that Santa Claus broke it.

Mr. Longmore: [Shouting] Who's down there?

Andrew: Uh oh!

Heidi: We gotta take evase of action.

Andrew: We're not in outer space!

Heidi: We gotta duck and cover!

Andrew: There is no tornado!

Heidi: Um...Um...I give up!

[They hear footsteps]

Andrew: Oh boy!

Heidi: Uh...Uh!

[Heidi puts her hands up]

Heidi: I surrender!

Andrew: Heidi you can't just....oh!

[Andrew puts his hands up]

[Mr. and Mrs. Longmore and their children walks in]

[Mrs. Longmore turns on the lights]

[They all see Andrew and Heidi with their hands in the air]

Mr. Longmore: Put your hands down!

[Andrew and Heidi puts their hands down]

Mrs. Longmore: Honey! Look at the vace! It's broken!

Mr. Longmore: I gave that vace to you on our anniversary.

Mrs. Longmore: I know! I always hated it!

Andrew: I was the one that broke your vace.

Mrs. Longmore: Thank goodness for you glasses boy.

Mr. Longmore: Hey, you guys are those kids that played Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus over at Hall's Market!

Heidi: I gave out candy canes!

Andrew: Yeah! We were the Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus at Hall's Market!

Mr. Longmore: What are you doing in our house?

Andrew: Oh my name is Andrew and this is my girlfriend Heidi!

Heidi: I'm Heidi! The girl in the dress!

Andrew: We are here because...

Child #'s 1, 2 & 3: Presents!

[The Children approaches the tree and finds their presents]

Andrew: Your kids answered it for me! You see, I told Santa Claus about you guys not getting presents, so Santa was pretty much notified about it, he came to us and gave us the presents for the children.

Mr. Longmore: Or you went to the mall and bought those presents and wrapped it up in wrapping paper.

Heidi: And I helped!

Andrew: That too!

Mrs. Longmore: What is this all about anyways?

Andrew: I played Santa Claus at Hall's Market because I was gonna be paid $2,000.00 so I could get as motorbike, which I really did get the two thousand. But after what I learned from you guys, I gave up the motorbike and spent the two thousand dollars to buy your kids some presents.

Heidi: It's true!

Mrs. Longmore: You did that for us?

Andrew: Yeah!

Mrs. Longmore: Thank you! You just made our kids feel better.

Mr. Longmore: That's right! You guys saved our Christmas!

Andrew: We really did!

Heidi: We just hope you guys will enjoy a wonderful Christmas to.

Mr. Longmore: We will!

Andrew: Come on Heidi! Let's go! Out the the back door.

Mrs. Longmore: Merry Christmas kids!

Andrew and Heidi: Merry Christmas!

[Andrew and Heidi leaves out the back door]

Mr. Longmore: Why did you hate that vace?

Mrs. Longmore: It was ugly!

[Andrew's House]

[Andrew, Heidi, Michael and Katy our on the couch]

Andrew: And then Heidi and I gave up our bikes and paid for the presents for those kids.

Michael: Wow! You gave up that bike just to help that family?

Andrew: Yeah! I really did!

Katy: Well, I thought that was nice of you to help that family Andrew!

Heidi: Yeah! Sorry you won't be getting that motorbike.

Andrew: That's okay! I'll get that bike some other time.

Michael: You did the right thing Andrew!

Andrew: I sure did!

Heidi: And I really wanted that pink bike. It was so lovely and all pink!

Andrew: She is still obsessed with that bike.

Katy: Yeah!

Michael: I know!

Heidi: And I gave out candy canes!

Andrew: I know that!

Heidi: Plus I tasted a strange cookie!

Andrew: Okay! That's enough!

Katy: I think we should all get to bed now.

Michael: Okay!

Andrew: Alright!

[Michael and Katy leaves]

Andrew: Well I guess you better get home now!

Heidi: I love you!

Andrew: I love you!

[Andrew and Heidi kisses]

Heidi: I gotta go!

Andrew: See you tomorrow!

[Heidi leaves]

[Andrew walks over and turns the lights off]

[Andrew walks out]

[Andrew's House - Christmas Day]

[Andrew and Dani walks in]

Dani: Look at all of these presents!

Andrew: Yeah!

[Andrew sees his Motorbike that he wanted]

Andrew: It's my bike! That bike that I really wanted!

[Andrew approaches the bike]

Andrew: No way! I wonder how I got this.

Dani: It must've been Santa! Look what I got, it's a Karate book!

[Michael and Katy walks in]

Andrew: Wow! You plan to do Kung Fu on Christmas!

Dani: Well not on Christmas! Just on some random days.

Katy: Well do you guys love you're presents?

Andrew: Yes we do!

Michael: Andrew! You're mother and I payed for the bike, thanks to that paycheck I got at work.

Andrew: How much?

Michael: Only a thousand dollars.

Dani: That's an accomplishment!

Katy: Let's not just stand here. Let's open presents!

[Doorbell rings]

Andrew: I'll get it!

[Andrew walks over and answers the door]

[Heidi comes in with her pink bike she wanted]

Andrew: Wow! I see Santa got you that pink bike!

Heidi: It was my grandma that bought it for me!

Andrew: Wow! What a wonderful Christmas!

Heidi: What are you guys doing now?

Andrew: Opening presents!

Heidi: I wanna watch!

Andrew: Hey guys! Heidi is here with her possessed bike.

Dani: Wow! Some chiz!

Katy: Pretty nice!

Michael: And pink!

Heidi: Let's see the opening of the presents.

Andrew: We'll do that!

[Andrew invites Heidi inside and they all begin to receive and open presents]

[End Credits Scene]

[Andrew's House]

[Andrew and Heidi are looking at the camera]

Andrew: From all of from Andrew & Heidi!

Heidi: We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Andrew: We hope you all are good this year for Santa Claus.

Heidi: So we hope you enjoy your presents!

Andrew: And some decent food with your family.

[Heidi pulls a candy cane out of her pocket]

Heidi: Including these!

Andrew: Or eat a Christmas cake like Heidi and me did.

Heidi: Andrew, what's next?

Andrew: We wave goodbye to the Camera Heidi!

Heidi: Yay! That's fun!

[Andrew and Heidi waves goodbye]

Andrew: Happy Holidays!

Heidi: Merry Christmas!

(The End)

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