This is the page for locations in Andrew & Heidi that are too minor for complete articles. They have either appeared only once or a few times.

Lambo's Miniature Golf Course

This Putt Putt course is one of the only minor locations that appears in more than one episode. It is first visited by Andrew and Heidi in Mr. Hall and Hall's Market.

Lambo's Miniature Golf Course's second appearance was in Dani the Spy Person.

The Mellow Place

A fancy restaurant which has delicious food. Andrew and Heidi went here for their first date in The Sneak Out.

Homelark Gymnasium

A gym where Andrew and Daryl Thomas trained and fought in the episode Andrew’s Big Fight.

Wallmark Hotel

The hotel where Ariana Grande was staying at in the episode Ariana Grande at Ithaca.


A-Hop (American House of Pancakes) is a breakfast restaurant that is mentioned in Raiders of the Lost Shoe and Thanksgiving Problems. Andrew and Heidi were the ones that visit the restaurant. A-Hop is a parody of I-Hop!


Cal-Mart is a grocery store that Katy has mentioned in Thanksgiving Problems. Katy went to that store to pick up some food but she doesn't buy any because a man was touching and bothering her. Cal-Mart is a parody of Wal-Mart.

The Rosebyrd Cafeteria

This restaurant appeared in the episode Thanksgiving Problems. It was the restaurant that Andrew and Heidi had to pick up some food for the Thanksgiving meal.

The Schneider Bay Hotel

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Andrew, Heidi and the rest of the Daltons stay for their visit when the are appearing on Family Feud. The hotel is named after Dan Schneider.

The Bowling Place

A bowling alley that Andrew, Heidi and Becka Emends went to to play bowling in the episode The Return of Andrew's Friend.

Fall Creek Elementary School

The elementary school that Dani Dalton and her friends attend. The name was first revealed in It's a Valentine's Dance.

The Donut Emporium

A newly opened donut place that is two blocks from Hall's Market. In You've Been Switched, Mr. Hall visits it for their glazed donuts, and to eat a sugar donut.


A restaurant that Andrew and Heidi try to go to in Head Stuck in the Fence. They have hot dogs, french fries, soup, bread, and free tortilla chips, which Heidi mentions several times. Mi-Chi's is a parody of Chi-Chi's.

Ithaca Zoo

Andrew and Heidi visit the Ithaca Zoo for the first time in Adopting a Monkey. It is the former residence of Charlie the Monkey.

Earlington Coat Factory

A clothing store that Andrew & Heidi went to for picture day clothes in Getting the Picture. Earlington Coat Factory is a parody of Burlington Coat Factory.

Drum Corps Burgers

A fast food burger restaurant that Andrew & Heidi goes to in Stuck in the Freezer.