Now who are you calling old man?
— Mr. Hall to several characters

Mr. Eugene Hall
HNI 0073
"Mii" depiction of Mr. Hall
Some attributes
Full Name Eugene Bryan Hall
Date of Birth April 21, 1953
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Brown
Favorite Color Red
Gender Male
Location Ithaca, New York
Family Unknown
Friends Andrew Dalton (employee)
Heidi Makinney
First Appearance Mr. Hall and Hall's Market
Last Appearance Clip Show Finale

Mr. Eugene Hall is a recurring character on Andrew & Heidi. He is the grocery store manager of Hall's Market, and the boss of Andrew Dalton.


Although he takes the job as manager seriously, he is a kind boss to Andrew; and a friendly person to other people, such as Heidi. Mr. Hall is at times somewhat goofy and naive, such as annoying the Daltons with wanting to watch the Marvin Birch Show marathon in The Babysitting Job.


Andrew Dalton

(Employee; Good Friend)

Mr. Hall gets along well with Andrew and vice versa. He is very nice to Andrew and likes the work Andrew does at the store.

Heidi Makinney


Mr. Hall allows Heidi to be in this store and they get along well.

Danielle Dalton


Michael Dalton


Kathryn Dalton



Mr. Hall: Hey don’t call me Eugene. I only let my family members call me Eugene. You call me Mr. Hall and I mean it and don’t forget it.

Mr. Hall: Catching the Birdie! I should download that!

Mr. Hall: Yeah! Wow! Panda Bear Exhibition! I haven’t played that game since I left elementary school.

Mr. Hall: Mr. Jenison! I’m really looking forward to getting that one thousand dollars for shooting a movie here.

Mr. Hall: Seriously! You’re really being the big guy!

Mr. Hall: Oh yeah! This boss is good-looking even though he is 61! Oh yes!

Mr. Hall: I was sleep dancing! That usually doesn’t happen to me.

Mr. Hall: Whoa! You’re sister must be lucky dating a boy in elementary school.

Mr. Hall: No! It's really warm! I've been in heat waves before in my life. It can make you sweat on parts of your body's.

Mr. Hall: Whatever! I’m just going to go in my office and use my pear pad. I always wonder if there is in an app called Pee-Minder, which is something that reminds you to go the bathroom.

Mr. Hall: Aright! Interesting! There was a clown in my store!

Mr. Hall: I may be old but look who just got flicked in the head.

Mr. Hall: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! As soon is I finish the final level of Pak-Rat. Oh yes! No cats is gonna stop me now.

Mr. Hall: This store has opened since 1958 and my employee decided to talk dope with me.

Mr. Hall: Dude! I was only eating a sugar donut.

Mr. Hall: Then get out of my store you hot dog eating chump.

Mr. Hall: I really love The Marvin Birch Show. This old show will always be my favorite show and nobody can stop me from loving it.

Mr. Hall: Well patriotic toilet plunger, you are going to look nice in this grocery store. But seriously, I'm the boss here.

Mr. Hall: I don't believe this! That monkey trashed my precious grocery store. At least I was able to pop my armpit pimple.

Mr. Hall: You should probably focus on working rather than becoming a magazine reader kind of weenie!

Mr. Hall: Oh I get! Grocery store humor! No wonder what happened to buy something and just leave. That's definitely a sagging reference to me.


  • Mr. Hall doesn’t like it when people call him Eugene or call him old.
  • Until The Houseguest, Mr. Hall lived inside of Hall's Market.
  • It has been stated a few times that Mr. Hall went to college, however it is unspecified which college he attended, and if he completed a degree.
  • It is revealed in The Babysitting Job that Mr. Hall has been the store manager to Hall's Market since 1977.


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