Mr. Hall and Hall's Market
Season 1, Episode 3
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Air date November 19, 2014
Prod. code 103
Written by Iamaman1977
Directed by Unknown
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Mr. Hall and Hall's Market is the 3rd episode of the 1st season of Andrew & Heidi.


Andrew looks at the newspaper, looking for a job. Michael comes in and Andrew tells him he’s having a hard time finding a job. The doorbell rings and Andrew goes over and sees Heidi. Heidi asks Andrew what is polio since her grandmother had it. Andrew explains it in very difficult words for Heidi to understand. Andrew says he’s looking for a job and asks Heidi what he would be good at. She has no idea.

Andrew and Heidi are walking along the streets talking about Kenny Baker from Star Wars when Andrew sees a Help Wanted sign on a grocery store called Hall’s Market. Heidi leaves, saying she has to see if her grandma can find the toilet paper. Andrew walks in and Mr. Eugene Hall comes in and beats Andrew with a broom. He thinks Andrew is a criminal and Andrew says he’s not and Mr. Hall apologizes. They introduce themselves to each other and Mr. Hall says he is the owner of the store and says he is not going to retire because his father used to manage the store and he loves the store. Andrew asks for a job and Mr. Hall says yes and tells Andrew to come in the back room to do an interview. Later at Andrew’s house, Andrew says he has great news. Michael, Katy, and Dani all guess wrong and Andrew tells them he got a job at Hall’s Market. Michael and Katy are proud of him while Dani asks why doesn’t she have a job. Michael and Katy say she’s too young and will get one when she grows up. At Ithaca High School, Andrew tells Heidi all about his new job at Hall’s Market and Mr. Hall. Heidi says she’s proud of him and hugs and kisses him. At Hall’s Market, Andrew walks in and Mr. Hall asks where has he been, He was supposed to be there at 10 AM and it is now 3 PM. Andrew says he was at school and Mr. Hall says he didn’t know it and tells him to get to work. Later, Andrew is stocking shelves, but Mr. Hall tells Andrew he has to put two cans of soup in a specific place. Heidi comes in and tells Andrew he looks handsome in his apron. Mr. Hall asks if Heidi’s a customer. Heidi says she is watching her boyfriend work. Andrew introduces Heidi to Mr. Hall and vice versa. Mr. Hall tells Heidi to leave, but she wants to stay and Andrew says can she, but Mr. Hall still makes her leave. Later, Andrew is putting away sodas, but Mr. Hall says he is doing it all wrong and says the blue dog soda goes on the top shelf and orange soda on the bottom shelf. Andrew apologizes and Mr. Hall says he is a useless boney head. Andrew complains that he has been working there for three days and all Mr. Hall has been doing is pushing him around and giving him less time to see Heidi. Mr. Hall doesn’t care and tells him to get back to work.

Later, at Andrew’s bedroom, Andrew comes in and Heidi is already there. Andrew asks how is she there. Heidi says his mother let her in. Andrew tells Heidi about how Mr. Hall is pushing him around and giving him less time to see her. Heidi apologizes and Andrew wants to know what he’s going to do. Heidi says she doesn’t know and that he’s the one who wanted that job. Andrew worries that tomorrow will be worse. Dani comes in with water balloons and throws them at Andrew and Heidi. Andrew says he does stuff like this all the time. At school, Heidi asks Andrew if he wants to play miniature putt-putt. Andrew refuses and says he has to work. He gets a text from Mr. Hall that says get to work. Heidi starts to go to the miniature putt-putt by herself, but Andrew says he’s going to skip work to play with her. Heidi worries that he will get caught, but Andrew isn’t worried and they go to play. At Hall’s Market, Mr. Hall is mad that Andrew skipped work. At the miniature golf place, After playing miniature golf, Andrew and Heidi are walking home with their prizes. Andrew got a baseball signed by Babe Ruth and Heidi got a stuffed flower. They walk by Hall’s Market and Mr. Hall steps out and tells Andrew to freeze. He tells Andrew to go in the store. Andrew drags Heidi with him. Mr. Hall ask him why he didn’t show up for work. Andrew answers because he’s been pushing him around and giving him less time to see Heidi. Mr. Hall says he is just doing his job and tells Andrew he is going to continue to push him around. Andrew gets furious and screams to Mr. Hall that he is not going to. He tells him he wants some timeout in this world and that he wants to be treated like a regular employee. He says that he is pushing him way too hard and giving him less time to see Heidi. Since Mr. Hall pressures him into doing things, he is going to quit and he and Heidi walk away. Mr. Hall feels guilty and stops Andrew and tells him he was being too hard and tells him to stay. He will show him how to stock shelves. Andrew makes him promise to not pressure and to be a good boss. He also tells him that he wants Heidi to be in the store whenever she wants. Mr. Hall says yes. Andrew is happy to be treated right now.


Michael: Hey Andrew! What are you up to?
Andrew: I’m trying to find a job.
Michael: Why are you doing that for?
Andrew: Dad! I thought you liked the idea of me getting job when I’m in high school.
Michael: I do?
Andrew: Yeah! That what you said when I was 12 years old.
Michael: That’s wonderful that it stayed in your memory.

Andrew: It’s a really old store! But it’s still in good shape.
Heidi: Wow! You joined the basketball team and quit and now you gotta job.
Andrew: That’s right!
Heidi: Who’s your boss?
Andrew: His name is Mr. Eugene Hall, but he only likes to be called Mr. Hall. He is 61 years old and he refuses to retire.
Heidi: Why doesn’t he wanna retire?
Andrew: He just really love the store that he works in. Anyway, I start today after school.
Heidi: Well I’m proud of you! [Hugs and kisses Andrew multiple times]
Andrew: What is this, a hugging and kissing convention?
Heidi: Yep!
Andrew: Eh!

Mr. Hall: Andrew! You’re late! You were supposed to start at 10:00 AM! It’s almost 3:00 PM!
Andrew: I was at school!
Mr. Hall: Oh! You didn’t tell me you had school.
Andrew: I go to high school!  [Grabbing and putting on his apron]


  • This episode marks the first appearance of Mr. Eugene Hall.
  • This episode is the first appearance of Hall's Market.
  • This is the first episode to use a character's name in the title.
    • It is additionally the first episode to use a location's name in the title.


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