This article is a screenplay of the Andrew & Heidi episode "Mr. Hall and Hall's Market" from Season 1 which was released on November 19, 2014.

Here is the Screenplay for Mr. Hall and Hall’s Market.

(Mr. Hall and Hall’s Market)

[Andrew’s House]

[Andrew is looking at a newspaper]

Andrew: Let’s see what other jobs they have. [Reading the paper] Help wanted for a hamburger place. I’m not the kind of guy who cooks hamburgers, well except for microwave hamburgers.

[Michael walks in]

Michael: Hey Andrew! What are you up to?

Andrew: I’m trying to find a job.

Michael: Why are you doing that for?

Andrew: Dad! I thought you liked the idea of me getting job when I’m in high school.

Michael: I do?

Andrew: Yeah! That what you said when I was 12 years old.

Michael: That’s wonderful that it stayed in your memory.

Andrew: None of these jobs in the paper are really suitable.

Michael: Well, what kind of job do you want?

Andrew: Something that doesn’t involve gas stations or hamburger restaurants.

[Doorbell rings]

[Andrew walks over and answers the door]

Andrew: What do you want?

Heidi: Andrew! I need some help.

[Heidi walks in]

Andrew: What?

Heidi: My grandma was telling me about the time she had polio when she was 17. What’s polio?

Andrew: It’s an infectious disease that’s cause by poliovirus. It was famous back in the 1950’s.

Heidi: Huh? All I got is that it’s a virus disease.

Andrew: It’s really something that effects the arms and legs.

Heidi: Well I thought it was… was pretty much really…..I give up!

Andrew: Hey Heidi! Do you know any good jobs that I’m might be good at.

Heidi: Going to school!

Andrew: That’s not it!

Heidi: Why do you ask?

Michael: Andrew is trying to find a job.

Andrew: Thank you father. I was just trying to tell her that answer.

Michael: You know I say stuff pretty good.

Heidi: You mean a job to work at?

Michael: Yep!

Andrew: Father! How about I answer the questions to Heidi.

Michael: Fine whatever! I was just gonna go talk to your mother anyways.

[Michael leaves]

Andrew: So, what kind of job?

Heidi: I think I came up with a good one. You can work as uh…..Oh how about….I think the best job might be….um.

Andrew: You don’t know do you?

Heidi: No! I’m useless!

Andrew: Well whatever is out there. I’ll find a good job. I just know it

Heidi: What if there isn’t?

Andrew: That’s the thing I haven’t really figured out yet.

[Andrew & Heidi Theme Song]


[Andrew and Heidi are walking]

Andrew: How many times do I have to tell you? Kenny Baker is not a dwarf.

Heidi: Then why is he really small then?

Andrew: He’s was the little guy who played R2-D2 in Star Wars. This conversation reminds me of Will Ferrell calling a small guy an elf.

Heidi: I think that other small guy you mentioned is another cute dwarf.

Andrew: You’ve seen Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs a lot have you?

Heidi: Yeah!

[Andrew pauses]

Andrew: Hey! I see a store over there that says help wanted. [Andrew runs closer to the store]

Heidi: What’s a help wanted?

[Heidi goes closer to Andrew]

Heidi: Andrew, what’s a help wanted?

Andrew: It means that there is a boss in that store who wants to hire somebody new.

Heidi: Oh! I get it now! What is this place?

Andrew: Hall’s Market! It must be a grocery store. I’m gonna go inside check this out.

Heidi: Okay! I’m going to go see if my grandma can find the toilet paper. She sometimes forgets where that is.

Andrew: Okay then!

[Andrew and Heidi kiss and Heidi leaves]

[Andrew walks into the store]

[Hall’s Market]

[Andrew walks in]

Andrew: Hello? I’m looking for some one whoever runs this joint. Unless your not in Canada.

[Mr. Eugene Hall comes out with a broom]

Mr. Hall: Hey who are you?

Andrew: I’m a…what are you doing?

[Mr. Hall runs over and beats Andrew with a broom, which makes Andrew go on the ground]

Andrew: Ow! Hey!

Mr. Hall: You must be one criminal aren’t you?

Andrew: I’m not a criminal! I’m just dude!

[Mr. Hall stops hitting Andrew with the broom]

Mr. Hall: That would be a my bad. I’m so sorry!

[Andrew stands up]

Andrew: That’s okay! Is this the way you really meet people?

Mr. Hall: Oh no! What are doing here anyways?

Andrew: I just saw the help wanted sign and I was kind of wondering if I can work here.

Mr. Hall: You came to the right place um…

Andrew: My name is Andrew!

Mr. Hall: Andrew! My name is Mr. Eugene Hall! I’ve been the store owner of this store since I was 30 years old. My father use to run this store when I was a kid.

Andrew: Wow! This store has been here for many years and it’s still in great shape. How old are you any ways?

Mr. Hall: I’m 61 years old! And I’m am not going to retire for this store because I love this place.

Andrew: Okay then Eugene! I see why you love this store so much.

Mr. Hall: Hey don’t call me Eugene. I only let my family members call me Eugene. You call me Mr. Hall and I mean it and don’t forget it.

Andrew: Okay! “Mr. Hall”! I really wanna work here. So can I?

Mr. Hall: Sure thing! You start tomorrow!

Andrew: Wow! I’m hired just like that? No job application, no interview, this must be my kind of job.

Mr. Hall: Alright! Come to the back room with me, we got some stuff to talk about.

Andrew: Aw! Yieh!

Mr. Hall: Why are you talking like that?

Andrew: Nothing it’s just a usual phrase!

[Mr. Hall and Andrew walks into the back room]

[Andrew’s House]

[Andrew walks in being happy]

Andrew: Mom! Dad! You guys gotta believe me when I tell you this.

Katy: You got me a wedding to go see?

Michael: You’re gonna watch an NFL football game with me for this weedend. That’s more cooler.

Dani: You got a dumb A+ on your math homework.

Andrew: All three of you are wrong.

Dani: Then what is it peski brother?

Andrew: I just got a job at a grocery store called Hall’s Market. I start tomorrow!

Katy: Congratulations Andrew! My handsome son just got a job.

Michael: I’m proud of you Andrew!

Dani: You gotta job? How come I’m not able to get a job?

Katy: You might wann figure that out yourself.

Dani: I’m too young!

Michael: That’s right! Don’t worry pumpkin, you’ll get a job by the time your day comes. Probably by the time you get to high school.

Dani: That’s a good observation daddy.

Katy: So do you have to wear some kind of uniform?

Andrew: Nope! Just an apron! It’s a good thing it’s not a floral apron.

Michael: Where’s Heidi?

Andrew: She’s with her grandma right now. Speaking of her I’ll go tell her the good news.

[Andrew leaves]

Katy: My boy is really growing up?

Michael: You know, he’s just working his way for college.

Katy: I know! He’s just growing up?

Dani: Am I growing up?

Michael and Katy: Yes!

Dani: That’s good!

[Ithaca High School]

[Andrew and Heidi are walking]

Andrew: It’s a really old store! But it’s still in good shape.

Heidi: Wow! You joined the basketball team and quit and now you gotta job.

Andrew: That’s right!

Heidi: Who’s your boss?

Andrew: His name is Mr. Eugene Hall, but he only likes to be called Mr. Hall. He is 61 years old and he refuses to retire.

Heidi: Why doesn’t he wanna retire?

Andrew: He just really love the store that he works in. Anyway, I start today after school.

Heidi: Well I’m proud of you!

[Heidi hugs an kisses Andrew multiple times]

Andrew: What is this, a hugging and kissing convention?

Heidi: Yep!

Andrew: Eh!

[Hall’s Market]

[Mr. Hall is waiting for Andrew]

[Andrew walks in]

Mr. Hall: Andrew! You’re late! You were supposed to start at 10:00 AM! It’s almost 3:00 PM!

Andrew: I was at school!

Mr. Hall: Oh! You didn’t tell me you had school.

Andrew: I go to high school! [Grabbing and putting on his apron]

Mr. Hall: Okay! Now start working!

Andrew: Right! But what if I gotta go to take a wazz.

Mr. Hall: Then just go to the bathroom. What kind of a word is wazz?

Andrew: I’m guessing it’s a Latin word for urine.

[Mr. Hall walks out]

Andrew: Oh boy!

[Hall’s Market]

[Mr. Hall is watching Andrew stock shelves]

Mr. Hall: No No No! This can of soup goes there, and this can of soup goes there right.

Andrew: You like to make things so perfect do you?

Mr. Hall: Andrew, you wanna get paid right?

Andrew: More than anything! Yes!

Mr. Hall: Then do the stocking thing right.

Andrew: Whatever!

[Heidi walks in]

Andrew: Hey Heidi! I’m working!

Heidi: I know! You look handsome in that apron.

Andrew: I know!

Mr. Hall: Excuse me young lady! Are you here to buy something?

Heidi: No! I came to see my boyfriend work.

Andrew: Oh! Mr. Hall I didn’t tell you. This is Heidi Lorraine Makinney, but people usually her just Heidi or Heidi Makinney. Well at least her grandma sometimes uses her full name.

Heidi: How did you know my middle name?

Andrew: You told me! Just like I told you my middle name is Andrew James Dalton.

Heidi: Oh!

Mr. Hall: Heidi! If you are not gonna buy nothing, then get out and leave.

Andrew: Mr. Hall! Please let Heidi stay.

Heidi: Please?

Mr. Hall: No! Leave now!

[Heidi leaves in a sad mood]

Andrew: Hey! That was my girlfriend you were talking too.

Mr. Hall: She’s you’re girlfriend! How nice! Get to work and get this arranging thing right.

[Mr. Hall leaves]

Andrew: Eeehhehehe!

[Hall’s Market]

[Mr. Hall is watching Andrew putting away the sodas]

Mr. Hall: No! All wrong!

Andrew: What am I doing?

Mr. Hall: The Blue Dog Sodas go on the top shelf and the orange sodas go on the bottom.

Andrew: So Sorry!

Mr. Hall: You are one useless boney head!

Andrew: Sir! I’ve been working here for 3 days now, and all you’re doing is pushing me around and you’re giving me less time to see my girlfriend Heidi.

Mr. Hall: That ain’t my problem! You know I never got married.

Andrew: You never got married! Wow!

Mr. Hall: I know true story. I don’t even care about getting married anyways.

Andrew: Again Wow!

Mr. Hall: Now that subject is over. Now the subject is this. Get back to work.

[Mr. Hall leaves]

Andrew: Why is he pushing me so hard?

[Andrew falls down on purpose]

[Commercial Break]

[Andrew’s Bedroom]

[Heidi is waiting for Andrew]

[Andrew comes in crawling with exhaustion]

Andrew: I am worn out.

[Heidi approaches Andrew]

Heidi: Oh Andrew! What happened!

Andrew: Mr. Hall is…How you get in my house?

Heidi: You’re mom was so kind, she let me in!

Andrew: Anyways, Mr. Hall is pushing me way to hard on work.

Heidi: I’m so sorry! He’s rarely letting you see me or hang out with you.

Andrew: I know! I just don’t know how long I’m gonna take this. What am I gonna do.

Heidi: I don’t know! You were the one that took that job in the first place.

Andrew: I’m afraid that tomorrow is gonna be worse.

Heidi: I’m sure you’ll think of something. If your worn out tomorrow I’ll take you to the hospital.

Andrew: Being worn out is not an injury.

Heidi: It isn’t?

Andrew: No!

[Dani walks in with water balloons]

Dani: Hello Andrew and Heidi!

Andrew: Dani what are you doing?

Heidi: What’s the water balloons for?

Dani: You two!

[Dani throws the water balloons at Andrew and Heidi]

Dani: Enjoy being wet!

[Dani leaves]

Heidi: That wasn’t nice! Now I’m all wet!

Andrew: Don’t worry she does these things all the time.

Heidi: Why don’t you tell you’re mom and dad about it?

Andrew: Yeah! They know! They don’t ever do anything about it.

Heidi: Then why am I wet?

Andrew: I think she did that because I’m dating you.

Dani: [Shouting] You guessed well Andrew!

Andrew: Wow! I’m right!

[Ithaca High School]

[Heidi happily walks in]

[Andrew closes his locker]

Heidi: Andrew you and I should go play miniture putt putt after school

Andrew: Thanks but rather strangle a rabbit.

[Heidi gasps]

Heidi: Please don’t! Rabbits are cute!

Andrew: That’s just an expression!

Heidi: Oh! That’s a relief!

Andrew: Heidi I can’t! I gotta go to that torturing Hall’s Market right now! Maybe some other time!

Heidi: Okay!

[Andrew gets a text message]

[Andrew pulls out his phone and looks at his text]

Andrew: I was so dumb; I give Mr. Hall my cell phone number. This text says, “Andrew hurry up and get to work.”

Heidi: Wow! He’s really hard on you. Well, anyway, I guess it’s miniature golf by myself then.

[Heidi walks forward]

Andrew: Heidi wait!

Heidi: What?

Andrew: I decided that I’m not going to work today! I just gave myself the day off.

Heidi: But what if you get in trouble?

Andrew: I’m not gonna answer that. Lets go play miniature golf.

Heidi: Arlight now I’m happy again!

Andrew: Let’s have fun!

[Andrew and Heidi leaves]

[Hall’s Market]

[Mr. Hall is waiting impatiently]

Mr. Hall: Where is that boy! He’s suppose to be here!

Customer: Excuse me! Are you talking to yourself?

Mr. Hall: Yeah! I’m talking to no one! My employee is playing hookie.

Customer: How about you ring me up?

Mr. Hall: Very well! You know my name isn’t Orsen Wells!

[Mr. Hall and the customer walks to the cash register]

[Miniature Putt Putt Course]

[Andrew and Heidi are at the eighteenth hole]

Heidi: What’s the score again?

Andrew: 37-34! And you’re winning!

Heidi: Why?

Andrew: Because! I’m letting you win since you love this game.

[Heidi putts her golf ball in the hole followed by Andrew putting hid ball in the hole]

Andrew: You won! Now its 35-38!

Heidi: Yay! I’m a good winner! Rematch time!

[Heidi cheerfully walks away]

Andrew: Okay then!

[Andrew walks out following Heidi]


[Andrew and Heidi is walking with their prizes]

Andrew: I love this good prize! It’s an autograph baseball signed by Babe Ruth.

Heidi: I gotta stuffed flower. It reminds my of a stuffed animal.

[Andrew and Heidi approaches Hall’s Market and Mr. Hall comes out]

Mr. Hall: Andrew freeze!

[Andrew and Heidi stops walking]

Andrew: Why? Hi there! That is an awesome sweater you’re wearing.

Mr. Hall: Don’t you talk that silly. Get inside!

Heidi: Well! I’m gonna go home and look at my stuffed flower!

Andrew: No you’re not! You’re not coming in with me.

[Andrew drags Heidi]

Heidi: Eeeehhhh!

[They all enter the store]

[Hall’s Market]

[Andrew, Heidi and Mr. Hall walks in]

Mr. Hall: You know it’s almost closing time! Why did you miss your shift?

Andrew: Because! You have been pushing me around ever since you hired me. You’re giving me less time to see Heidi and where does it stop.

Mr. Hall: I’m just doing my job. You sir do not have the right to miss work.

Andrew: Well I’m sorry! I just didn’t want to be pushed.

Mr. Hall: You know that’s not my problem!

Heidi: I’m just gonna go home and see if….

Andrew: Stay!

Heidi: But physical arguments can sometimes scare me.

Andrew: I just didn’t want to take you’re pressure.

Mr. Hall: I’m gonna continue to do that.

Andrew: No! You’re [Screaming] NOT!

Mr. Hall: Wow! Some tough scream you got there.

Andrew: SHUT-UP! I REALLY WANT SOME FREE TIMEOUT IN THIS WORLD. I understand you’re trying to do you’re job, but I wanted to be treated like a regular employee. You sir are pushing me way too hard and not getting enough time to see Heidi. I wanted you to not pressure me into doing something whenever I’m here, and since you won’t, I’m done working here. Come on Heidi!

Heidi: You sounded like a president.

Andrew: No I didn’t!

[Andrew and Heidi are walking away]

Mr. Hall: What have I done? [Pauses] Andrew wait!

[Andrew and Heidi stops walking]

Mr. Hall: Okay! I’m sorry! Please don’t leave! Maybe I was being hard on you. Please don’t quit. If you stay, I won’t be a pain in the butt. Maybe I can teach you how to stock shelves and all that.

Andrew: Okay! If I continue working here, will you not pressure me and be a boss the right way?

Mr. Hall: Yes Andrew!

Andrew: And let Heidi come in and see me?

Heidi: I really wanna see Andrew work here Mr. Hall

Mr. Hall: Yes Andrew!

Andrew: Alright then! I’ll stay!

Mr. Hall: That’s Good! You come in anytime you like and you can work on your homework here during some breaks and Heidi is more than welcome to come in this store.

Andrew: Thank you! It’s going to be fun working with you.

Mr. Hall: But I’m still your boss, you do whatever I tell you.

Andrew: I know!

[Mr. Hall leaves]

Heidi: Now you get to see me more.

Andrew: Yeah! Lets go home!

Heidi: Where did you get that tough scream!

Andrew: It’s just something natural for my voice.

Heidi: Wow!

[Andrew and Heidi leaves]

[End Credits Scene]


[Michael, Katy and Dani are eating a French toast for dinner]

Dani: where did you come up with the idea of making French toast for dinner?

Katy: I just wanted to try it.

Michael: It’s like breakfast for dinner.

[Andrew and Heidi walks in form the back door]

Andrew: Toast for dinner?

Heidi: That must be new.

Katy: Yeah!

Michael: Very tasty!

Dani: Sit down and join us!

Andrew: Thanks! Maybe some other time, but my mouth is craving on a pizza. Come on Heidi!

Heidi: I call the cheese pizza!

[Andrew and Heidi leaves]

Dani: I guess they wanted pizza.

Michael: It’s just them being them.

Katy: Yeah!

(The End)

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