This article is a screenplay of the Andrew & Heidi episode "Pilot" from Season 1 which was released on November 17, 2014.

Here is the Screenplay for Pilot.

(Andrew & Heidi)


[Ithaca High School]

[Andrew Dalton walks in]

[Andrew walks forward and a nerd approaches Andrew]

[Nerd follows and looks at Andrew]

[They both stop walking]

Andrew: Um, Hello! Why are you following me?

Nerd: Are you new here?

Andrew: Yes! This is my first day here.

Nerd: Welcome to Ithaca High School. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it here.

Andrew: Yeah sure! I’m trying to find the guidance office do you know where it is?

Nerd: [pointing] Why don’t you ask that principal over there.

Andrew: Right! Thank you nerd who knows every thing.

Nerd: Hey! That wasn’t nice!

[Nerd leaves]

[Andrew approaches the principal]

Andrew: Excuse me! I’m trying to find the guidance office can you show me…

Principal Elmore: Ah! A new student! They always come for me to help.

Andrew: That’s right! My name is Andrew Dalton.

Principal Elmore: Where did you come from?

Andrew: My family just transferred here from Albany, New York. My dad just got a new job here.

Principal Elmore: Yeah! I couldn’t care less.

Andrew: Can you please help me find the guidance office?

Principal Elmore: Does down the hallway, second door to the right ring a bell for you?

Andrew: Yeah! Thank you sir!

[Andrew leaves]

Principal Elmore: Yeah! And it’s Principal Elmore by the way.

[Heidi Makinney walks in]

[Heidi approaches the principal]

Heidi: Hi! Do you know where the guidance office is Mr. Principal?

Principal Elmore: Ah! Another new student! And my name is Principal Elmore.

Heidi: I’m sorry! I just transferred here from Middletown, New York and this is my first day here.

Principal Elmore: Wow!

Heidi: My name is Heidi Makinney. Can you please help me?

Principal Elmore: Down the hallway, second door to the right.

Heidi: Can you show me?

Principal Elmore: Oh! Alright! Come on you!

[Heidi and the principal walks out]


[Andrew finds his locker]

[Andrew opens his locker and opens it]

Andrew: Hm! Just a usual locker.

[A random girl walks in]

Andrew: Excuse me! I’m trying to find room L118. Can you show me where that is.

Girl: Why is your voice all deep?

Andrew: It’s just a natural voice that boys usually have. Do you know where L118 is?

Girl: Just use the map you got in your hand you boy with the glasses.

[Girl walks away]

Andrew: My glasses are not nerdy. Oh yeah! I do have a map.

[Andrew organizes his locker]


[Heidi finds her locker and starts to organize it]

[A boy walks in]

Heidi: Hi! What’s your name?

Boy: Um, Um! I’m a….

Heidi: I bet you need a hug.

[Heidi attempts to hug the boy]

[Boy runs away]

Heidi: Hey, I’m not scary! I just love to give hugs.


[Andrew closes his locker]

[Boy runs in]

Boy: I don’t want know girl hugging me.

[Boy runs away]

Andrew: Some strange first day here at Ithaca High School. In New York!

[Andrew & Heidi Theme Song]

[School Cafeteria]

[Andrew walks in and sits down at a senior table and starts to eat his lunch]

Andrew: Okay! Now I gotta eat. I wonder why they didn’t serve tattor tots at my old school.

[A group of seniors walk in]

Senior #1: Hey nerd!

Andrew: Can I help you?

Senior #2: Your sitting at our table and this table is for seniors only.

Senior #3: And you’re not a senior.

Andrew: I know that! And I’m not a nerd.

Senior #1: You look like a nerd to me.

Senior #4: Do us a favor and go sit somewhere else.

Andrew: No! And I don’t see your names on this table.

Senior #5: He just say no to us. Seniors don’t take rejections.

Senior #1: That’s right! And since he rejected us, grab him!

Andrew: Say what?

[The Seniors grab Andrew and they carry him out of the cafeteria]

Andrew: Hey put me down. I want to taste the tatter tots.

Senior #1: Shut-up!

[The seniors leave and they carry Andrew out of the Cafeteria]


[The seniors walks in carrying Andrew]

Senior #2: Lets put him in that janitor’s closet over there.

Andrew: Not the janitor’s closet.

[The seniors open the door and they throw Andrew in the janitor’s closet]

[They shut the janitor’s closet door]

Andrew: [Shouting] Hey let me out of here.

Senior #1: That’s what you get for sitting at our table.

[The Seniors leave]

Andrew: [Shouting] Hello! Somebody! Let me out of here. I’m a dude in the janitors closet here.


[Heidi walks in and finds the senior table that Andrew was sitting at]

Heidi: Hey! Some person forgot to eat his lunch.

[Heidi sits down at the same chair Andrew sat in and starts to eat her lunch]

[The seniors walk back in and sees Heidi sitting at their table]

Senior #1: Oh no! Not another one!

Senior #2: Hey girl in the pink flower dress!

Heidi: Hi!

Senior #1: This is a senior table. You can’t sit here.

Heidi: But I wanna sit here.

Senior #2: That’s too bad! You need to get out of here.

Heidi: That’s not very nice! I don’t wanna leave. I’m eating!

Senior #3: She just say no to us. Grab her!

[They grab Heidi and they carry her]

Heidi: Hey! Please put me down.

Senior #3: Shut-up!

[The seniors leave and they carry Heidi out of the cafeteria]


[The Seniors walk in carrying Heidi]

Senior #1: Lets put her in that janitor’s closet.

Senior #2: That’s the same closet we just put…oh whatever!

Heidi: Please put me down. I’m all pretty!

[The seniors open the door and they throw Heidi in the same closet they put Andrew in]

[The seniors close the door]

Senior #3: That was for sitting at our table.

[The seniors leave]

[Inside Janitors Closet]

Heidi: Hello! Somebody!

Andrew: I guess this makes two of us.

Heidi: Who’s here?

Andrew: Me! Apparently I can’t see you because it’s dark in here.

Heidi: I can’t see a thing

Andrew: Just stay where you are so I can find a light. Okay! Okay!

Heidi: Did you find anything Mr. Deep voice!

Andrew: I’m a dude! Don’t worry Ms. Girly.

[Andrew feels a light switch in his hand]

Andrew: I think I found the light switch!

[Andrew turns on the light]

Heidi: Thank goodness I’m not blind.

Andrew: Now I can see! Now I can...

[Andrew and Heidi turns around and they both see each other]

[Andrew and Heidi moves the same direction while still looking]

Andrew: Hi! You look adorable!

Heidi: Hi! You a kid!

Andrew: You look really beautiful.

Heidi: You look handsome!

Andrew: I’m Andrew Dalton!

Heidi: I’m Heidi Makinney!

Andrew: Heidi! How did you end up in here?

Heidi: Andrew! I sat at a senior table.

Andrew: Same here!

Heidi: I’m new at this school here.

Andrew: I’m new here too! I came from Albany, New York.

Heidi: I’m from Middletown, New York!

Andrew: Wow! Some first day for both of us.

Heidi: Why do you wear glasses.

Andrew: So I can see!

Heidi: Well I see perfect 20/20 vision so I don’t wear glasses.

Andrew: Wow! Your eyes must be lucky!

[A janitor opens the closet and finds Andrew and Heidi]

Janitor: What are you two doing in here?

Andrew: We were thrown in here.

Heidi: We were just leaving!

Janitor: That’s right! You two get out of here.

[Andrew and Heidi leaves the closet]

Janitor: Kids these days!


[Andrew and Heidi are eating lunch]

Andrew: I moved here in this city of Ithaca because my dad just gotta new plumbing job. He just wanted to get more money.

Heidi: You have a father?

Andrew: Yeah! I live with my dad, my mom and my younger sister. What about you?

Heidi: I live with my grandma!

Andrew: Your grandma? Why not your parents?

Heidi: My parents work in other parts of the world. My mom is a lawyer in Connecticut and my dad works for the air force. So my grandma always wanted to take care of me whenever my parents first got busy.

Andrew: Wow! That’s very interesting. So why did you move here?

Heidi: My grandma visits this place for bingo here on Thursdays. Apparently she hated make a trip from Middletown to Ithaca. So that’s why we moved here.

Andrew: Well! That’s nice! A lot of people think I’m a nerd.

Heidi: I don’t think you’re a nerd.

Andrew: Thanks! What’s something that your into?

Heidi: Cute stuff like, flowers, rainbows, cute animals like rabbits birds, unicorns and me being happy and other beautiful things.

Andrew: You must be bipolar! I’m into, sports, sci fi, adventures and action movies.

Heidi: Boy stuff!

Andrew: That’s right! We must have different stuff that we like.

Heidi: Yeah! I also love hugs and kisses!

Andrew: Okay! Do you wanna come to my place after school? I mean you and I must really have some kind of connection.

Heidi: Yeah! I mean! You do look really handsome!

Andrew: Well um, [clearing his throat] Maybe a little bit or a connection.

Heidi: I would love to come to your place after school.

Andrew: Alright! I really love these tattor tots.

Heidi: They must be a relative to French fries.

[Andrew’s House]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in]

Andrew: Welcome to my new home. I’m sure this will be a great house that I might enjoy.

Heidi: Wow! This looks like a beautiful house.

Andrew: You just said that thirty seconds ago! Let’s watch television while we’re waiting for the others.

Heidi: Okay!

Andrew: Okay! If I can find the remote! Ha! Here it is! Found it!

Heidi: Andrew there’s something wrong with the television.

Andrew: What?

Heidi: You said let’s watch television, but I’m not seeing anything on the screen, just a black screen.

Andrew: It’s not broken! You gotta turn it on with the remote control.

[Andrew turns on the television]

Heidi: Oh! Now I see stuff!

Andrew: How can simple things confuse you?

Heidi: I don’t know!

[Danielle Dalton walks in]

Dani: Andrew what are you doing?

Andrew: Watching television!

Dani: Ooh! Who’s the girl that you have?

Andrew: This girl is Heidi! Heidi this is my peski sister Dani!

Heidi: Your Andrew’s Sister!

Dani: So when did you Andrew kiss?

Andrew: Dani! You know you get on my nerves sometimes.

Dani: Yeah! And you must be in lover with her.

Andrew: Listen! Why don’t you jus go to your room and mind your own business. Besides I wanted to bring her here.

Dani: Yeah! Whatever!

Heidi: You look like a nice girl.

Dani: Thanks! I’m always a good girl.

[Dani leaves]

Andrew: She really gets on my nerves at sometimes.

Heidi: I’m lucky that I’m an only child in my family.

Andrew: Nice! You must be really lucky!

Heidi: Thank you!

[Heidi hugs Andrew]

Andrew: You know I’m too cool for hugs.

Heidi: You must have jokes!

Andrew: Um! Sure!


[Dani, Michael Dalton and Kathryn Dalton are eating dinner]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in and sits in their chairs]

Andrew: Sorry guys! I was just showing Heidi here around the house. Including my bedroom.

Katy: Heidi? Is that the girl you have with you right now?

Andrew: Yes! This is Heidi!

Heidi: It's really nice to meet you guys.

Dani: Wait! You let Heidi in your bedroom?

Andrew: Yes! I showed her my bedroom.

Michael: Interesting! My first day in my new job goes well and Andrew brings home a girl from school.

Katy: Where did you two meet at school?

Andrew: We met inside a janitor's closet!

Heidi: Some seniors threw us in the closet.

Michael: Why did they throw you guys in the janitor's closet?

Andrew: We both sat at their senior table.

Dani: That must've been way too easy for them to do.

Andrew: You know that might happen to you when you get to high school.

Dani: Whatever!

Katy: So Heidi! When were you born?

Heidi: March 10, 2000!

Andrew: Ooh! I'm older than you!

Heidi: Really? When were you born?

Andrew: November 13, 1999!

Heidi: That proves it!

Michael: So Andrew, are you and Heidi are in a a relationship? If so, then that's pretty much not surprising.

Katy: I think it's true Michael! I think Andrew and Heidi do have a connection.

[Andrew and Heidi look at each other briefly]

Andrew: Well um...Now I'm too embarrassed to answer.

Heidi: Me to!

[Dani laughs]

Dani: I knew that you and Heidi are really closer.

Andrew: Mom! Dad! Please do something about Dani!

Katy: Dani that's enough!

Dani: Why not? I pretty much knew it!

Katy: Dani you're 9 years old. So please don't make fun.

Andrew: You know Heidi is also a new student at our new school. She moved here from Middletown.

Heidi: Just like Andrew told me that you guys moved here from Albany.

Katy: Two new students in one high school in one day. That's a record!

Michael: Yeah! I really think Andrew and Heidi might have a relationship.

Katy: Yeah! I think I really you two are in a relationship.

Andrew: How about we all just eat our meatloaf.

Heidi: Yeah! I love that ketchup taste.

[They all eat their dinner]

Heidi: You have a nice family Andrew!

Andrew: Yeah! What an embarrassing way for you to meet my family.

[Commercial Break]

[Andrew's Bedroom]

[Andrew finishes hanging a poster]

Andrew: There we go! My bedroom is now completely organized.

Heidi: Yeah! You must be an organizer!

Andrew: So how do you like my room so far now that your seeing it a second time?

Heidi: It looks nice! I think it's missing a few things. You should put some flowers, rainbows and you should get some stuff animals.

Andrew: No way! That's girl stuff! Besides, do you have stuff animals?

Heidi: Yes! I have all kinds of stuffed animals.

Andrew: Well I'm too cool for that stuff. Is there something that you don't like?

Heidi: Horror Movies!

Andrew: Why horror movies?

Heidi: I'm scared of horror movies!

Andrew: Well I saw some horror movies and they didn't scare me. You know what I mean.

Heidi: I know what you mean.

Andrew: You know something, when I first saw you in that janitors closet, I thought you really looked beautiful.

Heidi: And you looked really handsome when I saw you, eventhough you where glasses that are not nerdy.

Andrew: I'm not really a nerd.

Heidi: I believe you!

Andrew: I'm just really looking forward to seeing you more. Hey, I know that I'll see you tomorrow!

Heidi: That will be wonderful! Yay!

Andrew: Come on Heidi! I'll walk you home! You can show me where your house is.

Heidi: Okay! I love walking!

[Andrew and Heidi leaves]

[Ithaca High School]

[Andrew walks in using his pear phone to look at updates]

[Heidi walks in using her pear phone]

[Andrew and Heidi sees each other]

Andrew: Hey Heidi!

Heidi: Hi Andrew!

Andrew: You have a nice pear phone. It's just like mine except mine is blue.

Heidi: Mines pink! These devices never get old.

Andrew: Thanks to the pear company!

Heidi: So did you sleep okay last night?

Andrew: I sure did! When I got out of the shower I thought there was a spider on my tooth brush!

Heidi: And then what!

Andrew: I put on my glasses and it was just only one of them small black fuzzy things.

Heidi: Hahahaha! You're funny!

Andrew: It wasn't really a spider!

Heidi: Do you wanna take a walk after school?

Andrew: Why do you wanna walk after school?

Heidi: Because I really enjoyed walking home with you!

Andrew: Okay sure! We'll do that! See you later!

[Andrew leaves]

Heidi: Bye Andrew!

[Heidi leaves]


[Andrew and Heidi are walking]

Andrew: One time when I was little, I jumped off of s slide. I thought I was going to have an easy landing.

Heidi: Did you?

Andrew: No! I broke my left arm and I wore a cast for six weeks.

Heidi: That must've been awful!

Andrew: Hey! I mean wearing a cast was just a usual thing. The bone inside me repaired pretty good!

Heidi: Now you're arm is back to normal.

Andrew: Yeah! My arm is back together.

[Andrew and Heidi sees a mother and an infant who is riding in a stroller]

[The infant's mother phone rings]

[Mother answers her phone]

[Infant unbuckles it's seat belt]

Andrew: Hey! That baby is trying to get out of his stroller.

Heidi: That baby looks cute!

[Infant stands up and climbs out of the stroller]

Andrew: Hey look! He just got out of the stroller.

Heidi: And he's crawling away!

[Infant crawls away]

Andrew: Uh oh! That infant is going away from his mom.

Heidi: He's too young to take his own vacation.

[Andrew and Heidi approaches the mother]

[Mother hangs up her phone]

Andrew: Excuse me mam! You might wanna look in the stroller.

Mother: Why?

Heidi: You're baby just escaped!

[Mother looks at the stoller and notices that her son is gone]

Mother: Oh no! My little Noah is gone!

Heidi: I think he wanted to take a vacation.

Andrew: It's not a vacation Heidi!

Heidi: Oh! I kept thinking it was a vacation.

Andrew: Don't worry! We'll find him for you!

Mother: Oh please do!

Andrew: Come on Heidi! He went this way!

[Andrew runs out]

Heidi: You really have a cute baby!

Andrew: [Shouting] Heidi come on!

Heidi: Wow! Andrew has a good scream of a man's voice.

[Heidi runs out]


[Andrew and Heidi runs in]

'Andrew: Where is that infant!

Heidi: Hey little baby where are you?

Andrew: His name is Noah!

Heidi: How did you know?

Andrew: That's what the mother said.

[Andrew and Heidi continues running and they go into the city streets]

[Andrew and Heidi is still searching for the infant]

[Andrew and Heidi continues running and still searching]

[They both stop running]

Andrew: Where is that kid?

Heidi: I don't know! We've been searching for sometime now.

[They both hear the infant laughing]

Andrew: I can hear him!

Heidi: You do?

Andrew: Yeah! It's coming from this way!

[Andrew and Heidi runs out]

[Andrew and Heidi runs in from another street]

[Andrew and Heidi stops running]

[They hear the infant laughing]

[They both see the infant who is across the street]'

Heidi: There he is! He's over there across the street.

Andrew: Thank goodness we found him!

[Infant starts crawling on the street]

Andrew: He's crawling in the street!

[A big semi truck drives in and it's approaching the infant]

[Infant stops crawling]

Andrew: Uh oh! The truck is gonna run him over.

Heidi: We gotta save him.

[Andrew and Heidi runs on the street]

[Truck horn sounds]

[Andrew and Heidi approaching the infant]

[Andrew picks up the infant and Andrew and Heidi both save him]

[Truck passes by and drives off]

Andrew: He's okay!

Heidi: We just saved a baby!

[Infant is making sounds]

Heidi: He's so cute!

Andrew: Let's go return Noah hear to his mother.

[Andrew and Heidi leaves with the infant]


[The mother is waiting by the stroller]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in with the infant this time Heidi is holding him]

Andrew: Don't worry mam! We found him!

Mother: Oh Noah! Thank you two so much!

Heidi: You really have a cute child.

[Heidi gives the infant to the mother]

[Mother puts the infant back in the stroller]

Mother: Thank you so much for saving him. I thought I was going to lose him.

Andrew: No problem!

[Mother leaves pushing the infant in the stroller]

Heidi: We really did it Andrew! We rescued an infant!

[Heidi hugs Andrew]

Andrew: We sure did Heidi! We sure did!

[Andrew returns the hug to Heidi]

[Andrew's House]

[Andrew and Heidi are eating soft pretzels while watching television]]

[Michael, Katy and Dani walks in]

Andrew: Hey where are you guys going?

Katy: We're gonna go talk to the Realestate person about this house.

Michael: And we are gonna tell him that we accept this house.

Dani: Because we love it here.

Heidi: I'm gonna love living here.

Michael: Not in this house!

Heidi: I have a home here in this city!

Andrew: Of course you do!

Katy: We should be back in about an hour.

Andrew: Okay!

Dani: You have fun with your "girl" Andrew.

Katy: Let's go!

[Michael, Katy and Dani leaves]

[Andrew turns off the television and Andrew and Heidi both stands up off the couch]

Andrew: Well Heidi! We made are first adventure together. We saved a baby today.

Heidi: And you and I met in a janitors closet.

Andrew: Yeah! I really think we do have a connection.

Heidi: We sure do!

Andrew: Heidi I was wondering if you can be my girlfriend.

Heidi: Well Andrew I was wondering if you can be my boyfriend.

Andrew: I um...

Heidi: Um...

[Andrew and Heidi look closer to each other]

[Andrew and Heidi kisses for the first time]

Andrew: Yes Heidi! I love to be your boyfriend!

Heidi: Yes Andrew! I love to be your girlfriend!

[Andrew and Heidi both smile]

[Andrew and Heidi kisses again]

[Michael, Katy and Dani walks in]

Katy: Hey guys! Do you guys wanna come....

[Michael, Katy and Dani sees Andrew and Heidi kissing]

Dani: I knew it!

Katy: They're Kissing in my living room.

Michael: Let's get back in the car!

[Michael, Katy and Dani leaves again]

[Andrew and Heidi finishes kissing and they look at each other]

[End Credits Scene]

[Andrew's House]

[Andrew and Heidi are watching television]

Andrew: I think you and I are gonna make a good couple.

Heidi: A very beautiful couple. Does your parents and your sister know.

Andrew: Oh yeah! I already texted them and my parents replied on my pear phone that they know! They just saw us kissing.

Heidi: I already texted my grandma about it. She replied that is wonderful.

Andrew: Wow! We got some good text from our relatives. We gotta good future ahead of us.

Heidi: This is gonna be great! [Cuddles next to Andrew]

Andrew: It's gonna be really great.

Heidi: Really great! Enjoy my cuddling!

[They continue watching television]

(The End)

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