This article is part one of a screenplay of the Andrew & Heidi episode "Playing on Family Feud" from Season 2 which was released on March 10, 2015.

Here is the Screenplay for Playing on Family Feud Part 1 of 2.

(Playing on Family Feud)

[Hall's Market]

[Andrew is playing Pak-Rat on the new arcade system]

Andrew: This game is so cool. I get to control that rat to eat all the cheese. Though I do love zesty cheese. Get away from me you darn cats.

[Mr. Hall walks in]

Mr. Hall: Andrew! What do you think your doing?

Andrew: I'm playing Pak-Rat! What's it look like I'm doing?

Mr. Hall: Playing Pak-Rat!

Andrew: Exactly!

Mr. Hall: Andrew! You're suppose to be working. Not fool around on this game system.

Andrew: Come Mr. Hall! You were the one that ordered this new game system last week. I really like it. Now I wanna see that rat eat al, of the cheese.

[Andrew notices that his rat got eaten up by a cat]

Andrew: Dang it! That cat ate me up.

Mr. Hall: Haha! Your rat just got devoured.

Andrew: You don't say!

Mr. Hall: I do say! Now get back to work.

Andrew: Okay! I'll do the cash register now.

[Andrew approaches the counter and the cash register]

Andrew: Just in case your wanting to know, Pak-Rat is a game to where you get to control the rat and then you have to avoid the cats chasing you.

Mr. Hall: I know how the game works. You know I've been through the 1980's.

Andrew: You've played Pak-Rat before?

Mr. Hall: Um, Yeah! I'm one of the best.

Andrew: Really! Which level did you get to so far?

Mr. Hall: Level 2!

Andrew: That sounds effortless! You must be a briskly old man.

Mr. Hall: Well this old man is going to defend his chance someday.

Andrew: Doubt it!

[Heidi walks in]

Heidi: Hi! I'm here inside the beautiful Hall's Market!

Mr. Hall: Heidi! Why do you always gotta compliment on my store? Your always saying adoring compliments.

Heidi: Because I want to! Besides, I love compliments! I even love it when someone gives a compliment to me.

Mr. Hall: Mhmm!

Andrew: Heidi! Where have you been? I told you to meet me here around 3 o'clock which is the beginning of my shift.

Heidi: I know! But I had an emergency!

Andrew: What kind of emergency?

Heidi: I was on my way to come here, and then I walked into the Northside Park and I noticed that they where brand new plastic rides at the park.

Andrew: What about those plastic rides.

Heidi: I got on a plastic unicorn that was pink and had to ride on and then I had fun on it. They were so cool.

Andrew: That wasn't an emergency! You just decided to fool around on a pink plastic horse that's designed for children.

Heidi: Andrew! It was actually a unicorn.

Andrew: Mhmm! Speaking of brand new, Mr. Hall just ordered a new Pak-Rat game system over there.

[Andrew and Heidi sees the Pak-Rat game system by the wall]

Heidi: Wow! That game! The game that has a maze, rats, cats, and cheese.

Mr. Hall: You've heard of that game Heidi?

Heidi: Yeah! I gave up playing it since I was 10 years old for only one reason, the cat kept eating the rat on me. Aha! Sound like a Tom & Jerry reference.

Mr. Hall: Tom & Jerry! That funny cartoon! That mouse rat is always winning against that cat.

Andrew: We all know that! I've played that game. I was playing on that game system just a few minutes ago until the old man wearing a hat all the time decided to stop me from playing it.

Mr. Hall: And that old man is me. I just so happen to be the boss hear.

Heidi: In a beautiful store.

Mr. Hall: Oh no! Not the complimenting again.

Andrew: Don't worry Mr. Hall! Heidi is just known to compliment on some stuff.

Mr. Hall: Big whoop! So what's going on with your family Andrew?

Andrew: Pretty good! My dad's car hasn't been doing well lately, it decided to do silly stuff.

Heidi: What kind of silly stuff? Is your dad's car feeling ill with some slight vomiting?

Andrew: No! Cars don't get sick because it's a thing. Besides that sounds cartoonish.

Mr. Hall: Then what's wrong with the car?

Andrew: I can tell that the car is really dying. The engine is being effortless lately.

Heidi: Dying? I guess that mean we have to have funeral for the car when it's dead completely.

Andrew: Cars don't have funerals! They get taken to a junk yard.

Heidi: Oh!

Mr. Hall: Andrew! Is it just me or is it just that your girlfriend is really getting dopey information.

Andrew: She's just getting a little dopey today! In a positive way I mean!

Heidi: Me being dopey? That sounds really craty!

Andrew: Crazy! You just mispronounced a word.

Heidi: Oops! I'm not all dopey! I'm just a usually person being snide Growckery Store.

Mr. Hall: Grocery Store! Okay! First you say random information, and now your mispronouncing words. What is up with you today.

Heidi: I'm just being a good girl. I'm not dopey! I have a good way with words.

Mr. Hall: Whatever! Hey Andrew! There's a box of frozen french fries in the back. Can you go get those and pet them in the freezer?

Andrew: Sure! Heidi! Can you come to the back and help me get them?

Heidi: Okay! I'll help you!

[Andrew and Heidi walks into Mr. Hall's office]

Mr. Hall: Okay! While Andrew and Heidi are getting the French Fries, I'm gonna take this quarter and play me some Pak-Rat.

[Mr. Hall grabs a quarter out of his pocket and approaches the game system]

[Mr. Hall inserts the coin in the coin slot and starts playing the game]

[Mr. Hall is using the controls on the game]

Mr. Hall: Ooh! This is so easy even though I played this game back in the 1980's. You get away from me you dumb cats. I'm eating all the cheese.

[Andrew and Heidi walks back in with some boxes French Fries]

Andrew: Hey Mr. Hall we got the.....

[Andrew and Heidi sees Mr. Hall playing on the game system]

Mr. Hall: You cannot get me you pesky cats. That cheese is mine!

[Andrew and Heidi puts the boxes down on the floor]

[Andrew takes off his apron and throws it away]

Andrew: Um, Heidi and I are just going to go to the park.

Heidi: And I'm gonna ride on that plastic unicorn again.

Mr. Hall: Yeah sure! Whatever! Get away from me you cat.

Andrew: Let's go!

Heidi: I'm with you!

[Andrew and Heidi leaves]

Mr. Hall: Oh yes! Oh yes!

[Mr. Hall sees his rat eaten up by a cat]

Mr. Hall: Gah! That stupid cat ate me.

[Mr. Hall grabs another quarter and inserts it in the coin slot]

Mr. Hall: And I go again!

[Mr. Hall is playing the game again]

Mr. Hall: Yeaheheheheh! I'm gonna eat all of that cheese you cats. I love this game.

[Andrew & Heidi Theme Song]

[Ithaca High School - Outside]

[Andrew is waiting for Heidi]

Andrew: Okay! Heidi should be here real shortly. I hope her grandmother didn't stuff her face with way too many pancakes.

[A boy walks in and looks at Andrew's shirt]

Andrew: What are you staring at?

Boy: You have a really nice shirt.

Andrew: Thanks! Anything else!

Boy: You're shirt is all nice and blue, and it really matches those blue jeans.

Andrew: Okay! Go stare at your own shirt and leave.

Boy: Just saying man! Dang!

[Boy leaves]

Andrew: That weird guy decided to stare at my shirt. At least he's not addicted to it.

[Heidi comes in riding on her bike]

Andrew: Hey Heidi!

Heidi: Hi Andrew! I'm riding on my cute pink bike.

Andrew: I can see that!

[Heidi parks her bike at the bike railing]

[Heidi gets off her bike and takes off her helmet]

Andrew: So what's going on?

Heidi: Oh nothing! [Putting her helmet in the bike basket] I'm just having a good morning.

Andrew: Anything interesting happened while you were home?

[Heidi grabs her purse from her bike basket]

Heidi: Yeah! At 3:00 AM this morning I walked out of the bathroom to go back to the bed and then I saw my grandma sleepwalking.

Andrew: You're grandma sleepwalks?

Heidi: Yeah! She even woke herself up while sleepwalking?

Andrew: How?

Heidi: She bumped in and fell on the couch. But she's okay now! She was able to go back to bed by herself

Andrew: Wow! No wonder your grandmother is so wacky. Has she sleepwalked before?

Heidi: Yeah! But only on some occasions.

Andrew: Come on Heidi! Class starts in 20 minutes.

Heidi: Right!

[Andrew and Heidi walks into the school building]

[Ithaca High School - Inside]


[Andrew and Heidi walks in and approaches their lockers]

Heidi: Hey Andrew!

Andrew: What?

[Andrew and Heidi opens their lockers and grabs their text books]

Heidi: The doctor called my house this morning and my grandma has a doctors appointment at 3:30 PM today.

Andrew: For what?

[Andrew and Heidi closes their lockers]

Heidi: Just a check up! So I can't be with you after school later.

Andrew: That's fine! You and I can pretty much hang out at your house later.

Heidi: That's sounds good!

Andrew: Okay! That's what we'll do then.

Heidi: So how's your dad's car doing?

Andrew: It's still not working very well. The car might come to the point to where it might not work at all anymore.

Heidi: Are you sure it's not feeling ill with vomiting.

Andrew: Yes! I just told you yesterday that cars don't get sick and throw up. That's cartoonish!

Heidi: Oh yeah! But if your dad's car stops working, then we'll schedule the......

Andrew: I also told you that cars don't have funerals. They get taken way to a junk yard.

Heidi: Oh! How did you know what I was going to say with the funeral part.

Andrew: I sensed it! I'm not a psychic! My brain can remember some things that you said yesterday that didn't even make sense.

Heidi: I remember stuff to.

Andrew: Like what?

Heidi: I remembered last week, you and I went to a museum to see some interesting art and for no reason I feel into a trash can.

Andrew: Wow! You can remember! You had a banana peel stuck to your shoulder and you were the one that pulled it off your shoulder and threw it away.

Heidi: You rescued me from that incident.

Andrew: Yes I did!

Heidi: And this morning, I used a very good shampoo, and now my hair is soft and beautiful.

Andrew: Wow! You decided to mention that part. Let's go to class.

[A Boy walks in and points at Andrew]

Boy: Haha! You bum!

Andrew: Are you talking to me?

Boy: Yes glasses! And deserved it you liar you.

Andrew: That wasn't very nice!

Boy: But you deserved it.

Heidi: That wasn't nice on what you just said to my boyfriend.

Boy: Oh yeah! That pink skirt you're wearing is stupid on you girly bum.

Heidi: Hey! I know how to put on and wear a skirt. I love my pink skirt.

Andrew: That wasn't nice on what you just said to my girlfriend.

Boy: Both of you deserved it.

[Boy leaves]

Andrew: What an idiotic grunch!

Heidi: He's just being an immature human.

Andrew: You know it's okay to call him a name.

Heidi: But I don't call anybody a name. That's really mean! I'm always nice to people. I'm known to be good!

Andrew: Heidi! Your always being good. You never do a bad thing. I mean you never call anybody a name, your never disrespectful, you never say shut-up, you never say a bad word, you never call anything or anybody stupid or dumb, your never doing nothing violent, you never threaten anybody, you never fight with anybody, you never hurt or punch anybody, you never punch or slam anything, where does it stop. You've never done anything bad.

Heidi: Andrew! I like being good! I'm always respectful you our human beings.

Andrew: Oh yeah! Let me see you do something bad right now.

Heidi: I'm not sure!

Andrew: Just try it!

Heidi: Okay! I'll try!

[A Girl walks in]

Heidi: Hey you! Girl in the green sweater.

Girl: What do you want!

Heidi: You're a...... You're a.......

Girl: I'm a what?

Heidi: I can't do it!

Andrew: Oh boy!

Girl: Whatever!

[Girl leaves]

Andrew: Try something else!

Heidi: Okay!

[Heidi attempts to throw her text book down on the ground roughly]

Heidi: I can't do it! Andrew! I'm use to being nice and gentle. I love being good, nice and sweet person. I will always be nice and not be disrespectful. I'm nice to everyone and everything including my algebra book.

Andrew: Okay! You can have it your way. I'm use to your personality!

Heidi: I'm glad you are! I really have a really nice skirt! It's all pink!

Andrew: Let's just go to class.

Heidi: Okay!

[Andrew and Heidi leaves]

[Andrew's House]

[Katy is watching television]

[Dani walks in with her pear pad]

Dani: Hey mom! What are you doing?

Katy: I'm watching television!

Dani: How nice!

[Dani sit on the couch with her mom]

Dani: What show are you watching.

Katy: I am watching Family Feud!

Dani: That game show with Steve Harvey?

Katy: Yes! Steve Harvey is a funny person. He's doing a great job hosting Family Feud.

Dani: Anything else?

Katy: This game show is surveyed by 100 people.

Dani: Yeah! How nice!

Katy: Do you even care?

Dani: Yes! I'm not a dumb person you know.

Katy: Okay! At least you do care.

[Television screen is showing Family Feud]

[Two contestants and Steve Harvey approaches the buzzard table]

Steve: Okay folks! We surveyed 100 people, top seven answers are on the board, try to come up with the most popular answer. Here we go! Name an American TV show that starts with the letter i.

[A guy named James rings his buzzard]

Steve: James!

James: I Dream of Jeannie!

Steve: I Dream of Jeannie!

[Survey Board shows "I Dream of Jeannie" as answer number 2]

Steve: Bethany! Give me a better answer!

Bethany: I love Lucy!

Steve: I love Lucy!

[Survey Board shows "I Love Lucy" as answer number 1]

Steve: Okay Bethany! Your family controls pass play!

Bethany: We're gonna play!

Steve: Okay!

Dani: Wow! That game looks really easy.

Katy: I know! You just come up with with a simple answer for the survey.

Dani: Yeah! Even though I've heard of this game show before, I'm gonna look it up.

Katy: Okay! You do that research on your good pear pad.

Dani: Which is purple!

Katy: Very purple!

[Michael walks in]

Dani: Hey Daddy!

Katy: Hey Michael! You're a little late getting home.

Michael: Yeah! I know! Right after I left work, I was driving my car, and then while I was on the road the car decided to turn off and stopes.

Katy: So what happened to your car "in other words"?

Michael: My car died!

Katy: Oh no! That's not good!

Michael: After that I got out of the car and called a tow truck to take the car away.

Dani: So are they going to get the car fixed?

Michael: No! The car is dead! The engine decided to get all wazzy and not work anymore.

Katy: Don't worry Michael! Your car lived a very good life.

Dani: Yeah! You're car was so cool! Until it decided to mess up and not work no more.

Katy: What are you going to do now?

Michael: I guess I can just save up and buy a new car.

Katy: How are you going to buy a new car.

Michael: Um, hello! With money!

Katy: Of course!

[Michael sits on the couch with Katy and Dani]

Michael: What are you guys watching on television?

Dani: Family Feud!

Katy: A game show surveyed by 100 people.

Dani: And is hosted by Steve Harvey!

Michael: Interesting! I just learned something from my wife and daughter. Even though I've heard of the show before.

Katy and Dani: Mhmm!

[Television screen shows Family Feud again]

[Two contestants and Steve Harvey approaches the buzzard table]

Steve: Okay folks! We survey 100 people, top five answers are on the board, try to come with the most popular answer. Ready, here we go! Name the 5 least famous presidents.

[A woman named Tanya hits her buzzard]

Steve: Tanya!

Tanya: Dwight Eisenhower!

Steve: Dwight Eisenhower!

[Survey board shows "Dwight Eisenhower" as answer number 1]

Steve: You control! Pass or play?

Tanya: We're gonna play!

Steve: You're gonna play! Okay!

Michael: Wow! This game is really easy.

Katy: It is easy! All you gotta do is answer the questions for the survey.

Dani: Yes! And I am just researching Family Feud. On Family Feud, a family of 5 is to ask some questions surveyed by 100 people, two family's battle it out and the winners of the game plays fast money and gets a chance to win $20,000.00!

Katy: $20,000 grant! That's a lot of smackerooneys!

Michael: Huh? What's a smackerooney?

Katy: It's just a word I made up.

Dani: $20,000.00 is a lot of money! It also says that a family wins all the games for 5 days, the family wins a new car.

Michael: A new car? Thank you information on Dani's pear pad. Where is this show filmed?

Dani: The show is currently being filmed in Atlanta, Georgia! And is any family is interested being on the show, must audition by doing an interview in Atlanta, Georgia!

Michael: Awesome!

Katy: We so wanna get a new car.

Michael: You guys thinking what I'm thinking?

Dani: Yeah! Wait, what are you thinking?

Michael: We are all going to go down to Atlanta, Georgia to play on Family Feud.

Katy: Really! That is a really cool decision.

Michael: Really! We are going to play on Family Feud.

Dani: Wow! This is going to be so exciting.

Katy: And we get to meet Steve Harvey!

Michael: We just need to let Andrew know that we are going to play on Family Feud.

[Andrew walks in]

Andrew: Hey family! I just got home from work. Like I really care!

Michael: Hey Andrew! Glad you're here! Where's Heidi?

Andrew: She had to take her grandmother to the doctor for a check up.

Katy: How was work?

Andrew: Okay! When I was working at Hall's Market today, Mr. Hall was only playing on that Pak-Rat game, for my entire shift.

Katy: Really?

Andrew: He was playing that game like non stop.

Dani: Wow! No wonder he's an old man!

Michael: Anyways! Andrew, we got something to tell you.

Andrew: What?

Michael: We are going to take a trip to Atlanta, Georgia to play on Family Feud.

Andrew: And be on national television?

Katy: That's right!

Andrew: Oh my gosh! That is definitely one word. Epic!

Dani: Wow! That got you excited!

Andrew: You bet I am excited! I got one question? Why are going on Family Feud?

Katy: Apparently! You father's car stopped working and we are wanting to get a new car.

Andrew: Wow! I guess that sounds like a good thing to do.

Michael: Good! So we'll go ahead and start making our traveling arrangements and.....

Dani: Hold on a minute! But when a family plays on the feud, they have to have a total of 5 family members to play.

Katy: And we only got 4 of us in this house.

Michael: Okay! So we only got 4! We just need to find a fifth person.

Andrew: I think I already found a fifth person.

Michael: Who?

Andrew: My girlfriend! Heidi!

Dani: Oh yeah! That girl that's always complimenting me.

Michael: But Heidi is not a Dalton. She's a Makinney!

Andrew: I know! But, she comes into this house all the time, and she really likes you guys.

Katy: And she even baked cookies in the oven in "my" kitchen.

Dani: What kind of cookies?

Katy: Chocolate chip!

Dani: Yeah! At least she didn't poison them.

Andrew: Yeah! I know Heidi can sometimes cause some clumsiness. But she is really important to me. She would be really sad if she didn't go. She would miss me and I would miss her.

Michael: Okay! Please don't give me that emotional story.

Katy: Please let Heidi come! She's our only option.

Michael: Okay! Heidi can come to.

Andrew: Yes! Thank you! This is going to be exciting.

Dani: How is Heidi going to know about this Family Feud thing?

Andrew: Simple! I'll just tell her! I'm not stupid you know.

Katy: Of course your not stupid.

Michael: Yeah! You're just being usual.

Andrew: I am usual! Okay! I'm just gonna go to my room now.

Dani: And do what?

Andrew: Doing usual things! Like homework!

[Andrew leaves]

Michael: Okay! I guess this means we'll go get some Chinese Food.

Katy: But I'm gonna make meatloaf for super Plumber Boy.

Michael: Plumber Man!

Katy: Plumber Boy is better!

Michael: You look like you got something against Plumber Man.

Dani: Okay then!

[Heidi's House]


[Andrew is knocking on the door]

Andrew: Heidi! Can you please open the door. I've been knocking on this door for like 20 time.

Heidi: [Shouting] I'm a little busy right now!

Andrew: Busy with homework?

Heidi: [Shouting] I got my homework done two hours ago.

Andrew: Then what are you doing in there?

Heidi: [Shouting] Um......Looking at my pink skirt!

Andrew: That is some lame excuse! Come on! Let me in!

[Andrew puts his hand on the door knob and notices that the door is unlocked]

Andrew: And I just noticed that the door is unlocked. I'm coming in Heidi!

[Andrew walks into the bedroom and closes the door]

[Heidi's Bedroom]

[Andrew sees Heidi talking to her stuffed animals on her bed]

Heidi: So we need to discuss the.....

Andrew: Heidi!

Heidi: Oh! Hi Andrew!

Andrew: Heidi! Why are you talking to your stuffed animals?

Heidi: We're having a meeting.

Andrew: A meeting?

Heidi: Yep! Okay guys, we need to discuss the part on how I'm doing with ketchup. I can still taste it pretty well.

Andrew: Okay! This meeting is over! Heidi! Why are you wearing a red visor on your head?

Heidi: To look good for the meeting.

Andrew: Take it off please! Because you look like you're about to play golf out.

[Heidi gets off her bed, stands up and takes off the visor from her head]

Heidi: I'm only good at miniature golf.

Andrew: Heidi! I got good news to tell you.

Heidi: Good news! I love good news.

Andrew: Yeah! You really do!

Heidi: Can I guess what it is?

Andrew: Go ahead!

Heidi: They're going to show the first ever real life unicorn on the 5 o'clock news tomorrow.

Andrew: No! It's not a unicorn! Guess again!

Heidi: Okay! There is going to be monkey working as an employee at Hall's Market.

Andrew: No! A monkey is not getting employed and this has nothing to do with Hall's Market! You are coming up with all kinds of unusual stuff.

Heidi: Since when do I come up with unusual stuff? I'm just guess the good news.

Andrew: Yeah! But you're not guessing very well.

Heidi: But I am a good guesser!

Andrew: Never mind! Here is the real good news. My family is taking a trip to Atlanta, Georgia to play on Family Feud! We're gonna be on television.

Heidi: Oh my gosh! That sounds exciting!

Andrew: I know and I'll tell you something even better.

Heidi: What?

Andrew: You get to come with me and my family to play on that show.

Heidi: I get to come play on Family Feud with you and your family?

Andrew: Yes!

Heidi: I'm going to walk and stand over there.

[Heidi walks over and stands in front of her bed]

Heidi: 5 seconds!

[Andrew approaches Heidi]

Andrew: 5 seconds until what?

Heidi: You'll know! Count down for me!

Andrew: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

[Heidi screams]

Andrew: Wow! You decided to scream!

Heidi: Andrew! You and I are gonna play on Family Feud! With your Family!

Andrew: I know!

Heidi: Wait! Your last name is Dalton and my last name is Makinney! It's known to be a family game.

Andrew: I know! I was the one that invited you to go and my family said it was okay.

Heidi: Oh! I'm still eligible to play even though we have different last name?

Andrew: Yes! The reason why we're are playing on Family Feud is because my dad's car stopped working. So we're planning on winning a new car for him.

Heidi: That sounds cool!

Andrew: My parents and my sister Dani are going to play to.

Heidi: And you really picked me to go on Family Feud with you guys?

Andrew: Yeah! You were the only option for a fifth member.

Heidi: Thank you Andrew!

Andrew: No Prob! We're leaving for Atlanta on Sunday. So let your grandmother know.

Heidi: Okay! I will! And you just got a special award for letting me come with you guys.

Andrew: Oh my gosh!

[Heidi hugs and kisses Andrew on the cheek multiple times]

Andrew: Oh my gosh! She does it again!

[Hall's Market - Outside]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in]

Andrew: So does your grandma know about the trip?

Heidi: Yes! She knows! I told her about it and then she told me that she made a high quality burrito in the microwave.

Andrew: Right! Now I gotta tell Mr. Hall about this. He's been strange lately.

Heidi: Is it that Pak-Rat game?

Andrew: Yeah! He won't stop playing it.

Heidi: Wow! He must be so into that game.

[Andrew and Heidi walks up into the store]

[Hall's Market - Inside]

[Andrew and Heidi sees Mr. Hall playing on the game system]

Mr. Hall: Oh yes! You cats just got no idea! I'm really getting all of that cheese.

[Andrew and Heidi approaches Mr. Hall]

Andrew: Hey Mr. Hall! Are you still playing on that game?

Mr. Hall: Yeah!

Heidi: How long have you been playing it?

Mr. Hall: Oh! Since I came in here this morning.

Andrew: Mr. Hall! I just came to let you know that my family and Heidi is going to play on Family Feud in Atlanta, Georgia! So I'm gonna be gone for a few days.

Mr. Hall: Cool!

Heidi: And I'm going to be gone for a few days to?

Mr. Hall: Cool!

Andrew: Are you even listening to what I'm saying?

Mr. Hall: Yeah!

Andrew: Really! What did I say?

Mr. Hall: This game is really working for me.

Andrew: Heidi! Go unplug that game!

[Heidi approaches the plugin cord]

[Heidi pulls the plug in cord from the the outlet and the game turns off]

Mr. Hall: Hey! Why did you do that? I finally got past level 3.

Heidi: Andrew told me to unplug it.

Mr. Hall: Well that wasn't cool!

Andrew: Okay Mr. Hall! What did Heidi and I tell you just a few seconds ago?

Mr. Hall: You and Heidi told me that you guys are going to Atlanta, Georgia to play on Family Feud and you're going to be off of work until you get back!

Andrew and Heidi: Wow!

Heidi: He guessed so well!

Andrew: How long are you going to keep playing Pak-Rat?

Mr. Hall: Until I win somehow!

Andrew: Okay! I'll see you when I get back.

Heidi: Have a nice Pak-Rat day!

Mr. Hall: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Now I gotta plug the game back in and win this game.

[Andrew and Heidi leaves]

[Mr. Hall takes the plug in cord and plugs it back into the outlet]

[Mr. Hall pulls a quarter out of his pocket]

[Mr. Hall puts the quarter in the coin slot and starts to play the game again]

Mr. Hall: Okay! Here I go! I'm definitely going to win. Ohohohohohoho! I'm definitely gonna get all of that cheese. Get away from me you pesky cats. Oh yeah! I'm definitely winning! Yes yes yes yes and yes! Ahahahahahahahaha!

[Airplane - Outside]

[Camera is viewing at the Airplane in the sky]

Plane Captain: This is your captain speaking! We'll be arriving in Atlanta, Georgia in 45 minutes.

[Plane Captain burps]

Plane Captain: Sorry! I ate a chicken fajita.

Dani: He just burped on the intercom.

Katy: We know that sweetie!

Michael: Chicken fajitas are really tasty.

Heidi: Can I sing a song on the plane?

Andrew: No! You might disturb the other passengers.

Heidi: I'll sing anyways!

Andrew: Please don't!

Heidi: [Singing] One million bottles of Blue Dog Soda on the wall, one million bottles of blue dog soda.

Andrew, Dani, Michael and Katy: Heidi!

Heidi: Okay! I'll stop!

[The Schneider Bay Hotel - Atlanta, Georgia]

[Hotel Room]

[Andrew, Heidi, Dani, Michael and Katy walks in with their suit cases]

Katy: Oh my goodness! Look at this hotel room!

Andrew: It looks very clean!

Dani: And cheesy!

[They all look at Dani]

Dani: I meant the good kind of cheesy.

Michael: This room has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen.

Andrew: Yeah! Just like it said online!

Heidi: This a nice room! It even smells meresh in here.

Andrew: Fresh!

Heidi: I got corrected again!

Dani: At least you can smell from you're nose.

Heidi: Uh oh! I think Sophie might be suffocating in my suitcase.

[Heidi opens her suit case and pulls her pink stuffed rabbit Sophie out of her suit case]

[Heidi closes her suit case and is now holding her rabbit]

Heidi: That's good! Sophie is okay!

Andrew: Heidi! Stuffed rabbits don't suffocate or talk. How any times have I told you that.

Heidi: 76,431 times!

Andrew: Exactly!

Michael: 76,431! Wow I can imagine counting to that number.

Katy: Can you really?

Michael: Yes!

Katy: Really!

Michael: Yes! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,....oh forget it!

Dani: You know that is really complicated to count to that number!

Heidi: Yeah! That sounds like counting to that much will take like 55,000 minutes.

Andrew: What are you talking about?

Heidi: Numbers!

Katy: So where will be sleeping!

Andrew: Heidi and I takes the other bedroom. While Dani sleeps with you guys.

Dani: Yeah! On my own bed in this room!

Michael: Well there is two twin beds in here and there's on one bed in the other room. I guess that can work.

Katy: Okay! So now what are we going to do.

Michael: Unpack our stuff I guess.

Heidi: I have a question? Is it possible that a pig can play a harmonica this its paws!

Dani: What?

Andrew: I don't think that's possible for a pig to play a harmonica.

Heidi: Well if it was, and if I saw that in person, I would put it on video post it on splash face.

Andrew: Mom! Dad! Dani! Let's have a conference!

[Andrew, Dani, Michael and Katy approaches each other]

Andrew: Okay! Let's say something that Heidi really believes in, such as a random thing that doesn't make sense.

Katy: Why?

Andrew: Because, she's always saying stuff like, unicorns, magic, flying, etc. and we should pretty much get even with her.

Michael: Okay! Let's try it!

Dani: Okay! I just hope I don't turn dumb.

[Andrew approaches Heidi]

Heidi: What were you guys talking about?

Andrew: We were just talking about a big rabbit that wears causal clothes and is able to talk.

Heidi: Really?

Andrew: Yes! Weren't we guys?

Dani: Yeah!

Katy: I can definitely imagine that.

Michael: Sounds very interesting!

Andrew: If you actually saw that kind of rabbit, would you meet it?

Heidi: Yeah! And I would take a selfie with it!

Dani: Okay! Let's drop it! Heidi, we were just pretending to believe you on that. Andrew talked us into it.

Andrew: Yeah! What she was true!

Heidi: Phooey! You guys sounded like you believe me.

Andrew: Whatever!

[Andrew and Heidi grabs their suit cases]

Andrew: We are just going to get settled in our bedroom.

Heidi: In this lovely room!

[Andrew and Heidi walks into the other room with their belongings]

Michael: Should we order a pizza?

Katy: Yes! My tongue wants pizza!

Dani: Okay! I'll eat a pizza! But two words! No anchovies!

[Commercial Break]

[Family Feud Studio]

[Back Stage Area]

[Michael, Katy and Dani walks in]

Dani: So what kind of audition are we doing?

Katy: We are doing an Interview Audition.

Dani: Oh so we can say anything we want to the interview person.

Michael: Yeah! It's just a simple thing, and for some reason I keep smelling air freshener.

Katy: Maybe they just decided to air freshen this room.

Michael: For no reason!

Katy: Hey! Where's Andrew and Heidi?

Michael: I don't know! I could've sworn they were in the rented car with us.

Dani: Maybe we should find them.

[Andrew walks in carrying Heidi over his shoulder]

Dani: Found them!

Andrew: Sorry guys! We meant to come into this studio together, but somebody decided to chase an abandoned balloon that was flying around outside.

Heidi: But the balloon was pink and I really wanted it.

Andrew: Well that's too bad. The balloon is on its way to Italy right now.

Heidi: Phooey!

[Andrew puts Heidi back down in the ground]

Katy: Wow! You two sure make a good couple.

Dani: Yeah! They really do!

Michael: Come on guys! We gotta go audition.

[Andrew, Heidi, Dani, Katy and Michael approaches some studio chairs]

[An interviewer walks in]

Interviewer: Excuse me! Are you 5 here to audition for Family Feud?

Katy: Yes we are!

Michael: That person looks like a women.

Interviewer: That's because I am a women.

Michael: Oh really? What's your name?

Interviewer: My name is Diane Thompson!

Michael: That proves that your a women.

Diane: No kidding!

Katy: Michael! You should stop with the women stuff. Beside you and I married.

Michael: I was just asking sugar babe.

Diane: Okay guys! Go ahead and have a seat and we'll get started.

[They all sit down in their chairs]

Diane: Okay! I'm just only going to be asking you a few questions. What is the name of your family?

Michael: We are the Dalton family!

Diane: Where do you guys live in your current home town?

Katy: We are all from Ithaca, New York!

Diane: Okay! So go ahead and tell me about yourselves.

Andrew: Certainly! My name is Andrew, I work at a grocery store called Hall's Market and I go to Ithaca High School.

Diane: Your a high school student?

Andrew: Thats right!

Heidi: I'm also a high school student and I also go to Ithaca High School.

Diane: How nice? And what is your name?

Heidi: I'm Heidi! Apparently, I'm not a Dalton, my last name is actually Makinney!

Andrew: Heidi!

Diane: Your not a Dalton? If your last name is Makinney then why are you with this family?

Heidi: Because, Andrew here is my boyfriend.

Andrew: Yeah! That's what my girlfriend just said.

Diane: Okay! Whatever! Just checking!

Dani: I'm Dani! Which is short for Danielle. I'm just a decent girl who goes to elementary school.

Diane: Very nice! And you two?

Katy: My name is Katy which is short for Kathryn. I'm a stay at home housewife.

Michael: And I'm Michael and I work as a plumber. I'm known to be call Plumber Man! But somebody keeps calling me Plumber Boy.

Katy: You are plumber boy!

Michael: It's Plumber Man! Man! Man! Man-an-an-an-an!

Katy: Bleeeeeh!

Diane: Okay! You guys do realize that you might win $20,000.00 and if you win all five days, you guys might win a new car.

Heidi: Yeah! If we win the car, I hope Mr. Dalton will let us touch it and not become like that Afro guy that won't let us touch it from the Dodge Dart commercials.

Michael: Mhmm! And plus I don't have an Afro.

Andrew: Don't worry Heidi! I think I know what he has in mind.

Dani: Pfft! Of course! So Mrs. Thompson! What else do you need to know about us?

Diane: Nothing! You guys just got yourselves a spot on Family Feud.

Katy: So we're playing on the Feud?

Diane: Yes! [Gives Michael a paper] All you need to do is fill out this final entry and give it back to us by tomorrow! And by the way, you guys do need to dress nice for the show.

Andrew: Say what?

Diane: You have to dress up for the show.

Andrew: You mean I have to wear a suit?

Dani: Yep! That's what she says.

Andrew: But I'm not really into dressing up in super nice clothes. The clothes I'm wearing right now is basically my favorite threads.

Diane: You have to dress up and that's that!

Andrew: Dang it! I don't wanna dress up.

Heidi: Don't worry! I wear some super nice clothing and it doesn't bother me.

Andrew: That's because you like dressing up.

Diane: Okay! Enough dressing talk! Anyways, al, you gotta do is fill out that form. It's really simple!

Michael: That's good! So when do we start playing?

Diane: Tomorrow!

Michael: I will fill out the form and we'll be ready for tomorrow.

Diane: Okay!

[Diane gets out of her chair]

Diane: Now if you'll excuse me! I'm gonna go to my office and stare at my shoes. They're black and brand new! And they look nice.

[Diane leaves]

Dani: Staring at her shoes! How strange!

Heidi: This is so wonderful! We all get to be on Family Feud tomorrow.

Andrew: How nice! Plus we get to meet Steve Harvey!

Dani: On national television!

Michael: That interviewer was really a women.

Katy: Michael!

Michael: Sorry! I love you sugar!

Katy: Okay! Let's go back to the hotel.

[Andrew, Heidi, Dani, Katy, and Michael leaves]

[The Schneider Bay Hotel]

[Hotel Room]

[Andrew is looking at the mirror wearing a nice suit]

Andrew: This is so bogus! I'm wearing a dumb suit.

[Heidi walks in wearing a nice dress]

Andrew: I look ridiculous wearing a suit. I really don't do nice suits.

Heidi: No you don't! I think you look nice in it.

Andrew: You mean you like it?

Heidi: Yeah! Besides, I like to dress up and it doesn't bother me.

[Heidi walks over and grabs her shoes]

Andrew: Whatever! I'm actually wearing a white buttoned down colored shirt, a blue turquoise vest, a blue turquoise tie, a black suit jacket, black pants, black pants and black dress shoes. That's pitiful!

[Heidi sits on the bed and puts her shoes on]

Heidi: Wow! You really guessed well on what your wearing. Now you can guess what I'm wearing.

Andrew: You're wearing a blue turquoise sleeveless dress, and black high heeled strappy sandals. How can I not see that?

[Heidi stands up]

Heidi: You can see pretty good! With glasses!

Andrew: Whatever!

Heidi: Can you tie my dress please?

Andrew: Sure!

[Andrew approaches Heidi]

[Heidi turns around and Andrew ties Heidi's dress]

Andrew: There you go! Is that too tight!

Heidi: No!

Andrew: That's good!

[Heidi turns around and looks at Andrew]

Heidi: I'm really looking forward to being on national television.

Andrew: Me too! I have never been on television before.

Heidi: Neither have I! This is so exciting! I'm excited as in excited.

Andrew: Well, don't get too excited, we're just going to be on national television.

Heidi: In very nice clothing!

Andrew: Yeah! Even though me wearing a suit is stupid.

Heidi: It's not stupid! It looks nice! I love wearing a nice dress!

Andrew: Okay! Let's just have some fun today.

Heidi: Okay!

[Andrew and Heidi kisses]

Heidi: We sure know how to kiss in a hotel room.

Andrew: Yeah! Exactly!

[Michael walks in]

Michael: Hey you two! We're getting ready to leave right now.

Andrew: Okay! We're coming!

[Michael leaves]

Andrew: Come on we gotta go!

Heidi: Okay!

[Heidi walks over and grabs her purse]

Andrew: I wonder what Mr. Hall is doing back in Ithaca right now.

Heidi: He's probably still playing that Pak-Rat game at Hall's Market.

Andrew: He must be really into that game.

[Andrew and Heidi leaves]

[Hall's Market]

[Mr. Hall is still playing on the game system]

Mr. Hall: Hahahaha! I'm really eating that cheese! I'm getting all kinds of points. Whoa whoa whoa! You can't catch me cats.

[Game system makes a sound]

Mr. Hall: Yes! I made it to level 8!

[Mr. Hall laughs and dances a little]

Mr. Hall: And now to Level 9.

[Mr. Hall starts playing the game more]

Mr. Hall: Oh yes! Okay! I'm gonna keep winning! I'm taking all the points. Oh yeah!

[Family Feud Studio]


[Andrew, Heidi and the rest of The Daltons Walks in wearing they're nice clothes]

Heidi: Hi Family Feud studio! The Daltons and me are here.

Andrew: Um, why did you say hi to the studio?

Heidi: Because I wanted to.

Dani: Well don't say hi to the studio anymore, because that is so not cool.

Heidi: I think it's cool to me.

Katy: I wonder where we're suppose to go.

Michael: I don't know! Maybe we should ask somebody.

[A producer walks in]

Michael: Excuse me sir!

Producer: Yes! How can I help you guys?

Katy: We're here to play on Family Feud and we're trying to figure out where to go.

Producer: Are you guys playing on the show?

Dani: Yes! What else would you think we'd be going?

Producer: I don't know! The North Pole!

Heidi: The North Pole! That's where Santa Clause lives.

Andrew: We're not going to the North Pole. We just need to figure out what we're going to be doing for the show.

Katy: Can you pleas help us?

Producer: Do you guys have your entry form?

Michael: Yes! [Pulls the paper out of his pocket] I have it right here.

Producer: I'll take that!

[Michael gives the paper to the producer]

Producer: Alright! Now the show starts in 40 Minutes! I'm gonna right now take you guys to a waiting room. When it's show time I'll come get you guys and take you to the Family Feud set.

Michael: Okay! That sounds good!

Katy: Take us to the waiting room.

Producer: Okay!

[The are all standing they're doing nothing]

Andrew: We meant take us to the waiting room now.

Producer: Oh yeah! Okay! Follow me please!

[The producer, Michael, Katy and Dani walks out]

Heidi: Now we gotta follow a producer! Just like in the song following the leader.

Andrew: Yes! And don't you start singing that song.

Heidi: But I wanna sing the so fog Following the Leader.

Andrew: Yeah's too embarrassing and its full of dope.

Heidi: What?

Andrew: Never mind!

[Andrew and Heidi walks out]

[Family Feud Studio]

[Family Feud Set]

Announcer: It's time to play, Family Feud!

[Audience applauds]

Announcer: Introducing our returning champions, The Cambridge Family. Playing against, The Dalton Family! On your marks! And now, it's time for the Family Feud. Ladies and Gentlemen, give it for Steve Harvey!

[Steve Harvey walks in]

[Audience applauds]

Steve: Hey welcome to Family Feud everybody! I'm your man Steve Harvey! We gotta good one for you today. Returning for they're third day, it's The Cambridge Family.

[Audience applauds for the Cambridge Family]

Steve: And from Ithaca, New York, it's The Dalton Family.

[Audience cheers for Andrew, Heidi and the rest of the Daltons]

Steve: Everybody is here for a lot of cash and especially someone might be driving out of here in a brand new car.

[Camera views at the red car on set]

Michael: Yes! I so want that car.

Katy: Say what?

Michael: We so want that car.

Katy: That's what you should've said.

Michael: I know! I know honey!

Steve: Alright let's play the Feud! Give me James! Give me Andrew! Let's go!

[Andrew, man name James and Steve Harvey approaches the buzzard table]

Steve: Okay gentlemen! We surveyed 100 people, top 7 answers are on the board, try to think of the most popular answer. Here we go! Name something that starts with the word, "Cheese."

[Andrew rings his buzzard]

Steve: Andrew!

Andrew: Cheeseburger!

Steve: Show us Cheeseburger!

[Survey board shows "Cheeseburger" answer number 1]

Steve: Your family controls Andrew, pass or play!

Andrew: We're gonna play!

Steve: Your gonna play! Alright!

[Andrew and Steve Harvey approaches the Dalton table]

Steve: Hey Andrew how are you doing?

Andrew: Oh my goodness! Steve Harvey just asked me how I'm doing. That sounds like a miracle.

Dani: No it's not!

Andrew: Anyways! I'm doing good!

Steve: What do you do for a living,

Andrew: I go to high school and I work at a grocery store.

Steve: A grocery store! Wow! You must be some good teenager working in a grocery store.

Andrew: Yes! My job is very easy and all that kind of chiz.

Steve: Chiz?

Andrew:It's just a usual saying.

Steve: Chiz! I like that! Hey Heidi, how are you doing?

Heidi: I'm feeling good and happy.

Steve: What do you do for a living.

Heidi: I go to high school to, with my boyfriend Andrew.

Steve: He's my boyfriend!

Andrew: Yes! And Heidi here is my girlfriend.

Steve: You're not a not Dalton?

Heidi: No! My last name is Makinney! I'm here because of my good boyfriend.

Steve: Your last name is Makinney! I can live with that. Okay Heidi! Name something that starts with the word, "Cheese."

Heidi: Cheese biscuits!

Andrew: Huh?

Steve: I think that makes sense. Cheese biscuits!

[The Daltons end up getting one strike]

Steve: Hey Dani! How are you doing!

Dani: I'm doing wonderful. And to answer your question on what I do, I go to elementary school.

Steve: Wow! Are you psychic!

Dani: No! I'm just an intelligent and decent girl.

Steve: Wow! Words of wisdom from an intelligent and decent girl.

Dani: Mhmm!

Steve: Okay Dani! You guys only got one strike. Name something that starts with the word, "Cheese."

Dani: Cheesecake! I definitely want to see cheesecake.

Steve: Show us Cheesecake!

[Survey Board shows "Cheesecake" as answer number 3]

Steve: Hey Katy!

Katy: What's up!

Steve: Nothing! At least you didn't talk like a gangster.

Katy: I'm not really a gangster! I'm just a stay at home house wife.

Steve: How nice! Okay! Name something that starts with the word, "Cheese."

Katy: Cheese Puffs!

Steve: Cheese Puffs!

[Survey Board shows "Cheese Puffs" as answer number 2]

Steve: Hey Michael! How's it going!

Michael: Hello Steve Harvey! I'm Michael Dalton, I work as a Plumber and we really want to get that new car.

Steve: Are you obsessed with the new car.

Michael: Maybe! I just want a new car.

Steve: Okay! Name something that starts with the word, "Cheese."

Michael: Cheese Grits!

Steve: That's a good answer! Cheese Grits.

[Survey board shows "Cheese Grits" as answer number 7]

[Steve Harvey goes back to the other side of the table]

Steve: Alright Andrew! You only got one strike.

Andrew: Cheese slices!

Steve: Cheese slices!

[The Daltons ends up getting two strikes]

Steve: Okay Heidi! You got two strikes you gotta be careful. The Cambridge Family could steal.

Heidi: Cheese Soda!

Dani: Huh! I never heard of cheese soda. What kind of answer is that?

Heidi: I think that sounds like a good answer.

Steve: I don't know let's see! Cheese soda!

[The Daltons end up getting three strikes]

[Steve Harvey approaches the Cambridge Family]

Andrew: Heidi! Nobody has ever heard of cheese soda. That answer sounded dopey.

Heidi: At least we all have heard of blue dog soda.

Steve: Okay James! You get only one answer. If it's there, your family steals the points, if it's not there, the Daltons gets a chance to steal. Name something that starts with the word, "Cheese."

James: I'm gonna have to say Cheese spray.

Steve: Show us Cheese spray.

[The Cambridge Family gets one strike]

[Andrew, Heidi and the rest Daltons Briefly celebrate as they are now in the lead with 65 points]

Steve: Alright! Let's reveal the remaining answers! Number 6!

[Survey board shows "Cheese Bread" as answer number 6]

Audience: Cheese Bread!

Steve: Number 5!

[Survey board shows "Cheese Sticks" as answer number 5]

Audience: Cheese Sticks!

Steve: Number 4!

[Survey board shows "Cheese Sandwich" as answer number 4]

Audience: Cheese Sandwich!

Steve: Let's move on to question 2! Give me Tanya! Give me Heidi! Let's go!

[Heidi, a woman named Tanya and Steve Harvey approaches the buzzard table]

Steve: Okay ladies! We ask 100 people. Top 5 answers are on the board, try to come up with the most popular answer. Here we go! Name something a dog needs a lot of.

[Heidi rings her buzzard]

Steve: Heidi!

Heidi: Hey! This ringing sound sounds like a telephone.

[Heidi rings her buzzard a number of time]

Heidi: Hahahaha! I like that sound

[Heidi rings her buzzard again]

Heidi: I love that ringing sound.

[Heidi ends ups getting a strike]

Steve: Wow! You just got possessed ringing that buzzard. Okay Tanya! Name something a dog needs a lot of.

Tanya: Food!

Steve: Show us Food!

[Survey board shows "Food" as answer number 2]

Steve: Since you got the answer on the board, you control, pass or play?

Tanya: We're gonna play Steve!

Steve: Okay!

[Tanya and Steve approaches the Cambridge Table]

[Heidi rings the buzzard again]

Steve:Okay Henry! Name something a dog needs a lot of.

[Heidi rings her buzzard again]

Henry: Exercising!

Steve: Exercising!

[Survey board shows "Exercising" as answer number 5]

Steve: Alright Colin! Name something a dog needs a lot of.

[Heidi rings her buzzard again]

Colin: Play Time!

[Heidi rings her buzzard again]

Steve: Play Time!

[Survey board shows "Play Time" as answer number 4]

Steve: Alright Lisa!

[Heidi rings her buzzard three times]

[Steve Harvey looks at Heidi]

Heidi: This buzzard really sounds like a telephone.

Andrew: Heidi! Stop ringing the buzzard.

Heidi: I really love that sound!

[Andrew approaches Heidi]

Heidi: It really has a good tone of sound and....

[Andrew picks up Heidi and carries her]

[Andrew walks back to the table carrying Heidi]

Heidi: Why are you carrying me?

Andrew: Because you were ringing that buzzard.

[Andrew puts Heidi back on the ground]

Steve: Okay Lisa! Name something a dog needs a lot of.

Lisa: Biscuits!

Steve: Show us Biscuits!

[The Cambridge Family ends up getting one strike]

[Steve Harvey approaches to the other side of the table]

Steve: James! You only got one strike. Name something a dog needs a lot of.

James: Taking Baths!

Steve: Taking Baths!

[The Cambridge Family ends up getting two strikes]

Steve: Okay! Tanya! You got two strikes you gotta be careful. The Dalton family can steal.

Tanya: Okay! I'm gonna say, barking!

Steve: Okay! Show us Barking!

[The Cambridge Family ends up getting three strikes]

[Steve approaches the Dalton table]

Steve: Okay Andrew! All you gotta do is give us one answer. If it's there, your family steals the points, if it's not there, the Cambridge could steal. Name something a dog needs a lot of.

Dani: Get us a good answer Andrew! Don't screw it up.

Andrew: I know what to do, so don't help me. Steve a did need a lot of Attention.

Steve: That's a good answer! Show us Attention!

[Survey board shows "Attention" as answer number 1]

[Andrew, Heidi, and the rest of the Daltons briefly celebrates and they are now in the lead with 163 points]

Steve: Let's reveal the remaining answer. Number 3!

[Survey board shows "Sleeping" answer number 3]

Audience: Sleeping!

Steve: We got a good game so far. Dalton Family with 163! Cambridge family not on the board. But this is anybody's game and the goal is 300 points. We'll be right back folks.

(End of Part One)

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