Robbie Shapiro
Robbie Image
Some attributes
Full Name Robert Shapiro
Date of Birth c. 1995 (18-19)
Hair Color Black/Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Favorite Color Light Blue
Gender Male
Location Hollywood, California
Family Sylvia Shapiro (Grandmother)
Maury Shapiro (Grandfather)
Marty (Uncle)
Rex Powers (dummy, though he doesn't like it when people call him a puppet)
Unnamed Sister
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Friends Cat Valentine (girlfriend)
Rex Powers (sometimes)
Andre Harris
Tori Vega
Andrew Dalton
Heidi Makinney
First Appearance Andrew & Heidi & Cat & Robbie
Last Appearance Andrew & Heidi & Cat & Robbie
Robbie Shapiro is a minor returning character from Dan Schneider's Victorious and appeared on Sam & Cat once. He appeared alongside Cat in Andrew & Heidi & Cat & Robbie. Once Cat became friends with Heidi, Robbie (along with Andrew) began to feel neglected by their girlfriends.

He is portrayed by Matt Bennett.


Robbie is considered extremely nerdy, shy, and socially awkward, but a good, loyal, and honest friend to his friends. [1]


Cat Valentine

(2008-Present: Girlfriend; Close Friend)

Cat and Robbie are close friends throughout Victorious. Robbie seems to be more tolerant of Cat's behavior, and Cat seems to be the nicest girl to Robbie. Robbie has proven many times that he likes Cat. Cat really had feelings for Robbie and they both became a couple.

Andrew Dalton


Robbie and Andrew communicated with each other which showed a good friendship from both of them. Andrew and Robbie both felt neglected by their girlfriends when Cat and Heidi started hanging out.

Heidi Makinney


Robbie and Heidi didn't interact as much while he and Cat are staying at The Resort Party Hotel.

Tori Vega

(2010-present: Good Friend)

Tori and Robbie are good friends and even though Robbie’s nerdy personality and his early crush on her weirded her out, they are still good friends. They interacted a little in Andrew & Heidi & Cat & Robbie.

Andre Harris

(2008-present: Very Close Friend)

Andre and Robbie are close friends and give advice to each other. They interacted a bit in Andrew & Heidi & Cat & Robbie.


Robbie: Well, it looks like we got some new people to know.

Robbie: I finally popped that pimple on my back 3 weeks ago.

Robbie: The boys are here.

Robbie: I've done girl stuff myself a lot of times!


  • This is the second show to have Robbie as a guest character, after Sam & Cat's #TheKillerTunaJump.
  • He appeared in Dan’s new show Game Shakers as his actor, Matt Bennett, but Matt still acted like Robbie.
    • Interestingly, Robbie's dummy Rex was in character.