Romeo & Juliet
Season 3, Episode 4
Vital statistics
Air date August 25, 2016
Prod. code 304
Written by Iamaman1977
Directed by Unknown
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Getting the Picture To Catch a Thief

Romeo & Juliet is the 4th episode of the 3rd season and the 37th episode overall of Andrew & Heidi.


At Andrew’s house, Andrew and Heidi are watching a TV show called, “Jimmy Miles: The Clumsy Science Guy.” Then, Dani walks in, talking to a cookie. Andrew tells her to keep it down and Dani doesn’t. She then eats her cookie and covers Heidi with a blanket when she says Dani killed the cookie with her mouth. Heidi stands up and bumps into the dining room table, a closet, cabinet, clock, vase, statue, and other items due to not being able to see. Andrew takes the blanket off her and Katy comes down and sees the mess. Andrew explains what happened with Heidi. Katy says she’ll clean it up and Michael walks in with a dog chewing on his pants. He yanks his leg and the dog lets go and he closes the door. He explains that the dog living next door has been attacking him for the past week. Everyone all express sympathy and Michael goes upstairs to change his pants. Katy says she is going to make chicken noodle casserole. They all don’t want it and Andrew and Heidi go to the Station and Dani goes to make a hamburger.

In Ithaca High School, Andrew and Heidi are in acting class and their acting teacher, Mr. Mazewell is teaching them about emotion and how actors and actresses use it. He then shows them ways emotion can be used. After that, he reminds the class that next Thursday night, they are performing William Shakespeare’s play, “Romeo & Juliet.” He explains that he’s going to pick the characters the students are going to play and put the cast list on the board tomorrow. He then says he has a honorable mention and goes over to a handsome senior named Seth Carlton and says that he might get the role of Romeo and Seth acknowledges that Mr. Mazewell has been having him play lead roles since his freshman year. A few girls start fawning over Seth and Andrew expresses annoyance. Mr. Mazewell says that everyone will find out tomorrow if Seth gets the role of Romeo. Class is dismissed and Heidi asks Andrew if he’s jealous of Seth. Andrew denies it and asks what makes her think that. Heidi says that he did seem selfish when Seth and the girls were talking. Andrew again denies being jealous and the two leave class. At Andrew’s house, Dani and Katy are watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air when Michael comes in, going to check the mail. Katy says to try not to get attacked by Broagey, the dog who has been tormenting Michael. Katy says she talked to the owner of Broagey, Peter, and he said, “Oh that’s just my dog, Broagey, physically wazzling up a neighbor.” Michael is annoyed that Peter won’t do anything about Broagey attacking him and goes to check the mail. Broagey comes in and starts growling at Michael and bites his ankle. Dani and Katy hear Michael scream and he opens the door with Broagey still biting his ankle. Katy hits Broagey with the magazine four times and he lets go, letting Michael fall down. Katy and Dani kneel down to comfort Michael and he tells them what happened. Back at Ithaca High School, Andrew and Heidi walk in and see that the class is looking at the cast list and Heidi goes to look first and sees she got the role of Juliet. Andrew goes over and sees he’s going to be the understudy of Romeo. He is disappointed that someone else is going to play Romeo. Heidi asks who’s playing Romeo and Andrew goes over to there list and sees that Seth is playing Romeo and says he can’t understand how Seth got the role of Romeo. Seth overhears Andrew and asks him how he knows that. Andrew says it says it up on the cast list. Heidi states that she is Juliet and Seth starts flirty with Heidi. Andrew asks him if he knows Heidi and him are a couple and Seth says that he knows and Andrew tells him to not be cozying up with Heidi. Andrew says that he is the understudy of Romeo and says he can fill in if Seth gets busy and Seth says okay. Seth and Heidi sit down and Andrew says this is unfair and remembers that Romeo & Juliet has kissing and if Seth kisses Heidi, he might try to steal her away from him and says that he must stop them from kissing. Andrew sits down and Mr. Mazewell comes in and asks if everyone is satisfied with their roles and everyone but Andrew says yes. Seth says that he is satisfied with his role and Mr. Mazewell says he figured he was going to say that and then says there is only a short time to rehearse so everyone is going to see Seth and Heidi playing parts of romance and kissing. Andrew says this is torturing him and Mr. Mazewell says they have until Thursday to prepare and then he says to go to the auditorium to rehearse. Everyone except Andrew gets up and starts to leave and Andrew says that he must stop Seth and Heidi from kissing and that he is not going to let Seth mess up his relationship by kissing Heidi. Andrew then leaves. Back at Andrew’s house, Michael is sitting on the couch watching TV when he hears a noise outside and he goes to open his door and sees Broagey barking on his front lawn. Michael yells at the dog to shut up, but the dog starts approaching him and Michael runs inside with the dog following him and he chases Michael around the living room for a while until Michael stops to scare the dog, but it backfires when Broagey starts biting Michael’s left shoe. Michael tries to grab back his shoe, but the dog won’t let go. Katy comes in, sees what’s going on, and grabs a newspaper and hits the dog with it which makes Broagey let go, but not before it rips off a part of Michael’s shoe. The dog leaves the house with a part of the shoe. Michael explains to Katy what happened after Katy asks. Michael says he’ll try to think of something to get that dog away from him. Back at Ithaca High School, in the Auditorium, everyone is on stage and Andrew is talking to himself about how the rehearsals have gone really well and that he’s relieved that he hasn’t see a kissing scene yet. Heidi asks him why he’s been acting strange lately. Andrew says he’s not strange and Heidi says it looks like he’s worried about something. Andrew says he’s not, but Heidi thinks otherwise and thinks she knows what, but talks about a random idea. Andrew denies it and says he’s not worried. Heidi says if he’s worried, it’s okay to admit it. Andrew says nothing is wrong and Heidi still says he is acting strange. Mr. Mazewell comes in and says everyone has been doing well rehearsing for the play and now they need to get the romance scenes. Andrew starts getting anxious and Mr. Mazewell tells Seth and Heidi to take their places for the balcony scene. They do and Mr. Mazewell tells them to feel the emotion in the scene and he calls action. Seth and Heidi are rehearsing their lines and at each time just before they kiss, Andrew is making all kinds of interruptions in the scene such as, making a a fake pizza delivery scene to Juliet Capulet and smacking chest instead if kissing, telling them to talk about cotton swabs, and wearing a male blonde wig and tells Heidi that he’s her favorite male celebrity on Twitogram and that she sent him a post to meet him here. After Seth pulls Andrew's wig off his head Mr. Mazewell asks Andrew what’s going on and if something is wrong. Andrew denies and Mr. Mazewell asks why he keeps interrupting the scene. Andrew comes up with an excuse that he has Stomach Anxiety Syndrome and his stomach gets upset when he sees a romance scene. Mr. Mazewell doesn’t believe it and tells Andrew that if he interrupts the scene once more, he is going to the principal’s office, but before they can start the scene again, the bell rings and Andrew is glad. Mr. Mazewell says that they will continue the scene tomorrow. Heidi says again that she thinks Andrew is acting strange and Andrew says he’s fine and asks Heidi if she still loves him and Heidi says she does. They go to lunch, but then Seth calls Heidi over and tells her that he thinks she did really well as Juliet and Heidi says he did well portraying Romeo and Seth says that he’s looking forward to performing the play with her. Seth gets a text on his phone and goes on it. Andrew and Heidi go to lunch and Andrew says to himself that he really needs to stop Seth from kissing Heidi.

At the Station, Andrew and Heidi are talking and eating their food. Heidi says she has to go to the bathroom and then "prances" over to the restroom. Seth walks by Andrew's table and Andrew asks Seth some suspicious questions about what Seth might do after the play is over. Seth says he doesn't understand, and goes to the counter to pick up his food. Then a waiter accidentally spills his drinks and Seth sees Heidi come out of the bathroom. Heidi slips on the spilled drinks and Seth rushes over to her and stops her from falling. Andrew sees this and is really shocked which causes him to squeeze his hamburger. Then Heidi goes back to her table an notices that Andrew has "suffocated" his hamburger. Back at the Dalton house, Dani comes home from school early and tells Katy that there is a masked person throwing underwear at people at Dani's school. Michael comes in from the kitchen with a raw steak and tells Katy and Dani that he is gonna feed Broagey a raw steak to out smart him. He goes outside to do that but instead he gets attacked by the dog off screen. Dani and Katy looked shocked about Michael being attacked and Michael tells Katy to call the hospital. Back at Ithaca High School, Seth and Heidi rehearse for the balcony scene again and Andrew starts making interruptions again to keep them from kissing, such as saying "Oohbity-McBluberton" and pretending to faint. When Mr. Mazewell notices that Andrew pretended to faint, he, Seth and Heidi demands Andrew to tell the truth. Andrew confesses and tells Seth that he is fearing that he is going to take Heidi away from him and Seth denies it. Andrew continues to go on a rant and leaves the auditorium very upset. This makes Seth to quit the part of playing Romeo. Later, Seth finds Andrew in the hallway and tells him that he quits the play and tells him that he doesn't want to kiss Heidi. Seth then tells Andrew that he can take his spot in the play and they both reconcile. Then a girl named Taylor Green walks in and Seth introduces her to Andrew and tells him that she is his girlfriend. Heidi shows up and Seth and Taylor leaves. Heidi approaches Andrew and tells him that she didn't want to kiss Seth. Andrew realizes that he and Heidi were both fearing this issue. Andrew apologizes, they both kiss and then he tells Heidi that he is going to accept Heidi's affection and this makes Heidi happy. Andrew then gets a phone call about Michael being attacked by the dog and he and Heidi rushes over to the hospital. At the Ithaca Hospital, Andrew, Heidi, Dani and Katy sees Michael with stitches and bandages all over him. Then back at Ithaca High School, Seth and Taylor are watching Andrew and Heidi performing Romeo & Juliet. When the play ends, Seth and Taylor congratulate Andrew and Heidi on their good performance. Then back at the Ithaca Hospital, Peter Morton walks in to visit him and tells him that his dog is taken to animal control to calm him down and gives him a printed t-shirt of Broagey saying I'm sorry, and Michael says he hates the t-shirt, all because he's traumatized by the dog.


Andrew: Good! Apparently, we are having a Tornado Drill here in a few minutes.
Heidi: Aaaahhh! Tornado! Where?
Andrew: It's just a drill!
Heidi: Oh okay! But just in case a tornado comes by, I'm going to hug and cuddle on you to stay safe.
Andrew: Looks like I have no choice for that anyways.

Michael: I'm gonna go outside and get the mail.
Katy: Okay! Just try not to get attacked by Broagey outside?
Michael: Yeah! I just really hope that dog really doesn't attack me again. You know this is really.... [Pauses] Wait a minute! What's a Broagey?
Dani: I don't know! To me it sounds a lot like Japanese peanut butter.
Katy: No! Broagey is the name of the dog that your father is being attacked by.
Michael: Katy! How did you know that?
Katy: I talked to the owner of the dog who is living right next door to us. The person owning the dog, his name is Peter Morton!
Michael: Oh! So this Peter Morton dude is the one that adopted the dog. That man must've been so dumb for adopting that dog and doesn't even realize that dog is frequently doing his daily attacking on my precious flesh.
Katy: Well I already talked to Peter about the dog attacking you.
Michael: And what did he say?
Katy: That's an interesting question. He used his interesting man voice and said this. [Talking in a deep voice] Oh, that's just my dog Broagey, physically wazzling up a neighbor.
Michael: He seriously said that? I guess that means he's a ridiculous chlimp-bag. I can't believe he's not even doing anything about it.

Seth: [Talking flirty] Looks like you and me are going to work really well for playing a household couple.
Heidi: Ahaha! You breath smells like you used fresh toothpaste.
Seth: As a matter of fact, I'm always using toothpaste and the brand I am always using is Aquastoll. It's a handsome guy thing!
Heidi: Ooh!
Andrew: Hey Seth!
Seth: What?
Andrew: You do realize that Heidi is my girlfriend, right?
Seth: Yeah! I know!
Andrew: Okay! It's good that you know that. But, I do wanna point out to you, and I am going to be using these traditional words. Don't you be be cozying up with her.
Seth: Dude! You know I'm......
Andrew: Det Det Det Det Det bup bup! You already said enough already. Apparently, I got the understudy of Romeo, so just incase you get too busy on the night of the play, due to, eating chick wings, I'll fill in for you.

Andrew: I've been doing a lot of thinking in this and since we were able to fix our relationship, I have decided this.
Heidi: What did you decided.
Andrew: I've decided that, I'm going to learn to accept your affection.
Heidi: You are? Yay! Maybe someday a panda bear can give me an award for most outstanding extreme affection to Andrew Dalton.
Andrew: I guess that's means still gotta correct you on mythical stuff and some other stuff that you should learn as usual, but I'm also going to start giving you some affection to. Even though I'm still too cool for it, I'll accept your affection.
Heidi: That's great! I should talk to cotton candy someday.
Andrew: Same old Heidi!
Heidi: Hey Andrew! Can I go ahead and do give you some, you know, just for old time sakes.
Andrew: Sure Heidi! Go ahead!
Heidi: [Hugs and kisses on the cheek multiple times]
Andrew: [Smiles] Thanks Heidi! I really need that, and I'm going to give you some affection too.
Heidi: I know Andrew!


  • Heidi is seen wearing a "PCA" shirt in the first rehearsal scene, a reference to Pacific Coast Academy in Zoey 101.
  • This episode is the last episode to be relased in 2016.


  • The dude throwing underwear at people is an allusion to Victorious's flour bomber.
  • The movie "Done with the Wind" that was mentioned by Heidi, is a parody of the 1939 movie "Gone with the Wind".

Character revelations

  • As of this episode, Andrew has become more acceptive of Heidi's affection.
  • Andrew and Heidi both have acting skills, as their performance was well received.


  • It is unknown why Heidi was also excused from school to see Michael in the hospital, since they're unrelated.

Running gags

  • Andrew points out that Heidi rambling about unicorns is becoming a running gag.

Series continuity


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