Suspecting the Parents
Season 1, Episode 8
Vital statistics
Air date December 2, 2014
Prod. code 108
Written by Iamaman1977
Directed by Unknown
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Suspecting the Parents is the 8th episode of the 1st season of Andrew & Heidi.


At Hall’s Market, Andrew and Heidi walk in while Mr. Hall is cleaning the counter. Andrew sneaks up behind him and scares him. He falls down and asks Andrew why he did that. Andrew says he just wanted to. Heidi says Mr. Hall has a nice store. Mr. Hall says she’s been in here before. Then a famous movie director walks in with another person. Andrew recognizes the director as Brian Jenison. Mr. Hall asks him what he is doing there. Brian says he is visualizing the store and says this would be a great place to shoot a fight scene. He says Harrison Ford is starring in “The Daytime Fighter” and they were hoping on shooting a fight scene. Andrew and Heidi beg Mr. Hall to let them shoot the fight scene. Mr. Hall says no, but the director says if he lets them use the store, he will get a thousand dollars. Also, Brian says they can use Andrew and Heidi as extras. They are excited to be in a movie.

At Andrew’s house, Michael and Katy are being romantic on the couch. Then, Andrew and Heidi walk in and Heidi has a lollipop. Andrew tells them that are going to be in a movie. Michael and Katy say that’s wonderful. Andrew and Heidi then leave at the request of Michael and Katy. Then Dani comes in and says her parents are acting weird. She asks her parents about their romance. Michael and Katy say they have been getting closer and she’s too young to understand it. Dani thinks they are hiding something, but they say it’s just something adults do. Dani still thinks there is something weird going on between them. The next morning, Dani tells Andrew about their parents having romance. Andrew says it’s something boys and girls do. Dani thinks they are hiding something. Andrew says parents just want to have romances. Dani says she is going to find out and Andrew says no and that it’s none of her business. Andrew leaves and then Dani hides under the bed and spies on Michael and Katy. They start to have romance and say things about their wedding day. They then start dancing to romantic music. Michael and Katy then leave and Dani is disappointed by what she observed. Andrew and Heidi walk into his bedroom and Dani is on his bed. Andrew asks what is she doing there. Dani says she thinks Mom and Dad will have a baby. Andrew says that’s nonsense and she should ask them if she really thinks they are hiding it. Dani says they maybe won’t answer. Andrew says this family won’t have another baby and tells Dani to leave.

Andrew and Heidi are excited to be in a movie with Harrison Ford. Andrew then imagines being in his own movie. He dreams it: He imagines a criminal robbing Hall’s Market. Andrew walks in and tells the criminal to put the money back. Andrew punches the criminal a lot of times and returns the money. Andrew then finishes imagining it. Heidi then imagines starring in a movie: She is at a toy store in the 1900’s and that she is talking to toys that come alive. Heidi then finishes imagining it. Andrew is staring at Heidi weirdly. Andrew says that’s the strangest thing he’s ever heard. Andrew and Heidi say that they are so excited to be in a movie. Later at Dani’s bedroom, Katy is putting away her laundry and finds Dani’s romance notes. She tells Michael about it and they are surprised. Dani comes in and Michael and Katy talk to her. Katy reveals she found Dani’s notes. Dani lies and says some person took notes on romance and put them in her room. Katy says it’s her handwriting. Michael says she invaded their privacy. Dani reveals she thought they were hiding something. Dani also reveals she thought they were going to have a baby. She says Andrew thinks they isn’t going to be a baby. Katy says Andrew’s right. He says they aren’t going to have a baby. Katy says after Andrew and her were born, her and Michael agreed not to have any more babies. Michael and Katy say she and Andrew are enough for this family and they will always be together. Dani believes them. Katy then asks Dani if they all want to go watch Andrew and Heidi act in the movie scene at Hall’s Market with her dad. Dani says yes. At Hall’s Market, Mr. Hall tells Brian that he is looking forward to his one thousand dollars. Harrison Ford comes in and Andrew and Heidi are excited. Andrew approaches him and asks him for an autograph. Harrison says yes and does the autograph. Michael, Katy, and Dani come in and stand by with Mr. Hall. Brian explains what is going to happen and Heidi asks what they do. Brian says she and Andrew stand there and act scared. The scene starts and when the criminal and Harrison Ford are fighting, Andrew jumps on the criminal’s back and holds his neck. Brian yells cut and tells Andrew to not fight the criminal. They take the scene again and when they guys are fighting, Heidi comes over and tells the guys to stop fighting and to peace talk. Brian yells cut and tells Heidi they are supposed to fight. They take the scene once more and Heidi starts to approach the fight again and Andrew pulls her out of the way and she messes up the scene. Brian says if they mess up again, they are pulling the plug. They take the scene again and when the fight moves closer to Andrew and Heidi, they run away and accidentally knock over a camera and damage it. Brian tells everyone to leave and they are going somewhere else and Mr. Hall asks about his money and Brian says he isn’t getting it. Mr. Hall starts crying and Andrew apologizes. The Daltons and Heidi decide to go to B.F. Wangs. Later, Andrew, Heidi, and Dani are eating pudding and Dani says Andrew was right about mom and dad not having a baby. Andrew says even though she gets on his nerves, she is still a good sister. Dani thanks him.


Dani: I heard that you two have been having a lot of love lately.
Katy: Um uh…have a seat with us.
Dani: [sits down with her parents]
Michael: That’s right pumpkin! You’re mother and I have been a lot closer lately for theses past couple days.
Dani: How come you’ve been doing a lot of romance?
Katy: Well Dani! You’re 9 years old and you’re a little too young to know these kinds of things.
Dani: Darn it! I wish I know how it goes when I have health class.

Dani: Andrew! Mom and Dad might have a baby!
Andrew: What are you talking about?
Dani: They might have a baby! If that is true then that baby is not sleeping in my room.
Andrew: Then we would have a house that has a thousand bedrooms.
Heidi: I can imagine that’s a lot of bedrooms!
Andrew: Dani! That’s nonsense! I don’t think mom and dad are gonna have a baby.
Dani: Then why were they having romance?
Andrew: It’s just something that adults want to do.
Dani: But Andrew I’m worried as it is.
Andrew: Well, if you really think that mom and ad are hiding this baby thing, then maybe you should ask them.
Dani: But If I ask them they probably won’t answer.
Heidi: How many pieces of candy have you’ve been eating silly?
Dani: This isn’t about candy.
Andrew: She’s right!
Heidi: I don’t get it!

Andrew: I’m just so excited to be in that movie.
Heidi: We might be stars someday.
Andrew: Yeah!
Andrew and Heidi: [kisses]
Andrew: Action movies!
Heidi: Movies that are magical.
Andrew: Say what?
Heidi: Like Disney movies!
Andrew: Yeah right!

Mr. Hall: Mr. Jenison! I’m really looking forward to getting that one thousand dollars for shooting a movie here.
Brian: Yeah!
Mr. Hall: $1,000.00!
Brian: Get away from me!
Mr. Hall: Okay!


  • Special Guest Star: Harrison Ford!
  • This is the only time where both main characters are in the subplot rather than the main plot.


Character revelations

  • Michael and Kathryn seem to have come even closer together since this episode.


Running gags

  • Heidi telling Mr. Hall he has a nice store, even though he already knows it.

Series continuity


To view the Suspecting the Parents screenplay, click here.