This article is a screenplay of the Andrew & Heidi episode "Suspecting the Parents" from Season 1 which was released on December 2, 2014.

Here is the Screenplay for Suspecting the Parents.

(Suspecting the Parents)

[Hall’s Market]

[Mr. Hall is cleaning the counter]

[Andrew and Heidi quietly walks in]

Andrew: Shhh!

[Andrew approaches Mr. Hall and scares him]

[Mr. Hall jumps a little and falls down]

Andrew: Hahahaha! You deserved that Mr. Hall!

Mr. Hall: What was that for anyways? You really scared the chiz out of me.

Andrew: Nothing! I just wanted to.

[Mr. Hall stands up]

Mr. Hall: Please don’t do that anymore.

Andrew: If you say so!

Heidi: This is a lovely store.

Mr. Hall: How can you say it’s lovely since, you’ve been in this store before?

Heidi: I just thought I say it.

Mr. Hall: You must be bipolar.

Andrew: That’s what I said when I first met her.

Heidi: Hey Andrew! Do you sell lollipops here?

Andrew: No! Why do you ask that anyways?

Heidi: Because I want one.

Andrew: Well we do serve candy, but not lollipops!

Heidi: Lollipops is candy to. Since you don’t have any, I wanna speak to the manager of this store. Where is the manager?

[Mr. Hall and Andrew looks at Heidi]

Heidi: Hi!

Mr. Hall: Heidi! I am the manager!

Heidi: You should be ashamed of yourself not selling lollipops here.

Mr. Hall: Oh boy!

Andrew: Don’t worry Heidi! I’ll get you a lollipop after work.

Heidi: I feel better now!

Mr. Hall: That’s good! You and your high voice Heidi!

[A film director walks in with another person]

Andrew: Hey! That’s Brian Jenison! He’s a famous film director.

Heidi: Just like Steven Spielberg.

Mr. Hall: Excuse me! Mr. Jenison! What are you and your producer doing here?

Brian: I’m visualizing this grocery store.

Andrew: Which is a really old store.

Brian: This would be a great place shoot this fight scene.

Andrew: What fight scene?

Brian: Harrison Ford is staring in this action movie called “The Daytime Fighter”, and we are hoping to film a fight scene.

Andrew: Harrison Ford! Mr. Hall you definitely need to say yes! He’s been in all kinds of movies.

Heidi: That would be so cool for a film to be recorded here.

Andrew: Please!

Heidi: Please!

Mr. Hall: No way! I’m not having a movie filmed in my store.

Andrew and Heidi: But Mr. Hall, it would be so cool.

[Andrew and Heidi look at each other]

Andrew: We just said something simultaneously.

Heidi: I know lets do it again!

Andrew: No!

Mr. Hall: This is my store! So I decide what the filmmakers can do? So my answer is no.

Brian: Sir! If you let us use this store, we will give you a thousand dollars.

Mr. Hall: Ooh! Do I really?

Brian: And we can use these teenagers to be extras.

Heidi: Really?

Andrew: Shut the fridge!

Brian: Yeah! You two uh…

Andrew: I’m Andrew!

Heidi: I’m Heidi!

Brian: Andrew and Heidi! You two can be just usual people who is just pretty much hanging around here.

Heidi: Like other teenagers!

Andrew: That’s right!

Brain: So?

Andrew: We’ll do it!

Mr. Hall: And the one thousand dollars?

Brian: Absolutely!

Producer: Trust me he’s just a film director.

Brian: Shut-up!

Producer: You always tell me to shut-up!

Mr. Hall: Okay! We can film a scene here for you’re movie.

[Everyone except Mr. Hall in the store celebrates]

Mr. Hall: What the heck is this. This ain’t no party!

Brian: Yeah whatever! We’ll being shooing her on Friday. Let’s go!

[Brian and the producer leaves]

Mr. Hall: Well this will be so cool. One thousand dollars! Yieh!

[Mr. Hall leaves]

Andrew: Well Heidi! You and I are gonna be in a movie

Heidi: That’s so exciting!

Andrew: This is gonna be awesome.

Heidi: I still wanna lollipop.

Andrew: Um….Sure! Okay!

[Andrew & Heidi Theme Song]

[Andrew’s House]

[Michael and Katy are having romance on the couch]

Katy: You know something? We’ve been doing this since we first met.

Michael: That’s right sugar! You pretty much make a good stay at home house wife.

Katy: Oh! Michael!

[Michael and Katy kisses]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in]

[Heidi has a lollipop in her hand]

Andrew: Hey! Mom! Dad!

Michael: We just got interrupted!

Andrew: Guess what! We got some super good news!

Katy: What is it?

Andrew: Tell them Heidi!

Heidi: It’s really good news!

Michael: What is it? Tell us!

Heidi: Andrew bought me this delicious lollipop!

Michael and Katy: Huh?

Andrew: That wasn’t the good news.

Heidi: Well I love it!

[Heidi licks her lollipop]

Andrew: Okay I’ll tell you! Heidi and me are gonna be in a movie.

Michael: Your kidding!

Andrew: A famous film director came into Hall’s Market today and wanted to shoot a scene there, and Heidi and I got selected to be cast extras.

Katy: That is so wonderful!

Heidi: It even costs a thousand dollars to film the scene.

Michael: Wow! My son is gonna be in a movie!

Katy: He’s my son to!

Michael: I know that!

Andrew: There going to come by and shoot the movie on Friday.

Heidi: I love this lollipop!

Andrew: What is it with you and lollipops?

Heidi: I love it!

Michael: You two can do something for us right now.

Andrew and Heidi: What’s that?

Michael: Go away!

Andrew: Let’s go!

Heidi: Lollipop!

Andrew: Let’s just go!

[Andrew and Heidi leaves]

Katy: So where were we?

Michael: Having romance with my favorite wife.

Katy: Oh yeah!

[Michael and Katy are now having romance]

[Dani walks in]

Dani: They’re doing it again. They’ve been doing it since Saturday. There is something weird going on and I’m going to find out.

[Dani approaches Michael and Katy]

Dani: Hey! Mom! Daddy!

Michael: Dani what is it?

Katy: Is there something wrong?

Dani: I heard that you two have been having a lot of love lately.

Katy: Um uh…have a seat with us.

[Dani sits down with her parents]

Michael: That’s right pumpkin! You’re mother and I have been a lot closer lately for theses past couple days.

Dani: How come you’ve been doing a lot of romance?

Katy: Well Dani! You’re 9 years old and you’re a little too young to know these kinds of things.

Dani: Darn it! I wish I know how it goes when I have health class.

Michael: Dani! It’s just something that adults love to do in their free time. Parents can make love even though we’re not kids anymore.

Katy: Yeah and it’s okay! Adults can also do it when they are married.

Dani: Well, do you two think you might be hiding something from me an Andrew?

Michael: No! We just want to make love.

Dani: I see! I guess I know what you two mean.

Katy: Yeah it’s just a casual thing.

Dani: Talk about things on what you learn from your parents.

Michael: Yeah!

Dani: Well I guess I’ll be going now!

Katy: Okay!

[Dani leaves]

[Michael and Katy continues their romance]


[Dani walks in and approaches her bedroom]

Dani: That’s so weird! I feel like mom and dad are really hiding something and I’m gonna find out what it is, and just found out that I have to pee.

[Dani walks to the bathroom]


[Andrew and Dani are eating breakfast]

Dani: So Andrew! My good and nice brother.

Andrew: What happen to you? You look like you came from the Twilight Zone!

Dani: Isn’t that a television show?

[Andrew nods his head yes]

Dani: That’s pretty much a 1960’s chiz.

Andrew: What’s going on with you?

Dani: Andrew! Mom and Dad are having a lot of romance lately.

Andrew: So? That’s what men and women do, and boys and girls, and pretty much a male gorilla and a female gorilla can have romance.

Dani: That’s interesting!

Andrew: But a pretty good reference though. Why are you even asking me?

Dani: Well! I think mom and dad might be hiding something. They’ve been closer lately.

Andrew: Dani you know that’s nonsense. It’s just that parents really want to make love. I notice that mama and dad are having romance and I don’t think there hiding anything.

Dani: Andrew! I going to find out why mom and dad are really making love a lot.

Andrew: No you’re not because it’s none of you’re business!

[Andrew receives a text and reads it]

Andrew: Heidi is waiting for me outside. So I got to go!

[Andrew leaves]

Dani: Now Andrew is not a good and nice brother. I thnk her just purchased another brain.

Andrew: [Shouting] No I didn’t my brain is in the right place.

Dani: What a gank!

[Dani pauses]

Dani: Something must be done!

[Dani leaves]

[Andrew’s House]

[Michael and Katy’s Bedroom]

[Dani walks in]

Dani: Okay! I just came home from school, now I just gotta see how things are really going down.

[Dani hears footsteps]

Dani: Showtime!

[Dani hides under the bed]

[Michael and Katy walk in]

Michael: Alright Katy! Lets have some fun!

Katy: Lets do it Michael!

[Michael and Katy begins to lay on the bed]

[Dani grabs her pencil and paper and is ready to take notes]

Dani: Now I’m going to find out what mom and dad are really up two. Pretty much suspecting my parents here.

Michael: You know Katy you looked even beautiful on our wedding day that we had.

Katy: Yeah! Thank goodness you never forgot that day.

Michael: Yeah!

[Dani is now taking notes]

Dani: Okay! Memory stories!

Katy: I really love my handsome man.

Michael: Oh baby!

[Michael and Katy are now having romance]

[Dani is still taking notes]

Dani: That’s right keep right on it going.

[Michael and Katy’s Bedroom]

[Michael and Katy are dancing to romantic music]

[Dani is still taking notes]

Michael: This music is so good.

Katy: It’s my favorite Jazz tune.

[Michael and Katy finish dancing and they kiss]

Katy: That was so fun!

Michael: Yeah! We definitely made our good love sequel.

Katy: You’re a sequel!

Michael: Hahahahaha! You called me a sequel.

Katy: I’m just joking! Anyways, I’m going to go down stairs and start dinner.

Michael: Okay! I’ll be in the bathroom!

[Katy leaves the bedroom]

[Michael walks into the bathroom]

[Dani comes out from under the bed and leaves]

[Dani’s Bedroom]

[Dani walks in and closes the door]

Dani: Okay! All I got is kissing, compliments, romance and dancing. That’s not really much!

[Dani lightly throws her pencil and paper down]

Dani: That was just cheesy notes that I took.

[Dani sits on her bed]

Dani: I just don’t know!

[Dani pauses]

Dani: Uh oh! Having a lot of romance, that can create kids. My mom and dad might have a baby. Holy wazz!

[Andrew’s Bedroom]

[Dani is sitting on Andrew’s bed]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in]

Dani: Andrew!

Andrew: What in the name of Drake Bell are you doing in my room?

Heidi: Hi Dani! I love that pink skirt you’re wearing.

Dani: This isn’t about my skirt. So shut-up!

Heidi: But it does look girly on you.

Andrew: Dani! Why are you in my room?

Dani: I just found out how Mom and Dad’s romance is really up to.

Andrew: What?

Dani: Andrew! Mom and Dad might have a baby!

Andrew: What are you talking about?

Dani: They might have a baby! If that is true then that baby is not sleeping in my room.

Andrew: Then we would have a house that has a thousand bedrooms.

Heidi: I can imagine that’s a lot of bedrooms!

Andrew: Dani! That’s nonsense! I don’t think mom and dad are gonna have a baby.

Dani: Then why were they having romance?

Andrew: It’s just something that adults want to do.

Dani: But Andrew I’m worried as it is.

Andrew: Well, if you really think that mom and ad are hiding this baby thing, then maybe you should ask them.

Dani: But If I ask them they probably won’t answer.

Heidi: How many pieces of candy have you’ve been eating silly?

Dani: This isn’t about candy.

Andrew: She’s right!

Heidi: I don’t get it!

Andrew: Dani, I’m sure this family will not have another baby. Now you gonna leave the room and do some…um…um…stuff!

Dani: What kinds of stuff?

Andrew: Stuff!

Dani: Stuff!

[Dani walks out]

Dani: My stuff!

[Dani leaves]

[Andrew closes the door]

Andrew: That 9 year old pesky sister. She’s acting weird!

Heidi: But she has an adorable skirt.

Andrew: Yeah whatever!

Heidi: You’re hair smells nice.

Andrew: Thanks to that men’s shampoo!

[Commercial Break]

[Andrew’s Bedroom]

[Heidi is sitting on Andrew’s Bed]

Andrew: This is going to be so cool, you and I are going to be in a movie.

Heidi: With Harrison Ford! He was in 8,469 movies.

Andrew: Not that many movies, he was in American Graffiti, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Fugitive, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, all kinds of movies.

Heidi: I have happy thumbs.

Andrew: I can already imagine myself as a movie star. Andrew Dalton, in his own movie.

[Andrew’s Dream Sequence]

[Hall’s Market]

[A random employee is using the counter]

[A criminal comes in with a bag]

Criminal: Hey sucker put the money in the bag.

Employee: Uh uh uh uh! Can you give me your name first?

Criminal: Put the money in the bag you jolly head!

[Employee nervously opens the cash register and puts all the money in the bag]

[Criminal closes the bag]

Criminal: Thank You so much!

[Andrew comes in wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses]

Andrew: HEY! Put the money back!

Criminal: It’s Andrew! I though you was out of town.

Andrew: I just said, put the money back!

Criminal: What if I don’t wanna.

[Andrew approaches the criminal]

Andrew: Then I’ll do something like…you know…this! [Punches the Criminal]

[Andrew and the criminal fights]

[Andrew punches the criminal a lot of times]

[Criminal falls down and Andrew retrieves the money]

Andrew: Have a happy naptime!

[Employee approaches Andrew and retrieves the money]

Employee: Oh! Bless you!

Andrew: Don’t touch me!

Employee: Okay!

[Andrew’s Dream Sequence ends]

Andrew: Yeah! That would be a cool movie!

Heidi: Ooh I wanna turn!

Andrew: Okay! [Sits with Heidi on the bed] Let’s see you’re movie!

Heidi: Okay! Heidi Makinney. Staring in her own movie role.

[Heidi’s Dream Sequence]

[A Toy Store in the 1900’s]

[Heidi wearing 1900’s clothing is closing the store]

Voice: Hey!

Heidi: Who said that?

Voice: Over here!

[Heidi enters an isle]

Teddy Bear: I’m a talking teddy bear!

Heidi: You can talk!

Doll: We can all talk! That’s whenever its nighttime when this store is closed.

Heidi: You guys come to life?

Doll: That’s right!

[Every single toy is now coming to life]

Heidi: This is really amazing! I really love to become friends with you guys.

Teddy Bear: Why didn’t say so of course we can be friends?

Heidi: This is my kind of toy store.

[Heidi’s Dream Sequence ends]

Heidi: Yeah! That’s me starring in the role of “Toys That Come To Life”.

[Andrew looks at Heidi with an awkward look]

Andrew: That is just the strangest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Can you think of another movie?

Heidi: No!

Andrew: I’m just so excited to be in that movie.

Heidi: We might be stars someday.

Andrew: Yeah!

[Andrew and Heidi kisses]

Andrew: Action movies!

Heidi: Movies that are magical.

Andrew: Say what?

Heidi: Like Disney movies!

Andrew: Yeah right!

[Andrew’s House]

[Dani’s Bedroom]

[Katy is finished putting Dani’s laundry in her dresser]

[Katy finds the romance notes that Dani took on her desk]

Katy: What the heck? Dani invaded her own parent’s privacy.

[Katy leaves the room]

[Living room]

[Katy comes from the stairwell]

Katy: Michael!

Michael: What is it?

Katy: Dani invaded our privacy! She took notes on our romance in the bedroom.

Michael: What?

[Michael reads the notes]

Michael: Oh my goodness! Why would Dani do such a thing?

Katy: I guess she really wanted to know what are romance is like from us.

Michael: No wonder why she is acting weird. Last night when she ate her dinner we said her name and she was all nervous and she ran away with food in her mouth repeating, I did nothing, I did nothing, I did nothing.

Katy: That is strange! Wait a minute, in her notes she wrote something down about a lizard. That doesn’t even make since.

Michael: Maybe she was just using that as her own minor note.

Katy: Wow!

[Dani walks in]

Dani: Hey Mom! Hi Daddy!

Michael: Dani come here, we need to talk.

[Dani sits down on the couch]

Katy: You took notes on our romance. I found this in your bedroom.

Dani: Can you believe that? Some person took notes on a boy and girls romance, that person was so dumb, he came to our house and left in my bedroom. We should call the police on that guy.

Katy: Dani! These notes came from “your” handwriting. Where were you in our room when we were in there?

Dani: Okay! I was under the bed. It looked very nice and clean.

Michael: Dani! You invaded our privacy! I want to know why you’ve been acting weird and snooping around like that.

Dani: But I’m too afraid to tell you guys.

Katy: Sweetie! It’s okay to let it out. We’ll understand!

Dani: Well, When you and Dad were being closer and having a lot romance in the house, I had a feeling that you two were hiding something.

Michael: Like what?

Dani: I was afraid that you guys are getting ready to have another baby. I really don’t want another sibling.

Michael: So that’s what has been worrying you?

Dani: Yeah! I told Andrew and he thinks there’s not going to be a baby.

Katy: Dani! Andrew is right!

Dani: What do you mean?

Michael: Dani! We are not going to have another baby. Your mother and I have just been more closer.

Katy: Let me tell you something! First we had Andrew when he was born, and six years later we had you, and we though you were good child when you were born, including Andrew. Right after we gave birth to you, you’re father and I agreed that we would not have any more babies.

Michael: We kept that promise, you and Andrew is just enough for this family.

Dani: So you two are not going to have another baby.

Katy: Of course not! We just made romance and me and you’re father will always be together.

Dani: That’s good! Man, you guys both had me worried there.

Michael: I know! Well Dani, are you okay now?

Dani: Yeah! I believe you guys.

Katy: That’s good! Hey! Andrew and Heidi are doing a movie scene tomorrow at Hall’s Market tomorrow. Do you want to go watch with dad and me?

Dani: Sure! But now we should eat hot dogs.

Michael: You just talked me into that meat!

Katy: Yeah! Let’s make some!

[They all walk to the kitchen]

[Hall’s Market]

[Mr. Hall approaches the director]

Mr. Hall: Mr. Jenison! I’m really looking forward to getting that one thousand dollars for shooting a movie here.

Brian: Yeah!

Mr. Hall: $1,000.00!

Brian: Get away from me!

Mr. Hall: Okay!

[Andrew and Heidi are standing by the counter]

Heidi: Andrew does my thumbs look silly?

Andrew: No! They look nice!

Heidi: I have happy thumbs!

[Harrison Ford walks in]

Andrew: Holy cheese it’s Harrison Ford!

[Andrew approaches the actor]

Andrew: Hi! I’ve seen you in all kinds of movies!

Harrison: Wow! The dude with glasses just met me.

Andrew: I’m Andrew! Can I have you’re autograph?

Harrison: Sure thing!

[Harrison Ford signs an autograph for Andrew]

[Heidi approaches the actor]

Heidi: Hi! I’m Heidi!

Andrew: Heidi! He’s giving me an autograph!

[Harrison Ford gives the autograph to Andrew]

Harrison: Is she you’re girlfriend?

Andrew: Um yeah!

Harrison: Heh!

[Michael, Katy and Dani walks in]

Michael: Wow! Harrison Ford!

Katy: I can see him in the flash!

Dani: We can all see!

Mr. Hall: He looked good in Patriot Games.

[Michael, Katy and Dani looks at Mr. Hall]

Mr. Hall: Just saying Grunches!

Dani: Did he just call us Grunches?

[Michael and Katy nods there head yes]

Dani: Oh!

Brian: Okay! Listen up! Now the employee is ringing up a customer. Now this criminal will come in and he's gonna push the employee out of the way and once he gets all the money, when he heads to the door, Harrison, that's when you fight the criminal. Okay any questions?

Heidi: Hi! What do Andrew and I do?

Brian: You and Andrew and the other customers are just in a usual mood and you guys get scared during the dangerous situation.

Andrew: That is not so hard.

Heidi: What's my line?

Brian: You and Andrew don't have any lines.

Heidi: That's interesting because I thought the extras....

Brian: Okay we're rolling! Places everybody! Speed!

Producer: The Daytime Fighter fight scene take one!

Brian: And Action!

[The actors are acting usual in the store]

[Criminal kicks the door open]

Criminal: [Yelling] EVERYBODY OUT OF MY WAY!

[The actors are all frightened]

[Criminal runs over and pushes the employee out of the way]

[Criminal steals the money from the cash register and runs to the front door]

[Harrison Ford comes in and stops the criminal]

Harrison: I don't think so slick.

[Harrison Ford fights the criminal]

[Criminal is fighting back]

[Andrew jumps on the criminal's back and grabs hold of his neck]

Criminal: What do you think you're doing?

Brian: Cut! Andrew! What do you think you're doing? That's not in the script.

Andrew: Oh it's just that I got really into the scene and I just jump on his back and was Uh....teaching him a lesson!

Brian: That's not in the script! So get it right!

Andrew: Okay! Spiffy!

Brian: Alright! Let's reset!

[Everyone resets the scene]

Brian: Speed!

Producer: The Daytime Fighter fight scene take two!

Brian: Okay and Action!

[The actors are acting usual in the store]

[Criminal kicks the door open]

Criminal: [Yelling] EVERYBODY OUT OF MY WAY!

[The actors are all frightened]

[Criminal runs over and pushes the employee out of the way]

[Criminal steals the money from the cash register and runs to the front door]

[Harrison Ford comes in and stops the criminal]

Harrison: I don't think so slick.

[Harrison Ford fights the criminal]

[Criminal is fighting back]

[Heidi approaches the fight]

Heidi: Hey fellows!

[Harrison and the criminal stops fighting]

Heidi: People can really get hurt when fighting, why don't you guys make like a peace talk?

Brian: Cut! Heidi! Seriously?

Heidi: Those guys are hurting each other. I think they should make a peace talk instead.

Brian: This is an action movie! These guys are suppose to fight.

Heidi: Or that can work.

Brian: Okay reset!

[They all reset the scene]

Brian: Speed!

Producer: The Daytime Fighter fight scene take three!

Brian: Lets get it right this time! Action!

[The actors are acting usual in the store]

[Criminal kicks the door open]

Criminal: [Yelling] EVERYBODY OUT OF MY WAY!

[The actors are all frightened]

[Criminal runs over and pushes the employee out of the way]

[Criminal steals the money from the cash register and runs to the front door]

[Harrison Ford comes in and stops the criminal]

Harrison: I don't think so slick.

[Harrison Ford fights the criminal]

[Criminal is fighting back]

[Heidi approaches the fight again]

Heidi: Hey guys!

[They stop fighting again]

[Andrew approaches Heidi]

Heidi: I really think...

Andrew: Heidi you just messed up the scene again.

Brian: Cut! Reset the scene "again"!

[They reset the scene]

Brian: You two are really messing this up. One more mess up and we're pulling the plug.

Mr. Hall: I just hope I still get the thousand dollars.

Brian: Shut-up old man! You're not even in this movie!

Mr. Hall: What a gank!

Brian: Okay again! Speed!

Producer: The Daytime Fighter fight scene take four!

Brian: Action!

[The actors are acting usual in the store]

[Criminal kicks the door open]

Criminal: [Yelling] EVERYBODY OUT OF MY WAY!

[The actors are all frightened]

[Criminal runs over and pushes the employee out of the way]

[Criminal steals the money from the cash register and runs to the front door]

[Harrison Ford comes in and stops the criminal]

Harrison:I don't think so slick.

[Harrison Ford fights the criminal]

[Criminal is fighting back]

[The fight moves closer to Andrew and Heidi]

[Andrew and Heidi runs out of the way and they both knock over the camera]

[The camera they knocked over gets damaged on the ground]

Andrew: Oops!

Heidi: We broke the camera!

Andrew: On accident!

Brian: Cut, cut, cut, cut and cut! You two just ruined my movie.

Andrew: On accident!

Brian: That's it everybody! Pack up everything! We're pulling the plug!

Mr. Hall: What about my thousand dollars? Can I have it?

Brian: No! We're gonna keep the money to buy a new camera and film this scene at another store.

Mr. Hall: But, but....

Brian: Forget it old's over!

[The filmmakers pack up everything and leaves]

Mr. Hall: Noooooooo! [Crying] I really wanted that thousand dollars.

[Andrew and Heidi approaches Mr. Hall]

Andrew: I'm sorry Mr. Hall! It's over!

Heidi: But this is still a lovely store!

Mr. Hall: I get the picture Heidi!

[Michael, Katy and Dani approaches them]

Katy: Well, that was some movie shoot.

Dani: I liked the part when Andrew and Heidi broke the camera.

Andrew: It was an accident. Smokey!

Dani: Don't call me smokey!

Andrew: Whatever!

Michael: Hey, how about we all go out to eat.

Katy: Good idea!

Mr. Hall: B.F. Wangs?

Dani: Yeah!

Heidi: That sounds good!

Michael: I know where that is.

[They all start walking]

Andrew: There goes our chances of being in a movie.

Katy: It's okay Andrew!

Heidi: This was a very clumsy ending.

[They all leave the store]

[End Credits Scene]

[Andrew's Bedroom]

[Andrew, Heidi and Dani are eating chocolate pudding]

Andrew: I love this pudding.

Heidi: I love this pudding

Dani: It's from Lango!

Andrew: Lango Chocolate Pudding.

Dani: Well Andrew! You were right! Mom and dad is not having another baby.

Andrew: See! I told you!

Dani: They just had romance!

Andrew: Talk about false alarms. Dani you must be clever, even though you get on my nerves, I think you are a really good sister.

Dani: Thank you Andrew!

Heidi: Awe! That's so sweet!

Andrew: I'm just eating pudding!

(The End)

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