This article is a screenplay of the Andrew & Heidi episode "Talent Show" from Season 2 which was released on February 20, 2015.

Here is the Screenplay for Talent Show.

(Talent Show)

[Andrew's House]

[Andrew and Heidi are sitting on the couch watching television]

Andrew: Well this is really nice! You and me are just sitting on this couch watching the Performing Arts Channel on television.

Heidi: What group is that performing?

Andrew: That's the Madison Scouts from 1975 performing at the Drum Corps International World Championship.

Heidi: I don't see any girls in that group.

Andrew: I know! That group is all boys. It's known to be an all male drum corp.

Heidi: Or an all dude drum corp.

Andrew: That to! That song they're playing right now is called MacArthur Park.

Heidi: Wow! How did you know on what that song is called.

Andrew: At the very beginning of each video on this channel, they show a description on what group it is and what kind of songs they're playing. I'm not psychic you know.

Heidi: Wow! That sounds really referenced!

[Television screen is showing the Madison Scouts from 1975 performing]

Andrew: Wow! That trumpet player really went up that high note.

Heidi: Hey Andrew! That trumpet player is wearing glasses just like you.

Andrew: Yes Heidi! He is wearing glasses! At least he doesn't look like a nerd.

Heidi: He's more like a dude!

Andrew: He is a dude!

[Dani walks in with her pear pad]

Dani: What are you two doing?

Andrew: What's it look like we're doing?

Heidi: We are watching the performing arts channel on the very beautiful and colorful high definition television.

Andrew: Yeah! What she said!

Dani: What kind of group is that performing.

Andrew: That's the Madison Scouts on our television. Which is an all male group!

Dani: Or an all dude group!

Heidi: That's what I came up with just now!

[Dani is typing on her pear pad]

Heidi: Now you sister is typing on her purple pear pad.

Andrew: I know what typing on a pear pad looks like. We all know that's really easy.

Dani: Yeah! That's why we all have pear pads.

Heidi: Mine is pink!

Andrew: Well mine is blue! We all get the picture!

Dani: Okay! It says here that the Madison Scouts is an all male drum and bugle corp that is formed in Madison, Wisconsin in 1938. They have won the DCI World Championship in 1975 and 1988. They are still an active drum corp today.

Andrew: Wow! We just learned some history lesson from my useless sister.

Dani: Yeah and... Wait a minute! Did you just call me useless?

Andrew: Well! You're always calling me and Heidi useless so yes I did.

Dani: Well that wasn't very smart Andrew!

Heidi: We all know that lemonade became a lot more tasty these days.

Dani: Heidi! What are you talking about?

Heidi: Lemonade!

[Michael and Katy walks in]

Katy: Michael! You know this is all your fault.

Michael: How is it my fault?

Katy: You were the one that was driving really fast and then you decide to wazz off at the police officer.

Michael: I was just giving the police officer a piece of my mind Katy.

Katy: Yeah! You really did give him a piece of your mind Mr. Person that was speeding in the car.

Michael: I just didn't realize I was driving to fast.

Katy: Yeah! Even though you were 8 miles over the speed limit plumber boy.

Michael: Actually! I'm more like Plumber Man!

Andrew: Mom! Dad! What's going on?

Katy: You're father got a speeding ticket.

Michael: I'll tell him! I got a speeding ticket!

Heidi: Wow! That's wonderful!

Andrew: Getting a speeding ticket is bad.

Heidi: Phooey! That's horrible!

Michael: It really is horrible! [Pulling the speeding ticket out of his pocket and shows it to everyone] See that? It's a speeding ticket!

Andrew: And you got that for driving so fast.

Dani: Daddy! Why were you driving so fast?

Michael: I just had no idea I was going to fast.

Katy: Yeah! That and plus you decided to get out of the car and go off at the police officer.

Michael: Well! That's pretty much true! I even called him a pathetic grunch! Then the officer told me that I have to be in court.

Heidi: When do you have to go to court for this?

Michael: I have to be in court on Friday at 4:00 PM.

Katy: Did you hear that kids? He has to confess to a judge this week on why he was driving so fast.

Dani: Wow Mom! This must be a really serious case.

Katy: It is a serious case!

Michael: Look guys! All I gotta do is tell the judge the whole truth and then I'm pretty much innocent.

Katy: Yeah! You do that Michael! Or should I say Plumber Boy!

[Katy leaves]

Michael: Well at least I am a plumber! I think Plumber Man sounds better. Come on Katy!

[Michael leaves]

Dani: Well! It looks like I'm going to go to the kitchen and make myself a sandwich.

Andrew: Why are you going to make a sandwich?

Dani: So I can eat a sandwich!

Andrew: Oh! Well! Okay then!

Heidi: Have fun with the sandwich!

Dani: Right!

[Dani leaves]

Andrew: Heidi! Sandwiches are for eating, not to have fun with!

Heidi: Then I wonder why I said that then.

Andrew: Just to be you're usual self. In a positive way!

Heidi: Aha! Andrew you always come up with the best happy stuff for me.

Andrew: Yes I do Heidi! I really do!

[Andrew & Heidi Theme Song]

[Ithaca High School]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in holding hands]

Andrew: That was a pretty weird substitute teacher we had in Algebra today. Plus she only teaches math for only a little bit! All she was talking about was tomato soup.

Heidi: Maybe it's because she loves tomato soup?

Andrew: Exactly!

[A boy walks in with his pear phone]

Heidi: Hi!

Andrew: What are you doing here?

Boy: I'm going to put you guys on video on my pear phone!

[The boy starts recording Andrew and Heidi on video]

Boy: It looks like you two are holding hands.

Andrew: That's because we are holding hands.

Heidi: That's because we are a really good couple.

Boy: How nice! I am recording a cute high school couple. This really makes a good video.

[Andrew let's go of Heidi's hand and approaches the boy]

[Andrew takes the phone away from the boy, sets it on the floor and breaks it by stomping on it]

Boy: Hey! You broke my phone!

Andrew: Yeah! With my foot! I'm sure that's not going to cover the warranty.

[They boy picks up the broken phone]

Boy: This isn't over kid!

Andrew: Oh yeah! What's left?

Boy: Nothing!

Andrew: So it's over!

Boy: Yes!

[Boy leaves]

[Andrew approaches Heidi]

Andrew: Now that kid has a broken phone!

Heidi: He was recording us on video!

Andrew: I know! Well it's already after school, let's get out of here.

[Andrew and Heidi walks out]

[In another hallway, Camera is viewing at some kids singing up on a sign up sheet]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in]

Andrew: Hey! I wonder what's going on over there.

Heidi: People are signing up for something!

[A girl with blonde hair walks in]

Andrew: Hey you with the blonde hair!

Girl: Me?

Andrew: Yes You! We have a question!

Girl: What is it?

Heidi: What's the sign up sheet for?

Girl: Oh yeah! This school is hosting a talent show on Friday night!

Heidi: Really! That sounds really nice!

Andrew: That must be really awesome! But why is this school hosting a talent show?

Girl: It's just something that this school really wants to do. There will be a lot of kids showing some interesting talent to the audience. The winner only gets to take home a trophy.

Andrew: Wow! I'm sure it's going to be a really fun show.

Heidi: You have a printed kitty cat on your shirt.

Girl: Yeah! I do have a cat on my shirt! Even though I had this short for only 2 years now.

[Girl leaves]

Andrew: Let's take a good at that sign up sheet.

[Andrew and Heidi approaches the sign up sheet]

[They both look at the sign up sheet]

Andrew: Wow! A lot of people signed up for this show. Now there is only two spots left.

Heidi: Left! I have a left arm and hand and I have a left leg and foot.

Andrew: That's not the left I'm talking about.

Heidi: Oh!

Andrew: There is all kinds of people that signed for this show. Plus they even wrote down what kind if talents they are doing.

Heidi: Yeah! Wait a minute! That kid wrote down his talent, which is drinking milk. That's not a talent, that's drinking a beverage.

Andrew: I know!

[Dylan Rodgers walks in]

Dylan: Hello Heidi and Andrew!

Andrew: Excuse me!

Dylan: I mean Andrew and Heidi!

Andrew: That's better!

Heidi: How come we can't use the name order Heidi and Andrew?

Andrew: Because! The name order Andrew and Heidi is better and that's what we're going with for life.

Heidi: Okay then!

Dylan: I'm going to sign up for the talent show.

[Dylan approaches the sign up sheet]

Heidi: What kind of talent are you going to be doing?

Dylan: I'm going to do some magic.

[Dylan grabs the pen on the sign up sheet and signs his name and writes down his talent]

Andrew: Are you even good at magic?

Dylan: Well yes! But I did struggle with magic a few times. But this time, I'm really going to amaze the audience.

Andrew: Well good luck with that.

Dylan: So are you two going to sign up for the talent show?

Andrew: No! I'm not even planning on it.

Heidi: Well actually going to, well, heh heh! Heh!

Dylan: Well! I'm really looking forward to the show. People are really about to see this good magician, Dylan the Magical!

Andrew: That sounds like a weak name for a magic name.

Dylan: No it's not! I think it's a good name. A really good name, and now I'll vanish!

[Dylan leaves]

Andrew: Well come on Heidi! We gotta....

[Andrew pauses]

Andrew: Wait a minute! You face looks like you really want to sign up for that talent show.

Heidi: What?

Andrew: Heidi! Are you wanting to try sign up for that talent show?

[Heidi laughs a little]

Heidi: No! What would make you think that I would sign up for the talent show?

Andrew: Well you are acting like your keeping a secret.

Heidi: I'm not keeping a secret! I'm just being a really decent person. Everything in my natural body is decent. Including my shoes!

Andrew: Okay! Fine! But you are being wonky and I just might find out what that wonk really is.

Heidi: Andrew! I'm not being wonky!

Andrew: Whatever! Let's just go!

Heidi: Andrew wait!

Andrew: What?

Heidi: I just remembered that I gotta take my grandma to the store. So I can't go home with you right now.

Andrew: Shopping for what?

Heidi: Socks! Sock shopping!

Andrew: Sock shopping?

Heidi: You know what I mean!

Andrew: Okay! Whatever!

[Andrew and Heidi approaches the exit door]

Heidi: I'll see you later!

Andrew: Okay!

[Andrew and Heidi kisses]

[Andrew leaves]

[Heidi walks out the door and steps out for only a few seconds]

[Heidi walks back in through the doors]

[Heidi looks left and right]

[Heidi approaches the sign up sheet]

[Heidi grabs the pen on the sign up sheet]

[Heidi signs her name on the sign up sheet and writes down her talent]

[Andrew walks back in]

Andrew: Hey Heidi! Maybe later do you wanna go......

[Heidi gets scared and jumps a little]

Heidi: Dah! Andrew!

Andrew: Heidi what are you doing?

Heidi: Nothing! I'm just being me! Being like a girly!

Andrew: Wait a minute! That pen you have in your hand.

Heidi: What pen?

[Heidi puts the pen back on the clipboard]

Andrew: You were singing up for the talent show were you?

Heidi: I guess I might've put my name in printing.

Andrew: Okay! So what's your talent?

Heidi: I don't wanna tell you.

Andrew: What is your talent?

Heidi: I don't wanna tell you.

Andrew: Well you gotta tell me! What is your talent?

Heidi: Well my talent is um....

[Heidi runs away in the hallway]


[Andrew runs out in the hallway]

[Heidi runs back in being chased by Andrew]

[Andrew is chasing Heidi in the hallway]

Andrew: Come on Heidi! Tell me!

Heidi: I don't wanna tell you. I'm just running away girly style.

[Heidi escapes]


[Andrew runs out chasing after Heidi]

[Andrew's House]

[Michael is watching television]

[Katy walks in with a basket of laundry]

Katy: Michael! When did you get home.

Michael: I got home about 20 minutes ago! Right now I'm watching a small claims court court on television right now. See how that defendant is telling the truth to the judge. That's what I'm going to do when I go into that court room on Friday at 4:00 PM!

Katy: You know that's only two days away Michael!

Michael: I know that Katy! You know I'm not dumb like Patrick Star from SpongeBob Squarepants.

[Katy sits down with Michael]

Katy: Do you even watch SpongeBob?

Michael: Pfft! No! Dani watches that show whenever she watches television on here.

Katy: That's because she's a kid and kids watch cartoons. Even though adults can watch cartoons to.

Michael: Okay! Well I'm going to tell the judge the truth about me speeding on the road and then getting a speeding ticket. I will become a good innocent man.

Katy: What makes you think that you might become innocent about telling the truth about speeding? You know some people end up getting guilty.

Michael: Well I'm not going to be guilty. But I a nervous going up to that judge. Can you come with me to the court house?

Katy: Well since I was there with you, I'll come with you and I think Dani might wanna come to.

Michael: Really?

Katy: Yes! All I gotta do is ask her.

[Dani walks in]

Dani: Parents! I am home from school.

Michael: How nice!

Katy: Hey Dani! Do you wanna come to the court house with me and you're father on Friday?

Dani: And watch Daddy do his talking to the judge.

Michael: Yes!

Dani: And do I get to sit with mom in the court room?

Katy: Yes!

Dani: Okay! Yeah! I'll go! Besides I just really want to and now I will go do my homework.

[Dani leaves]

Michael: Okay! At least you and Dani are going to be coming. I promise you Katy, I am going to tell that judge what I did and I assure you, I will be off the hook.

Katy: Whatever! You were the one that was speeding in the car Plumber Boy!

Michael: Or Plumber Man!

Katy: Pfft! Yeah right!

[Katy stands up, grabs her laundry basket and leaves]

Michael: Oh come on! I think Plumber Man is a cooler name. You just don't wanna say it! That's all!

[Heidi's House]

[Charlotte Makinney is watching television]

Charlotte: This channel is a little entertaining! All I'm seeing is ducks walking, flying and quacking. Heck! I'm watching The Duck Channel!

[Doorbell rings]

[Charlotte stands up, walks over and answers the door]

Charlotte: Andrew! You were so lucky to find this address.

Andrew: Hey Mrs. Makinney! You know I've been into this house before.

Charlotte: Oh yeah! You're right! It's a good thing you know the address to this place.

Andrew: Yes I do! The address to this house is 856 Wellington Drive of Ithaca, New York.

Charlotte: Wow! You sure are a smart and intelligent person.

Andrew: Thanks Mrs. Makinney!

Charlotte: You can call me Charlotte! There's no law against me calling me Charlotte.

Andrew: Right!

[Andrew walks in]

Charlotte: What brings you here Andrew?

Andrew: Is Heidi home? I want to see her!

Charlotte: Oh! You want to see my granddaughter.

Andrew: You know I've seen her before. Is that The Duck Channel on television.

[Television is showing The Duck Channel]

Charlotte: Yeah! I just wanted to watch a show about ducks.

Andrew: Wow! Where's Heidi? Is she in her bedroom?

Charlotte: Yeah! She's upstairs in her bedroom.

Andrew: Okay! Heidi was acting suspicious earlier and I just want to find out what's going on.

Charlotte: You know that's weird! When Heidi came home from school, she was all running in the house saying the words, I'm not hiding anything.

Andrew: Wow! I'm going to find out what's going on!

[Andrew walks out and goes up the stairs]

Charlotte: While he's doing that, I'm going to watch some more ducks.

[Charlotte approaches the couch, sits down and watches more television]


[Andrew walks in and approaches Heidi's bedroom door]

[Andrew knocks on the door]

Andrew: Heidi! It's me Andrew! I know you're in there.

[Andrew knocks on the door again]

[Andrew hears Heidi signing "Like Someone in Love"]

Heidi: [Singing] Lately, I find myself out gazing at stars, hearing guitars like someone in love.

[Andrew puts his ear against the door]

Heidi: [Singing] Sometimes the things I do astound me. Mostly whenever you're around me.

Andrew: Oh my goodness! I didn't know that Heidi can sing really well. She has a really good singing voice. Maybe that was the secret she was hiding from me. No wonder why she decided to run away from me. This pretty much means that singing must be her talent. Her singing sounds really in tune.

[Andrew knocks on the door]

Andrew: Hey Heidi! I'm coming in!

[Andrew opens the door and walks into the bedroom]

[Heidi's Bedroom]

[Andrew walks in, closes the door and watches Heidi singing]

[Heidi is folding a blanket while singing]

Heidi: [Singing] Lately, I seem to walk as though I have wings, Bump into things, Like someone in love.

[Heidi turns around and sees Andrew]

[Heidi stops singing]

Heidi: Oh!

Andrew: Heidi!

Heidi: Andrew! How did you get in here?

Andrew: I walked through the door like how everyone else does it.

Heidi: At least I had my door unlock.

Andrew: Heidi! I know that you were singing in here.

Heidi: How did you know I was singing?

Andrew: I heard you singing outside in the hallway and then I came in here and watched you sing. Heidi! Was that the secret you were hiding from me?

[Heidi approaches her bed and grabs her pink stuffed rabbit Sophie]

[Heidi sits down on her bed]

Andrew: Heidi! Was that your secret?

Heidi: Yes!

Andrew: Is singing really your talent?

Heidi: Yes! That's what I'm planning on doing for the talent show.

[Andrew approaches Heidi and sits next to her on the bed]

Andrew: Heidi! Why didn't you tell this in the first place?

Heidi: I was afraid you wouldn't believe me when I would tell that I can sing really well.

Andrew: Hey! I believe you! You really have a good singing voice. You really sounded good.

Heidi: You really think so?

Andrew: Actually, I know so! You can really really sing. Your voice pretty much proved it to me.

Heidi: Thank you Andrew!

Andrew: No problem!

Heidi: I love singing!

Andrew: I can tell you really do. If you can use that voice on stage this Friday, I'm really sure you're going to do really well in that talent show.

Heidi: Yeah! But there's one problem!

Andrew: Say what?

Heidi: There's one problem! I'm too scared to sing in front of people.

Andrew: What makes you say that?

Heidi: Well, when I was in kindergarten, I was in a thanksgiving pageant, I was getting ready to sing a song on stage, and people were looking at me.

Andrew: And?

Heidi: For no in particular reason, I got so nervous and then I threw up on stage.

Andrew: Wow! That is some vomiting epidemic you just told me about.

Heidi: So I'm really scared to go on stage.

Andrew: Heidi! I know you can do it. If you perform on that stage at school on Friday, I can tell your stage fright is gonna go away. I know you can do it. All you gotta do is sing to the audience and you'll be okay!

Heidi: I guess your right Andrew!

Andrew: Now does your grandmother know that you can sing.

Heidi: Yes! My parents knows about my singing to.

Andrew: And today! I found out about you're singing.

Heidi: You heard me sing from the hallway.

Andrew: Right! What was that song you were singing just now?

Heidi: I was singing Like Someone in Love by Frank Sinatra!

Andrew: Wow! That sounded interesting.

Heidi: Hey Andrew! When I came home after being chased by you, I noticed that you didn't chase after me earlier today when I got home. Where were you?

Andrew: Oh yeah! My stomach was giving me the hungry signal, so I went to go buy a corn dog.

Heidi: Was it a regular Corn Dog?

Andrew: Yeah!

Heidi: Oh! Well! That sounds tasty!

Andrew: Very tasty!

[The Station]

[Andrew and Heidi are sitting at a table]

Andrew: Okay Heidi! The talent show is only two days away! So we definitely gotta get you in good shape for the show.

Heidi: So what do I need to do for the show?

Andrew: Well, you gotta sing of course. You do wanna look nice for the show, so you might want to dress up real good, and for the most part have some fun out there. You are going to do really well in that talent show.

Heidi: That's nice but I'm still nervous.

Andrew: Heidi! You're gonna do fine! When I heard you sing at your house, your voice was really in tune. It had pocket all the way through.

Heidi: Pocket! That sounds like gangster talk.

Andrew: Did I really sound like a gangster just now? At least I don't look like a gangster. But I usually say yo at sometimes.

Heidi: Doesn't Sylvester Stallone usually say the word "yo"?

Andrew: Um, yeah! In Rocky!

Heidi: Oh! That makes sense!

Andrew: Okay! Back to the talent show. Your singing is definitely gonna make the audience and I just came up with a good idea.

Heidi: What?

Andrew: How about you sing the song "I Wanna Be Where You Are" by Michael Jackson at the talent show?

Heidi: I can tell it's a really good song! A Michael Jackson song! That's the singer who had his skin magically turn into a different color.

Andrew: Heidi! It's true that his skin changed into a different color, but it wasn't magic. Why do you always think that some things that you think change by magic?

Heidi: Because I believe in magic.

Andrew: Okay!

Heidi: Andrew! What if something happens while I'm on stage performing, like I might lose a shoe on stage, or fall down and pretty much........pretty much..........

Andrew: Pretty much puke?

Heidi: Exactly!

Andrew: Well all of that is pretty much stage fright and remember that terrible stage fright story from kindergarten that you pretty much told me about earlier today?

Heidi: Yeah!

Andrew: I can highly doubt that's going to happen again. You'll do just fine. You can do it.

Heidi: I really hope something tragic doesn't happen to me at the show.

Andrew: Nothing tragic is going to happen.

Heidi: I sure hope not.

[A waiter walks in]

Waiter: Hey kids! I just noticed something.

Andrew: What?

Waiter: I don't see any food on the table. You kids have been here for about an hour.

Andrew: That's because we haven't order our food yet.

Waiter: Oh! What would you kids want?

Andrew: I'll have buffalo nuggets and fries and some blue dog soda.

Heidi: I'll have a taco and nachos and pink lemonade.

Waiter: Okay! I got that! So what are you kids talking about

Heidi: Stuff!

Waiter: What kind of stuff?

Andrew: That's none of you're business. So just got get our food you waiter.

Waiter: Okay fine! Bleeeeeeh!

[Waiter leaves]

Andrew: Why are these waiters and waitresses so random now a days?

Heidi: I don't know! All I know is just that they work at a restaurant to give us food.

Andrew: Right!

[Ithaca High School]

[Andrew and Heidi are walking in the hallways]

Heidi: At least it was a very good talent show practice.

Andrew: Yeah! You Heidi did very well in practice. You were really killing it on stage.

Heidi: What? I committed a murder? I don't wanna go to jail.

Andrew: No Heidi! What I meant by killing it is doing really well, acing you're good performance.

Heidi: Oh! That's a relief!

Andrew: Yeah!

[A boy walks in]

Boy: Hey girlie! You sounded very well in the auditorium during the talent show practice.

Heidi: Thank you!

Boy: You're welcome! I wish you good luck at the talent show!

Heidi: Thanks!

Boy: No problem!

Andrew: Hey! You were that boy that was recording us on video yesterday.

Boy: Oh yeah! You were that kid that broke my pear phone, with you're foot!

Andrew: Hey! I only stomped on your phone.

Heidi: With his foot!

Andrew: What were you planning on doing with that video you were recording?

Boy: I was going to put it on splash face. But now that my phone is broken, I don't get to post that video. You really broke my phone.

Andrew: And?

Boy: That was so uncool man! You really broke my phone. You definitely broke my......

Andrew: Goodbye now!

Boy: Wazz head!

[Boy leaves]

Andrew: Yeah whatever! Like I was saying, you really did well in practice today, you are definitely going to rock that stage tomorrow night.

Heidi: Thanks Andrew!

Andrew: No Problem! You really have a beautiful singing voice.

Heidi: Ahahahaha! I really got complimented!

Andrew: Yeah I did!

[Heidi approaches and flirts with Andrew]

Heidi: [Talking Flirty] I really got complimented buy my good love and handsome boyfriend.

[Heidi touches Andrew's nose]

Andrew: Wow! I didn't know you knew how to flirt.

Heidi: Doesn't everybody?

Andrew: Yeah!

Heidi: You know something Andrew, I think I'm not gonna get nervous at the show after all.

Andrew: You see Heidi? There's really nothing to worry about. You are really going to do well tomorrow.

Heidi: Yeah! I'll do just fine!

Andrew: Okay! Looks like everything is going to be okay.

Heidi: Yeah! I think we should go to class right now.

Andrew: Right! Interesting, my girlfriend knows how to sing and flirt.

Heidi: Ahahahaha!

[Andrew and Heidi leaves]

[Commercial Break]

[Andrew's House - 3:00 AM]

[Doorbell rings a number of times]

[Andrew walks in wearing his pajamas and is holding his pear phone]

[Andrew approaches the door and turns on the lights]

[Andrew answers the door]

Andrew: Heidi!

[Heidi rings the doorbell a few more times]

[Andrew stops Heidi from ringing the doorbell]

Andrew: You can stop ringing the doorbell now!

Heidi: Andrew! I got something to tell you.

Andrew: Come in!

[Heidi walks in wearing her pajamas and is wearing empty tissue boxes on her feet]

[Andrew closes the door]

Andrew: Okay so what's on your....

[Andrew notices that Heidi is wearing tissue boxes on her feet]

[Camera views at Heidi's feet being covered in tissue boxes]

Andrew: Why are you wearing tissue boxes on your feet?

Heidi: Well, I didn't want to walk on the streets being all barefoot in my pajamas. So I, wearing tissue boxes as a pair of shoes. Even though I have been barefoot in my pajamas before and plus I do not have a pear of slippers

Andrew: Why didn't you just slip on a pair of flip flops?

Heidi: Because I believe that flip flops don't match with P.J's! It only matches with casual clothing.

Andrew: Take the boxes off right now!

Heidi: But.....

Andrew: Take em off!

[Heidi sits on the couch and removes the tissue boxes from her feet and is now barefoot]

[Heidi puts the boxes on the coffee table]

[Andrew walks over and sits down with Heidi]

Andrew: What's on your mind?

Heidi: Andrew! I had a nightmare!

Andrew: About what?

Heidi: The talent show! I know I told you earlier that I wasn't nervous anymore after practice. Now, the I'm nervous part came back.

Andrew: You're nervous again?

Heidi: Yeah!

Andrew: Holy chiz!

Heidi: That's not good to use inappropriate language?

Andrew: I said chiz!

Heidi: Oh! That explains it!

Andrew: What was your nightmare about?

Heidi: Well I was at the talent show, and I was performing on stage, I was doing so well and then for no reason I fell down and then the whole stage turned in to quick sand.

Andrew: Wow!

Heidi: And then I was sinking in the quick sand and then you showed up and pulled me out of the quick sand and saved my life.

Andrew: I was in your dream. Cool!

Heidi: After you rescued me, I ended up throwing up on the ground for no reason.

Andrew: Wow! That was some strange nightmare.

Heidi: And scary! I feel like I need cocoa.

Andrew: Okay! I can make some Belgium Cocoa.

Heidi: Please do!

[Andrew walks into the kitchen]

[Andrew's House - 20 minutes later]

[Andrew and Heidi are sitting on the couch drinking cocoa]

Andrew: Heidi! I know you're nervous! The stuff that you were talking about, like quick sand and vomiting, it was just a dream.

Heidi: I know! But now I'm afraid that I am going to throw up or something worse during the talent show.

Andrew: Heidi! You're being in denial. The whole reason why you're being nervous is because you pretty much have stage fright.

Heidi: All because of that vomiting I did at that Thanksgiving pageant in kindergarten.

Andrew: You really need to get it together. You are really being in denial.

Heidi: But Andrew! I'm really scared and I don't know what to do.

[Heidi starts crying]

Andrew: Heidi! Let me hold you!

[Andrew comforts Heidi]

Andrew: Heidi! I know you can do it! These nightmares just pretty much happen. I can really assure you, nothing bad is going to happen on stage tomorrow.

Heidi: [Crying] Are you sure?

Andrew: I'm 100 % positive! It's gonna be okay!

[Heidi grabs a tissue box and pulls out a piece of tissue]

Andrew: I though those boxes are empty!

Heidi: [Crying] I didn't realize that this box only had one tissue left.

[Heidi blows her noses wipes the tears from her face]

Heidi: Even though my foot was touching that tissue.

Andrew: Look! It's bundle of nerves! That's all! You are really going to work that stage tomorrow. You can do it.

Heidi: Yeah! No matter what happens, I know I'll do fine.

Andrew: That's right! You are a really sweet and adorable girl Heidi.

Heidi: I love being adorable and sweet!

Andrew: Okay! Let's drink some more cocoa!

[Andrew and Heidi grabs their mugs and drinks their cocoa]

Andrew: This is really good cocoa!

Heidi: From Belgium! And I just cried in front of it.

Andrew: Okay!

[Court House]

[Michael and Katy walks in]

Katy: So! Are you really going to tell the truth to the judge.

Michael: Yes! I know I'll be innocent when I do tell the truth.

Katy: Yeah right! And why are you wearing your plumbing clothes?

Michael: I had to fix a a guys shower.

Katy: What kind of guy?

Michael: That guy with the big long hair. I even told him he needs to get a haircut. And then he stuck his tongue out at me.

[Katy pauses]

Katy: Wait a minute! Where's Dani?

Michael: I don't know! I know we had to pick her up at her school.

[Dani walks in]

Katy: Dani! Where have you been?

Dani: I went to the bathroom to do something.

Michael: What were you doing?

Dani: One word! Peeing!

Katy: In a toilet?

Dani: Yeah!

Katy: Okay! That's good!

Michael: Okay! Let's go inside the court room!

[Michael, Katy and Dani walks into the court room]

[Court Room]

[Michael, Katy and Dani walks in and they only see a police officer in the courtroom]

Michael: Isn't there usually more people in the court room?

Dani: Why do you ask?

Michael: Apparently! We are the only ones in the court room.

Katy: Well that police officer is in here to.

Police Officer: Hello!

Michael: Yeah! He's just a police officer.

Police Officer: Hey! You were that guy that called me a pathetic grunch!

Michael: Wow! You sure do remember me so quick!

Dani: Good luck Daddy!

Katy: Good luck Plumber Boy!

Michael: Plumber Man!

Katy: Whatever!

[Katy and Dani approaches the seats and sits down]

[Michael approaches the stands]

Police Officer: Order! All rise!

[Katy and Dani stands up]

[The Judge named Aaron Stover walks in]

Police Officer: Honorable Judge Aaron Stover in presidedy. You maybe seated!

[Katy and Dani sits down]

Dani: Hey! That judge looks like Sylvester Stallone!

Katy: Yeah! It really does look like him.

[The police officer approaches Michael]

Police Officer: Raise your right hand!

[Michael raises his right hand]

Police Officer: Michael Dalton! Do you promise to tell the truth in all matters before this court?

Michael: That's what I'm gonna do!

Police Officer: Yes or No?

Michael: Yes sir!

[Michael puts his hand down]

Police Officer: Now you're a grunch!

Judge: Alright! Not very many people in here. Interesting!

Police Officer: Mhmm!

Judge: What do we got today?

Police Officer: You're honor! Two days ago, I found the defendant Michael Dalton going 8 miles over the speed limit. I clocked him on my radar gun and he was going over the speed limit. When I approached him, I told him he was going too fast and then he got out of the car and unleashed a huge rant in front of me. He even called me a pathetic grunch.

Judge: Oh dear! That's sounds dreadful! Mr. Dalton! Just what do you got to say to yourself?

Michael: Your honor! I'm just going to go right out with it. I was speeding in the car, and pretty much got a speeding ticket and yes I did call this officer a pathetic grunch.

Judge: Any reason why you were speeding?

Michael: I just had no idea that I was speeding. My wife was with me when I was driving real fast. I'm really innocent your honor, I know that whole chiz I did was wrong and then.....

Judge: Whoa whoa whoa! Hold on there! Chiz?

Michael: It's just some usual figure of speech!

Judge: Wow! I just learned something today.

Michael: So am I off hook your honor?

Judge: That's depends! Even though you did admit on what you did, I'm thinking about finding you guilty.

Katy: And some how I knew it!

Dani: Well Mom! I was lucky to come to the court house with you guys.

Katy: Say what?

Dani: I said I was.....oh I'll just shut-up!

Michael: Your honor! I'm really innocent! I mean, getting a speeding ticket, that happens to everybody. I really had no idea that I was speeding in my car and the whole reason why called this officer a pathetic grunch, is because he was ticking me off.

Police Officer: Dude! I was just doing my job!

Michael: Whatever! I know what I did was wrong and I am really sorry for speeding and going off at the officer and I just want you to know that I deserve to be punished.

Judge: Mr. Dalton! Try not to beat yourself up. You seem to be one wealthy person. You pretty much admitted that you did do those action on the road a few days ago. Just promise us that those type of actions are going not going to happen anymore.

Michael: I promise!

Judge: Alright! Case dismissed!

[The judge uses his hammer and hits the gavel]

Michael: Yeah baby! I knew I was going to be innocent!

[Michael approaches Katy and Dani]

Michael: You guys see that! I was right! I'm innocent! Woooohoo!

[Michael happily leaves the court room]

[Katy and Dani looks at the judge and officer and shrugs their shoulders]

[Ithaca High School]


[Talent show is taking place]

[Andrew and Heidi is watching from back stage]

[A girl is singing "Joke Is On You" on stage with a funny voice]

Girl: [Singing] It's an all night party, That where getting into, If you think it's all over, Than the joke is on you, It's a dream, It's a scene, And it's all brand new, If you think you cant stop it, Than the joke is on you!

[A small applause sound]

Girl: Thank you! Thank you!

[Girl leaves the stage and approaches Andrew and Heidi]

Girl: I was awesome!

[Girl leaves]

Andrew: She was horrible! Her singing sounded like she was going to cough!

Heidi: At least she got the lyrics right!

[On Stage]

[A Boy is on stage with a bottle of milk]

Boy: Ladies and Gentlemen! Right now I will drink this whole bottle of milk.

[The boy is now drinking a whole bottle of milk]

Boy: Thank you!

[Audience gives a small applause]

[Boy leaves the stage]

[Back Stage]

Andrew: Drinking milk is not a talent!

Heidi: I know! It's just drinking!

[On Stage]

[Dylan Rodgers is on stage dressed in his magic clothing]

Dylan: I am Dylan the Magical! And now I will do my first trick.

[Dylan takes off his hat]

[Dylan pulls out a white stuffed rabbit out of his hat]

Dylan: Tah Dah!

[The audience is just looking at Dylan]

[Dylan puts his hat back on and puts his rabbit on the magic table]

Dylan: For my next trick! [Grabs two rings stuck together] I will take these two rings and separate them!

[Dylan attempts to pull the rings to be separated, but fails]

Dylan: For my next trick, I am going to...

[Audience is booing at Dylan]

Dylan: Hey! I haven't even showed you my next trick.

Announcer: Dylan Rodgers is disqualified.

Dylan: Dang it!

[Dylan walks off the stage]

[Back Stage]

[Dylan walks in]

Andrew: Hey man! At least you tried.

Heidi: Sorry Dylan!

Dylan: I can't believe it! I thought I was good in magic. My magic has failed me.

[Dylan leaves]

Heidi: Poor Dylan!

Andrew: He thinks he knows magic!


[Back Stage]

Andrew: Okay! Heidi you can do this!

Heidi: But I'm scared!

Andrew: You can do it! Go out there and give it power!

Heidi: Right!

Announcer: Our final performer for tonight's talent show, let's welcome to the stage Heidi Makinney!

[Heidi slowly walks to the stage]

[Heidi approaches the microphone]

[Heidi is looking at the Audience doing nothing]

Andrew: [Whispering] Heidi! Come on sing!

[Heidi is still doing nothing]

Announcer: Uh Heidi! We're waiting!

[Heidi falls down]

[Andrew goes on stage and approaches Heidi]

[Andrew grabs Heidi's arms and drags her off the stage]

[Back Stage]

[Andrew drags Heidi]

[Heidi stands up]

Heidi: Andrew! I can't do it!

Andrew: Yes you can! Heidi! All you gotta do is sing.

Heidi: But Andrew! I just fell down!

Andrew: Heidi! Just go out there and have fun! You can do it! Now! Got tear up that stage. Go!

Heidi: Okay!

[Heidi takes a breath]

[Heidi walks out]

[On Stage]

[Heidi walks in and approaches the microphone]

[Heidi grabs the microphone and turns it on]

Announcer: Once again, let's welcome to the stage, Heidi Makinney!

[Audience applauds]

Heidi: Hi everyone in the auditorium. For my talent, I will be singing, I Wanna Be Where You Are!

[Music starts playing]

[Heidi begins singing "I Wanna Be Where You Are" on stage]

Heidi: [Singing] Can it be I stayed away too long. Did I leave your mind when I was gone. It's not my thing trying to get back. But this time let me tell you where I'm at. You don't have to worry 'cause I'm coming. Back to where I should have always stayed, And now I've heard the maybe to your story, And it's enough love for me to stay. Can it be I stayed away too long. Did I leave your mind when I was gone. It's not my thing trying to get back. But this time let me tell you where I'm at. I wanna, wanna be where you are, oh, Anywhere you are, oh, I wanna, wanna be where you are, oh, Everywhere you are, oh! Please don't close the door to our future. There's so many, things we haven't tried, I could love you better than I used to, And give you all the love I have inside.

[Audience begins cheering for Heidi]

[Music Break]

Heidi: [Singing] I wanna, wanna be where you are, oh, Any, any, anywhere you are, oh-woah, I wanna, wanna be where you are, oh, I gotta be where you are, oh-whoa, I wanna be, I wanna be, oh, get there baby now, I wanna be, I wanna be, oh-woah, I wanna be, wanna be, oh, get there baby now, I wanna be, I wanna be, oh!

[Heidi finishes her song]

[Audience gives Heidi a huge applause]

[Heidi bows]

[Heidi happily leaves the stage]

[Back Stage]

[Heidi approaches Andrew]

Heidi: [Cheerfully] Andrew! I did it!

Andrew: I told you could it Heidi!

Heidi: I didn't mess up! No more stage frights!

Andrew: Yeah! You really got over your stage fright.

Heidi: Yay!

[Andrew and Heidi kisses]

[Some kids are watching Andrew and Heidi kissing]

[Andrew and Heidi stops kissing and sees the other kids watching them]

Andrew: Boo!

[The kids quickly leaves the Back stage area]

Andrew: Some people!

Heidi: Oh dear!


[All talent performers including Heidi are on stage]

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen! The winner of this years annual Ithaca High School and taking home the trophy is...............HEIDI MAKINNEY!

[Audience is cheering for Heidi]

[The trophy presenter approaches Heidi and gives her the winning trophy]

Announcer: And that's it! You guys can go home now! Drive carefully!

[Everyone on stage leaves except Heidi]

[Andrew walks in and approaches Heidi]

Andrew: Congratulations! You really deserve that trophy!

Heidi: Thanks Andrew!

Andrew: You're welcome!

Heidi: This is a silver trophy!

Andrew: Yes! That's right!

Heidi: So how can we celebrate?

Andrew: Eating food at The Station!

Heidi: Let's go!

[Andrew and Heidi starts walking]

Heidi: My trophy is Silver!

Andrew: You already said that.

Heidi: It's silver like a mirror!

Andrew: Let's just go eat some food.

Heidi: With my silver trophy!

Andrew: Dah!

[Andrew and Heidi leaves]

[End Credits Scene]

[Andrew's House]

[Michael, Katy, and Dani are sitting on the couch watching television]

Michael: It feels really good to be innocent! I won the court case.

Katy: You sure did! Even though you said that for the 10th time!

Dani: Why do you keep saying that?

Michael: Because it's feels good to be innocent!

Katy and Dani: Oh!

[Andrew and Heidi walks in with the trophy]

Andrew: Hey guys! What's going on?

Michael: I won my speeding ticket court case.

Andrew: Wow!

Heidi: I won first place at the talent show.

Dani: Really! What did you do?

Heidi: I had to sing! I'm really a signing natural!

Katy: That sounds wonderful!

Michael: Its feels good to be innocent!

Katy: That's the 11th time you said that.

Andrew: Really?

Katy: Yes!

Heidi: Wow!

Michael: But it feels really good!

Dani: Okay! We know that!

(The End)

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