Thanksgiving Problems
Season 2, Episode 5
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Air date February 4, 2015
Prod. code 205
Written by Iamaman1977
Directed by Unknown
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Thanksgiving Problems is the 5th episode of the 2nd season and the 25th episode overall of Andrew & Heidi.


At Ithaca High School, Dylan comes in and does a Thanksgiving rap, but everyone hates it. Andrew agrees with them and just says to Dylan everything about him that annoys Andrew. Heidi comments that Andrew should be nicer. Andrew says he’s nice to Heidi, his family, and Mr. Hall. Heidi says he’s mean to some people. Andrew changes the subject and asks Heidi what she’s doing for Thanksgiving. She says her grandmother is spending it with her Bingo friends, so Heidi will come over to Andrew’s house for Thanksgiving. Andrew says when dinner is. Dylan comes out of the bathroom and says someone gave him a wedgie and pulls his underwear over his head.

At Hall’s Market, Andrew and Heidi tell Mr. Hall their plans for Thanksgiving and Mr. Hall asks Andrew if he could come over for Thanksgiving. Andrew says yes. Andrew uses his employee discount to get all the Thanksgiving food. At the Dalton house, Katy comes home and says they have no food for Thanksgiving because some guy started touching her and she got mad at him and he stole her shoe. Andrew and Heidi come in with all the Thanksgiving Day food. Michael and Katy are happy they have food and Michael says since they brought home the food, they have to cook the food. Andrew complains and asks can’t they can’t do it. Michael and Katy go to shop for a new coffee table since Heidi dropped the turkey on the coffee table and broke it. Andrew asks Dani to help, but she just walks away. At school, Andrew once again complains about having to cook all the food, but Heidi says she loves cooking. Andrew then tells Heidi when to come over and start cooking the food. Andrew slams his locker out of frustration and Principal Elmore gives him detention. At Andrew’s house, Heidi comes in and Andrew tells her that he told his parents about having detention. They said don’t do it again and Dani said haha. They then go to cook the food. They get a oven pan and put the turkey on it and cook the turkey in the oven. Andrew and Heidi then struggle to cook the rest of the food because they don’t know how to. At 1 AM, the turkey is ready and Heidi pulls it out. Andrew says it’s cooked and tells her to put it back in the oven and lower the heat to warm it up. Michael and Katy come downstairs and Andrew and Heidi tell them that they are struggling, but they still don’t agree to help Andrew and Heidi. Andrew and Heidi then fall asleep in the kitchen.

The next morning, Dani wakes up Andrew and Heidi. The two then realize there is only 8 hours left to cook the food. Dani leaves the kitchen to go get ready to get dressed and go with Michael and Katy to eat out for breakfast at A-Hop. Heidi then wants to go to eat breakfast at her house and Andrew agrees it go. Later, they come back and try to cook Macaroni and Cheese. They get a pot and pour water in it and heat it up. They put Macaroni, butter, and cheese in it, but Heidi forgets to take the plastic off the cheese. The pot then catches on fire and Andrew grabs a fire extinguisher and puts out the fire. They realize they even burnt the turkey. Andrew realizes what Heidi did and Michael, Katy, and Dani come in and all 5 of them agree that Thanksgiving Day is ruined. Michael, Katy, and Dani stay at the house and try to think of something before Mr. Hall and Michael’s parents come while Andrew and Heidi get dressed. Andrew gets dressed and Heidi does too and comes back to the house. The doorbell rings and Heidi answers it. It’s Mr. Hall and he finds out what happened to the food. He then tells Andrew and Heidi about a restaurant called, “The Rosebyrd Cafeteria” which is a buffet and says all thanksgiving food in the store including turkey is only $20. Andrew and Heidi go there and get all the food. They come back and set up. Later, everyone is eating around the kitchen table. They all enjoy how good the food is. The episode ends with a message from Andrew & Heidi telling their fans to have a Happy Thanksgiving.


Andrew: Okay! Now we know that the turkey is in the oven. We got every single food for tomorrow's meal. Let's start with the Macaroni. [Grabs and looks the macaroni box and gets confused] Um...On second thought, let's make the cranberries! [Puts the box of macaroni back on the table, and then grabs and looks at the can of cranberries and gets confused again] Wow! This cooking looks really challenging. [Puts the can of cranberries back on the table]
Heidi: Andrew! Do you know how to cook the food?
Andrew: Do I know how to cook the food? [Laughs a little] No! Because I have never cooked a Thabksgiving meal before.
Heidi: You don't know how to make something like Mac and cheese?
Andrew: No! But, how hard can it be? I mean all we gotta do is do what the instructions say. Maybe you should cook it!
Heidi: Okay! [Grabs the Mac and Cheese box and looks at it and gets confused]
Andrew: Well, cook the Mac and cheese!
Heidi: I would but I don't know how to!
Andrew: I thought you said you know how to cook.
Heidi: I do! But I only know how to make microwave Mac and Cheese. I never cooked a non cooked Mac and cheese before. Plus I never cooked a Thanksgiving meal before to.
Andrew: Okay! I guess we can fix the rolls then.
Heidi: Okay!
Andrew: And I just remembered something. I don't know how to fix the rolls.
Heidi: Oh dear! Then let's make like mash potatoes. Wait, I don't know how to cook that either.
Andrew: Um Heidi, I believe we don't know how to cook a Thanksgiving meal.
Heidi: This looks like a lot of hard work.
Andrew: You see I told you it was difficult.
Heidi: Oh dear!
Andrew: Okay! What should we do?
Heidi: Okay! What should we do?
Andrew: This is really hard!
Heidi: This is really hard!
Andrew: Thanksgiving is tomorrow!
Heidi: Thanksgiving is tomorrow!
Andrew: And we don't know how to cook the meal.
Heidi: And we don't know how to cook the meal.
Andrew: Will you stop mocking me?
Heidi: Sorry!
Andrew: Heidi! I believe that this is going to be a really long night.
Heidi: A long night! Uh oh!


  • This episode marks the first and only appearance of Andrew's grandparents.


  • The events of #BrainCrush from Sam & Cat were referenced by Michael when Dani was playing the game.
  • The grocery store Cal-Mart that was mentioned by Katy in this episode is a parody of Wal-Mart.

Character revelations

  • Heidi's knowledge of some kinds of cooking comes from her Grandmother.
  • Dylan Rodgers is not so good at rapping, despite him believing he is when he remembers the lyrics.


Running gags

  • Heidi copied Andrew's exact words throughout the episode.

Series continuity


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