The Babysitting Job
Season 2, Episode 13
Vital statistics
Air date September 4, 2015
Prod. code 213
Written by Iamaman1977
Directed by Unknown
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The Babysitting Job is the 13th episode of the 2nd season and the 33rd episode overall of Andrew & Heidi. This is the season finale of Season 2.


At Hall’s Market, Andrew is at the cash register, talking to himself about all the work he did today. Dylan walks in and notices Andrew. He tells Dylan he works there and Dylan says that must be cool for him. He asks what he’s doing here. Dylan says he came here to show him a hot dog with peanut butter and jelly. Andrew is not surprised by it. Mr. Hall comes in and asks Andrew what’s going on. Andrew tells him about Dylan. He says Dylan is the nerd from school. Dylan and Mr. Hall then have a conversation about Mr. Hall being the store manager and when they were born. Dylan then shows Mr. Hall his peanut butter and jelly hotdog and eats it. Mr. Hall asks if he’s buying anything. Dylan says no and Mr. Hall tells him to get out of his store and Dylan does. Andrew and Mr. Hall talk about Dylan being nerdy and Mr. Hall starts talking about a marathon of The Marvin Birch Show. He continues to describe it and Andrew says he must really be into old TV shows. Mr. Hall says he is and he says he does like new TV shows when Andrew asks if he likes them. Heidi comes in and greets everyone. Andrew says they were talking about the Marvin Birch Show, Heidi says she’s never heard of it. Heidi thinks that the show is about elephants and gives an exaggerated idea of the plot and Andrew and Mr. Hall look at her. Andrew says he is sure it is not about elephants. Mr. Hall tells her about the show and Andrew asks her about the helmet on her head. Heidi says she has invented something that could be fun for grocery shopping. She asks Andrew to open the door for her and she comes back in riding on her bike, saying it would be fun to go shopping while riding a bike. Mr. Hall says to stop riding the bike, but Heidi says it’s fun. Heidi accidentally knocks down a jar of pickles, makes all the apples go on the floor, and crashes into Mr. Hall’s office. Her legs get stuck in the bike and Heidi admits it wasn’t a good invention and Andrew helps her.

Andrew and Mr. Hall have already cleaned up the pickles and apples. Heidi apologizes for the bike riding incident. Mr. Hall is mad at her for destroying his store. Heidi apologizes and Mr. Hall forgives her, but tells her to not ride her bike in the store again. Mr. Hall leaves Andrew in charge because he wants to do some relaxing stuff. Heidi thanks Andrew for getting her out of the bike accident and Andrew says no problem. They then talk more when a couple named Mr and Mrs. Teslow walk in and talk about finding teenagers. Andrew and Heidi hear them and walk up to them and ask if they can help them. Mr and Mrs. Teslow introduce themselves and Andrew and Heidi also do. Mr and Mrs. Teslow say they need teenagers to do them a favor. They want Andrew and Heidi to babysit their son. They explain that their son, Nathan’s last babysitter moved to Wyoming and is performing with The Troopers for DCI. They also explain they will be going to a banquet in honor of his company. Heidi accepts babysitting, but Andrew initially refuses until Mr. Teslow offers to give them $300 if they babysit. Andrew immediately accepts. Mr and Mrs. Teslow say they are hired, say what time to get the house, and give them the number to contact them. The boy Mr and Mrs. Teslow interviewed before coming back and weirds out the four of them. At Andrew’s house, Andrew is reading a magazine while Dani comes in. She asks Andrew if he has plans. Andrew says he is babysitting a kid with Heidi. Dani wants him to leave now so she can watch TV. Andrew refuses, so she flips over the couch. Michael and Katy come in and Andrew tells them what Dani did and asks them to put the couch back. Michael does and Dani wants to watch “Animals Got Talent” where animals do funny tricks. Michael and Katy join her while Heidi comes over. Andrew and Heidi decide to go now and they tell Andrew’s family that they are going to get $300 by babysitting. Michael and Katy are shocked and Andrew and Heidi leave. Dani, Michael, and Katy prepare to watch when Mr. Hall comes over. He says a tragedy happened and tells them he accidentally spilled ice tea on his cable box. He says the cable company won’t replace it until Wednesday. Mr. Hall wants to watch the Marvin Birch Show and goes to watch it. Dani, Michael, and Katy are dismayed. At Teslow’s house, Andrew and Heidi admire the house and ring the doorbell. Mr. Teslow answers it and lets them in. Mrs. Teslow comes in and the four have a conversation about clothes and they ask for Nathan. Mr. Teslow warns them he’s a little rough around the edges, but says he’s still decent. Nathan Teslow comes down and asks about his old babysitter, Tiffany Garfield. Mrs, Teslow says they are his new babysitters. Nathan is upset and calls them stupid and dumb after Andrew and Heidi introduce themselves. Mr. Teslow wants Nathan to be nice to them. Nathan refuses and then Mr. and Mrs. Teslow leave for the banquet. Andrew and Heidi are trying to talking to Nathan and he learns that Andrew and Heidi are boyfriend and girlfriend. Nathan is still being mean to Andrew and Heidi and they both want Nathan to be nice to them, but Nathan gives Andrew a wedgie and then he grabs Heidi's leg which makes her fall down. Back at the Dalton house, Mr. Hall is the only person enjoying The Marvin Birch Show and is laughing at the jokes. Michael, Katy and Dani believes that the show is not funny and they keep saying negative observations about the show. Meanwhile, at the Teslow house, Andrew and Heidi are watching Nathan eating a sandwich. They both enter the kitchen and join him. Andrew and Heidi tries to talk Nathan into being nice to them, but instead Nathan insults Heidi and then he punches Andrew in the stomach. Nathan then leaves the kitchen.

Nathan is watching television in the living room and Andrew and Heidi walks in and Andrew says that the cartoon he is watching is really colorful and Heidi compliments Nathan's khakis. Andrew suggests to Nathan to have more fun with him and Heidi. Nathan agrees, but the fun he is using is making Andrew and Heidi feel miserable. Nathan steals Andrew's wallet and Andrew chases Nathan around the living room and then Andrew accidentally trips on the coffee table and falls down. Nathan goes upstairs and hides Andrew's wallet in a plant. Andrew then comes upstairs and tells Nathan to give his wallet back. Nathan makes an excuse, Andrew doesn't believe his excuse and Andrew goes to the bathroom. Nathan goes back down stairs and talks to Heidi. He notices that Heidi is wearing sandals and calls them dorky, and then Nathan steals Heidi's shoe from her foot. Heidi asks for it back, but Nathan runs around the couch and coffee table with Heidi’s shoe. Heidi chases him and soon gets tired and falls down. He then goes upstairs and puts Heidi’s shoe in the same plant as he put Andrew’s wallet. Andrew comes out of the bathroom and Nathan insults his glasses. Nathan points out Heidi on the living room floor and Andrew goes over there and sees Heidi on the floor. He goes over to her and helps her get off the floor. Heidi tells him what happened with Nathan. Andrew notices Heidi’s shoe is gone. Nathan comes down and Heidi and Andrew convince him to play a game. Nathan chooses the game, “Locked out of the House.” Andrew suspects this to be a trick, but Nathan says no and asks them to step outside and then he shuts and locks the door quickly. Andrew notices the door is locked. He and Heidi try to break down the door, but fail. Back at the Dalton house, Katy reveals they have been watching the show for three hours. The Daltons are still hating the Marvin Birch Show. They think they show is over after they see end credits, but Mr. Hall says otherwise. The Daltons keep complaining. Back at the Teslow house, Heidi is singing a song about the day and Andrew comes back after trying to open after door to the house. Andrew wants to be violent with Nathan once they get inside, but Heidi refuses to let him be violent. They hear a clicking sound and Andrew finds out the door is unlocked. Andrew opens the door and hits an air horn Nathan attached the wall behind the door which makes Andrew and Heidi’s ears temporary ring. Nathan goes upstairs carefully because of water on the stairs. Andrew and Heidi try to go upstairs by one, but they slip and fall on the ground. They still can’t hear anything. At the Dalton house. Mr. Hall is still laughing at the show, while the other Daltons are still complaining about the show. Michael comes up with an idea and tells Mr. Hall he left him a present on the front porch. Mr. Hall goes on the porch and Michael quickly gets inside, closes and locks the door on Mr. Hall. The Daltons then watch Animals Got Talent and laugh at the show. Mr. Hall wants to come in and finish the Marvin Birch show, but he is still stuck outside. At the Teslow House, Andrew and Heidi can hear again. They talk about Nathan and his pranks and then soon go to the kitchen for a drink. They then get sprayed with flour once they open the refrigerator door. Andrew goes upstairs to let Nathan have it and they both go upstairs carefully. They both go into a bedroom. They see a rope attached to a bag. Heidi pulls it, thinking it’s candy, and the bag of flour falls on her, spilling more flour on her. Nathan comes in and intimidates them and Andrew and Heidi chase him into his room where they trip on a rope Nathan set up. Later, Andrew and Heidi are tied to two chairs and are wondering what he is going to do to them now. He is planning on making them suffer. Andrew and Heidi beg him to let them go, and Heidi says he got them covered in flour. Nathan says he’ll fix it and he sprays them with water from a hose. Mr and Mrs. Teslow come in and see what Nathan is doing. Mr. Teslow raises his voice at Nathan and he immediately stops. Nathan lies that they were playing a game, but Andrew and Heidi say Nathan has been torturing them and explains what he did. Mrs. Teslow asks if this true and Mr. Teslow says to not lie. Nathan confesses and Mr. Teslow tells him to clean up everything and Mrs. Teslow tells him to give back Andrew and Heidi their stuff. Mr. Teslow apologizes for everything and Mrs. Teslow makes sure this won’t happen again. Nathan gives them back their stuff and his parents make him apologize to Andrew and Heidi and he does. Andrew and Heidi say for them to keep their money because they won’t ever babysit Nathan again. They leave and talk about what has happened today. Later, Michael opens the door and quickly closes the door again to intimidate Mr. Hall. Andrew and Heidi run into Mr. Hall and tell them what happened and Mr. Hall tells them to let him back in after Michael locked him out and explains what happened got him, but they refuse and lock the door.


Andrew: So Nathan! What’s up man!
Nathan: Why are you talking to me?
Andrew: Because my girlfriend and me are babysitting with you.
Nathan: Are you two really boyfriend and girlfriend?
Heidi: Yes! We are both deeply in love with each other. We even hug, and kiss and a lot of romantic stuff.
Andrew: Yep! That’s why we are boyfriend and girlfriend.
Nathan: Interesting! You two are such dumb and stupid teenagers or should I say “Dupid Teenagers.”
Andrew: Dude! What’s your big deal? We’re both being nice to you and you are sounding like you are really mean to us.
Heidi: Why are you being mean to us?
Nathan: Because, my other babysitter Tiffany Garfield is better babysitter than you two wazz bags.
Andrew: Okay! Just what do you think…. [Pauses] Wait a minute; I didn’t know that a 7 year old is able to use the word wazz.
Heidi: Where did you learn to talk like that? It sounds like a repetitive tone of dialogue.
Nathan: Relax! I know how the “W” word works.
Andrew: Okay! That’s cool! Can you please be nice to us?
Nathan: No! I’m usually nice to Tiffany Garfield!
Andrew: But she moved to Casper, Wyoming!
Heidi: She’s performing with The Trow-opers.
Andrew and Nathan: [looking at Heidi]
Nathan: What the heck are you talking about?
Heidi: I said your other babysitter Tiffany Garfield is performing with The Trow-opers.
Andrew: Actually, it’s The Troopers!
Heidi: Oh! I wonder why I said that wrong.
Andrew: Your were pretty much mispronouncing that word.
Heidi: I love pizza!
Andrew: Look Nathan, I know how you feel about your old babysitter not being in Ithaca, New York anymore. But can you be nice to us for at least tonight?
Nathan: Well actually! [stands up and approaches Andrew] I’m going to go ahead and do this to you.
Andrew: Wait a minute! What are you planning on…..
Nathan: [giving Andrew a wedgie]
Heidi: [Gasps] You just gave my boyfriend a wedgie! That’s not nice!
Nathan: I know and now I’ll deal with you.
Heidi: Deal with me for what?
Nathan: Pretty much this! [Grabs and lifts Heidi’s leg which makes Heidi fall down]
Heidi: Oh my gosh! Nathan, you must be one little that knows how to out number big people.
Nathan: That’s right! I’m going to the kitchen to eat a sandwich! Have a nice life you arrowhead grunch bags.
Heidi: [Stands back up] Are you okay Andrew?
Andrew: I’m fine! I just need to walk around a little until my under wear is back in the right place. [walks around the living room by waddling]
Heidi: Oh dear! Nathan Teslow must be one meanie a little kid to babysit! But he does look adorable, including his cheeks!

Mr. Hall: This show is a really funny classic!
Dani: Are you kidding? This show is really old, boring and not so very comedic.
Michael: We've been watching this pathetic show for one hour. I'd rather watch Animal's Got Talent and laugh at some animals doing funny stuff.
Katy: Yeah! But right now we're watching an old show that is presented in black and white. Plus, those 1950's celebrites are mega hopeless with comedy.
Dani: This show is definitely bogus! You don't even see me laughing at their jokes.
Mr. Hall: Oh come on guys! This show is really funny!
Katy: In your point of view! You seem to be really be into this show.
Mr. Hall: I really love The Marvin Birch Show. This old show will always be my favorite show and nobody can stop me from loving it.
Michael: Well Mr. Hall! You must be a Marvin Birch show and old television show addict. What you just said is so not surprising.



  • Dylan references "Yepperty-do-dah!" from Robbie Shapiro, similar to Heidi referencing "Kay-Kay" from Cat Valentine.
  • Many franchises are mentioned by Heidi including Garfield and Home Alone.

Character revelations

  • Dylan was unaware of Andrew working at Hall's Market before this episode.
  • Katy reveals that she stomps her feet when she gets excited.


  • Dani could have sat down to watch TV without flipping Andrew off the couch since the couch holds four people, however it can be assumed that she didn't want Andrew to be there.

Running gags

  • Heidi bringing up food at random times such as pizza and ice cream.

Series continuity

  • Andrew and Heidi notice that Heidi has lost her shoe many times before.
  • The word "nonconscious" is discussed by Andrew and Heidi once again being a real word or not.


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