This article is a screenplay of the Andrew & Heidi episode "The Basketball Story" from Season 1 which was released on November 18, 2014.

Here is the Screenplay for The Basketball Story.

(The Basketball Story)

[Andrew’s House]

[Andrew is pouring a glass of milk, but milk is all creamy when it lands in his cup]

[Andrew taste the milk cream and spits it out]

Andrew: Ew!  Why on earth would they decide to make say milk taste so disgusting?

[Dani walks in]

Andrew: Hey whatever you do don’t take the milk because I just tasted it just now and it tasted all disgusting.

Dani: I see why I’m sticking to the orange juice this juice this morning.

[Andrew and Dani are now eating breakfast]

Andrew: Where’s mom and dad?

Dani:  Dad had to go to work and mom went to the store.

Andrew: Okay!  That explains why dad really loves his new job and mom is just a stay at home person.

Dani: And you being all kissie kissie with your girlfriend Heidi.

Andrew: Dani!  Please don’t start that.

Dani: I’m sure you and her make out a lot.

Andrew: Hm!  You never shut-up about me being with a girl do you?

Dani: And it never gets old.  A thousand points for me.

Andrew: Actually I was thinking you have a hundred points for you and a thousand points for me.

Dani: Why?

Andrew: Because I’m older than you.

[Andrew finishes his breakfast]

[Doorbell rings]

Andrew: I gotta go to school now!  If mom comes back tell I left for school.

Dani: I’m not your supervisor but I’ll do it.

[Andrew walks out of the kitchen, walks through the living room, grabs his backpack and answers the door]

[Heidi appears and hugs Andrew]

Andrew: Heidi!  You’ve been doing this hugging me thing for sometime now.

Heidi: Andrew you know that I really love you.

Andrew: Heidi, you and I have been in love for one week now and you know I’m too cool for hugs.

Heidi: Huh!

Andrew: You know what I mean.

Heidi: I still love hugging you.

[Heidi kisses Andrew on the cheek and lets go of him]

Andrew: We better get to school.  We got learning ahead of us.

Heidi: Yeah!  I heard that the word learning is a German word for French Toast.

Andrew: Um…No it’s not!  You’re making that up.

Heidi: I just thought it really was.

[Andrew and Heidi leaves]

[Andrew & Heidi Theme Song]

[Ithaca High School]

[Andrew and Heidi are walking in the hallways holding hands]

Heidi: I just found out this interesting thing. I learned that milk comes from a cow.

Andrew: I really believe that everyone knows that.

Heidi: You must’ve been watching a Geico commercial.

Andrew: Then I wonder why I said every one knows that. Hey, I was kind of wondering if you and I could go see a basketball game in 3 weeks.

Heidi: Here in New York!

Andrew: See the New York Knicks play.

Heidi: You must be one sports dude.

Andrew: Really Heidi! I really wanna see a sports game with you some day.

Heidi: Well since you’re my boyfriend, I might consider.

Andrew: Thank you! You know you’re the sweetest girl I ever met.

Heidi: Thank you! I love compliments!

Andrew: Yeah! You’re quite welcome!

Heidi: You take it easy all right.

Andrew: I will!

[Andrew and Heidi kisses]

[Heidi leaves]

[A basketball coach walks in]

[Andrew finds crumbled up piece of paper on the floor and picks it up]

Andrew: Why do we have litter bugs here in this school.

[Andrew makes a good shot throwing the crumbled up paper in the trash can]

Andrew: Wow! It made it in the can.

Walburn: Hey you! That was a really good shot you made there.

Andrew: Yeah I know it was. Who are you?

Walburn: My name is Coach Walburn. I coach basketball here at Ithaca High School.

Andrew: I’m Andrew Dalton! I just moved here from Albany.

Walburn: Andrew! That’s a clever name and guess what, you just made the basketball team.

Andrew: But I didn’t try out for the basketball team.

Walburn: Well after seeing a shot like that you don’t have to.

Andrew: Wow! I just threw away a piece a paper and I just got selected to be on the team.

Walburn: But the thing I need to know is this. Can you really play basketball?

Andrew: Yes! As a matter of fact I played basketball all time when I was in elementary school.

Walburn: Terrific! We are looking forward to it, you’re first practice is tomorrow. See you then!

[Coach Walburn leaves]

Andrew: Yeah! I just got selected on the basketball team just like that. I’m sure that’s not magical.

[Andrew’s House]

[Katy is watching television]

[Doorbell rings]

[Katy walks over and answer the door]

Heidi: Hi Andrew’s mom!

Katy: It’s Mrs. Dalton!

Heidi: Oops!

[Heidi walks in]

Katy: So what do you need Heidi?

Heidi: Is Andrew home?

Katy: Yeah he’s in the backyard playing basketball with nobody.

Heidi: Thanks!

Katy: Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch Insane Dentist Appointments.

Heidi: It’s a scary show isn’t it.

Katy: No it’s a comedy!

[Heidi laughing]

Heidi: A comedy!

[Heidi walks out]

[Katy watches television]


[Andrew is playing basketball]

[Heidi walks in]

Heidi: Hi Andrew!

Andrew: You just came from out of nowhere.

Heidi: Oh! I thought I came through the back door just like everyone else does it.

Andrew: Never mind! Some interesting thing just happened to me today.

Heidi: You dropped the screw in the tuna.

Andrew: No! I just made the basketball team!

Heidi: How? You didn’t even try out.

Andrew: I know that! A basketball coach saw me throw a piece a paper in the trashcan real perfectly. He was impressed with that shot I made!

Heidi: That must’ve been way too simple. Can you really play basketball.

Andrew: Of course I can! I’m one of the best! Stand back and I’ll show you.

[Andrew makes a basketball move and makes a perfect shot]

[Basketball enters the hoop perfectly]

Andrew: See that? I’m really good! If that wasn’t good, I’d be like Dan Schneider.

Heidi: I thought that was really good. You’re basketball is really orange.

Andrew: Orange like the nickelodeon logo.

Heidi: My favorite show was Rocko’s Modern Life.

Andrew: How Nice!


[The Dalton’s and Heidi are eating dinner]

Katy: Anything interesting happened at school toady?

Heidi: Andrew made the basketball team.

Andrew: Uh! Yeah like she said.

Michael: You made the basketball team? That’s my boy!

Katy: You like that fact that Andrew is on the basketball team.

Michael: Yeah! I think he would do really good playing on the team.

Dani: I bet Andrew would choke.

Andrew: Shut-up Dani!

Katy: Hey don’t Shut-up talk in my house.

Heidi: Andrew didn’t choke! I saw him practice earlier and he was really good shooting some hoops.

Andrew: Yeah! I bet I’d be a really good person playing a good game.

Michael: Well you better keep that good level. You my boy are going to be definitely gonna work that basketball.

Andrew: I know I will!

Heidi: You are a really good sports person. [Kissing Andrew on the cheek]

Katy: Well you do me a favor and focus more on your schoolwork. Education is important.

Andrew: I will mom don’t worry!

Dani: Andrew, if you don’t play well, can I post your embarrassment on the internet.

Andrew: No! I just told you guys I can play really.

Michael: Actually that was Heidi that said that!

Heidi: Yeah it was me!

Andrew: Oh!

[School Gymnasium]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in]

Andrew: Well! This is it! My first practice!

Heidi: Good luck Sweetie! [Kissing Andrew on the cheek]

Andrew: Don’t call me sweetie! I’m really to cool for that S word

Heidi: Sorry Sweetie!

Andrew: Heidi!

[Andrew approached the basketball team a good warm welcome]

Andrew: Wow! I’m being liked already!

[Coach Walburn walks in blowing his whistle]

Walburn: Alright who ever is not on the basketball team needs to leave. So right now girl watching us over their, please leave!

Heidi: Who me? My boyfriend is on this team and I really want watch him….

[Basketball Coach throws basketball at Heidi and misses her]

[Heidi gets scared and runs away]

Walburn: Okay! Our first game is a week away so right now we need to get our “A” game going. And the best part is we got Dalton on the teams.

Andrew: Yeah! So lets practice hard!

Player: You’re not the coach!

Andrew: Yeah! I know!

Walburn: Alright lets get to work. ‘’[Receives a text message from his wife and looks at it]’’ And my wife needs to leave me alone when I’m working.

[The basketball team begins practicing]

[Commercial Break]

[Ithaca High School]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in]

[A kid walks up to Andrew]

Kid: Hey Andrew! Good luck at the game tomorrow1

Andrew: Thanks Kid! You smell like cabbage!

[Kid leaves]

Heidi: I can tell your working hard in that gym.

Andrew: I wish you should’ve seen me at practice.

Heidi: I did try to see you once! But the coach scared me by throwing a basketball at me.

Andrew: It’s been a week since I’ve been practicing. You’ll see me play tomorrow! I can assure you that tomorrow a basketball will not be thrown at you.

Heidi: That happened to my grandma when she was my age.

Andrew: Yeah sure!

[Andrew and Heidi approaches their lockers]

Andrew: Hey! You’re locker is right next to me.

Heidi: I know! I went to the guidance office yesterday and requested that I have a locker right next to you.

Andrew: I really like that!

[Andrew and Heidi kisses]

[A janitor walks in and see Andrew and Heidi kissing]

[Andrew and Heidi stop kissing and they see the Janitor]

Andrew: Boo Ugly!

[Janitor runs away]

Heidi: You scared him!

[Locker Room]

[Andrew is in the locker room in his uniform ready to go]

Walburn: Okay Andrew! This team really needs you. So you really need to….

Andrew: Yes! I Know! I got all the instructions in my head.

Walburn: Okay! Let’s go get em!

[Coach Leaves]

[Andrew sits by himself thinking about the game]


[Heidi and the other Dalton’s are sitting in the stands]

Katy: Hey Michael! They got spaghetti tacos on the concession menu.

Michael: Wow! Though I never hear of it before.

Dani: I saw iCarly on the website all the time. They even showed a segment what they looked like.

Heidi: Hey! I loved that webcast show. I saw it online all the time.

Dani: Why are you wearing a floral dress?

Heidi: Because its cute!

[The basketball team including Andrew comes out off the locker room]

[The crowd is rooting for the basketball team including Andrew’s Family and Heidi]

Walburn: Alright boys! Lets go out there and do your best alright.

[They team agrees and they are ready to play]

[The Basketball team is playing really well in the four quarters of the game]

[The Ithaca basketball team is making really good shots in the game to get points]

[Even Andrew is making good shots to get points]

[They are now down to the final ten seconds of the fourth quarter]

[The game is tied 56-56]

Walburn: [Shouting] Come on guys ten more seconds and we win.

[Andrew has the ball, but gets knocked down by another player on the rival team, which causes Andrew to fall on his face]

[Andrew gets back up and takes control of the ball again, but he shoots the basketball in the wrong hoop when the buzzard sounds]

Player: Dude!

Andrew: What! I made the final shot.

Player: Yeah! In the wrong hoop. You just have the other team win.

[Andrew notices that he shot the basketball in the wrong hoop and sees the scoreboard the reads Home: 56 Guest: 58]

Andrew: Oops! Sorry everybody! I just wasn’t…paying…attention.

[The Crowd except for Andrew’s family and Heidi are throwing trash at Andrew]

[Andrew quickly runs to the locker room]

[Andrew’s House]

[In the kitchen, the Dalton’s and Heidi are eating pizza]

Michael: Sorry about the game Andrew!

Katy: Yeah! We’re Sorry!

Andrew: It’s okay really! At least the pizza is cheering me up.

Dani: I told you was gonna choke.

Heidi: I thought choking came from some thing that grabs you’re neck and you’re doing these weird sounds.

Andrew: Heidi! Not that kind of choking!

Heidi: Oh! I don’t get why I’m getting some things wrong.

Michael: I’m pretty sure you’ll do okay in the next game.

Andrew: But I’m afraid that I’m gonna screw up like you did today.

Heidi: And you’re also afraid that the school might hate you.

Katy: Oh Andrew they won’t hate you.

Dani: I should try a spaghetti taco some day.

Katy: Sure!

Michael: Oh yeah!

Heidi: I would love that.

Andrew: Totally!

[Ithaca High School]

[Heidi closes her locker]

[Andrew walks in and everybody in the hallways is cheering for Andrew]

Heidi: Andrew! I thought everyone was mad at you for making the final shot in the wrong hoop from last Friday.

Andrew: Not anymore Heidi Makinney! They like me again because I quit the team.

Heidi: Why did you quit?

Andrew: I quit the team because just in case I screw up at the next game, I would probably be hated again. I even told the coach that. He even said I’m more than welcome to see the team anytime I want.

Heidi: Now know one will hate you anymore.

Andrew: That’s right! So I’ll still be able to play basketball during my free time.

Heidi: Well! You really did play well last week.

Andrew: Yeah!

[Andrew and Heidi kisses]

Andrew: We should get to class now!

Heidi: Okay! See you later sweetie!

Andrew: Don’t call me Sweetie!

Heidi: Oh Andrew!

[Heidi leaves]

Andrew: I’m really to cool for that word.

[Andrew leaves]

[End Credits Scene]


[Andrew is making some good basketball shots and Heidi is watching him]

Andrew: Yeah! A good perfect shot like usual!

Heidi: I wanna make a shot.

Andrew: Okay! Show me! [Gives Heidi the basketball]

[Heidi dribbles the ball and makes a shot but fails]

Andrew: Oh no! It didn’t go in the hoop.

[Andrew retrieves the basketball]

Heidi: Can you help me please?

Andrew: Sure thing sweetie!

Heidi: You just said sweetie!

Andrew: Oops! That was a reflex!

[Andrew teaches Heidi how to shoot a basketball]

(The End)

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