The Houseguest
Season 1, Episode 15
Vital statistics
Air date December 16, 2014
Prod. code 115
Written by Iamaman1977
Directed by Unknown
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Get Your Be-Heidi Outta Here Andrew's Big Fight

The Houseguest is the 15th episode of the 1st season of Andrew & Heidi.


Andrew is stocking shelves at Hall’s Market while Heidi watches him. Heidi tells Andrew about watching a Sham Pow commercial. Just then, Mr. Hall and a health inspector are arguing. Andrew asks what’s going on. The health inspector, named Mr. Ronald Jepson, reveals Mr. Hall is living in his office above the store and cannot sleep there anymore. Mr. Hall calls the health inspector a jerk. Mr. Jepson tells him not to call him that and says he has three weeks to pack up his stuff and leave or he can sleep nowhere. Andrew says he can live in an apartment or house in Ithaca. Mr. Hall asks where to sleep in the meantime. Heidi comes up with the idea to find someplace to stay and then she and Andrew will find Mr. Hall a home. Andrew is impressed by Heidi’s brilliance, but Heidi immediately says she loves unicorns.

Later, Andrew and Heidi are helping Mr. Hall clean out his office. They find Mr. Hall has a teddy bear, a DCI ticket, and a Halloween costume. Later at Andrew’s house, Andrew and Heidi tell their family about Mr. Hall being kicked out by a health inspector. Then, the doorbell rings. Andrew answers it and it is Mr. Hall. He asks Andrew if he can stay with him and the Daltons until he finds a house or apartment. The Daltons say yes. That night, Mr. Hall goes to sleep and starts to snore. Four hours later at 3 AM. Dani gets up to use the bathroom and hears music. She wakes up Andrew and they both get up and see Mr. Hall sleep dancing. The next morning, Andrew is mad that Mr. Hall for hogging the bathroom. At breakfast, Andrew complains that there was no hot water in his shower. Michael and Katy mention to Mr. Hall that he was sleep dancing and Mr. Hall said that usually doesn’t happen. The doorbell rings and Andrew goes to school with Heidi. He mentions to Heidi that Mr. Hall does weird stuff, like sleep dancing. At Hall’s Market, Mr. Hall tells Andrew he wants to play The Block Game with his family tonight and it goes on for 6 hours.

The next day, Andrew and Heidi are at The Station and Andrew mentions to Heidi that they all fell asleep playing The Block Game and Mr. Hall won. At the Dalton house, Dani is looking for the blue tea and Mr. Hall reveals he drank the blue tea. Later, Mr. Hall then stinks up the bathroom and Katy sprays the bathroom with air freshener. Mr. Hall then changes the channel on Michael. Later, The Daltons are arguing about Mr. Hall. Michael, Katy, and Dani agree Mr. Hall living there is getting out of hand. Mr. Hall overhears this and gets upset. The Daltons, including Andrew, apologize for acting negative on Mr. Hall. At Hall’s Market, Mr. Hall reveals to Andrew that he does like current stuff, like flat screen televisions, computers, and video games. Heidi runs in and tells Mr. Hall she found him a house for sale. They check it out and a real estate agent shows them what the house has. Mr. Hall decides to take the house and the agent calls him over to talk about the house. Andrew and Heidi are happy that Mr. Hall has finally found a home and go to get him furniture and pretzels for themselves.


Andrew: Mr. Hall! What are you doing here?
Mr. Hall: Andrew! I just figured out where I’m going to be staying until I find a home.
Andrew: Where?
Mr. Hall: Your house!
Andrew: Um… [Shouting] Mom! Dad! You might want to come in here.
Michael, Katy, Dani and Heidi: [walking in from the kitchen]
Michael: What is it?
Andrew: I believe we just got ourselves a houseguest!
Michael: Mr. Hall! What brings you here?
Mr. Hall: I have decided to stay in your house until I can get myself a home.
Katy: Well! Does that means your gonna be sleeping here?
Mr. Hall: That’s right!
Heidi: That sounds wonderful!
Dani: I hope he doesn’t sleep in my room!
Andrew: Okay! Well where should we put him!
Katy: He can use the sofa bed, here in this casual living room!
Dani: Thank goodness that old man won’t be sleeping in my room
Katy: Dani! It’s not nice to call him old.
Mr. Hall: Ah don’t worry; I’m use to her saying that.
Michael: Okay! You can stay in our place.
Mr. Hall: Great! Let me grab my stuff. [Goes outside and grabs all of his suitcases and his other valuables and comes into the house with his stuff]
Michael: That’s a lot of stuff!
Andrew: Well! I guess this means he doesn’t travel very lite.
Heidi: That must be an accomplishment!
Andrew: What do you mean by that?
Heidi: I don’t know!
Mr. Hall: So! What were guys doing?
Katy: We were having dinner!
Mr. Hall: That’s good! Might as well get myself a plate. [walks into the kitchen]
Michael: Does this mean; we got an old man in our house for three weeks?
Katy: I hope not!
Dani: Or even longer?
Andrew: Don’t know!
Heidi: He kept a teddy bear.
Andrew, Dani, Katy and Michael: [looking at Heidi]
Heidi: When he was younger!


  • As of this episode, Mr. Hall no longer lives in Hall's Market.


Character revelations

  • Mr. Hall had previously lived in Hall's Market prior to this episode.
  • Mr. Hall's father is mentioned, and it is revealed that the store is named after him.
  • Michael is shown to enjoy magic shows on television.


Running gags

  • People reminding Mr. Hall how weird his sleep-dancing was.

Series continuity

  • Mr. Hall gets onto someone for calling him Eugene, similar to what he's done in previous episodes.


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