This article is a screenplay of the Andrew & Heidi episode "The Houseguest" from Season 1 which was released on December 16, 2014.

Here is the Screenplay for The Houseguest.

(The Houseguest)

[Hall’s Market]

[Andrew is stocking the shelves while Heidi is watching him]

Heidi: Hey Andrew! Last night while I was eating pizza in my living room, I saw a guy going crazy on a Sham Pow on my television.

Andrew: Was it the Sham Pow commercial?

Heidi: Yeah! He kept saying Sham Pow!

Andrew: It’s just a usual towel! Though I never got one in my life.

Heidi: Careful Andrew! You might pull a muscle when getting out those peanut cans.

Andrew: How can I pull a muscle when theses peanut cans are super light?

Heidi: I don’t know! Bending over a few times!

Andrew: Don’t worry! I never get hurt while working. I’ve been working in Hall’s Market for sometime now and this is a good job.

Heidi: And it’s only a few minutes from your house.

Andrew: Yeah! Walking distance!

Heidi: It’s close to my house to!

Andrew: Heidi! I know that! Have you been watching way too many cartoons?

Heidi: I watch all kinds of cartoons.

Andrew: How many?

Heidi: All kind of cartoons since I was born.

Andrew: Wow!

Heidi: I watch non-cartoons to!

Andrew: Everybody is an expert.

Heidi: Including me?

Andrew:Well um…Yeah! You really are!

Heidi: Well that’s lovely!

Andrew: Whatever!

[Mr. Hall and a health inspector walks in]

Mr. Hall: You have got to be kidding me!

Mr. Jepson: I’m not kidding!

Mr. Hall: What kind of a health inspector are you?

Andrew: What’s going on?

Mr. Jepson: It appears the Mr. Eugene Hall has a bed in his office.

Mr. Hall: That’s where I sleep!

Heidi: You live in a grocery store? Now he has all kinds of food to eat.

Mr. Hall: But not all the time!

Mr. Jepson: I’m sorry sir, but this grocery is not your house and you cannot sleep here anymore.

Mr. Hall: You are just one Jaggity Waggity jerk.

Mr. Jepson: I am not a jerk! My name is Mr. Ronald Jepson!

Mr. Hall: Actually you’re a jerk!

Mr. Jepson: Stop calling me that! You can still be able to sleep, but you are not allowed to sleep in this store anymore.

Mr. Hall: Well, where else am I suppose to sleep?

Mr. Jepson: Maybe you can sleep somewhere called an apartment or a house.

Andrew: Excuse me! Is this store closing down or something?

Mr. Jepson: No sir! Apparently your boss has been sleeping here and he is not suppose to anymore.

Heidi: So why does Mr. Hall doesn’t need to sleep here anymore?

Mr. Jepson: Because this store is not a house.

Mr. Hall: Andrew! Heidi! You realize that this man is an in denial jerk.

Mr. Jepson: Call me a jerk one more time, and I’ll make you smell my shoes.

Mr. Hall: Whatever!

Mr. Jepson: You have 3 weeks to get your clothes and your stuff out of here, or else you might end up sleeping nowhere.

Andrew: Well! That doesn’t seem to be good news!

Heidi: That sounds tragic!

Mr. Jepson: Good day sir!

[Mr. Jepson leaves]

Mr. Hall: Okay! What a stupid wazz head!

Andrew: Mr. Hall! I’m afraid that man is right!

Mr. Hall: Whatever! My father ran this store when I was a kid, and when he died three years after I left college, I took over!

Heidi: You had a father?

Mr. Hall: Yes! This store was also named after my father.

Andrew: Don’t worry Mr. Hall! I’m pretty sure we can find a way to get you a house or an apartment here in Ithaca, New York.

Mr. Hall: Well since I have three weeks! Are you two really going to help me?

Heidi: Yeah! I mean you can still come into this store even though you’re the manager.

Andrew: Yeah! We’ll help you!

Mr. Hall: Okay! In the mean time I must figure out where I’m going to be sleeping for the nest three weeks.

Andrew: I’m pretty sure you’ll figure out something!

Heidi: All you got to do is find a place to stay at, and the we’ll get you into a new home!

Mr. Hall: Thank you!

Andrew: Heidi! That’s incredible! You just said something really smart!

Heidi: I love rainbows!

Andrew: And it came back!

[Andrew & Heidi Theme Song]

[Hall’s Market]'

[Andrew and Heidi are packing up Mr. Hall’s stuff in boxes]

Andrew: You have a lot of old stuff that you kept you’re whole life.

Heidi: Even this old teddy bear.

Mr. Hall: Hey Heidi! What do you think you’re doing with my fuzzy wuzzy bear?

Andrew: You named it Fuzzy Wuzzy?

Mr. Hall: Yeah! I had that bear since I was four.

Heidi: I’m only holding him! He still looks old! Can I have him?

Mr. Hall:No! It’s trash!

[Mr. Hall takes the teddy bear form Heidi]

Heidi: Okay! I do have other stuffed animals in my house.

Andrew: What’s see what else you got. [Looking inside the box] Hey, I found a ticket, it’s really old.

[Andrew shows Mr. Hall and Heidi the ticket he found]

Mr. Hall: Hey! I remember this! This is a DCI ticket back from August of 1974!

Heidi: Wow! It’s all yellow too.

Andrew: Tell us more about it!

Mr. Hall: DCI stands for Drum Corps International! Back in 1974, there was a DCI Championship take took place here in Ithaca, New York. It took place at the football stadium at Cornell University.

Andrew: Wow!

Mr. Hall: I was at that event for two days straight! I was 21 years old that year. The Santa Clara Vanguard was that group that won the championship that year.

Heidi: So that’s why you had that ticket.

Mr. Hall: Anyways!

Andrew: So, now what?

Mr. Hall: Start clearing out the rest of my junk.

Heidi: I wonder why Mr. Hall was holding on to this stuff.

Andrew: Just for his memories.

Mr. Hall: Andrew got that right!

Heidi: Wow!

Andrew: So did you figure out where you are going to be staying?

Mr. Hall: No! Not yet! I just hope to stay in a place to where I can be more comfortable.

Andrew: Don’t worry you’ll find a place.

[Heidi pulls out an old costume form the box]

Heidi: Hey you kept a superhero costume in here.

Mr. Hall: That was one of my Halloween costumes.

Andrew: Wow! That was cool!

Heidi: And too small for Andrew and me to where.

Mr. Hall: That’s right!

Andrew and Heidi: Ah!

[Andrew’s House]

[Andrew, Heidi and the rest of the Daltons are eating dinner]

Andrew: So the Health inspector told Mr. Hall that he is not allowed to sleep in Hall’s Market anymore.

Dani: Why does he sleep in a grocery store, to eat more?

Andrew: No! He slept there because he doesn’t have another place to live.

Heidi: So what we did today was cleaned out most of his old stuff in his office.

Michael: So does that mean Mr. Hall is going to be living in a real house or an apartment?

Andrew: Yeah! Exactly!

Heidi: Plus he only has 3 weeks to move out of Hall’s Market.

Katy: Wow! That old man really cares about his store.

Andrew: Well he can still work there. He just can’t go to sleep in there.

Dani: I just wonder where that old guy is going to sleep until he gets a new home.

Michael: Well Andrew, I think it’s really nice that you are going to be helping Mr. Hall.

Heidi: I’m helping to!

Michael: Whatever!

Katy: Well, I’m sure the home that Mr. Hall will get a home that will be very nice.

Heidi: Nice like a good hot tub.

Andrew: Do you even have a hot tub?

Heidi: No!

Dani: So where is Mr. Hall is going to be staying!

Andrew: I don’t know! I’m sure he’ll find a place.

[Doorbell rings]

Andrew: I’ll get it!

[Andrew leaves the kitchen]

[Living Room]

[Andrew walks over and answers the doors]

Andrew: Mr. Hall! What are you doing here?

Mr. Hall: Andrew! I just figured out where I’m going to be staying until I find a home.

Andrew: Where?

Mr. Hall: Your house!

Andrew: Um… [Shouting] Mom! Dad! You might want to come in here.

[Michael, Katy, Dani and Heidi walks in]

Michael: What is it?

Andrew: I believe we just got ourselves a houseguest!

Michael: Mr. Hall! What brings you here?

Mr. Hall: I have decided to stay in your house until I can get myself a home.

Katy: Well! Does that means your gonna be sleeping here?

Mr. Hall: That’s right!

Heidi: That sounds wonderful!

Dani: I hope he doesn’t sleep in my room!

Andrew: Okay! Well where should we put him!

Katy: He can use the sofa bed, here in this casual living room!

Dani: Thank goodness that old man won’t be sleeping in my room

Katy: Dani! It’s not nice to call him old.

Mr. Hall: Ah don’t worry; I’m use to her saying that.

Michael: Okay! You can stay in our place.

Mr. Hall: Great! Let me grab my stuff.

[Mr. Hall grabs all of his suitcases and his other valuables]

[Mr. Hall walks in the house with his stuff]

Michael: That’s a lot of stuff!

Andrew: Well! I guess this means he doesn’t travel very lite.

Heidi: That must be an accomplishment!

Andrew: What do you mean by that?

Heidi: I don’t know!

Mr. Hall: So! What were guys doing?

Katy: We were having dinner!

Mr. Hall: That’s good! Might as well get myself a plate.

[Mr. Hall walks into the kitchen]

Michael: Does this mean; we got an old man in our house for three weeks?

Katy: I hope not!

Dani: Or even longer?

Andrew: Don’t know!

Heidi: He kept a teddy bear.

[They all look at Heidi]

Heidi: When he was younger!

[Andrew’s House – 11:00 PM]

[Mr. Hall is in his pajamas ready for bed]

[Andrew walks in his pajamas]

Andrew: Hey!

Mr. Hall: Andrew! This sofa bed looks really nice.

Andrew: I know! You’re wearing a hat while your sleeping?

Mr. Hall: What’s wrong with that? It’s part of my good ensemble!

Andrew: Never mind! My mom and dad wanted to know that if you are okay being comfortable down here.

Mr. Hall: I’ll be fine! You know its really great staying over here with you guys.

Andrew: Yeah! Really great!

[Andrew walks over and turns off the lights]

[Mr. Hall climbs into the sofa bed]

Mr. Hall:Good night Andrew!

Andrew: Good night!

[Andrew walks to the stair well]

[Mr. Hall starts snoring]

[Andrew turns around and looks at Mr. Hall]

Andrew: It’s a good thing I won’t be hearing that snoring in my room.

[Andrew leaves]

[Andrew’s House – 3:00 AM]

[Dani walks out of the bathroom]

[Dani hears music]

[Dani walks into Andrew’s Bedroom]

[Andrew’s Bedroom]

[Dani approaches Andrew]

Dani: Andrew! Andrew! Wake up!

[Andrew wakes up]

Andrew: Dani! What are you doing? It’s the middle of the night.

[Andrew grabs his glasses and puts them on]

Dani: I hear music!

Andrew: What are you talking about?

Dani: When I got out of the bathroom, I heard music coming form the living room.

[Andrew hears music]

Andrew: I can hear it to. Lets go check it out!

[Andrew climbs out of bed]

[Andrew and Dani walks out]

[Living Room]

[Mr. Hall is sleep dancing]

[Andrew and Dani walks in and sees Mr. Hall dancing]

Dani: Oh my goodness!

Andrew: Mr. Hall! He’s sleep dancing!

Dani: What kind of person dances in his sleep?

Andrew: I don’t know!

[Michael and Katy walks in]

Katy: What is going on down here? It’s 3 o’clock in the morning.

Michael: We can hear music!

Andrew: Shhh!

Dani: Look what Mr. Hall is doing!

[Michael and Katy sees Mr. Hall dancing]

Michael: What the heck!

Katy: He’s sleep dancing?

Andrew: Yeah! That looks way too silly!

Dani: I think we should all go back to bed now.

Andrew: Yeah!

[Andrew, Dani, Michael and Katy leaves while Mr. Hall is still dancing in his sleep]

[Andrew’s House – 6:00 AM]

[Andrew is waiting by the bathroom door while Mr. Hall is in the shower]

[Andrew is pounding on the door]

Andrew: [Shouting] Mr. Hall, hurry up! I need to get in!

Mr. Hall: [Shouting] I am scrubbing myself until I’m really clean! This is the best hot water I ever had in years.

Andrew: [Shouting] Well don’t use my blue soap in there.

Mr. Hall: [Shouting] Why not?

Andrew: [Shouting] Because I love that soap!

Mr. Hall: [Shouting] Oh!

Andrew: [Shouting] Can you please hurry up? I gotta get to school.

Mr. Hall: [Shouting] Be patient boy!

[Katy walks in]

Katy: What is going on out here?

Andrew: Mr. Hall is taking way too long in the bathroom.

Katy: How long has he been in the bathroom?

Andrew: He’s been in there since 5:30 clipping his nails, her he’s been in the shower for 10 minutes.

Katy: Why don’t you just use the bathroom in our bedroom?

Andrew: Because dad is in their.

Katy: Oh! Oh well then!

[Katy walks away]

Andrew: Dang it!

[Andrew’s House – 7:00 AM]

[Andrew, Michael, Katy and Mr. Hall are eating breakfast]

Mr. Hall: So Andrew! Did you enjoy your shower?

Andrew: No! Because the water got way too cold. It’s a good thing I was still able to shampoo and scrub myself.

Mr. Hall: Wow!

Michael: Hey Mr. Hall, last night, we heard music!

Katy: Yeah! It sounded like you must’ve been sleep dancing.

Mr. Hall: I was sleep dancing! That usually doesn’t happen to me.

Andrew: It doesn’t?

Mr. Hall: It must’ve been that sofa bed.

[Dani walks in feeling grossed out]

Dani: Mom! Daddy! I just found a clipped toe nail in the bathroom!

[Dani shows everyone the toe nail]

Mr. Hall: That was mine! I was clipping my toenails in the bathroom!

Michael: You can throw that away now Dani!

[Dani walks to the trash can and approaches her breakfast]

Dani: Well this is a good breakfast that you made mom.

Mr. Hall: And tasty!

Andrew: Mhmm!

[Doorbell rings]

Andrew: It’s Heidi! I gotta go to school!

Michael: Okay! Just don’t be all chizzed!

Andrew: Thank you!

[Andrew leaves]

[Living Room]

[Andrew grabs his backpack and walks out the front door]

[Front Porch]

[Andrew sees Heidi]

Heidi: Hey Andrew! The best thing just happened to me this morning!

Andrew: What?

Heidi: I had waffles for breakfast!

Andrew: Wow! At least you’re having a happy morning.

Heidi: How was Mr. Hall sleeping at your house last night?

Andrew: Weird and dopey! Last night he was snoring when he went right to sleep on the sofa bed, my family saw him sleeping in the living room, and then he was in the bathroom for a long time clipping his nail and taking a hot shower.

Heidi: Whoa! You have an interesting houseguest!

Andrew: I just hope he gets a new house before the 3 weeks are up.

Heidi: Does your family already not like the idea of Mr. Hall staying in your house?

Andrew: Well it made my family feel uncomfortable when Mr. Hall was doing his “Strange stuff.”

Heidi: Are we still going to help Mr. Hall, get him a new place to live?

Andrew:Yes! We just gotta find one before the old man can stay in this house for 3,000 hours and 6,000,000 minutes.

Heidi: Wow! That would take another century to get those hour and minutes completed!

Andrew: Which is impossible!

Heidi:I knew that!

Andrew: Meh!

[Andrew and Heidi leaves]

[Hall’s Market]

[Andrew is using the counter while Heidi is with him]

Andrew: Wasn’t that weird at school toady? Some kid decided to take his shirt off and danced in the cafeteria during lunch!

Heidi: That was not a very good habit!

Andrew: Yeah I know! Thank goodness he got in trouble in front of the principal. I just found out that he only got suspended for three days.

Heidi: I was eating a corn dog!

Andrew: You were!

[Mr. Hall walks in]

Mr. Hall: Hey Andrew! When we lock up tonight, would it be okay if your family can play this game when we get to your house?

[Mr. Hall shows Andrew and Heidi his game called "The Block Game!"]

Andrew: The Block Game! What’s that?

Mr. Hall: It’s a game that I have been enjoying since I was 27 years old. It’s a classic!

Andrew: Wow!

Heidi: Can I come buy and play that game to?

Mr. Hall: Sure! The game goes for 6 hours!

Andrew: Huh?

Mr. Hall: That’s right! Get ready for 6 hours of this fun game! I will be exciting.

[Mr. Hall leaves]

Andrew: Oh my goodness! 6 hours!

Heidi: We never even played that game before.

Andrew: I know!

[Commercial Break]

[The Station]

[Andrew and Heidi are eating their food]

Andrew: Look at this hamburger! It’s only a hamburger, and it really is a hamburger.

Heidi: You forgot to talk about the French fries!

Andrew: Forget it! It’s been four days since Mr. Hall has been in my house.

Heidi: We even played The Block Game! When we were playing that game, I was playing and I got so exhausted and then I fell asleep.

Andrew: So did I, so did my sister and my parents. Mr. Hall won the game four nights ago. He finished in first place and we had a five-way tie for last place.

Heidi: Did we really?

Andrew: Yes! All of us except Mr. Hall fell asleep!

Heidi: Huh?

Andrew: Here! I can refresh for you.

[Flashback - Andrew's House]

[Andrew, Heidi, Mr. Hall and the rest of the Daltons are playing The Block Game]

[Andrew and Heidi narrates what happened]

Andrew: What we did during the game that night is that we had to roll the dice and gets some blocks taken away. That was way too simple. The reason why it lasted for 6 hours because it had 15 rounds in the game.

Heidi: I fell asleep in the seventh round.

Andrew: I fell asleep in the seventh round two, so did my parents and my sister.

Heidi: Which is why we got board during the sixth round.

[Camera views at Andrew, Heidi, Michael, Katy and Dani falls asleep]

[Camera views at Mr. Hall still playing the game]

[Flashback ends]

[The Station]

Heidi: Now I remember! We all woke up when Mr. Hall won the game.

Andrew: I know! I think this is really getting out of hand for us

Heidi: What do you mean!

Andrew: I mean not only we played that board game; Mr. Hall has been doing mostly his stuff around the house. All kinds of old stuff!

Heidi: Really old stuff?

Andrew: Well not super old. He is 61 years old.

Heidi: And he is growing up pretty good!

[Andrew looks at Heidi]

Heidi: Too soon?

Andrew: Look! I just don’t know how long Mr. Hall is going to stay in our house.

Heidi: Don’t worry Andrew! I’m sure we’ll Mr. Hall a home pretty soon.

Andrew: I sure hope so! I mean what else can Mr. Hall even do in my house anyways.

Heidi: Ballet lessons?

Andrew: No!

[A waiter walks in]

Waiter: What’s-up?

Andrew: Nothing, we are just eating!

Heidi: Yep! You have tasty French fries!

Waiter: I can remember my first French fry story when I was little.

Andrew: Go away!

Waiter: Kids!

[The waiter leaves]

Heidi: I wanted to hear that story.

Andrew: I’m so sorry! Lets keep eating!

Heidi: As you wish!

[Andrew’s House]

[Dani opens the refrigerator and is unable to find the blue tea]

Dani: I can’t find the blue tea!

[Mr. Hall walks in]

Mr. Hall: Oh hey Dani! Looking for something?

Dani: I’m looking for the blue tea that mom made yesterday.

Mr. Hall: I had to drink it all!

Dani: Say what?

Mr. Hall: That’s right! That blue tea was tasty!

[Mr. Hall leaves]

Dani: Like he can drink it all!

[Andrew’s House]

[Katy walks out of her bedroom]

[Toilet flushing sounds]

Katy: I wonder who is in that bathroom.

[Mr. Hall comes out of that bathroom]

Mr. Hall: Hey Mrs. Dalton! I wouldn’t go in there for at least a few hours.

Katy: Why?

Mr. Hall: You know!

[Mr. Hall goes down stairs]

[Katy goes into the bathroom and smells the air]

[Katy notices that the bathroom stinks and then grabs the air freshner and sprays the whole bathroom]

Katy: Stinking up my bathroom!

[Living Room]

[Michael is watching television]

[Mr. Hall walks in and sits on the couch and takes the remote from Michael]

[Mr. Hall changes the channel]

Michael: Hey! I was watching that!

Mr. Hall: That’s nothing but a cheesy magic show.

Michael: So! I wanna watch my magic

Mr. Hall: To bad! I’m watching Sanford & Son!

Michael: Uh-huhhuh!

[Andrew’s House]

[Michael, Katy and Dani are arguing]

[Andrew and Heidi are watching them argue]

Andrew: [Screaming] HEEEEEY!

[Michael, Katy and Dani stops arguing and gets Andrew's attention]

Andrew: Thank you!

Dani: Okay looks like the useless teenagers might have something to say.

Heidi: I don't think I'm useless. I am all adorable.

Andrew: I am all cool!

Michael: Looks like those high school people we know are pretty much being off topic right now!

Katy: Very off topic!

Andrew and Heidi: Whaaaaaaat?

Michael: Never mind! We all that Mr. Hall staying here is getting out of hand. We've been seeing most of his old stuff in this house.

Katy: He even stinked up the bathroom.

Dani: Which was why you used up a whole spray can of air freshener?

Katy: Yeah!

Dani: He had to drink all of the blue tea.

Michael: And he turn off my magic show and turn on this actor saying this catchphrase. [Impersonating Redd Fox] I'm Coming Elizabeth! [Going back to his regular voice] That television show!

Heidi: That's okay Mr. Dalton, my grandma also watches Sanford & Son!

Andrew: Okay! Remember that game we played that lasted for 6 hours. That game was boring

Katy: I know that! Why did that dogged up health inspector had to tell Mr. Hall to move out?

Andrew: Because he's not allowed to Sleep at Hall's Market anymore.

Heidi: At least he had extra food!

Dani: Andrew, Heidi! Remember you two said that you are going to help Mr. Hall find a new home.

Andrew: I know! Heidi and I were out looking for a house or an apartment while you guys were dealing with Mr. Hall's Chiz!

Michael: That's good because I just don't know how long we can suffer from this.

[Mr. Hall walks in with milk]

Michael: Mr. Hall is just a lousy houseguest.

[Mr. Hall drops the milk and makes a weird gasping sound]

Michael: Looks like Mr. Hall just heard my big mouth.

Katy: Like you're not kidding!

Mr. Hall: What do you mean I'm a lousy houseguest?

Dani: No offense but, the stuff you're doing around here is stupid.

Mr. Hall: You mean my old entertainment?

Michael: Yes!

Mr. Hall: My 6 hour game that we played?

Dani: You got that right.

Mr. Hall: All of the above?

Katy: That right!

Mr. Hall: Well, I'm surprised! Plus Andrew and Heidi are not even saying anything.

Andrew: Uh...I work for you man!

Heidi: I'm just being me.

Mr. Hall: Well what do you know! I get invited into your house and the next thing I hear is that the Dalton family is saying bad stuff about me.

Dani: Oh yeah! That sleep dancing you were doing a few nights ago, my brother and my parents saw that and it was weird.

Mr. Hall: It was the sofa bed that caused my sleep dancing. I usually don't do that when ever I am on my own bed.

Andrew: Mr. Hall look! Heidi and me were out in the streets looking for an apartment and some houses. You know we are helping you. Look, we are really sorry for being in a uncomfortable position with you staying here.

Mr. Hall: You guys really mean that?

Andrew: That's right!

Katy: I guess we feel bad about being negative on Mr. Hall.

Michael: Yeah! Though I still love that magic show. I saw a guy using sausage for a magic trick. I he was transforming in to a 2 feet long hot dog.

Heidi: That must be magical meat.

Dani: Say what?

Heidi: Magical!

Andrew: Look Mr. Hall! You'll get a house in no time. But if you make us play that boring game of yours again, I will make video on line of that sleep dancing that you were doing and post it on

Mr. Hall: What about that snoring I do?

Andrew: Forget about that part. Even though it did sound disturbing the first time I heard you do it.

Dani: That must be strange.

Heidi: And silly!

Andrew: Yeah! Wait what?

[Hall's Market]

[Andrew is dusting the place]

Mr. Hall: Why are you dusting my store?

Andrew: Because you told me too! What am I, your confused person?

Mr. Hall: No! You know I'm still really shocked about what your family thought what I've been doing in your house. Plus The Block Game, I love that game.

Andrew: That puts people to sleep when they are board.

Mr. Hall: Andrew, why is it that my folks pretty much not into my good stuff?

Andrew: It's just that we are use to our own stuff such as, sports, cooking, pear store products and everything that's going around this century. I mean, we young people can sometimes watch old shows.

Mr. Hall: Good point! Though I do want a flat screen television.

Andrew: Oh! So you do like stuff that goes around in this century.

Mr. Hall: Yeah! Computers and video games, those are so cool.

Andrew: See? Now you are in a good life.

Mr. Hall: Even though I am 61!

Andrew: Yeah! That to!

[Heidi walks in]

Heidi: Hey guys! I just found a house.

Andrew: Where?

Heidi: Not too far from here! It's located on Miles Street!

Andrew: We should go check it out.

Mr. Hall: You really found a house for me?

Andrew: How did you find it?

Heidi: Well I was taking a short cut to come over here. Then I saw a house that says, "For Sawley!"

Andrew: For what?

Heidi: For Sawley!

Mr. Hall: Sawley?

Andrew: I never heard of that!

Heidi: I spell for you guys. F-O-R Space S-A-L-E!

Andrew: It's pronounced For Sale!

Heidi: Oh! Kind of like riding in a sailboat.

Andrew: No! Kind of like buying something.

Heidi: That sounds nice to.

Mr. Hall: Okay! I wanna see this house that Heidi found.

[Andrew takes off his apron and throws it away]

Andrew: Then let's go see that house right now.

Mr. Hall: Okay! Let's go see that house.

Heidi: It's a lovely house.

Mr. Hall: Why are you always saying lovely?

Andrew: She just likes to admire on lots of things.

Heidi: Yeah!

[Andrew, Heidi and Mr. Hall leaves]

[The New House]

[Andrew, Heidi, Mr. Hall and Real Estate Agent is looking at the house]

Andrew: This is a really good house. It's a one story house, with only one bedroom and one bathroom.

Heidi: With a living room and kitchen.

Andrew: And its so empty!

Mr. Hall: I love the really nice floor.

Agent: This house also has plumbing and electricity. Also there is all kinds of space in this living room!

Andrew: Yeah! This also might be a good place for your flat screen television.

Mr. Hall: To watch my good classics shows.

Agent: I'm sure that you are going to love it here Eugene.

Mr. Hall: It's Mr. Hall to you!

Agent: Whatever don't sue me!

Heidi: I was the one that found this house.

Andrew: We know that Heidi! You are so cheerful.

Heidi: Hahahaha! That's so true!

Andrew: So what do you say Mr. Hall? Will you take this house?

Mr. Hall: It looks like I found my home. So I'll take the house.

Agent: Alright! You can come with me to my office. We do need to talk about this house.

Mr. Hall: Okay! This is so cool! Super dooper cool! Very cool!

Agent: Okay! Don't use too much cool.

[Mr. Hall and the Agent leaves]

[Heidi hugs Andrew]

Heidi: Andrew! We got Mr. Hall a new house!

Andrew: Yeah! Now my family doesn't have to deal with Mr. Hall's dopey stuff anymore.

Heidi: Such as sleep dancing?

Andrew: I'm pretty sure we got to help him out with his furniture and other stuff.

Heidi: Does this mean we got to go furniture shopping?

Andrew: Yes!

Heidi: I want to get a pretzel.

Andrew: Sure!

Heidi: Just how are we going to get the furniture and pretzels?

Andrew: I have $50.00!

Heidi: You got that from working!

Andrew: That's right!

[Andrew and Heidi leaves]

[End Credits Scene]

[Andrew's House]

Andrew: Well Mr. Hall is moved in to his new house. He took all of this stuff from his house and moved in.

Heidi: We also payed $45.00 for the furniture, then we spend $5.00 on these soft pretzels.

[Andrew and Heidi shows the Daltons the Pretzel]

Michael: Wow! That is wonderful!

Katy: It's really nice that you helped Mr. Hall!

Dani: Very nice! Anything else you two want to tell us?

Andrew: No!

[Michael, Katy and Dani leaves]

Andrew: They walked away from us again.

Heidi: What should we do now?

[Andrew and Heidi sits on the couch]

Andrew: Eat the pretzels!

Heidi: We'll do that!

[Andrew and Heidi eats their soft pretzels very slowly]

Heidi: It's just a pretzel!

Andrew: That's soft!

Heidi: Yep!

(The End)

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