The Resturn of Andrew's Friend
Season 2, Episode 9
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Air date April 24, 2015
Prod. code 209
Written by Iamaman1977
Directed by Unknown
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The Return of Andrew's Friend is the 9th episode of the 2nd season and the 29th episode overall of Andrew & Heidi.


At Ithaca High School, Andrew walks in and talking to himself about how much fun he had with Heidi at a space convention. Heidi walks in and tells Andrew about an experience she had about falling into a sewer and ending up in a magical wonderland. Andrew says she was only dreaming and Heidi agrees with him when she tells him after that, she woke up. Andrew tells Heidi about a brand new bowling place that he wants to go with her. Heidi agrees.

At Andrew’s house, Katy comes in from shopping and smells something bad. She realizes it’s the couch. Michael comes in and insists the couch is still good, however when he sits on the couch, he breaks it. Michael and Katy talk about how the couch has been smelling bad and causing problems. They decide to get a new couch. At the bowling place, Andrew puts on his bowling shoes, but Heidi is worried about germs because she has no socks on. Andrew forcibly puts Heidi’s bowling shoes on her feet. Heidi then says she has to go to the bathroom. Andrew bowls and gets 8 pins down. He bowls again and gets a spare. While he sits down and waits for Heidi, Becka Emends comes in and notices Andrew. Both of them greet each other, as they are elementary school friends. Heidi comes back and notices Becka. Andrew introduces the two to each other. Heidi starts to bowl, but her bowling ball slips out of her hand because there were no paper towels in the bathroom and it goes into the lobby. She dries them on Andrew’s shirt. At The Station, Andrew, Heidi, and Becka are there. Andrew and Heidi reveals to Becka how they met and how they are a couple. Becka reveals she is going to school with them. Andrew is excited. At Andrew’s house, Michael and Katy have their new couch and it is revealed to be very comfortable. At school, Becka comes in and says Heidi’s name wrong and Andrew corrects her. Andrew and Becka discuss their class schedule and Becka says her schedule is different than Andrew and Heidi’s. After the two walk away, Becka reveals her plans to become Andrew’s girlfriend and break up Andrew and Heidi. At Hall's Market, Becka comes in and asks Andrew questions about him and Heidi, such as if he and Heidi have fights, problems, or want to break up. Andrew denies all the questions and says he and Heidi make a great couple and love each other. He starts to suspect Becka. She then asks Andrew what Heidi’s address is and he tells her. At Heidi’s house, Becka comes over and demands that Heidi break up with Andrew. She refuses and tells her that they love each other. Becka walks away and continues her plan.

At school, Heidi tells Andrew what happened with Becka. Andrew tells her about Becka asking her all these questions about their relationship. Heidi hugs Andrew and tells him she doesn’t want to lose him. Andrew hugs her back. Andrew assures her she won’t. At Study Hall, Andrew and Heidi are sleeping. Becka comes in and gets Andrew’s phone and texts Heidi saying he wants to break up with her. At Hall’s Market, Heidi confronts him about it and he says he didn’t do it and then says Becka did it. They decide to go over to Becka’s house and tell her off. At Becka’s house, they come in. They say they know that Becka sent the text. Becka says she wants to be Andrew’s girlfriend and that he doesn’t deserve Heidi. Heidi says he does deserve her. Andrew says you can’t force someone to like you back. Heidi says they are not breaking up. At Andrew’s house, he is on the couch and Becka comes over. She gives him a note that tells the Dalton family that she has Andrew and it has her name. She sprays sleeping spray on him and it knocks him out. Becka then kidnaps Andrew and carries him to her house. He wakes up tied up in Becka’s house. Becka comes in wearing a dress and says they have a date. At Andrew’s house, Heidi comes over and Michael sees the note from Becka on the floor. He calls Katy and Dani to look at the note. Heidi says she has a plan. At Becka’s house, she forces Andrew to eat spinach. He spits it out on Becka’s dress. She says she will let him out if he breaks up with Heidi. Her parents come home and also a police officer comes a few seconds later. The officer arrests Becka while Heidi unties Andrew. Andrew and Heidi say to each other that no one can break them up and they hug and kiss.


Heidi: Hey Andrew! I'm back from the bathroom.
Andrew: I can see that! I can tell you had to pee really well.
Heidi: I washed my hands really well. But they are still all wet.
Andrew: Why didn't you dry them?
Heidi: There were no towels in the bathroom.
Andrew: That explains it!
Becka: Hey! I see you have a girl with you.
Heidi: Quite frankly, A stranger is talking about me right now.
Andrew: Heidi! That person is not a stranger. This is just an old friend I use to know.
Heidi: Oh! Thanks Andrew! Now I get it! Hi Andrew's friend that he use to know.
Becka: Do you really know that girl?
Andrew: Yes I do! Becka, this is my girlfriend Heidi Makinney! Heidi, this is my old friend Becka Emends.
Heidi: Hi! I'm Heidi!
Becka: Nice to meet you I'm Becka! I would shake your hand right now but your hands are wet.
Heidi: All because the bathroom had no towels.
Becka: So Andrew! You really have a girlfriend.
Andrew: Yep! That's what I says!
Heidi: Andrew is really my best and favorite boyfriend. He and I get along pretty good.
Becka: I can see that!

Michael: Do you know what this means Katy?
Katy: What does it mean Michael?
Michael: It means that we just got ourselves a new couch.
Katy: I know! Those guys from the store did a great job putting this good couch in a truck and sending it over to our house.
Michael: And we really had to pay $130.00 for this couch.
Katy: It looks really good to.
Michael: Now we got to do one more thing.
Katy: What?
Michael: We gotta try it out. So let's sit on this thing!
Katy: Here we go with the sitting!
Michael and Katy: [approaching the new couch and then they slowly sits down on the new couch]
Katy: Oh my! Shut the fridge!
Michael: This couch feels so good!
Katy: It's like sitting on a fluffy cloud.
Michael: Oh yeah! Our buttox can really feel the good furniture.
Katy: This feels good!
Michael and Katy: Oh yeah!

Heidi: Becka is trying to break us up from our relationship.
Andrew: What? 
Heidi: It's true!
Andrew: How do you know that?
Heidi: Yesterday, she came by my house and told me to break up with you. But I kept refusing to her. Now she's going to try to find a way to split us up.
Andrew: Any reason why she was telling you?
Heidi: Yes! She trying to break us up because, she's wanting you to be her boyfriend.
Andrew: You know that's a really good analysis you gave here. Because yesterday at Hall's Market, she was asking me question about our relationship and asking me about breaking up and.... [Pauses] Whoop, there it is!
Heidi: Hey! You decided to sing the song Whoop, there it is!
Andrew: I'm not singing!
Heidi: Oh!

Andrew: How did the police know about this?
Dani: Well Unexpectedly, Heidi was the one who came up with the rescue plan. Heidi usually tells some dopey information. But her plan actually worked.
Andrew: [standing up from a chair]
Heidi: Yeah! It was all me!
Andrew: Thanks Heidi!
Heidi: You're happily welcome!


  • This is the fifth episode to use Andrew's name in the title.
  • This episode marks the second appearance of Hall's Market without Mr. Hall being present. The first time was in Making an I.Q.!
  • Heidi’s dad works on a Air Force base in Italy which is a reference to Carly Shay’s dad in the show iCarly. Heidi’s dad’s job was also mentioned in Pilot.


Character revelations

  • Heidi does not like to wear bowling shoes.


Running gags

Series continuity


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