This article is a screenplay of the Andrew & Heidi episode "The Substitute Teacher" from Season 2 which was released on January 6, 2015.

Here is the Screenplay for The Substitute Teacher.

(The Substitute Teacher)

[Ithaca High School]

[Inside a classroom]

[A nerd named Dylan Rodgers walks in]

Dylan: Hello everybody!

[Everyone in the classroom looks at Dylan]

Dylan: My name is Dylan Rodgers and I’m new here!

Boy: Nobody even cares so shut-up!

Dylan: Well that was rude! I love this good Ithaca High School.

[Andrew walks in]

Dylan: Hey! I recognize you!

Andrew: Yeah! You’re that new nerd kid that was in my algebra class.

Dylan: And now you’re in my English class!

Andrew: Don’t really care!

[Heidi walks in]

Dylan: I really love this new school.

Andrew: You said that for the 89,000th time.

Heidi: Hi Andrew!

Andrew: And now you can see my girlfriend!

Dylan: Wow! This girl is your girlfriend!

Andrew: That’s right!

Heidi: How do you like this new school so far?

Dylan: This school is really cool. Plus I’m really good in algebra!

Andrew: How magnificent!

Heidi: You have a really nice sweater vest.

Dylan: Thank you! And now, I will sit down!

[Dylan sits down at his desk]

Andrew: Heidi! How much more weird stuff are we going to hear from him?

Heidi: He’s just being really friendly to everyone!

Andrew: Whatever!

[Andrew and Heidi walks over and sits down at their desk]

[Bell rings]

[The English teacher Mr. Mendel walks in]

Mr. Mendel: Alright students! Get out your textbooks. We are going to review Act 2 Scene 1 of Julius Caesar! That’s what you read for your homework last night.

[Dylan stands up and is in front of the classroom]

Dylan: Hello everyone! My name is Dylan Rodgers and on behalf of everyone in this English class here at Ithaca High School here in New York, I just want to thank everyone for welcoming me. How about you all give me a round of applause?

[Heidi stands up and applauds for Dylan]

Andrew: Heidi what are you doing? You don’t see anybody applauding for him! Plus this is not even a baseball game.

Heidi: I was just applauding for him.

[Heidi sits down at her desk]

Heidi: I’m just being really nice to him.

Andrew: Mhmm!

Mr. Mendel: Okay! Mr. Rodgers you can sit down now!

Dylan: Mr. Rodgers? Doesn’t that sound a lot like the television show “Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood”?

Mr. Mendel: Just sit down boy!

Dylan: Yes sir!

[Dylan sits down at his desk]

Mr. Mendel: Okay! Now we are going to see what Act 2 of scene one is like. Now it is nighttime in Rome, and there is a huge thunderstorm-taking place.

[Andrew raises his hand]

Mr. Mendel: Yes!

Andrew: Mr. Mendel! This William Shakespeare play we are reading. Doesn’t he put in like regular English like “Yo! What’s up” rather than the “Art Thou” English?

Mr. Mendel: Dude! It’s just how William Shakespeare writes it.

Heidi: Don’t worry Andrew! I think I know what Mr. Mendel has in mind!

Andrew: Whatever!

Mr. Mendel: Okay! So it is nighttime in Rome and there is a Thunderstorm taking place!

[Two police detectives walks in]

Police Detective #1: Excuse Me! Is your name Mr. Ralph Mendel?

Mr. Mendel: Yes! How may I help you?

Police Detective #2: Apparently the FBI just found out that you were the one that stole some random artifacts in a random field.

Mr. Mendel: That sounds crazy! I didn’t steal any artifacts.

Police Detective #2: Oh yeah! [Using his pear pad] Tell it to this video that we found on

[The police detective shows Mr. Mendel the video]

Tammy: [In the video] In Ithaca, New York some stolen artifacts were found by the FBI just a few hours ago. The artifacts were found in this address, which is 357 Bayview Drive. Police believes that they were stolen from a high school English teacher.

Mr. Mendel: Dang it! They just found my address!

Tammy: [In the video] From, I’m Tammy Yanks! Thanks for watching!

[Video stops]

Mr. Mendel: Okay! They found some artifacts, in my house!

Girl: Mr. Mendel! How could you!

Boy: Yo! The FBI really found those artifacts.

[Andrew pulls the boy’s hat fro his head]

Andrew: Hey! No wearing hats in school!

Boy: Whatever glasses!

Police Detective #1: Let’s go Mr. Mendel! You’re under arrest!

[The police detective puts handcuffs on Mr. Mendel]

Mr. Mendel: But I gotta class to teach.

Police Detective #2: Yeah! You can teach a class in prison! Now let’s go!

Mr. Mendel: Oh come on man!

[The police detective and Mr. Mendel leaves]

Heidi: Oh dear! Now we don’t have an English teacher to do some learning.

Andrew: I know! And I wonder what’s for lunch toady!

[Dylan stands up]

Dylan: Hey! Since are English teacher just got arrested, what should we do in this classroom now?

[Everybody in the classroom starts getting out their other homework]

Dylan: You guys are just going to ignore me?

Girl: Shut-up nerdy!

Dylan: I’ll do some homework now! I’m good in algebra!

[Dylan sits down at his desk]

[Andrew & Heidi Theme Song]

[Hall’s Market]

[Andrew is finished ringing up a customer while Heidi is watching him]

Andrew: Thank you so much for coming and enjoy the shrimp!

Customer: Hey! That girl right next to you! Is she your girlfriend?

Andrew: Yes!

Heidi: That’s why I’m with him!

Andrew: Why do you ask?

Customer: Just checking! Boy I love shrimp! I love it love it love it!

[Customer leaves]

Heidi: That guy says he loves shrimp!

Andrew: I know that!

Heidi: Then he should get married to shrimp.

Andrew: That’s just a joke! Shrimp is something to eat! Not to get married to.

Heidi: Where does the shrimp come from anyways?

Andrew: They came from the ocean! They are just little creatures and then the shrimp people just turn them into food.

Heidi: Wow!

[Mr. Hall walks in]

Andrew: Hey Mr. Hall!

Heidi: Hi Mr. Hall! How are you doing in this lovely grocery store?

Mr. Hall: I’m doing fine! Heidi! Can you please stop calling this store lovely?

Heidi: But it is lovely!

Mr. Hall: Dang it! Andrew! Why does she call this store lovely?

Andrew: I don’t know! You know my girlfriend is sweet!

Mr. Hall: Whatever! So what’s been going on?

Heidi: Our English teacher got arrested!

Andrew: Yeah! He just stole some random artifacts in some random field. The FBI found out about it!

Heidi: I know what the FBI stands for! It stands for the Funny Bunny International!

Andrew: Wrong Heidi! It stands for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Heidi: I just learned something from Andrew!

Mr. Hall: I think I saw a news report about it around noon. The news said that your English teacher is going to be in jail for 2 weeks.

Andrew: I guess this means that we are going to get a substitute teacher for the next 2 weeks.

Heidi: One tome back in first grade! We had a substitute in my class and I got really sick. So while she was reading us a story I got very sick and I accidentally threw up on her nice shoes.

Andrew: Um….talk about memory stories!

Mr. Hall: Well I remember this substitute teacher I had during my sophomore year in high school.

Andrew: Now I’m hearing another dopey memory story!

Mr. Hall: He was so weird! One time he decided to dance in his underwear. He even did it in the school hallway!

Andrew: Okay Mr. Hall that’s enough!

Mr. Hall: But I was just telling a story!

Andrew: I know! But it got weird!

Heidi: Now it’s Andrew’s turn to tell a memory story!

Andrew: I’m not going to tell a memory story! I just don’t want to!

Heidi: But I thought we were doing a memory story session!

Andrew: No we’re not!

Mr. Hall: Then what are we doing?

Andrew: What are we doing? You Mr. Hall are being the boss of this store, I am just working the cash register, and you Heidi are just here watching me work.

Heidi: In a lovely store!

Mr. Hall: There she goes with the lovely phase again!

Heidi: I got nothing against the word lovely!

Mr. Hall: Whatever! I’m just going to go in my office and use my pear pad. I always wonder if there is in an app called Pee-Minder, which is something that reminds you to go the bathroom.

[Mr. Hall leaves]

Andrew: I looked that up once! But the only ones I can find was tinkle time and squirt alert!

Heidi: Can we please talk about something else?

Andrew: Like what?

Heidi: We can talk about cheese!

Andrew: I got work to do!

Heidi: I love cheese!

[Ithaca High School]

[Inside the classroom]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in]

Andrew: Well, here we are, in a classroom with no teacher!

Heidi: It’s really sunny outside!

Andrew: It’s supposed to be sunny all day today!

Heidi: I love sunny days!

[Andrew and Heidi walks over and sits down at their desk]

Heidi: Are we really going to have a substitute teacher?

Andrew: I’m sure we will! I wonder who it can be!

[Bell rings]

[The substitute teacher named Ms. Allison Martin walks in]

Andrew: Now that substitute teacher looks really young! In her early twenties!

Heidi: In teacher clothing!

[Ms. Martin writes her name on the chalks board]

Ms. Martin: Good Moring students! My name is Ms. Allison Martin and I will be your substitute teacher for the next 2 weeks.

[Dylan Rodgers raises his hand]

Ms. Martin: Yes!

Dylan: My name is Dylan Rodgers! Today is my second day in this school.

Ms. Martin: How nice!

Dylan: You look like that one chick from that movie called “Killing Daddy!”

Girl: Yeah! It’s that movie on the Lifetime movie network.

Boy: Yeah! You really look like Elizabeth Gilles!

Ms. Martin: Heck! People tell me that all the time!

Andrew: Don’t you look a little too young to be a substitute teacher?

Ms. Martin: I’m only 22 years old! And apparently I never went to college!

Heidi: Be careful guys! This must be Elizabeth Gilles’s evil twin!

Andrew: Heidi! That’s not an evil twin!

Heidi: Or it must be a clone!

Ms. Martin: Nice try! I wasn’t born out of science!

Heidi: Oops!

Ms. Martin: Okay! Apparently I found the seating chart to this classroom, so I should be able to know most of your names on this chart.

Dylan: I’m sitting in the front row!

Ms. Martin: I can see that! Alright, now it looks like you guys have been reading the play Julius Caesar! So where are you guy at in the story so far?

Andrew: We are just getting ready to review Act 2 of Scene 1!

Ms. Martin: Thank you um…[Looking at the seating chart] It’s Andrew right?

Andrew: Yep! That is my name and don’t wear it out.

Heidi: I’m Heidi!

Andrew: She wasn’t talking to you!

Ms. Martin: It’s okay Andrew! I guess she just wanted to give a brief introduction.

Heidi: I always have a good behavior!

Andrew: Lets just let the substitute teacher teach!

Ms. Martin: Okay! Now what we know is that it is now nighttime in Rome and there is a thunderstorm taking place. Not only it’s nighttime, what is the date in that scene!

Dylan: March 15 of 44 B.C.!

Ms. Martin: Thanks! Next time please raise your hand!

Dylan: I’ll keep that in mind Ms. Uh…Ms. Uh…

Boy: Hey fool! Her name is on the board!

Dylan: Ms. Allison Martin!

Ms. Martin: Don’t use my first name!

Dylan: Okay!

Ms. Martin: Now March 15, 44 B.C. is also to be known as the Ides of March! You’ll know more all about it when Caesar is assassinated in Act 3 of Scene 1!

[Heidi raises her hand]

Ms. Martin: Yes Heidi!

Heidi: You just gave a spoiler alert!

Ms. Martin: Oh! I really did!

Andrew: She really sounds like a substitute teacher!

Heidi: Why do you say that?

Andrew: Just saying!

[Ithaca High School - 6 days later]

[Inside the Classroom]

[Ms. Martin is teaching the class]

Ms. Martin: Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears. That is one of the most famous lines said buy this character, which is?

[Andrew raises his hand]

Ms. Martin: Andrew!

Andrew: Mark Antony!

Ms. Martin: Correct!

Andrew: Plus we all know that this scene is also to be known as Caesar’s Funeral!

Ms. Martin: That’s right! You know Andrew; you really knowing this play really good.

Andrew: Even though I am not a really good fan of Shakespeare!

Ms. Martin: I get it!

[Ms. Martin approaches Andrew]

Ms. Martin: You know students this pupil is really doing his homework in hear.

Heidi: Hey! I work on my homework to.

Andrew: We all know that Heidi!

Ms. Martin: You know Andrew; you are a really good student, you must be something.

Andrew: Wow!

Heidi: Something is really cheesy going on with Andrew and Ms. Martin!

Ms. Martin: Anyways! So right now we are at the part where….

[Bell rings]

Ms. Martin: To where this class has just ended!

[Everybody in the classroom grabs their stuff]

Ms. Martin: Okay! Go ahead and finish up Act 3 for tonight! We will review the rest of the act tomorrow!

[Everybody except Andrew, Heidi and Ms. Martin leaves the classroom]

Ms. Martin: Hey Andrew! Can I see you for a minute?

Andrew: Sure!

[Andrew and Heidi put on their backpacks and they approach Ms. Martin]

Andrew: Is there a problem?

Ms. Martin: Oh no! Not at all!

Andrew: Then what is it?

Ms. Martin: I was kind of wondering if…

[Andrew and Ms. Martin are looking at Heidi]

Heidi: Hi there!

Ms. Martin: I said I wanted to talk to Andrew alone!

Heidi: But Andrew is my boyfriend!

Ms. Martin: Oh really?

Andrew: Oh yeah! Heidi here is my good girlfriend!

Ms. Martin: That’s wonderful!

Heidi: What should I do now?

Ms. Martin: Heidi! I want you to leave now!

Andrew: Heidi! Don’t worry! You can go wait in the hallway and I’ll be out in a minute.

Heidi: Okay! Something must be really fishy is going on here!

[Heidi walks to the door]

Heidi: Like the underwater fishy!

[Heidi walks out]

Andrew: So what do you want?

Ms. Martin: Apparently I need some help after school.

Andrew: What kind of help?

Ms. Martin: Errands! Since you’ve been doing a great job on your homework lately, I thought I have you help me with some after school errands.

Andrew: Oh I don’t know! I don’t think I’m really….

Ms. Martin: I’ll give you some extra credit if you do.

Andrew: Okay! I’ll help you after school!

Ms. Martin: Wonderful! Give me a good hug Andrew!

Andrew: Um…whatever you say!

[Andrew and Ms. Martin hug each other]


[Heidi sees Andrew and Ms. Martin hugging each other]

[Heidi gasps]

Heidi: I thought I was the one who gives Andrew hugs.

[Andrew and Ms. Martin lets go of each other]

Andrew: Okay! I’ll see you after school.

Ms. Martin: Alright!

[Andrew walks out of the classroom]


[Andrew comes out and closes the door]

[Andrew sees Heidi]

Andrew: Hey Heidi!

Heidi: Andrew! I knew there was something weird going on with you and Ms. Martin. I saw you hugging her in there.

Andrew: What are you talking about?

Heidi: I think Ms. Martin might be in love with you.

Andrew: Heidi! I’m sure Ms. Martin is not love with me! She may be young, but she’s older than us! She’s 22 years old!

Heidi: Then why were you hugging her? And why did she call you something special?

Andrew: She was just admiring me paying good attention and she just wanted to hug me! That’s all!

Heidi: What did she want you for anyways?

Andrew: She just wanted me help out with some errands after school.

Heidi: Are you sure?

Andrew: Positive! It’s no big deal anyways!

Heidi: I have one more question!

Andrew: What?

Heidi: Are we having grilled cheese for lunch today?

Andrew: Yes!

Heidi: Then that’s what I’ll eat today, during the lunch hour!

Andrew: So will I!

[Andrew and Heidi leaves]

[Hallways – 2:45 PM]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in]

Andrew: Okay Heidi! I’m goanna go inside and help Ms. Martin with some errands!

Heidi: Well what can I do?

Andrew: I don’t know! Enjoy the nice lovely weather or something.

Heidi: Okay! I’ll go out and do something, like smell the lovely flowers.

Andrew: Okay! Now I’m in the classroom!

[Andrew opens the door and enters the classroom]

[Andrew closes the door]

Andrew: I’m here Ms. Martin!

Ms. Martin: Oh that’s good!

Andrew: Okay so…

[Andrew sees Heidi peaking through the window of the door]

[Andrew pulls down the screen to cover the window]

Andrew: Alright so what do you need?

Ms. Martin: Okay! Can you help me clean out that closet over there; it is just a huge mess right now!

Andrew: Sure!

[Andrew and Ms. Martin approaches the closet]

[Andrew opens the closet and the both see what’s inside]

Andrew: Wow! It’s just all kinds of paper and books and more paper!

Ms. Martin: Man That English teacher of yours has a really messy closet. I mean look at this piece of paper!

[Ms. Martin pulls out an old piece of paper]

Ms. Martin: This paper was a pop quiz that was completed on October 18, 2001.

Andrew: Heh! That person got an F on it!

Ms. Martin: Hey must be a brainless dude whose name is Connor Limbsocki!

Andrew: I never knew that guy!

Ms. Martin: He must be a dummy!

[Ms. Martin throws the paper on the ground and approaches her desk]

Andrew: What are you doing?

[Ms. Martin pulls out a trash bag from her desk]

Ms. Martin: I’m just getting this trash bag. We are going to get rid of that old stuff in that closet.

Andrew: Okay!

[Heidi comes in from the outside and peaks through the window]

Ms. Martin: Okay! Let me get this trash bag together and….

[Ms. Martin slips on the old paper on the ground]

[Andrew rushes over catches Ms. Martin from falling]

[Heidi is shocked on what she just saw]

Andrew: Are you okay?

Ms. Martin: I’m fine! Thank you!

Andrew: No problem!

[Ms. Martin is back on her feet and she opens up the trash bag]

[Andrew picks up the paper that Ms. Martin slipped on and throws it in the trash bag]

Andrew: Apparently you threw that paper on the floor and that is what caused you to slip.

Ms. Martin: What was I thinking! Throwing that chizzed up paper on the floor.

Andrew: I didn’t know you used the word chiz!

Ms. Martin: Doesn’t everybody?

Andrew: Well…. I think so!

Ms. Martin: Yeah!

Andrew: Hey! [He grabs Ms. Martin’s right hand] What kind of ring is this?

Ms. Martin: That is an engagement ring!

Andrew: Wow!

[Heidi gasps from the outside]

Andrew: You must have a lucky dude that you are going to be married to.

Ms. Martin: That’s right! But my wedding is 10 months away!

[Andrew lets go of her hand]

Ms. Martin: I’ve been engaged for almost 2 months now!

Andrew: That sounds pretty cool!

Ms. Martin: Should we clean the closet now?

Andrew: Yeah! Let’s clean this wazzed up closet!

[Heidi briefly nods her head and leaves the window]

[Andrew and Ms. Martin are cleaning the closet]

Ms. Martin: So Andrew! Tell me about your life!

Andrew: Oh yeah! I grew up in Albany, New York! My family transferred here because my dad is working on this plumbing job in this city.

Ms. Martin: Wow! Wait, you said you grew up in Albany?

[Andrew nods his head yes]

Ms. Martin: I also grew up in Albany!

Andrew: Wow!

Ms. Martin: I’ve been living in Ithaca since I was 14!

Andrew: Really! Why did you move here?

Ms. Martin: Because my mother was always arguing with this other women about pork chops.

Andrew: They were arguing about food?

Ms. Martin: Pretty much!

Andrew: That is so strange!

Ms. Martin: I know!

[Heidi walks in]

Heidi: Andrew James Dalton!

Andrew: Heidi Lorraine Makinney! What are you doing here?

Heidi: Andrew! I thought I was your favorite loving person. But instead you gave her that engagement ring! I saw you and Ms. Martin through that window over there.

Andrew: You were spying on us?

Heidi: That’s right! Why did you give her an engagement ring?

Andrew: Heidi! I did not give Ms. Martin that engagement ring! She got it from somebody else

Heidi: Oh yeah! I also saw you holding Ms. Martin!

Andrew: She just slipped on a piece of paper, and I so then I had to catch her from falling.

Ms. Martin: That's right! Andrew was just helping me out in here. That's the only thing thats going on with us.

Heidi: I saw what I saw! Andrew, how can you be in love with a substitute teacher?

Andrew: Heidi! That's not true! I'm in love with you.

Heidi: Andrew! I saw what I saw!

Andrew: Heidi!

Heidi: I know what I saw! You know I always cuddle with you.

Andrew: What does cuddling got to do with this?

Heidi: Well cuddling.....I don't know!

Andrew: Okay! Ms. Martin, I'm sorry but I'm gonna go home right now. I got to take care of Heidi a little.

Ms. Martin: That's okay! I can just go ahead and continue to clean up that wazzed up closet all by myself.

Andrew: Let's go Heidi!

Heidi: This isn't over Ms. Martin!

[Andrew picks up Heidi]

Heidi: I will sue you for stealing my boyfriend!

Andrew: Heidi!

Heidi: Let's go your house!

[Andrew leaves carrying Heidi]

Ms. Martin: Pfft! Sue me? Yeah right! That is just Bologna! Some teenagers!

[Commercial Break]

[Andrew's House]

[Andrew's Bedroom]

Andrew: Heidi! I told for the hundredth time, I am not in love with Ms. Martin.

Heidi: Then explain the engagement ring that "you" gave her.

Andrew: She got the engagement ring from someone else.

Heidi: Like who?

Andrew: Some dude!

Heidi: I never heard of a name of Some dude before. Nor have a never heard of a country called Some dude. If there was, do they speak English in some dude?

Andrew: We are still on the person some dude! Plus there is no country called some dude.

Heidi: Oh! But anyway, I know what I saw back their. You also catched her from falling.

Andrew: I was just keeping her from falling. Heidi, you are overreacting!

Heidi: I am not jealous! No wonder why Ms. Martin wanted you after school.

Andrew: So, you are being jealous of me being alone with Ms. Martin! She only wanted to help me with some errands.

Heidi: I'm not being jealous!

Andrew: You sure are acting jealous.

Heidi: Andrew! I thought I was something special to you.

Andrew: You still are special to me Heidi!

[Andrew sits next to Heidi]

Andrew: Heidi! You are just being a little confused! I still love you!

[Andrew kisses Heidi on the cheek]

Andrew: I said it before and I'm going to say it once again, I am not in love with Ms. Martin.

Heidi: I don't know! I still think you're lying to me.

Andrew: Heidi! Come on! You're being confused!

Heidi: I wanna peanut butter jelly sandwich!

Andrew: Okay! I'll get you a peanut butter jelly sandwich!

[Andrew stands up and walks to the door]

Andrew: From your boyfriend!

[Andrew leaves]

Heidi: Peanut Butter! And Jelly! So tasty!

[Andrew's House]


[Andrew and Heidi and the rest of the Daltons are eating dinner]

Michael: Hey! I just know something different about this roast beef.

Katy: What is it?

Michael: It taste like it's from another product.

Dani: It's called All American Roast Beef daddy!

Katy: That's right! Is there something wrong with it?

Michael: No! I love this new meat!

Andrew: It's all american!

Michael: Mhmm!

Heidi: Kind of like All American Cheddar Cheese!

Katy: Um..right!

Dani: Guess who got an A+ on her math test today! Only I know! It's me!

Katy: Well good job Dani! You must be good in math!

Dani: I know I am!

Michael: You're not saying that to get money from me are you?

Dani: Pfft! No!

Michael: I figured!

Dani: How much money do I get for my A+?

Michael: Oh dear!

Andrew: You get no money Dani! You just get the A+!

Dani: Neheh!

Katy: So Andrew, Heidi! What's been going on in school with you two?

Heidi: Pretty good! We have a substitute teacher in our English class and I believe that Andrew has a crush on her.

Michael: Say what?

Katy: Wow! That must be something very chizzy!

Andrew: Mom, Dad! That's not really true! I'm still in love with Heidi.

Michael: Oh! Okay then!

Heidi: Andrew! I know you are in love with Ms. Martin!

Andrew: Heidi! Let's not go over this again!

Heidi: You know she really called you something special, plus she admired on you doing your homework, plus you stopped her from fall and that despicable engagement ring.

Andrew: Heidi! I did not give her the engagement ring and I am not in love with Ms. Martin!

Dani: Wow! What a conversation!

Katy: Heidi! I can assure you, Andrew is not engaged with Ms. Martin.

Andrew: My mother is right Heidi!

Heidi: Well at least you did give me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Wait a minute, we are not talking about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Andrew: Come on Heidi!

Heidi: I know what I saw through that window!

Andrew: Heidi!

Heidi: Andrew! I know what I saw! I'm leaving! Enjoy the All American Boast Reef!

Andrew: Roast beef!

Heidi: Whoops!

[Heidi leaves]

Andrew: Heidi is just really confused! At least she's going home doing all of her stuff like girl stuff!

Dani: Yeah sure! I can always imagine Andrew doing girl stuff!

Andrew: I don't do girl stuff. I do boy stuff!

Michael: Yeah! If you did do girl stuff all you need is a purse to carry!

Andrew: I don't carry a purse!

Dani: And you could put on makeup!

Andrew: I don't wear make up!

Katy: Or wear a dress!

Andrew: I don't wear a dress! Guys, I do not do girls stuff!

Dani: If you did, it would be funny!

[Michael, Katy and Dani starts laughing]

Andrew: That's enough! I don't find it funny! Stop laughing!

Dani: [Laughing] Andrew doing girl stuff!

Andrew: I don't do girl stuff!

[Michael, Katy and Dani are still laughing]

Andrew: Stop laughing! I just said stop laughing!

[Michael, Katy and Dani are still laughing]

[Andrew stands up out of his chair and approaches the kitchen sink]

[Andrew opens the cabinet and pulls out a fire extinguisher from under the sink]

[Michael, Katy and Dani are still laughing]

[Andrew sprays foam at Michael, Katy and Dani with the fire extinguisher]

[Michael, Katy and Dani runs out of the kitchen being cover in foam]

[Andrew stops spraying]

Andrew: Haha!

[Ithaca High School]

[Inside the classroom]

[Andrew, Heidi and the rest of the class is reading from their text books]

[Ms. Martin approaches Andrew]

Ms. Martin: Hey Andrew!

Andrew: Yes!

[Ms. Martin whispers into Andrew's ear]

[Heidi sees Ms. Martin whispering to Andrew]

Andrew: Okay! Okay! After school! You got it!

Ms. Martin: Okay!

Heidi: Excuse me! Ms. Martin!

Ms. Martin: Yes Heidi!

Heidi:Can Andrew and I go talk outside in the hallway?

Andrew: About what? Pizza?

Heidi: It's not about pizza!

Andrew: Oh!

Ms. Martin: Okay! You two can go in the hallway! Be back in here in 5 minutes!

Andrew: Come on!

[Andrew and Heidi stands up and walks out of the classroom]

[Everyone in the classroom approaches the door]


Andrew: Okay! What do you wanna...

[Andrew sees the other classmates peaking through the door window inside the classroom]

[Andrew kicks the door, which scares the other classmates]

[The classmates goes back to their seats]

Andrew: What do you wanna talk about?

Heidi: What did Ms. Martin want with you Andrew?

Andrew: She wants me to stay after school again today to do some more errands.

Heidi: What kind of errands? Does it involve romance? Or dancing to tango music with her?

Andrew: No! No! And No-oh-oh!

Heidi: You're still lying to me!

Andrew: I'm not lying! Heidi! Ms. Martin is just wanting me to help with usual errands.

Heidi: That sounds so Wonky!

Andrew: More like Willy Wonky?

Heidi: That to!

Andrew: I'm just going to say it one more time! I do not have a crush on Ms. Martin. You're just being confused and jealous. Even when you do wear some decent earrings.

Heidi: But I'm not wearing earrings! I never wore earrings in my life! Plus my ears have never been pierced!

Andrew: Any reason why?

Heidi: I'm too scared to get my ears pierced! They use a needle to do that.

Andrew: Whatever! I'm going to help Ms. Martin after school! I am not in love with her

[Andrew goes back into the classroom]

Heidi: Still very Wonky!

[Heidi goes back into the classroom]

[Hallways - 2:45 PM]

[Andrew and Heidi walks in]

Andrew: Okay Heidi! I'm gonna be in this classroom helping Ms. Martin!

Heidi: Okay!

[Andrew enters the classroom]

Heidi: I'm gonna find out what Andrew and Ms. Martin are doing! But I gotta go to the bathroom first! I got some urinating to do.

[Heidi leaves]

[Inside the classroom]

Andrew: Ms. Martin! Ms. Martin! You're not gonna jump out scare me are you?

[Ms. Martin walks in with a ladder]

Andrew: Hey what's with that ladder?

Ms. Martin: Oh! I gotta few posters on the wall over there that are getting ready to fall off.

Andrew: Okay! Do you need a hand with that ladder!

Ms. Martin: Oh yeah! This ladder must be really heavy!

Andrew: Like 3,000 pounds?

Ms. Martin: Not that heavy!

[Andrew helps Ms. Martin carry the ladder to the other side of the room]

Ms. Martin: Can you hand me that duct tape on my desk over there?

Andrew: Sure! [Walks over and grabs the duct tape and re-approaches Ms. Martin] This duct tape looks really grey and sticky!

Ms. Martin: That's why they call it duct tape.

Andrew: Hahahaha! Duct tape!

Ms. Martin: I get it!

[Ms. Martin takes the duct tape from Andrew]

Andrew: Do you want me climb the ladder and fix these posters.

Ms. Martin: No that's okay! I can manage!

Andrew: But you're wearing high heels. That's probably a little bit dangerous.

Ms. Martin: But it can really make me reach better!

Andrew: Okay!

[Ms. Martin climbs the ladder]

[Ms. Martin is replacing the tape on the posters]

Ms. Martin: So what's been up with your girlfriend lately?

Andrew: Oh! She's just being confused!

Ms. Martin: About what?

Andrew: Heidi thinks you have a crush on me, and she thinks I have a crush on you.

Ms. Martin: Wow! You have one confused girlfriend!

Andrew: I know! I keep telling her that you and I are not in love with each other, but she won't believe me!

Ms. Martin: Why won't she believe you?

Andrew: She's just all wonky in the head!

Ms. Martin: Ah! Okay! I got the posters fixed!

Andrew: Good! I'll take the duct tape!

[Ms. Martin gives Andrew the duct tape and Andrew puts the duct tape a desk]

Andrew: Be careful getting down from that ladder!

Ms. Martin: Right!

[Ms. Martin accidentally slips and starts to fall]

[Andrew catches Ms. Martin from falling]

Ms. Martin: Thank you Andrew! That was a close one!

Andrew: No problem! I told you high heels on the ladder is dangerous.

Ms. Martin: Yeah! Right!

Andrew: Man your a little heavy!

[Heidi walks in and she sees Andrew carrying Ms. Martin from the door window]

[Heidi gasps]

[Heidi opens the door and enters the classroom]

Heidi: Aha! Andrew! You're carrying Ms. Martin! I knew you were lying to me.

[Andrew puts Ms. Martin back down on the ground]

Andrew: Heidi! Ms. Martin was using the ladder! She accidentally slipped and fell and then I had to catch her from falling.

Ms. Martin: Yeah! I'm lucky that I didn't land on my toosh!

Heidi: Andrew! This is really not like you! Why would you do this to me?

Andrew: Heidi! Ms. Martin and I do not have a romantic relationship.

Ms. Martin: He's right Heidi! Besides I'm too old for him anyways. You are really wonky in the head!

Heidi: Well I think you are stealing my good and handsome boyfriend!

Ms. Martin: No! Your wrong I am not stealing your boyfriend.

Heidi: Well I....wait a minute, where did you get the word wonky?

Ms. Martin: I got that word from your boyfriend!

Andrew: She just got that word from me!

Heidi: Oh!

[A handsome man name Simon Jettison walks in]

Andrew: Heidi! I've been telling you a thousand times that...

Ms. Martin: Simon!

Simon: Hey Allison!

[Ms. Martin approaches Simon]

Ms. Martin: What are you doing here?

Simon: What time are you going to be off work?

Ms. Martin: I don't get off my shift till 5:30!

Simon: Okay!

Ms. Martin: Yeah!

[Simon and Ms. Martin kisses]

[Andrew and Heidi approaches Simon and Ms. Martin]

Andrew: Hey who is that guy?

Ms. Martin: Andrew, Heidi! This is my fiancé Simon Jettison!

Simon: Hey guys!

Heidi: Wait a minute! You're in love with that handsome guy?

Ms. Martin: That's right!

Heidi: You got the engagement ring from that guy to?

Ms. Martin: Yes!

Heidi: So that means you're not in love with my boyfriend and Andrew is not in love with our substitute teacher.

Andrew: Exactly! That means I'm right all along Heidi!

Heidi: Oh! So you were telling the truth!

Andrew: Yes I was!

[Heidi laughs weakly]

Heidi: No wonder why I didn't believe Andrew! You were right all along Andrew! You were really right all along!

[Heidi faints]

Simon: Is she okay!

Andrew: Yeah! She is just fine! She's just out cold!

[Andrew grabs Heidi from her shoulders]

Ms. Martin: Is she really going to being okay?

Andrew: Yeah she'll be fine! Well I guess Heidi and I will be leaving now! With my girlfriend! So goodbye and have a nice day!

[Andrew leaves dragging Heidi]

Simon: Some kids!

Ms. Martin: Yeah!

Simon: Chinese food later?

Ms. Martin: Oh yeah! I'm definitely in for Chinese food!

[Simon leaves]

[Ms. Martin walks over to her desk, sits down and reads a magazine]

[End Credits Scene]

[Andrew's House]

[Andrew is reviving Heidi on the couch]

Andrew: Come on Heidi! Wake up!

[Heidi wakes up and regains her consciousness]

Andrew: Good you're awake!

Heidi: Oh! How long was I Nonconsious?

Andrew: It's Unconscious Heidi! You fainted about a half an hour ago!

Heidi: Oh! I just learned that Ms. Martin is in love with another guy named Simon!

Andrew: Yeah! That's what I was trying to tell you Heidi! I was write!

Heidi: Andrew! I'm sorry I didn't believe you!

Andrew: I'm sorry for calling you jealous Heidi!

Heidi: I forgive you!

Andrew: I forgive you to!

[Andrew and Heidi kisses]

Heidi: Let's dance to some tango!

Andrew: Okay!

[Andrew and Heidi stands up and Andrew turns on the music on the stereo]

[Andrew and Heidi are dancing to Tango Music]

Heidi: This is really fun!

Andrew: Yeah! We're just dancing!

[They continue dancing to Tango music]

(The End)

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