William the Clown is a minor Andrew & Heidi character that only appeared in A Strange Birthday Clown. He is a volunteer clown who does not charge for birthday parties, making him an easy pick for a clown.


In A Strange Birthday Clown, William appears as an ordinary clown, who works as a clown at birthday parties because he enjoys having fun. However, it is later revealed that William uses the clown get-up in order to rob houses sneakily. Once William acted suspicious in The Dalton's House, he was taken down by Andrew and other 10 year olds so that he couldn't get away with their stolen items. William is bitter about his arrest, calling everyone "jerks" as he is taken away by police.



  • Heidi is definitely afraid of him and other clowns, but manages to take a picture with him.
  • William has a criminal record.
  • Since he is a clown, William is good at making balloon shapes.
  • William has a distinguishable clown laugh.