You've Been Switched
Season 2, Episode 12
Vital statistics
Air date July 19, 2015
Prod. code 212
Written by Iamaman1977
Directed by Unknown
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You've Been Switched is the 12th episode of the 2nd season and the 32nd episode overall of Andrew & Heidi.


At Hall’s Market, Andrew and Heidi come in and call for Mr. Hall, but he isn’t there. Heidi thinks maybe he is video chatting with a donkey. Andrew doubts it. Then a fly comes into the store and Andrew swats at it. It lands on the counter and Andrew is about to kill with a newspaper, but Heidi asks Andrew what he is doing. Andrew says he is going to kill a fly, but is whispering because he doesn’t want to scare the fly. Heidi asks what and Andrew says fly! Heidi tries to fly and tries to on top of the counter. Andrew explains that there is a fly on the counter and kills it with the newspaper. Mr. Hall comes in and explains he was at a new donut shop getting a glazed donut. Andrew gives Mr. Hall the newspaper with fly blood. Andrew explains what happened. Andrew puts on his apron and Mr. Hall tells him what to do and Mr. Hall just tells Heidi to watch Andrew work. Mr. Hall goes upstairs to his office and the bathroom. Heidi then tells Andrew a random story about a cat and a dog.

In the streets, Andrew and Heidi are walking and Heidi keeps bringing up random subjects like why basketball player are so tall and penguins. They then notice a magic store called Magic Incorporated. Heidi goes inside and Andrew follows her. Heidi sees a can of peanuts and opens it, making plastic snakes fly out and scaring Heidi, making her faint. Andrew helps her up and says they have to go, but Heidi wants to stay because she says this place is like Disney. Andrew agrees to stay. Andrew and Heidi look around the store and see a bell and ring it numerous times. Smoke appears and Andrew and Heidi get scared and fall down. Then the smoke clears away and Albert Ornoda appears. Albert introduces himself and admits he has no employees and he is the owner. Andrew and Heidi introduce themselves and say that his last name sounds like orange soda and he looks like the guy from Good Burger and Kenan and Kel. Albert then shows Andrew a card magic trick. Andrew picks one and it magically appears in his shoe and Albert makes a peanut appear in Heidi’s bra. Albert then wants to show them his special magic trick that was invented by his cousin Benjamin. It’s called The Body Swap. The three go into the back room where they see two magic boxes with curtains. Albert pulls off the curtains. He then tells them about the magic trick: Two people go into the magic boxes. He uses a special wand, says the magic words and they will be in each other’s bodies. He says the magic trick works and wants to try it out on Andrew and Heidi. Albert says the trick is complimentary, meaning free, since they’re the first customers to try out the trick. The two go into the magic boxes. Albert says when he uses his wand, at the count of 3, Andrew and Heidi will be put asleep. He then waits 5 seconds to make sure they are asleep and then uses his magic wand, at the count of 3, he will say the words “Genectics Swapentis” and they will switch bodies. Albert does it and Andrew is in Heidi’s body and Heidi is in Andrew’s body. They then notice they are different. They say stuff about themselves and realize they did switch bodies. Andrew in Heidi’s body says to change them back. Albert says yes and Andrew and Heidi in each other’s bodies go inside the boxes. Albert then realizes he doesn’t know how to change them back. Andrew and Heidi come out of the box and are surprised. Andrew in Heidi’s body, Andrew (Heidi), says he doesn’t want to be in Heidi’s body and Heidi in Andrew’s body, Heidi (Andrew), says the same thing and then gets the idea for Albert to call Benjamin and maybe he can figure out a way to reverse them. Albert does that and explains to Benjamin what he had done. Albert says he has good news and bad news. The good news is Benjamin knows how to reverse the trick. The bad news is he won’t tell Albert about the trick until tomorrow because he is coming home from his trip from Acapulco. Andrew (Heidi) gives Albert their phone numbers to call them when he knows how to reverse the trick. They start to go home. They say how weird it is being in each other’s bodies. Heidi (Andrew) starts to feel guilty because if she hadn’t gone to the magic store, they wouldn’t have ended up like this. Andrew (Heidi) says it’s not her fault, it’s Albert’s for doing this. Andrew (Heidi) says it’s important to not tell anyone about this because they probably won’t believe them. Heidi (Andrew) agrees and asks if she can sleep over Andrew’s house. Andrew (Heidi) says yes. Heidi (Andrew) says after they get back to normal, they can celebrate with Sloppy Waffles, a food created by Heidi’s friend Cat Valentine. At Andrew’s house, Heidi (Andrew) gets her stuff inside. At dinner time, they remember to act like each other. They act like each other and Michael asks them what they did today and Heidi (Andrew) almost tells them that they get their bodies swapped, but Andrew (Heidi) covers her mouth. Michael and Katy then tell them that Dani got a 100 on her math test. Michael and Katy suspect Andrew and Heidi and say they are acting weird. Heidi (Andrew) asks if Heidi can sleep over and Andrew (Heidi) comes up with an excuse to sleep over and Michael says yes and insults Heidi. They then excuse themselves and Michael, Katy, and Dani continue to eat their dinner. 

That night in Andrew’s bedroom, Andrew and Heidi are ready to go to sleep. Andrew (Heidi) then worries that Michael and Katy will be suspicious of them at breakfast. Heidi (Andrew) then comes up with the idea to eat at A-Hop for breakfast. Andrew (Heidi) agrees. They then go to sleep, but Heidi (Andrew) says Sophie wants Andrew (Heidi) to sleep with her on the bed. Andrew (Heidi) agrees and they go to sleep. The next morning at 6:30. They put on each other’s clothes and Andrew (Heidi) says he has trouble walking in heels. At Ithaca High School, they wait for the magician to call back and then the janitor calls over Andrew and Heidi to give some relationship advice about a girl he likes hating his mustache. Andrew and Heidi walk away and then accidentally go into the wrong bathrooms. After school at 2:30, Andrew and Heidi are sitting on the stairwell waiting for the magician to call. Andrew (Heidi) says he really wants to get back to his own body. Heidi (Andrew) continues to feel guilty about this is her fault. Andrew (Heidi) says it wasn’t her fault and Heidi (Andrew) cuddles with him and says she wants to be changed back and they both said they are craving sloppy waffles. Then, Heidi (Andrew)’s phone rings. Heidi (Andrew) stands up and answers the phone, but starts asking random questions and Andrew (Heidi) tells her to give him the phone. Andrew (Heidi) says to Heidi (Andrew) that Albert knows how to change them back and they both say they want their own bodies back and run to the magic store, but Andrew (Heidi) trips again in Heidi’s heels. At Magic Incorporated, they go to the back room where Albert is. Albert is laughing because he realized to reverse the trick, he just needed to do the same steps again. They are surprised and say he could of just done that yesterday. Albert says he knows. The two go into the boxes. Albert says when he uses his magic wand, on the count of 3, they will be put asleep. He then waits 5 seconds to make sure they are asleep and then uses his magic wand, at the count of 3, he will say the words, “Genectics Swapentis” and they will switch back to normal. Albert does it and Andrew and Heidi realize they are back to normal and are happy and hug and kiss each other. Albert says they make a sweet couple. Albert leaves, saying he needs a corn dog. Andrew says they should promise never to try a trick to switch bodies and Heidi agrees. They then go home to eat Sloppy Waffles. Michael says he is now craving Sloppy Waffles and Katy agrees.  


Andrew: Heidi! Can we go home now? My mom is going to make chili balls for supper.
Heidi: This place has all kinds of magic stuff. Such as cards, magic wands and..... [finds a can of Peanuts on a table] Yay! Peanuts! [approaches the table and grabs the can of peanuts]
Andrew: Ooh! How good! What company does those peanuts come from.
Heidi: The can says "A Can of Peanuts!"
Andrew: Never heard of that company before.
Heidi: Well I'm gonna eat some free peanuts. [opens the can and some colored plastic snakes flies out of the can that scares her and she screams and falls down on the ground]
Andrew: Let me guess, no peanuts! Just some plastic snakes that scare you.
Heidi: I really thought they were peanuts.

Andrew: I'm 100% sure that was a magic trick. Who are you sir?
Albert: I am the incredible Albert Ornoda! The good and the powerful magician of this store Magic Incorporated.
Andrew: Oh! How impressive! So you must be the employee here.
Albert: Actually, I'm the owner of this store. I ain't got no employees working here.
Heidi: Those words "I ain't got no employees", must be street talk for we don't have any employees here.
Andrew: No it's not..... [Talking sarcastically] Yes Heidi! The words "I ain't got no employees" is definitely street talk for we don't have any employees here.
Albert: I just work here by myself. All I do is work here, do some magic because I am "A magician" and I'm really the manager here, which is me.
Andrew: So you are the owner to this store. That must be great for a magician. We are just two typical average teenagers in Ithaca, New York!
Heidi: Where do you keep the free peanuts?
Andrew: [Covering Heidi's mouth with his hand] He doesn't have any peanuts here!
Andrew: Well anyways I'm Andrew Dalton and this girl right next to me is a girl who just so happens to be my girlfriend. [letting go of Heidi's mouth]
Heidi: I'm Heidi Makinney and I love rabbits.
Albert: Well two seem to be a very neat couple. You two must be really amazed I this store, and you know what they say, prepare to be amazed, get it!


  • Special Guest Star: Kel Mitchell!
  • This episodes marks the first supernatural plot of an Andrew & Heidi episode (switching bodies).
  • This is so far Mr. Hall's least amount of episode time, due to him only appearing in the opening scene.
  • Andrew and Heidi's phone cell phone numbers are revealed in this episode.


  • Heidi imitates Kel Kimble trying to fly in the episode "Housesitter".

Character Revelations

  • Dani is really good at Math tests.


Running gags

  • Heidi saying Albert's last name as Orange Soda.

Series continuity


To view the You've Been Switched screenplay, click here.